Withdrawal From Klonopin 1mg Daily

paul Says:

I have been on kolonopin 1 mg daily for 14 months now I am depressed and very anxious most of the time I want to get off this drug but from what i have read It should be cut down slowly and over a long peroid of time. has anyone gone through a simlar situation that may have some advise

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andi Says:

I've been on this since 1989 and had one dr take me off cold turkery.. Please I ended up in ER .Had to be given A shot of it and was placed back on it .I have panic attacks.. If your coming off only under dr's care...You don't won't this kind of withdrawal..

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Verwon Says:

Yes, please speak to your doctor for advice on the best way to stop this medication and prevent the worst of the withdrawal effects.

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jennifer Says:

I have been taking kolonopin 2mg. for over 10 years after I went through a violent assault and then PTSD due to that.

I've wanted to go off of it for a long time. The problem is that your body gets used to it to the point where it is almost not doing what it's supposed to, but if you begin to taper off of it (and YES - I'm a psychiatric social worker and know from clients and first hand experience that you MUST taper off of any sort of medication like this VERY slowly - it can be dangerous!) your body will start to feel it quickly and dramatically.

I still haven't figured out how to go off of it. Psychiatrists usually say very slowly and tapering it but even tapering the slightest bit is almost too hard for me.

But if you want to try it (you should let your doctor konw for sure) then try tapering it down by halves for several days and then quarters for several days and so forth. It will be uncomfortable but if you can get through it you might be able to get off of it.

If you are depressed it would be helpful for you to see a psychiatrist (not just a general doctor) for a medication that addresses both depression and anxiety and I always adamentally recommend the combination of medication and talk therapy.

Again, don't do anything without a professional's advice, knowledge, and assistance. It can be dangerous. Hope this helps!

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shell Says:

I took myself off this med cold turkey and did not know what the side effects would be, I thought I was going to die. I went through it alone and loss so much weight but had no one to care for me so I did it on my own. It took about two weeks to fully come back to what I felt was normal again, but I did it. My doc did not tell me it was addictive, what a wake up call. I feel great now. Best to you.

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andi Says:

Please listen to me and others here.I don't begin to know how Shell came off this cold turkey ...I beg of you NOT TO DO THAT...
It can cause heart problems as well as other very REAL MEDICAL PROBLEMS as well. Please seek help from A Good Doctor..
Good Luck Friend And God Bless,

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shell Says:

Andi is absolutley right, please seek medical attention before going off this drug, I did not know what was wrong with me at the time. I did not know what it was because I stopped the medication, as I said I was told it was not addictive. They were wrong. I should have gone to the hospital, I was so sick but did not realize till I was better what I was going through. Again, seek medical attention before going off this med. Best to all.

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kelly & rn Says:

Anyone taking any type of benzo (Klonopin, Ativan, the list goes on...) for any length of time AS TO BE WEENED OFF UNDER A DOCTORS CARE!!!! This is nothing to just stop on your own!!!!

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Samanatha Says:

I have been on 1.5 milligrams since Januray of this year. Now down to 1 mg and tapering will take me 16 more weeks. I cut by 1/8th per week and have had no problems at this taper. I did have problems cutting down any larger quantities than that. But this seems to be working well. I also take zoloft and seroquel to help with sleep and depresssion and side effects of withdrawal. Very low doses Im on but so far this seems to be a success!

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TS Says:

I'd love to stay in touch with you. I am starting a taper from 1mg of Klonopin. Also trying to cut pill by 1/4, and plan to do that every 14 days. I'd love to be in touch with someone on the same path. Thanks!

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StevenW Says:

I was on Klonopin .5mg for 6 months. I was diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder. The emergency room physician just threw a prescription for Klonopin at me and said I was free to leave. I had never had a panic attack before and knew nothing about xanax and klonopin. My family physician took me off of it gradually. I experienced withdrawal symptoms even with a gradual tapering off. It was a nightmare on it,a nightmare coming off of it and still after being off for 2 months I feel bad. My balance is off,my judgement/reasoning is bad, my vision weakened while on klonopin,I gained weight,my short term memory is awful,still have abnormal eye movements. Its like my nervous system is still sending my brain a message saying it misses the Klonopin. I wish I had known all of this before taking it. Someone who was healthy,riding a bicycle 25-30 miles a day and to be derailed like this. I don't know if I'll feel the same again(before Klonopin). I haven't had an attack in 7 months. But with all the side effects,it makes the panic/anxiety seem minor. I'm currently taking no drugs. Please help.

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Marcia Says:

I'm with depression caused by several factors, perhaps by successive traumas I had in the past, and 4 months behind on this, both related to domestic violence, sexual abuse (when he was 34 years) and mental violence, by my late husband who passed me SDT - all this has destroyed my self esteem and had panic disorder, iMUITA Anxiety, insomnia - FEAR OF SLEEP; feeling of impotence, guilt, and habit of always wanting to serve someone, to things I have, even of Valras and care. My psychiatrist prescribed me 1mg klonopin and fluxiotina 40g (20g was taking, he increased the dose). However, had already taken the drug in 2005, and I told my doctor that Klinopin not felt so good, anyway, he prescribed me. These drugs help in my illnes?

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Bill Says:

I have been taking 1MG of Klonopin for just about a year now. I have never gone over that what I was supposed to take . I really want to get off of this I have tried to taper by a 1/4 of the .5 mg tablet every few weeks and would alaways end up going back up to the 1mg daily. In the past several few weeks even after taking my 1mg dose within about six hours I really feel terrible ...not quite a withdrwal but just like Im trembeling inside and comming out of my skin. I think I should try to taper by 1/8 of a tablet at a time . I take Serequel at night and sleep like a baby but shkortly after waking and taking the klonopin I really feel bad. Im not going to panic I am on a small dose but would welcome any advice. I was put on this by a doctor for anxiety and its giving me much more. Thanks

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merlita Says:

hi i have tb i take myrin its almost 18 days in im bleeding coz i take wrong medacetion.....i eat 1st b4r i take ..pls help me i want to know if is that dangerouse..
thank u merrlita

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Bill Says:

I also have been on 1MG of Klonopin for about a year,and am trying to taper off by a .25 of a pill every two weeks. I'm taking 3/4 of a MG now and feel pretty bad. It will be one week tomorrow at this level . I hope I level out so next week I can make another adjustment . Its funny if I drink alot of water it helps to take away this feeling that is like a partial withdrwal. I also take Seroquel and sleep very well. I do hope Im able to come off of this and live a life this is no fun. I hope to hear from those who know much more than I do about this. When I get to .5 mg I belive I will taper by only 1/8 every two weeks and see if that makes lit any better.

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Lee Says:

Whatever you do DON'T miss a dose of klonopin 1mg. I missed 2 does due to not being able to get refills due to the Dr's office being closed and oh my God I thought I was going to die. I went into withdrawal-climbing out of my skin-swets-headache-muscle cramps-stomach pain. After missing the dose I am so afraid of this med. now. I didn't know that missing it would make me feel so bad.

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MillieK Says:

I have been on .5 Klonopin for about 7 or 8 years. Tried to taper off one time about two years ago - went into seizures (which I had NEVER before experienced) and wound up in the hospital. I am working on trying to forgive the doctor who put me on this medicine. He did not tell me that it was addictive and had I known, I would never have put the first pill in my mouth. It's BAD NEWS.

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Tony Says:

My doctor prescribed 1mg klonopin to help with IC. I took it a few times but did not like the mental feeling at all but it helped with pain. I then tried breaking the 1mg tablet into 10 (TEN) pieces and taking that tiny 1/10 mg and it helped without any brain fog. So now I've been taking this tiny 1/10 th mg piece of klonopin for about four months and am worried about stopping. I have five 1mg tablets left which is like fifty doses - should I taper those every other day and if no problem just stop.

I am hoping that the tiny slither of the pill I have been taking is not enough to cause dependence. My doctor says I can just stop, he does not think that the amount I have been taking is enough for the body to get hooked, He chuckles when I show him the bottle of tabs chopped into little 1/10th bits.

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John Says:

Andi is right,i have heart problems from withdrawing off Benzo's.The withdrawals are every bit as bad as opiates if not worse.I had been on Ativan for 6 yrs. and i was withdrawing on the 3rd month.I cant believe any dr. of good conscience would abuptly stop prescribing,but they do.I am not the same since i have stopped.

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Nancy Says:

I'm on worker comp, they have paying for klonopin, they have been for 18 years (4-5mg day), however went two days without any, and it was very bad. I don't have the money and they pulled with without warning. Dr.'s are behind me in an appeal, but will take months. Can't take the withdrawal. workers comp say as it is not curitive, took all meds away they pay for, heart med too, no more! Are they not handing me a death sentence/??

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mike Says:

put in jail. been taking 2mg a day 5 years or more. they dont supply narcotics there so no dope. didnt miss it after a couple of days. same with smoking. also was on hydracodone much longer didnt really miss that either except for some pain. whats the world coming too good god

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