Buprenorphine For Treatment Resistant Depression

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Daniel Says:

Has anyone any experience taking this medication and has it helped for your Depression? I realize this is not yet considered to be an approved drug for Depression, though there have been studies that prove it to be helpful. (and there are current studies ongoing as we speak) I've tried everything else from A-Z. Everything short of ECT. I'm just not willing to try that yet, and I'd probably die from it due to my heart condition anyways. I'm desperate, & feel it's my last chance at any hope for getting my life back together.

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Verwon Says:

Since Buprenorphine is an opiate narcotic, the main issue is that it isn't going to help everyone with depression, because it is actually a depressant that brings you down.

Learn more Buprenorphine details here.

While some people will experience euphoria and an emotional lift, plus energy, when they take it, it is actually rare for that to occur and, in most people, it actually can cause depression and make them more tired.

Has your doctor suggested trying it?

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Daniel Says:

I'm only seeing a regular GP family doc, who's very kind but has admitted his limitations in expertise of TRD.
He listens to all ideas I have, as he's now said I "know more than he does".
I'm very aware of what exactly Buprenorphine is and does. It's a CNS depressant yes, but that does not mean it "makes you depressed". Benzodiazepines are commonly used in treatment of Depression and are also "depressants" as you say.
There have been studies done on the use of low-dose Buprenorphine for TRD and are current ongoing clinical trials as well.




There are people out there that have used it themselves, and really hope to hear their experience.
I've been fighting this battle for 20 years, and tried every form of recommended treatment with no luck.
It's been 4 years now since I've been able to work, I've lost everything, and am literally hanging on by a thread.
I need to be able to hold on to the hope that it Might Work, or else I'm a goner.
Thank you very much for posting. It's nice to know there are people out there will to lend advice to help others.

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Daniel Says:

He said that if I can find a Doctor that's educated on the matter and prescibes Buprenorphine themselves, then he would want to work (with) him/her in my treatment process.

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Dan Says:

Daniel, I found it advertised on a website for depression and to make a story short, it works. I found a psych doc
who prescribes. Very expensive initially. I take about
.5-.75 mg a day. Problem is you will be on it for either life or as long as it works. You sound desperate, so I hope
you dancan find it. Check out this website naabt.org/

Let me know if I can help you further.

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jackie Says:

I kinda agree with Daniel even though it's a depressant as far as the nervous system goes, the area of the brain we can't feel any pleasure or happiness from seems to be the same place opiates effect.

Whenever I had to be on pain medication like after surgery, it was the only time I felt happy. I know it was the medication and when the pain was gone, I stopped the meds because I can see how people get addicted.

I really believe there is a connection between which chemical opiates cause the brain to release and lack of people with severe depression being able to produce the chemical or the neurons don't fire right in the area of the brain.

How else is it possible to explain the only time the depression is lifted is while the opiate or opiate like medication is working??
There is a lot of actual research on this too, there is a connection but no one has found a way to allow are brains to release the dopamine we cannot make on our own or that is being destroyed by another chemical the brain releases.

A lot to learn in this area. Feel better Daniel, I feel your pain, I have treatment resistant major depression . I've been on over 75 medications in 20 years and nothing has helped, have also had other treatments which made it worse. As of today, I've had this condition for SIX straight years without so much as 5 hours remission.

I can't handle it any longer and there is nothing else I can do. I hear you!!

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SickOFFIt Says:

I've had treatment resistant major depressive disorder for 25 years. I've been on over 75 medications and spent almost $100,000 on meds & treatments, none of which has helped at all.

I relate to your story because I've been there. Even done some clinical trials seeking relief now that I'm flat broke from worthless drugs and treatments.
I haven't been able to work for the past 10 years and the past 5 years, there has been no break in the severity of this depression.
Personally I want to end it because I'm sick of suffering and sick of doctors who don't take this disease more seriously.
Anyway, to your point about opiates for depression, I think it's an interesting link that people have gotten some relief.
Oddly, I was on percocet for 2 years for pain not depression and those were the only 2 years in the past 25 I had some relief from the depression.
I didn't realize it so much at the time but looking back after I was taken off the percoset,nothing was ever the same. I couldn't do anything now I managed to do while on the opiate because instead of acting as a depressant like it does for most, I reacted the opposite.

I actually had energy to do chores at home and it was the longest period I was able to leave the houses the most since I was in highschool. I'm 48 now and my life has pretty much ended.

There must be some connection. I was given Subutex for my back because I didn't want to be on percocet only to have it discontinued. For some reason, the 1-2mg of Subutex I was on did not provide much depression relief.
The 2-4 hours after taking it I had some energy and was able to wash my hair and do other things I typically can't find the energy to take on. But later in the day, my energy, motivation, and mood were back to the typical depressed state. Maybe if they had me split the dose half in am half in afternoon, it may have helped.

Regardless of the opiate, they wear off and things are back to there horrible state. Maybe an extended release drug would be worthy trying?? I would try it since antidepressants make me much, much worse.

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Steve Says:

Yes, there were studies done for treatment resistant depression with OxyContin and there were significant results after every other treatment failed . The few in the study did not have to go higher on the dose.

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Paula Says:

I have read of some people who get a robust response to opiates in their treatment of depression, many who discovered this because of receiving the opiates for a pain related condition, but by no means is a solution for everyone. I have been on every opiate there is except for heroin and while the opiates were effective for pain and did get a nice 'buzz', I built up a tolerance quickly. After the death of my Father, it just so happened that I was suffering from severe back problems, for which I was on dosages high enough to be comparable with that of a cancer patient. And I was also suffering immense emotional pain as well, and the narcs helped to numb that as well. Luckily, as depressed as I am, I didn't want to lead a life that was devoted to Doctor-shopping and drug-seeking and was able to wean myself off the narcs. And the grief I had been trying to escape hit me like a ton of bricks, leading to my first hospitalization and an increase in my depression. S***ty marriage made matters worse.

But I am constantly researching on the web for treatment options, and have read of those who HAVE gotten a good response to their depression from opiates and can remain on a consistent dosage without toleterance and escalation of dosage. Good for those of you that can get relief from an opiate-based regimen, but be sure you find a pdoc who is well versed in this type of treatment, because if not dealt with properly, you can end up with a raging narcotic addiction. Not good.

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Lisa12 Says:

Verwon i have to disagree with you saying that buprenorphine is a depressant. This is incorrect. The narcotic ingredient in buprenorphine is thebaine and it is a stimulent, NOT a depressant.

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james Says:
via mobile

Vyvanse and suboxone has helped my treatment resistant depression,and addiction to opiates,they both have potential,but for me 3 years in my symptoms of depression,anxiety,hoplessness,staying alone came back,no motivation,so my pdoc looked back in past records about ADHD when I was young,and had same symptoms until treatment.then could not afford broke my back,and lorcet 10 fixed me for well I thought 12 years.Dr said it was normal for ADHD to follow into adulthood and to self medicate.anyway I'm on 50mg vyvanse,8mg suboxone,1mg klonopin 3 t.i.d.zoloft.and nothing has helped as much as vyvanse,I finally can live again at 37.so if you have treatment resistant depression look into vyvanse they are using off label for it now.

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Sandra Says:

I have been on subutex since 2008 I went to a treatment facility in Florida where they damn near killed me.I w,as also on 2 mgs of xanax 4 x a day. So I was ok for about a week.They immediately dropped my dosage and gave me a low dose of clonopin. LOL I did not eat for 2 weeks and did not sleep .I started to hallucinate ,I have come off methadone successfully 2 times.But this drug subutex.subuxone should be taken off the market. I was so bad my roommate had to go for help one night I was walking around the room hallucinating my ass off.I had to threaten them to get me some relief. Bad drug if you are on long term.All of the Docs in Allentown Pa charge 100 per visit unless you have medicaid and then it is free, So I am going to try to get back on methadone at least they can take me down gradually to 1 mg and then with a sleep aid I will be ok. if you take it do it for a short time and then run like hell cause the devil is chasing you.Does anyone know a Doc in the Lehigh Valley of Pa. Please help I am begging you a Naabt is no help unless you can afford$100 per visit.NAABT website is out dated I called every Doc in my Area referred by them and they all were not accepting new patients. The guy I am going to now is closing up due to so much hassle from the DEA. So I am screwed

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Jason Says:

Daniel, I can tell you from personal experience that Buprenorphine absolutely helped me beyond belief! I don't care what anyone else tells you it can work. Everything I have read says that it is basically still being tested and not too much is known about it for treating depression but early studies reveal in limited cases there has been some success. I myself happen to be one of those limited cases.

While searching the internet about 8yrs ago for treating depression I ran across a single article talking about a new study treating depression with Buprenorphine. I seen light at the end of the tunnel. I found a place on the internet where I could purchase the medicine. I continued doing that for I guess a year, until I simply couldn't afford it. I thought maybe I can do with out it now. About 2-3 days later I found myself in the bed and stayed there for 2 weeks crying for now reason. I checked with some doctors trying to get the medicine and no luck. I was in pretty bad shape. I was very depressed some of which was compounded from withdrawal. What now. I decided to go to a treatment center and see if being detoxed might help. I was there for about 6 weeks. The first week was pretty bad as I was slowly being detoxed but got better over the next 3 weeks. THEN it came the day of my last dose of medicine. I was nervous naturally. The next day came I was up and just fine. The second day I was up just fine but later that evening I thought I might be noticing a tiny change in how I felt but brushed it off. The third day I had to basically make myself get up and attend all the classes and activities and it was obvious to everyone there I wasn't myself and something was wrong. I was sent to the nurse who then sent me to the main Doctor who spent a little time with me and then I left and finished out the day. The fourth day I was in the bed and didn't make it to the mornings class. My instructor/consoler came found me. Skipping to the end of my story all the nurses and Doctors and staff met (I was unaware) discussed the situation. Next thing I know my instructor/consoler came back to the room about 2 hours later took me down to the nurses station where everyone received their meds. They put me back on the detox medicine (Suboxone) a couple hours later I was back to myself and glad to be! I finished out the program. The day before going home the Doctor met with me and told me in the 17 this place has been operation and all the the people that was treated there I was the ONLY case where this had happened and their absolute rule had been to not have anyone that finished the program leave without being detox and ready to leave. Suboxone new at the time and I had to drive 2-1/2 hours one way every week in order to get it and do all these addict programs and stuff I didn't really need. After a while the Dr. I was seeing here where I live had gotten a license and I have been able to get it from him for the last 6 yrs or so. However, something happened and he ended up relocating about 6 weeks ago but has not started back to practicing. So here I am stuck again only thing around are this greedy clinics that charge $400 for the first visit and then every week after $100 and my insurance don't cover it. I'm not going to go and get extra and sell it like they are doing to afford going. I have since had all my other meds. upped and Ritalin added to try and help get me up and at least going through the motions. The results have been just barely better than nothing. I'm still trying to figure something out.

Daniel I understand where you are and my advice to you is to do as I am and keep searching. Its out there unfortunately it not easy to find a Dr. because it requires a special license in order to prescribe it. At least here where I live.

I didn't intend to write so much but I thought if my experience and the hurdles I've had to jump might help or give you hope I wanted to share it.


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AnonymousUser145 Says:

I started taking bupe for a problem I had with an opiate addiction. Long story short, I believe the addiction was tied in with the chronic depression I've experienced on and off (mostly on) from a young age. Without going into details about my addiction and recovery, I can say that bupe helped me get better and I finally started to feel like I had hope for a normal life where I could function each day. I've tapered the dose down, but I think it has been instrumental in keeping my depression manageable. It's not an ideal medication because of the withdrawals associated with it, but I don't plan on stopping it anytime soon because it has helped with my depression so much. I've taken at least 15 drugs for depression and anxiety prior to this one without lasting success. I have only been taking the bupe for a year, but so far it is going well. I almost believe that the horrible addiction and struggle I went through was for a reason, and that reason was to find this medication.

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Billy Says:

YES Suboxin helps me GREATLY FOR DEPRESSION,you will have to tell the DR.that you have a problem with pain pills and only sertain Doctors perscribe it.Study up on it(google) and go get on it BUT REMEMBER YOU WILL HAVE TO TELL THE DR.THAT YOU HAVE A PAIN PILL PROBLEM

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Candy Says:

Daniel, First of all, I feel for you and I can relate. I was diagnosed as having TRD in 1985. After countless medications with other medications, I gave in and had 4 ECTs. They took away my current memory and for 6 months my brain was a blur. I then had the Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted and that didn't work either. What worked for me was Modafinil and my Doctor said it was okay to get it overseas. I had a package seized though by Customs and was warned that if I tried to do it again, I would be facing fines and federal imprisonment. So now I am taking Adderall, which doesn't help either. How did you get a prescription for Buprenorphine? I have chronic back pain and am prescribed 30 mgs. 3 times per day of Oxycodone. Is this a drug like this? Please respond...thanks in advance.

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Gabriel Says:

Take the bupe. It works. Not a high at all but it makes everything right. It will change your life. I started taking it to get off illegal opioid and realized depression fueled my addiction. Buprenorphine is all you need. Drop everything else. I pray you succeed.

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Candy Says:

I spoke to my pain doctor at his office this past week. I mentioned Buprenophine and Treatment Resistant Depression. He told me that he would be willing to talk to my psychiatrist, and they agreed to try it. My pain doctor said that the way I have reacted to these drugs in the past, I'd probably sleep a lot, which when I wake up makes me depressed. Also, he said Buprenophine is weaker in strength than the 30 mgs. of Oxycodone 3 x a day that I am taking. I am going to think it over and make a decision by my next appointment in January.

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Jim Says:
via mobile

I've been dealing with severe chronic treatment resistant depression for over 20 years now. I've tried over 40 different antidepressants, TMS,ECT, and something called Direct current stimulation. NOTHING WORKED. I recently was prescribed Buprenorphine and was AMAZED at how well it works for my depression! For the first time in many years, I feel happy. My depression has pretty much disappeared. I pray to God that it continues to work so I can continue to enjoy life.

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Cat Says:
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Just 2 put in my 2 cents, Buprenorphone exacerbates my depression. I'd love to get off it, have tried to taper down myself, but ultimately end up paying over $500.00 monthy, for the OV and Rx. I'm on it for chronic pain.

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Jeff f Says:
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I also have been given a second chance at life. After 35 years of various failed psych. Drugs, I tred a friend's.8mg burp., within 45minutes I felt like I had before my depression started. 35 years of agony gone in minutes Anyone know of doctors prescribing subutex in Sacramento Vs?

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