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I have been in pain management for years, lost my doctor along with other patients, and primary won't fill or says she can't and messes up my progress to get in new pain management in time. Now I'm losing Soma, was 3 times a day, now I have 7 tabs left. Was on 45 mg of morphine 3 times, oxycodone 15s and xanax 5 mg 3 times a day. Which she said she can not write for. Why, if she knew or thought this pain clinic was prescribing more than standard, did she never say a word until i had to go to her in desperation for this? Your primary that has to refer you and get info to get into a new pain clinic, I have very serious health issues no one is dealing with, I feel alone and suicidal. I even told my doctor and the old pain clinic staff that left, and not a bit of help, yet they know i have a history of heart failure, bleeds in brain from pain issues. No one cares, our country is falling apart and i asked again today for something for bp and high pulse, got nothing for it but a nurse, they did not send in the info two times that could have had me in pain management by now, and in having the colostomy i had to postpone since I wont do it with out pain mgmt on board.

Today they cut me back more 1 soma for a few days then no more, oxycodone 10mg 3 times to be cut on mon again and morphine cut from 45 3 x to 3o 2 times. All i can do is cry and sleep then cry more then no food, not drinking, feel horrible, and have lost desire to live and fight. These doctors put all on others and not one seems to care or no what to do with all of us real pain patients. I just want to die at this point for i am so tired of suffering and its only going to get worse. I feel so bad for all of the posts i have seen and know im not alone. All i see is the same four walls every day, go no where and before i felt i had some reason to fight and live to fight cancer and even cancer doc can not help get you in pain mang. They said today it will take at least 8 weeks to get in and ill be dead then or out of meds in a stroke etc. That is my biggest fear. Have had 3 bleeds in brain from this and pain is no joke.

The nurse said today we all are paying for those that dr shop and are addicted and i said i thought even addiction is a matter that needs treatment. They counted my tabs. I take drugs panels, did nothing wrong and most of my pain is caused from docs that did botched surgeries and cancer and injury from accident. I dont no what we all can do or if there is hope but it does not do good to ask on this site if someone knows where to get meds. Its not just docs its insurances companies and pharmacies. It's all getting way too much and hard for even a well person to figure out. I am ready to go home to my maker and wish he would take me soon. I am so tired of the lack of proper dr care in our country and its so sad i feel and pray for you all i want to know who is going to be responsible when i die or end up in a stroke due to this. Xanax withdrawals will be the worst too for i had them before for you can not sleep to escape the torture and they only get worse with time unlike opiates most docs dont seem to know this. I guess i have heart rate of 139 now and bp 200 over 133.

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Perfume Girl Says:

Dear Grandma Pat,
I just want you to know you are not alone in you frustrations with the doctors lack of concern for your pain. I have severe spinal stenosis, Degen Disk Disease, RA, just had surgery on disk 7 months ago. Docs took me off all pain meds now except GABA and I can barely get in/out of a car, I mostly lay around and watch TV because my back still hurts and I can't lift my legs very well. I often think about dying because my quality of life is so poor. My mother died recently of cancer, but she was able to get pain meds Percocet and sleeping meds ambien. They didn't really help much as she had been bedridden anyway. I am sad to hear you cannot get relief for your suffering. I could only suggest trying another doc. I know that is the last thing you want to do as I find it extremely stressful going to a new doctor. Please don't give up the fight Pat!

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RandyK Says:

I have had a total of 32 hip operations 15 on the left and 17 on the right. I have been fighting failed replacements and major hip infections. My last operation the Dr put in a pin thru the last part of my less than half of femur and it goes to the top of my knee then gave me another hip attached to the long pin then reconstructed a portion of my pelvic to accept the new cup for my hip. I also have had 3 back operations my last was anterior posterior fusion on L2 L3 L4 and sacrum. They put rods in and disc spacers in. Plus I have had 2 knee operations on the left and 2 operation on the right knee. The arthritis has set in pretty bad now. I have been on pain meds for about 20 years now. I am looking for some suggestions on what might help me in controlling my pain. The Dr has me on 80 mg of oxycotin 3 times a day and 30mg of oxycodone 8 tablets a day. Does anyone know if hydromorphone er 32mg 3 time a day and hydromorphone 8mg 8 tablets a day would help me better. I have never switched my meds around before so I am a little worried that If I switch to the new combo of meds will the new amounts be enough to control my pain. I am looking for advise and or help. PLEASE HELP ME I rely on people to give me there honest opinion on what I should do.

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Vickie Says:

I've been on morphine and oxycodone for 3 or 4 years. At one point I was taking 60mg of morphine twice a day and oxycodone 20 mg 3 or 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. It helped pain from a spinal fusion and fractured neck. Recently I went to a pain Dr. Who put me on Oxycontin 40 mg 2x a day and morphine er 30mg er 2x a day. I was so over medicated from the Oxycontin I could barely form a sentence. He took me off the Oxycontin and put me on 30 mg er 2xdaily and 1 morphine ir 1x day. I'm taking the morphine 30 mg 3 x daily. I've done that in the past and 20 mg of oxycodone in between because I feel I have been having withdrawals from the Oxycontin. I've been trying to get help for over a week. I called my pain Dr. 4 days in a row and he never called me back. Called 911 one day and they said I was having withdrawals. They said keep talking the Oxycontin and morphine like the Dr. prescribed. Later on I went to the hospital and the er Dr called my pain Dr and said she didn't think be should give me any pain pills. Went to my shrinks office Friday and he was too busy to see me. I can't believe how hard it is to get help. Does ae think it is safe for me to take the 3 30 er mg morphine daily & 3 20mg oxycodone in between until I get some help? I've also been taking 2 mg of klonopin every 8 hours for anxiety previously prescribed by my old pain Dr. This Dr has me taking the one morphine ir too. Would appreciate advice till I can get some professional help. I also have some robaxin (methocarbamol I haven't taken but read it may help & flexeril & titanidine. Thanks very much.

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painladylikesthepills Says:

Please don't give up..i hope that you haven't. I cannot hardly drive to get to my appts but I am so low on my oxycontin and oxycodone that I have chopped them up to prayfully keep it in my system until I go to the dr. on the 8th. Almost 2wks. I am alone all day while my husband works with my doggie and sometimes I just want to give up but I cant. And yes the ppl that abuse meds cause us trouble who need them so badly. I don't know what I am going to do myself. I try to journal cause I am so alone and out in the country and stay in pain. My internist..dr. who writes my pain meds has been telling me about a pain dr. New in town but I have already been through that and I don't have a way to get there if they call me in for something...BUT IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS TO GET THROUGH THIS TILL THE 8TH PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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Ling Says:

Anyone in pain or having withdrawals should absolutely try medical marijuana if it is legal in your area. It will change your life! I had very minimal withdrawal symptoms. And now it is what I use to manage my pain, instead of all those awful pills. Try it and see!

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Missy Says:

They know that Xanax is a very addictive drug &give it then once you have been on it yank it from u well they did the same to me&ya Dr hoppers they make me sick I will need my Xanax &where should I go to treat my PTSD I was promised this would not happen&told my Do tor that I guess he wanted me on the st shopping for Xanax at a outrageous price /Please can I get some advice on where to go to get my normal 1 a day Xanax. Ty.

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margie Says:

I was told by all of my doctors, primary, and pain management that all doctors will stop writing scripts for soma. My surgeon wrote them for me, but he is a surgeon, yes all of the addicts who abuse their Meds or sell their Meds have totally ruined it for the true chronic pain sufferer. If I am honest, my tolerance got so used to the soma I was taking about 10 pills a day, they are short acting and the withdrawals were horrible, soma is the only muscle relaxer that helped me, but if you get out of hand with them and mix with alcohol they become very dangerous, I would become so incoherent and high, I would start to shake and couldn't even speak. I am curious if anyone else has over used soma and what affects it had on you. In the long run and if I am going to be honest, I am glad I was cut off of them. I could get them a few different ways but I have come too far. That is a very destructive medication. Be careful if anyone is prescribed it.

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EDDY Says:

What you were told about Soma simply is not true

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Margie Says:

Eddy, are you referring to my post? If so, I am talking about where I live and the doctors I go to, they have ALL stopped prescribing soma. I f people are going to be honest, soma helps for a few hours, then you need more and more, then mix other drugs with it, it is a dangerous mix, I no, I lived it and so did my family.

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margie Says:

Missy, I am on Valium for anxiety. I have to see a psychiatrist to get the script, then every 3 months a therapist, my suggestion is to deffinately go to a psychiatrist for Xanax, your primary doctor probably won't prescribe that drug, most don't. I hope this was helpful, I have been through the ringer for years, and yes the dr shoppers have totally ruined it for us legit people.

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EDDY Says:

Margie, 10 Somas a day and Alcohol is a prescription for Liver disease. Yes you might live in an area, especially the South where it is impossible to get but there will always be doctors who will write them for you. Soma is a medicine that is highly abused and there are better muscle relaxers although I like Soma yet would NEVER take 10

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margie Says:

Eddy, that is my point, my tolerance is very high, 1,2,3 soma suddenly turned in to more and more, it is very addictive, I felt so good on them, but they only work for so long. I live in Ohio, and every pain clinic here will not write for soma anymore, in my case it obviously is for the best since I had no control over them.

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shae Says:

Personally I think that any doctor who just yanks someone off a medication like xanax, tramadol, oxycodone or any other drug known to cause serious discontinuation syndrome should be put in jail and have their license revoked!!! That is just down right CRUEL! More laws need to be passed so these doctors can NOT playruin the quality of or harm one's well being and life!

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margie Says:

Shae, tell me about it, I was at a pain clinic, the doctor got raided, not only were all us patients at the ER for help, most of us were then "flagged" for being his patients, we can't even get our medical records, the ER was flooded with his patients and the ones that were known drug addicts were not given anything, I was lucky to get some Percocet for withdrawal and my primary got me into another pain clinic. For most of the others they had to go through hell.

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Butters Says:

I had no idea soma was so nasty! I've been on three a day for over a year. Luckily I have never taken three a day. Some times I take one, sometimes I take two. I was on it decades ago and I never had a problem. Thanks for the warning.

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margie Says:

Butter, you are very lucky you are in control of your so as, I am surprised that your doc is still prescribing it, all of the docs where I live will not prescribe them, only my surgeon who I no longer see. They helped me but then I needed more and more, then it became a disaster, I know that in the end it is better for me to not have them in my possession, I loved the way they made me feel.

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Stef Says:

I was taking Soma like candy and I got really out of hand. My speak would slur and I would shake. From an outsider basically you look worse than drunk and then pass out. By this time you just want that feeling to stop so I would take more. My doctor still is prescribing them but I haven't went cause I don't want the temptation for them. As far as the withdrawals for me it was easy yeah you want some the next day when you are out but as soon as that passes and you stop thinking about them. Physical withdrawals none. I would think I can go back to being normal again. Then I would get mad this medication had me acting out if character. Something a lot worse could of happened if I did not choose to take care of it. Good luck.

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margie Says:

Sounds exactly like me with the soma, the slurred speech , shakiness, I will tell you that my entire family could tell when I was taking that and my friends. I tried to be normal, I just could not be at all, I honestly am surprised that I am still living with all I put my body through with meds but especially somas . Good think we both made the decision to stay away. When I get tempted, I just think of everything I put my family through then I snap out of my delusional thinking I can handle it when I KNOW I cannot.

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hoper Says:

I agree with you about the doctor shopping,but the xanax and soma will only make you more depressed.That's too much meds you're on.You should really cut down like they want you too.Maybe a different pain med.would help.Good luck and God bless

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herb Says:

The nurse is right , the DEA made it virtually impossible to get pain meds now and it's because of the people that abuse them .

They really screwed it up for everybody, DEA recently recommended all physicians to only prescribe a minimal amount and only for a two week period then they are to cut you off .

It's terrible.

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