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suboxone/pain managment

I have been on suboxone for 4 years now for alcohol and methadone abuse and during that time I found out I have three buldging disc in my neck and osteoarthritis however my doctor still is weaning me off. I Dont want to be back where I started. Any advice?? ## Hi gin! If u feel u need 2 remain on suboxone 4 a longer period of time, u will need 2 find another Doctor who will continue 2 prescribe it 4 u. I've been on it 4 almost 8 years now, and, I don't plan on getting off it anytime soon. I suffer with a lot of back and medical problems, also. I do understand how u feel. I have a GREAT Doctor, so, I'm very fortunate. ## Thank you for your reply. I hope I can find a doctor as good as you say yours is. I just want to stay on it to avoid being put on lortab ect... ## Hi Gin, Ha... ...

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zohydro for pain managment

WHAT PAIN CLINICS IN MS OR LA PRESCRIBE ZOHYDRO ## Hello, Deanna! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will no prescribe that I can refer to for you. Additionally, if you call around to doctors and ask them to prescribe a specific medication, they will see that as drug seeking behavior and most won't even let you get in the door for an appointment. Do you currently have a PCP that you see regularly? If so. having them refer you to someone may be the easiest way of getting the help you need. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in that area? ## Need to find doctor... ...

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pain managment in Tennessee

I too have been thrown away by Covenant Pain Management. Its odd that my last visit was in July, after that I was put out to dry after almost 10 years with the same Dr. This is one PAIN in the ass. I have back problems, surgery in 1996. Then an auto accident in 2000 that left me with a metal rod in my femur, metal in my left arm, arthritis in knee, hip hand ect. Nobody gives a damn about the individual, just let the insurance companies and Government make the medical decisions. They have done such a great job running the country and the new National Healthcare program, I am sure they are qualified to make these medical decisions, like I am qualified to fly a fighter jet. Sign me up. Lets get these crooks out of office and let Doctors do the medical decisions. ## Dr here in Knoxville and... ...

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Knoxville Pain Managment Raided By FBI

Last Tuesday my (along with a lot of others Im sure) pain management center was raided by the FBI (also other clinics) and the staff were always very strict (Current MRI's, Blood Work, UA's every time) and have always followed the rules. Also (local paper said) my primary care DR.'s office has been closed because he apparently was involved (local paper said he has got a target letter from the government) and Now I'm left with no primary DR. Or Pain Management Dr. it's also my understanding (local paper) that the FBI has all my records. I have multiple injuries (I almost died from a few years ago) from a auto accident. Extreme Back,Neck,Leg pain and have MRI's to prove this but I called the FBI and the lady who answered said someone would get back in touch but I h... ...

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Where to start in Seeking a Pain Managment MD

I have been on Fiorional w Codine and Fiorocet as well as Valium for Sleep. I have 3 herniated disks in my back, Scloroisis, Nerve Damage in my left leg and Chronic Migrianes. No Doctors in Rhode Island will any longer prescibe medication, if they do it is only one medication, I used to get all 3 of my medications for these problems from one Doctor who was my primary until he informned me that he could no longer write those. If anyone know's anyone in Rhode Island Please Help! ...

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Having trouble finding self pay pain managment in Va

I have been reffered to pain management for protruding disks putting pressure on my nerve root in my back. Every pain management place that I have tryed to get into will not accept self pay. I do not have health insurance and really need to get in one fast because my job requires me to lift heavy things and bend over constantly. I stay in agony all day even with the 15mg oxycodone I have prescribed to me because I am running out and know I cannot get more until I get in pain management so I take only about half of what I need to make it last. I cannot afford insurance and I don't want to have to quit my job because I work for good people. If anyone knows a pain mangement clinic in the hampton roads area of Va that accepts cash PLEASE respond. Thank you ## Hello, Rob! How are you doi... ...

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i need a new pain managment dr greenville south carolina

i have 2 herniated discs in low back am currently taking 5 mg oxycodone 4 times a day but it not controling the pain i have been on the same dose for 2 years and my doctor wont increase it can anyone recomend a GOOD pain managment doctor in or near greenville south carolina? ## Any luck? Having nearly the same issues. Hoping you were able to get relief. ...

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Bunavail or Suboxone can your Pain managment doc prescribe it

This new drug for opiod dependence sounds better than suboxone. What type of Doctor can prescribe this, and when this is prescribed I imagine you can't get it if you are on pain medication already. Would a doctor prescribe both if you want to wein off of your meds?? Both your pain meds and bunavail, or suboxone?? Just Curious. ## Hi Taryn, From what I understand, Bunavail contains the same active ingredients as Suboxone (Buprenorphine + Naloxone), so it's probably going to be treated in the same manner - being a Schedule III controlled substance. Apparently it was just approved by the FDA this past Friday (June 6th), and is supposed to reach pharmacies come October 2014. That would probably be the best time to ask your P.M. doctor or clinic about prescribing it. I don't know... ...

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i need to find a pain managment doctor that prescribes methadone 10 mg

I really need to try to find a new pain doctor that is closer to me. I love the doctors there they have been wonderful to me. I have been going for 5 years and now for the last 8 months I have driving myself and I really have not built up enough strength after having neck surgery. The problems I have now wont go away and I just cannot function normally I have problems with walking very far, I cant stand up more than a few minutes, and on a really good day I can curl my hair. Methadone has helped me more than any other medication, and it don't hurt my stomach I have learned to accept it I just wish it wasn't so hard to get the medication that helps me to function and not hurt so bad surely there is a few good doctors that care about what helps the patients at least that is what I... ...

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is everyone who takes pain managment treated as if we are drug abuseres

Back in 2004 I had to have C5-6-7 and all the discs removed and replaced just to get the pain level from a 10 to about a 5.Between surgery and meds I got the pain to a level 3,then "My" pharmacy up and quit carrying those highly addictive oxycontin 80mg 3X a day.It caused me to total my car,Don't ever take those oxys.I paid my pain Dr. to watch out for me.I would never have taken them but thought I could trust my Pain Dr.I went from Nov. 24 to Dec.29 in horrible withdrawls.I'm on MS Contin 60 mg now ,if I can get them.If I try to fill them at pharmacy I am treated like an addict to be shunned.Even in the Hosp. I am treated worst than a dog.Am I the only one constantly being put through withdrawls? ## Hello, Rand! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems you've... ...

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Pain Managment Doctor in NJ to treat legit but complicated pain patient.

I am also looking for a pain management doctor in NJ that will write for narcotics. I just moved back here after my husband left the military. I have my medical records and I had an amazing pain doc where I was living before. Unfortunately since moving back to NJ, I'm having a hard time finding a pain managment doctor that will prescribe narcotics as well as do steroid injections. The combo works great for me. I have insurance too but no one takes it wear I live so I am willing to drive around NJ if needed. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I cannot take NSAIDs due to them damaging my kidneys a few years ago and have reduced kidney function. When I take them, they cause an allergic reaction inside my kidneys which will damage them even further. I won't take biologics due to them be... ...

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trying to find pain managment dr in louisville ky or lexington area that would perscribe methadone been on them and percet 10mg for break thru

If anyone knows where I can go please help been on methadone for 8 years and break thru meds for 12 years got hit by a car when I was younger done had neck surgey, which made me hurt worser my middle to lower back I stay in severe pain the meds help to a certain level I dont abuse them or anything its just got to the point without them I probably would not be able to get out of bed the pain is just unbearable on top I have childern to take care of theirs no way I can go without the meds my lower bones are basically shattered I need surgery but dont have the help afterwards so im in a bad situation so please if anyone knows any info to help I would really appericate it. Thanks ## Not sure if you've found a Dr by now as I've just found this site. Check out my pain management clini... ...

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Nj medicaid pain dr

I can't find a pain managment dr in nj that takes medicaid and I need my morphine in a week my Dr doesn't take medicaid after 7 yrs I need a new dr ## Hello, Rosie! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. Have you tried asking your doctor if they can refer you to someone else? That might be the quickest and easiest way to find the help you need. Alternatively, you may want to call Medicaid and see if they have a list of doctors in your area that accept it. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in that area? ## I have done all that and yes I know I have... ...

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Pain Doctor in St Louis

I live in Fl and am moving to St Louis and need to find a pain managment doctor in St Louis. I am currently taking 165 30 mg oxycodones and 60 80mg oxycontins a month due to a spinal fusion I had that has left me with chronic pain and the cold weather really hurts my neck...the rod in my neck seems to freeze..any help would be much appreciated!! ## Hi Christine, Listed below are a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another: Alternatively, you can have your primary care doctor refer you t... ...

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Pain management pill count

I had miss a pill count due to being out of town. I am nervous as to what will happen. ## I had missed a pill count due to being out of town. What can happen. I have never missed an apt, failed a u a or complained and about anything even my Apts being set 35 days after last apt. What will happen. Should I worry ## What did happen? Because im in the situation. ## My pain managment doc called today for a random pill count. I'm out of town and can't come in. Whats going to happen. Should I be worried? ## Did either of you end up calling your doctor to confirm that you were out of town and needed to reschedule the appointment to a later date? That's probably what I would suggest doing up front, since it wouldn't necessarily affect the outcome of your pill count. As long as y... ...

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Info about my pain management

I just recently visit pain managment doctor and he put me on some medication that I have been on in the past roxycodone, methadone for the break thru pain i still am in so much pain is there something new out there to try the pain is intolerable.I'm on medicaid and was told medicaid dont cover certain things can someone here in florida please advice me what to do since Ia'm new here from Alaska ## There really is nothing new as far as narcotic pain medications, you are on pretty much the strongest available with the Oxycodone in the Roxicodone. The Methadone is also very strong. And yes, it is also true that Medicaid does not cover some medications, such as the time released Oxycodone, due to the problems with abuse and diversion of it. It really sounds like your doctor is presc... ...

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Looking For A Pain Doctor in St Louis

I live in Fl and am moving to St Louis and need to find a pain managment doctor in St Louis. I am currently taking 165 30 mg oxycodones and 60 80mg oxycontins a month due to a spinal fusion I had that has left me with chronic pain and the cold weather really hurts my neck...the rod in my neck seems to freeze..any help would be much appreciated!! ## Very sorry about what you are going through. There are several pain management doctors and clinics listed in the St. Louis area, however, I don't know any specific details on their treatment protocols, or the types of insurance or payments they accept. However, here is the contact information, so you can look into them: Pain Management Services 1070 Old Des Peres Road, Saint Louis (314) 821-8644 A&A Pain Institute Ste 165, 555 North N... ...

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Pain manag. During and after pregnancy

I started having chronic pain two year ago when I had my daughter. At first I thought it was just typical after birth pains but after two months of being on 10mg percocets every 6 hours I knew that something must be wrong. Turns out I have endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. Drs are also suspecting at the moment that I have a bone density problem or maybe RA. I've gone back and forth between all my drs because one either diagnosis me but can't help me with the pain or they don't know what's wrong with me all together. I finally got a referral for pain Managment and the dr refuses to give me any kind of narcotic. Now I understand that they are cutting back on what they give patients because of the high level of abuse but when you have a 26 year old who can't cook... ...

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looking for pain meds in central florida

Help please! Just moved to Florida, Orange City from California. My PCP gave me my meds there. Here they sent me to a pain Management Center where they do not prescribe pain meds. I take percocet 10 / 325.I suffer from lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and neuropathy and the beginning stages of multiple sclerosis.does anyone know a doctor that is willing to prescribe pain meds for me? I was diagnosed in 2004 and have been on pain meds ever prescription is to take up to four pills per day. I take anywhere from 2 to 6 pills per day depending upon the pain level that I am in. please help if anyone knows of a doctor in the area of Daytona Beach to Orlando. Thank you so much! ## Some pain management clinics prescribe meds along with other methods of pain managment. You wil... ...

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suboxone how long before it helps with pain

if you are given an increase in suboxone how long before it helps with pain ## Hello, David! How are you? It is a narcotic, so it should start to have some effect within 15 to 20 minutes of taking it. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. However, some people have reported it that it really didn't help their pain, so if it does nothing to alleviate yours, you may need to try a different medication. Has it helped, at all? ## My doctor just started me on suboxone strips for my pain managment & I accidentally threw my box away with the directions on it. I took 8mg at 4p, can someone tell me when the soonest I can take another 8mg strip? ...

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