Withdrawal From Vyvanse

denise Says:

My son had a terrible experience on wyvance. He has phyciatic systems to include halluciations. The doctor took him off the drup cold turkey and Ihe seems to be having withdrawal systems? Is that normal?

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debra Says:

My son,age 5 has ADHD and was on adderall but his father and I didn't like how he was acting so his dr. changed it to vyvance, I've read your comment now I'm very worried about giving it to him...what should I exspect?

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nancy Says:

im replying for the kid that was tooken off his meds,denise,i honestly think u need to contact the dr who prescribed the meds to ur son.as to your ?it is definitly normal to have withdrawls,im on adderol.and the dr i see told me this is a narcotic,i have adhd,and they cannot just take him off,i know this,becuz my doctor told me i will be dependent on this and cannot take me off,if u need anything,plz feel free to leave me a message ty nancy

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tracy Says:

I am 32 and just began taking vyvance. The reason we chose this drug in particular was because of its lack of withdrawal symptoms. If you run out there are no drug seeking tendencies. Are you certian your son was taking only the daily dose and not more? This is a fair question as this could certainly lead to the withdrawal. Vyvance is the best ADD med out their right now. It just needs to me amnistered by a responsible parent/adult. I've had great results with it and hoep that you will too. Good luck.

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Verwon Says:


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b Says:

Was he on adderal befor the new drug? Maybe its w/drawals from that.

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Robert Says:

I take Vyvanse and there are definitely withdrawal symptoms.

"Some people who use Vyvanse for a long time may develop a need to continue taking it. People who take high doses are also at risk. This is known as DEPENDENCE or addiction. If you stop taking Vyvanse suddenly, you may have WITHDRAWAL symptoms. These may include severe or unusual sadness, agitation, or fatigue." [1]

For me, at first it's just the lethargy and lack of motivation. Then at 12-16 hrs I start to freak out. I don't think I've gone more than a day without it though. It should be taken away gradually.

[1] http://www.drugs.com/cdi/vyvanse.html

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Sandy Says:

My doctor stopped prescribing me Vyvance once I found out I was pregnant. This forced me to quit 60mg/day cold turkey and I must admit that this transition has been a complete nightmare. I know the first trimester of a pregnancy is rough, but combined with the withdrawl effects I am undergoing, I must admit that some days are unbearable. Extreme fatigue (falling asleep every 30 mins.), severe depression, thoughts of suicide.
I went from successfully managing work, college, and family life to barely being able to pull myself out of bed and function in the real world.
My advice is to gradually get off these meds!

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nick70mg Says:

I have ADD and have been taking Vyvanse for almost a year now. I had never taken any medication before to help me with my ADD until Vyvanse.

The first few months on Vyvanse were great; I was getting really good grades in college, I was doing really well at work, and overall everything just seemed to be going very well for me. However, this great feeling didn't last for long.

For the past four months or so ,I have felt psychologically displaced. What I mean is that when I am now taking Vyvanse everything seems fake to me. I have also been trying to avoid my family and friends.

Vyvanse helped me stay focused on my daily activities, but at the same time it drained the life out of me, at first you don’t notice the really effects, but over time they creeps up on you.

I use to be full of life, I loved going out and having fun, and getting together with my friends and family, but now I just feel psychologically brain dead.

I’ve been trying my best to get of Vyvanse, but the withdrawal symptoms are so intense. It’s now been three days since I’ve taken a dose of Vyvanse ( 70mg) and I feel like crap. All I’ve been doing is sleeping, eating, and watching movies. I am hoping that the withdrawal symptoms will gradually pass within a couple more days and if they don’t I have to go in and seek some advice from my doctor, whom was very encouraging in helping me take this wonderful drug, thanks doc.

Is there any positive feedback out there or has this happened to anyone else?

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kmom Says:

My son has been experiencing these symptoms of withdrawal for about 10 days. I just figured out that the exhaustion and crankiness are probably wihdrawal. How long does it last?

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Kat Says:

I've been taking Vyvanse (40 mg) for about a year now. At first I really liked the effects - concentration, hyper-productivity, and even a bit of a buzz - but those effects have mostly worn off over time. Now I feel the good effects for a hour or so but mostly feel anxious and agitated. I've tried to stop taking the Vyvanse but I fill a need to refill the prescription everytime it runs out. I feel simply too tired for a day or two without it and I also crave the slight 'buzz' that I still get for a bit. My doctor said it's not supposed to be addictive but this sure seems like at least a mild 'addiction' of sorts, no? If anyone has any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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dancer Says:

hi my 16 year old daughter just started taking 30 mg of vyvanse it has only been 5 days. she likes how she is productive and i must say it is ok with me. but after reading all these comments i am a little worried she will start to change after a some time and i don't want her to get hooked on this and i do not want to increase the dose.

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dancer Says:

hi i am the mother of the 16 year old, i forgot to mention two days after starting vyvanse, she was in a bad car accident and i am wondering if it was because of the medication. it was her fault and she thought she saw the turning signal on of the other car! or was she just anxious and did n ot think clearly i wonder

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Kat Says:

Hi Dancer - I am definitely more jumpy while on Vyvanse - tend to be startled easily and drop things, etc. The car accident could in part be related (depending on how the medas affect her) but hard to know for sure. My only advice if you're worried is to get a second opinion. My doc thought it was fine for me but after talking to two other docs, they didn't agree it was necessary or having a good affect. Hope that helps.

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kmom Says:

There is no doubt that my son experienced severe withdrawal symptoms from Vyvanse. It took over 2 weeks for him to get over it. He was so tired and cranky he could barely move. He acted depressed. He is fully recovered now and I can see how his personality has returned to adorable from irritable. This drug is horrible.,

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Mary Says:

My husband has been on Vyvanse for over a year and he has increasingly become very hostile. We found ourselves in marriage counseling and in the psychiatrist's office. The doctor encouraged more Vyvanse and starting Lamictal. Twice I mentioned the hostility problem to the doc who just blew me off. Finally, after a horrible act of hostility my husband took himself off Vyvanse cold turkey. It has been a week today and he is still dragging. When do you think he will be feeling more energetic? By the way, the day he stopped taking the Vyvanse the hostility stopped. I feel like the sweet person he really is has returned and the monster Vyvanse made him is gone. How could the doc miss this? I read the bold print in the Vyvanse info sheet with a huge warning.

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Kat Says:

I absolutely understand the hostility aspect of Vyvanse! I would lash out at people when irritated-but it would be a much more severe reaction than would be typical with me. At times I felt rage - but it was typically out of proportion to whatever was going on. I stopped taking Vyvanse finally a week ago and have been extremely tired and cranky but the hostility seems to be gone so far. I feel SO much more relaxed and just generally get along better with the people around me. I don't think you or your husband are imagining this at all. I had three MAJOR falling outs with friends and family while I was on Vyvanse (for about a year). I was tired of the conflict and the irritation and am so glad I've stopped. Get a second opinion if you can - especially if your doctor is dismissive of what you're telling him/her. Good luck!

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BrandiwineRN Says:

I am 33 and i have been on vyvance for 6 months.I now take 40mg 2x per day.i have recently noticed that i have no energy or motivation. i am depressed,anxious and wanting to be alone.will this pass or any suggestions on other drugs?

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panicmom Says:

I have been taking Vyvanse 50m for 7 days in a row. I started having mini panic attacks in the afternoon the 3 days I was on the drug. I am on an anxiety med. that has worked great for 3 years, I figured it was the Vyvanse, and decided to keep taking it for a few more days. The panic got worse, so I tapered off to 1/2 dose for one day, then took none for 2 days. The 2nd day I had panic and anxiety all day. It was horrible. I called the DR. who said the Vyvanse was too strong and I should try starting at 15mg at day. I am just hoping the panic subsides soon, like tomorrow! Anyone know of any other info. on panic and Vyvanse?

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Mary Says:

I'm convinced Vyvanse is a very dangerous drug for many people. Read the warnings on the paperwork carefully prior to taking it and if it is making you anxious or hostile or depressed get off of it. Now that my husband has been off of it for 2 weeks he is much better.

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