Withdrawal From Vyvanse Experience

Jerri Says:

I have been on Vyvanse for 4 weeks and I am now tapering off. I was going to quit cold turkey , but I wke up this morning and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It's been a few hours and I still feel like I have a mild case of the flu. Anyway, I started 4 weeks ago and the first 3 days I never felt better in my life. I 'd never been so productive, focused, and organized! By day 7 , I was back to my normal under- acheiving, scrammbled , self. Then my Dr. raised my dose from 30 mg to 50. Well this threw me into severe anxiety. I have been chewing my nails till they bleed. I can't seem to stop. I have a feeling of being completely overwhelmed, my house is trashed and it's driving me nuts, but I have no energy or drive to get up and clean it.....Can anyone else out there relate to this?

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joey Says:

i feel the exact same, literally word for word, just letting ya know ur not alone

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ksm Says:

I am on day 7 and I the first day was great second day was a little anxious and scattered third day was great fourth day was anxious fifth day was calm yet some what anxious at the same time six day was ok and today day 7 was the worst ever. My chest was hurting and stabbing pains in my chest. I felt like I could not communicate with people and I was jittery and my mind was racing horribly and my freaking jaws hurt and neck and back. Panic Central! Not good! Have to talk to Dr. asap. I want day one to be how it is always!

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Marci Says:

ive been on vyvance every day for 4 months and im considering taking a break from it for a while but in the past when i got off my other ADHD meds that i took in the past(concerta adderall ritalin ect. ect.) it was the next day that i felt different i would basically feel like i was drunk i would act like a moron i was overly happy bubbily and other would say annoying becuase i was so overly hyper..after a day i would go back to my normal ADHD self ...but i have never experienced actually having real with draw symptoms like aces and pains .

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Shannan Says:

I have been on Vyvanse for a year now because my Prescription Assistance Program discontinued Adderall. Well I didn't realized that my trial period was up and was unable to get my script for this month and in order to renew I have to resubmit my info which includes paperwork from my doc who is out on vacation for the week. Today is the first day of no medication and I am already going out of my mind! I have tingly chills all over, I am itching and having these weird ticks. I flipped out on the pharmacyst when she told me that I would not get my medication. I feel like I am losing it and if this is just the first day I am terrified of what is to come but I am rethinking about being on this medication after reading all of the long term side effects and now dealing with this. I am going to try to cope with the withdrawal period and I am searching for alternatives for my ADD that are non-narcotic. Found something called Flavay. Has anyone tried this and if so how were the results?

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Sebastiaan Says:

I agree a thousand percent
im on the tenth day and i cant belive that you have had the same effect.
im on day ten and going crazy.

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beth Says:

I took Vyvanse for one month and i had to be hospitalized after my 5th mental breakdown due to the drug. I am now out of rehab and have been going through withdrawal for a week now and i just sleep all the time and feel like im constantly hung over. The drug at first was a god sent, it helped me focus and work better and longer than i ever had been able to before and it also helped me lose weight which was awesome being a teenage girl. My mood was all over the place though, i would be seriously devastated over a bad grade and then ridiculously ecstatic about nothing the next day. Turns out I am bipolar and this drug just amplified my mood swings to the point of me completely losing control in a bipolar mixed episode rage at a party one night where i attacked several guys because one of them had used me for sex and then bragged about it. i am off of it and still a very angry person. i fear this drugs has permanently changed my brain chemistry because off of it i feel just as angry and irritable as i had on it.

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stacy Says:

I'm 35 years old & never felt right,o went to the doctor to learn I have adult ADHD,I've been on vyvanse for couple months & its done nothing but great things,except for when I was on my period I felt very strange it was weird.besides that it has been a life saver 4 me.

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Joce Says:

I am 15 years old and have been on vyvanse for a little over a year. I am extremely drug dependent on vyvanse and i really really want to stop using it because the side effects are HORRIBLE. ive been taking two vyvanse a day every day for the past couple months. I am sooo scared about the withdrawal. and seeing that people who were on it for like a week had symptoms that were THAT bad??? i'm freaking out.

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sisyphus Says:

I've been taking Vyvance for about 2 years (70 mg daily). Recently, after a great deal of thought, I decided to try to get off of this medication. This is day five. I have suffered from nausea, extreme mental and physical fatigue, and hunger with little or no reduction in symptoms over the past few days. My question for this forum is: how long should I expect these symptoms to continue, and is there anything that I can do to mitigate the symptoms in the mean time?

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Webb Says:

I am trying to quit Vyvance after three days and before having been on adderall (40 mg per day) for four months. I feel foggy but I do feel slightly less anxiety. I am also on Geodon. But one thing I noticed about adderall and vyvance is that they definitely caused me immense anxiety when I was coming down from them.

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caleb Says:

if i was just starting i would quit becuase i have been taking it for two years and now it seems like i cant quit taking it, and if i dont take i feel like crap

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Smith Says:

I have been on vyvance for nearly a year taking 100mg a day, as well as 300 of wellbutrin to calm the anxiousness created from vyvance. I am also around 5 ft and 100 lbs, and so was grossly overprescribed.
A number of months ago my body essentially shut down and I have been dealing with extreme chronic fatigue as well as a host of other symptoms, and then some, such as the ones others have mentioned above.
I knew I had to get off them but was reccommended by my (new) Dr. that it would be dangerous to quit cold turkey. We did finally start tapering me off them because my heart palpitations and panic attacks started to increase and be accompanied by tightness and pain in my chest.
Also it turns out I have thyroid problems, but because originally the Dr. didn't do a full background medical that wasn't known. If you read the warnings however it says people with hyperthyroidism should not take Vyvance.
I have been slowly tapering off them and I am finally down to 30mg of Vyvance and 150 of wellbutrin. I had to get in to see a specialist to help me with the withdrawal. Even still it is really difficult. All the physical discomforts and pain and exhaustion aside, what is really concerning are the emotional ups and downs and how they affect my personality. One of the worst parts is the irritability and frustration. I was always a happy person, but now I often feel angry and work so hard to keep myself in check.
I feel so awful about being hurtful to my family and everyday feel like I am drowning in confusion and frustration. I have not been able to work without getting exhausted and moving backwards in my recovery.
My whole life has been disrupted by this and it is only because I have such an amazing support system that I am surviving it at all. I wish that was an exaggeration but it's not.
They have not done enough tests on this drug clearly, and I would bet that what they do know they aren't keen on sharing because this drug is obviously very dangerous. I was really pleased with it for quite awhile until my body gave out.
ps - It is important that anyone getting off of these is helped through it by a specialist.

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Ana Says:

@ Smith--- I just started Vyvanse 30mg yesterday and because I have experienced a lot of medication side effects in the past by not researching the medication first, I wanted to see what people had to say about this drug. I am now extremely worried about taking this medication. I know what withdrawls feel like and I already have another medication that I have been trying to taper down from for the past 2 years so I don't need another medication that causes withdrawls! I don't know if you took Vyvanse for ADD but if so, do you or anyone else here have an alternative medication that they recommended instead of Vyvanse? Because I desperately need something to help with distractibility, task management, etc.

Any alternative recommendations for ADD treatment/meds would be greatly apprectiated!

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alto Says:

I started taking vyvanse about 10 months ago and increased the dosage until I was taking about 350-400 mgs daily. I have been off of this medication for about 2 weeks and have almost lost everything I have been working for all my life. My advice on anyone considering medication for adult adhd to consider exercise instead of medication.

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Amy B Says:

I too started takin vyvanse and felt terrific the first 3 days then went back to feeling like I did before I took it. It seemed to not help anymore. I decided to stop taking it and am now suffering with withdrawal symptons of extreme weakness, depression, and problems going on with daily life. This is my 4th day of not taking it cold turkey and need to know how long this will last because it is terrifle. I also feel nauses and achey. Will this be over soon or do I need to go back on just to stop the bad feelings?

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Kelly Says:

You really should report your doctor. The dosage he gave you is enough to give you a heart attack. It is a stimulant. I take 50 milligrams for Adhd, am 5'7", weigh 125, and am 27.. Also my doctor does not prescribe any stimulant with an ani depressant to treat tge dMe disorder. It seems ludicras! I'm sorry for your experience!

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concerned Says:

I am a medical major. I refused to take vyvanse when a phyc. deemed me ADHD. If your "ADHD" is not unbearable I suggest you seek other none pharmacutical ways to treat it. Im not trying to scare you but Vyvanse, Adderal, and ritalin are all synthetic forms of methaphetamine. This is the medical world making a legal form of the street drug meth with ofcourse slight differintals. There are natural ways to treat almost any diagnosis. Try searching the web but never try anything without speaking to a nautral treatment pd.

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erin Says:

This is in response to post #14 - I have been on dangerously high doses of adhd meds before and I know exactly how you must be feeling. I was on 280 mg of adderal for a little over 2 years. I finally got off of it. I went about it the worst way. I quit cold turkey. It took me about 6 weeks to get back to normal, but when I did - it was amazing. I had forgotten how good life could be and feel without the pills. Hang in there and know that it does get better.

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Debbie Says:

Last summer i was taking vyvanse 70 mg for my add. It worked wonders for me, but I stopped taking it because i had transportation issues and couldnt get to the dr. On may 31st I started taking the vyvanse 70mg again and for the first week I was fine and things were great. The second week I started to be too concentrated on my work spending from 2pm - 1 am on the computer doing research for a class, and 2 of the nights i had hallucinations. The texture of the ceiling was gently waving like water on a lake, and the carpet was doing the same. on day 17 (yesterday) I threw up about an hour after taking my vyvanse. I felt sick and jittery all day Last night I started feeling worthless and hopeless to the point of wishing I were dead. Today I did not take my vyvanse but my stomache still hurts and my head hurts. Also while i noticed that since i started taking vyvanse I find myself clentching my jaw and my jaw hurts and its been driving me nuts.

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pancakes1 Says:

People, get real. Honestly. I have been taking Vyvanse now for 6 months and it has helped me transform my life into one worth living. If that is not your experience with the drug, then STOP TAKING IT!!! This medicine is not an opiate, therefore you will not go through the level of withdrawal some here have reported. I have been through cold-turkey Oxycontin withdrawal and that is no joke. The sickness and anxiety made it impossible for me to function in my daily life. Even after 4 months off opiates I was still a mess. I have run out of Vyvanse a few times and the only withdrawal symptoms are sleepiness, and lots of it. No chills, no anxiety, no flu symptoms or tics as others here claim. They are being overly dramatic. If you want to stop taking Vyvanse, don't fear you will go through all that. If you don't believe me, try not taking them for a few days while you still have some left. You will just be tired, not sick. Fear not.

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