Metoprolol Withdrawal
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michael Says:

i've been taking metoprolol for several years as partial treatment for high blood pressure. through diet and exercise, i've lowered my BP to the point my doctor says drop the metoprolol.

i did, 3 days ago, and i'm soooo tired, dizzy, irritable, and my vision is blurred.

is this withdrawal? how long will it last?

i remember starting this medication was terrible to get used to. it appears that stopping it is just as bad.

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RV Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2543) Expand Referenced Message

Hey there! Had two emg’s they were clean. I still have occasional twitches and deficient/low level of vitamins so i am wondering if thats the cause. I am really glad you guys got better.

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RV Says:

Re: Juliya (# 2542) Expand Referenced Message

I am doing okay as well. One day at a time deficient/low in lot of vitamins i am wondering if metoprolol caused it or have some absorption issues. Back to old self?

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TxCandy1 Says:

I’m currently weaning off corlanor and most days feeling pretty back to normal.

I just got over Covid :( but luckily for me it was very short lived and I was pretty much back to normal at about day 5.

Last night I did feel a little funky which I haven’t in a while and I don’t know if it’s because I’m weaning or maybe Covid or maybe just a random off day.

I just had an echo and all was perfect. I still have my loop recorder and that’s been all normal except the few cases of tachy here and there.

RV- did you ever figure out what was going on?

JULIYA are you doing better with your MCAS?

dang Cupcake. I know you said you were having tests done: are you feeling any better now that you know it’s MCAS?

Sometimes I wonder if hormones are at play: I might have them tested

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Juliya Says:

Re: RV (# 2540) Expand Referenced Message

I’m doing okay RV. How have you been?

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Cupcake922 Says:

Well, my SIBO turned into full blown Mast Cell Activation. Luckily I was able to get in with a functional medicine doctor who made the diagnosis and is now treating me. I’m still not stable, but hoping I’m at least on the right path now.
I wonder how many of us who struggled with metoprolol actual have underlying MCAS. With MCAS, people have a tendency to react to inactive ingredients in medications. Metoprolol can be extra problematic in that in can inhibit DAO which is the enzyme that breaks down histamine.
For me personally, I think the MCAS caused my initial tachycardia. Since the root cause was never identified, I was given metoprolol as a “bandaid” and that only made things worse.
Just wanted to share my story in hopes that it is helpful to others.

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RV Says:

How are you guys doing? Txcandy1 and Julia?

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Tinker Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2538) Expand Referenced Message

I hope you can get off the corlander eventually. I started seeing a nurse practitioner who specializes in autoimmune issues so he is doing a ton of lab work. Have you noticed or anyone else noticed that you are more sensative to other medications now? I did OK with the steroid. I'm now taking an antifungal and 3 days in having awful palpitations and ectopic heart beats. I'm so worried I'm going to continue to have negative reactions to everything i take now ??

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TxCandy1 Says:

Re: Tinker (# 2537) Expand Referenced Message

I’m on a tiny dose of corlanor for the IST via my electrophysiologist and that been fine for me. My IST isn’t high and I’m
Hoping to get off the drug completely at some point. I guess I need to get tested for auto immune stuff. What dr did that testing for you?

My hr was super low on the methylprednisolone but yesterday was my last day with only one pill and I just felt very very funky last night. Almost like withdrawal symptoms like metoprolol. I will never ever touch that drug again ( beta blocker)

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Tinker Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2536) Expand Referenced Message

Oh goodness. I'm sorry you are dealing with all that. Steroids can cause jittteriness and tachycardia. I just got finished taking 10 days of prednisone. My new provider is working me up for autoimmune stuff and thinks my current issues are due to inflammation. I was scared to try it given my ptsd from metoprolol. But I actually felt better on it. I'm wondering about the mast cell activation syndrome stuff as well. I read that can cause these random allergic reactions. My dr has done some tests for that but I don't get the results back for a couple of weeks. I'm still stuck in this rut of heart palpitations. Heart rate is better. I'm going to go see an electrophysiologist to get a second opinion since my Cardiologist wanted to put me back on metoprolol even though it was a total nightmare, worsened my symptoms and made my heart feel more electrically unstable ?????. I just hope all of us can get to feeling better.

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TxCandy1 Says:

Anyone out there?

So last week I broke out in crazy hives. Never had hives before. Had two steroid shots in the butt and that didn’t work so they sent me home with a methylprednisolone taper pack. I thought it would make my tachycardia worse but instead my HR was the lowest it’s ever been. Today was thr last pill ( only one today) and tonight when going to bed I felt crazy.

I was having these weird falling/dizzy sensations, my HR shot up to 110 in bed, jittery etc.

We all know how bad the freaking withdrawal from metoprolol was but can a 6 day steroid taper pack cause it too? I’m at my wits end. I’ve had the worst time falling asleep all week Because of the steroid and now this. Will getting off the steroid create rebound tachycardia?

I'm so tired of feeling like s***. I don’t know what Dr to see next or what tests to push for.

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TxCandy1 Says:

Re: Juliya (# 2498) Expand Referenced Message

What were your symptoms again to ask to be tested for MCAS?

I randomly just broke out in the craziest hives all over my body. They are SO bad. I've never had hives before. I didn't eat or do anything new.

I got them late on Tuesday night and got a steroid shot and that helped a little but then this morning they came back with a vengeance and were everywhere and so huge. I wish I could post pics. I got another shot this morning and took a Zyrtec and they seemed to calm down a tad. Took a shower and they finally subsided.

I'm now in bed and can feel the itching returning :( I have a prednisone taper 6 day pack but it really didn't want to have to take it with my tachycardia. I'm afraid it's going to shoot my HR way high and make me feel crazy but I also need to get these hives under Control. I'm laying in bed and can feel my skin just hurting and starting to itch.

Could this be mast cell out of nowhere? This is all freaking crazy to me!

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Jacqjean81 Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2533) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you so much for responding, it’s been a crazy rollercoaster ride. I’ve been an emotional wreck all day today. I do get tachycardia every now and then. Less than I was in the beginning. I had it this morning when I got up to use the bathroom. I thought I was gonna lose it. I got up and instantly felt muscle weakness throughout my entire body, out of breath and tachycardia plus my daily dizziness and blurred vision.

Do you think that MS lesions would show up on a CT scan?? I would be so relieved if I knew that it wasn’t MS. Obviously my symptoms are still extremely stressful and horrifying but, it would be a relief if I knew for sure it wasn’t MS or something just as serious.

I just started reading through this thread but I’m only on page 14 so, I’m not sure when you first came in. I’d be interested in knowing how long you’ve been off of metoprolol and what your symptoms have been like since stopping.

I haven’t been vaccinated, I’m too afraid of the way my body will react. I’ve had really odd reactions to things over the last couple of years that I’ve never had before. I don’t even take Tylenol anymore. It’s frustrating and scary.

I’m so sorry that you are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as well. I hope that some day the human race will become a little less greedy and more loving towards our fellow people. I don’t get why they feel it’s okay to poison us. I mean, I know that what I initially went through with afib and my heart rate up in the 170s was scary but I don’t think I needed to stay on the metoprolol for such a long period of time.

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TxCandy1 Says:

Re: Jacqjean81 (# 2532) Expand Referenced Message

Hey! Welcome to this madhouse. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It’s absolutely awful. Are you having any tachycardia?

I had a HELL of a time coming off of metoprolol. Mean if you read back quite a while, you can see everything that I was experiencing. I am not 100% better but way better than that time. I like you thought I was dying.

If you had MS, lesion probably would have showed up on your brain scan.

So far I have what that think is inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Where I have higher HR sometimes for no good reason. I feel like all of this started after metoprolol withdraw. Or if I had it before, ignorance was bliss and I didn’t know or care.

I still have the dizzy sensations here and there but have been cleared by ENT and had brain MRI and that was clear.

Someday I feel good and some days I feel like absolute s***.

Today I randomly broke out it hives all over my body and I had to go get a steroid shot. I’m so sick and tired of this not knowing if it’s going to be a great day or not so much. Some days my HR is fantastic and others days it’s 115 just doing everyday things around the house.

This is all so frustrating and I hope we can all find answers and just get 100% better

Have you been Covid vaccinated? If so, any reaction to that?

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Jacqjean81 Says:

Re: Juliya (# 2482) Expand Referenced Message

So, this is my first time on this site for metoprolol withdrawal. I was on a different one previously but, I didn’t get many responses or feedback. I was on metoprolol 50mg from 2/1/2020 until I was reduced to half back in June 2021 because I was starting to feel dizzy, weak and blurred vision which originally I thought was from being anemic. Eventually, at the end of July, I was taken off of it completely which, I’m still not sure if I was taken off too fast. This Thursday will marks 14 weeks since being off of it. The first 2-3 months, I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, extreme blurred vision and my entire body shaking. During the days I would feel anxious at times, blurry vision, occasional headaches & dizziness. Now, for the last 2 weeks the dizziness has gotten worse & I'm also experiencing, feeling off balance, blurred vision still, tinnitus, ear pain/pressure, occasional heart palpitations, body weakness (like my muscles feel weak), short of breath, tingling in my feet, vertigo, nausea, head pounding when I stand or turn my head too fast and probably more that I’m just not remembering. Before starting metoprolol, I did have an undiagnosed autoimmune disease but I NEVER experienced symptoms like these, maybe a couple of them but not as severe. I’m so scared every day. Sometimes I think I’m dying. I’ve had an echocardiogram that came back normal, all of my bloodwork is normal except for recently finding out that I have arsenic at a low level in my blood. I also had a cat scan of the head because I’m too afraid to go into an MRI machine but, that also came back normal. I recently started seeing a therapist for the first time in my life and he’s saying that it all just sounds like anxiety which Is completely frustrating. Today he said something that really scared the crap out of me, that my symptoms sound a lot like MS but, after reading through a lot of what you all wrote, I’m thinking it’s a mixture of the metoprolol withdrawal plus having some blockages in my ears. Oh and one other symptom that I just remembered, is being easily startled & sensitive to too much sound and stimulation at times. Hopefully someone reads this and can offer some sort of feedback because I'm starting to feel like I’m going crazy & I'm tired of living in constant fear.

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Tinker Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2529) Expand Referenced Message

And Cupcake922
Thanks for the info on the gut issues. I really have no idea anymore. I'm leading toward mast cell activation syndrome. And all of this started after a possibile covid and then worsened after my covid vax. Then made way worse by the metoprolol and then inderal.
I'm looking to see a new Cardiologist but she is an electrophysiologist and a functional medicine physician who also does hormones. I've tested negative for autoimmune diseases but my pcp wants me to see a rheumatologist now. I'm also going to see an NP friend who maybe can figure something out. I just can't believe my dr would tell me to start taking metoprolol again after all the horrible issues I had with it..I'm at a loss ??

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TxCandy1 Says:

Re: Cupcake922 (# 2528) Expand Referenced Message

I’m wondering if my issues are stemming from gut issues/vagus nerve too. I already suffer from a lot of stomach issues. This is all just a mess.

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TxCandy1 Says:

Re: Tinker (# 2527) Expand Referenced Message

Ugh this sucks! I’m
Super annoyed with my EP too. I feel like they just write it off as anxiety because we are young.

I’ve been having weird dizzy sensations this week and it’s freaking me out. I don’t even know who to go to at this point. I see a hormone specialist next week. Hopefully she will listen to me and maybe help me get to the bottom of all this crazy.


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Cupcake922 Says:

Re: Tinker (# 2527) Expand Referenced Message

Have you been evaluated for SIBO?
I’ve been following this chain for the past 6 months as I’ve been having similar symptoms as many others on here. My initial symptoms started as tachycardia after I had a virus back in December. Doctors couldn’t figure out a cause since all my cardiac tests came back normal, so they put me on a small dose of metoprolol. I felt like I had every side effect under the sun and tapered off after 2 months. Still having issues 6 months later. It wasn’t till my last ER visit that the doctor referred me to a GI specialist. There is a strong connection between the gut and nervous system and cardiovascular systems. I am now being treated for SIBO and hoping this helps. Just wanted to share in case it was an avenue you haven’t pursued yet.
Metoprolol can decrease the activity of DAO which is an enzyme that breaks down histamine. SIBO also decreases its activity and could explain any new sensitivities to food or medication.

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Tinker Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2523) Expand Referenced Message

Oh my gosh. So I wanted to get on here and tell the experience of my most recent follow up with my Cardiologist! I saw him a few days ago and he literally tells me now that all my symptoms over the past 10 months is just anxiety. My adverse effects from the metoprolol and inderal was just because I'm sensative to it and have a hypersensitive heart. And that he no longer wants me to try Cardizem to see if that helps but instead START taking the metoprolol again for my symptoms of ectopic heart beats ?????. Are you kidding me??? I told him my heart felt more electrically unstable taking that and it war intolerable. I went through horrible withdrawals. He says it's because I took it every day and if I only take it as needed then it is fine. Why would I take a medicine that extremely worsens the symptoms I'm trying to get rid of by taking it?? Ive been at such a complete loss for words. This doctor has been great for 11 years and now I feel just so sad that I don't ever want to go back ??

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Tinker Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2525) Expand Referenced Message

Oh no. I'm so sorry. I have learned to not even acknowledge when I'm having an OK day as far as symptoms go because if I do...then it seems to backfire!! I hope it gets under control!!!

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