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I ,due to a severe injury,was on methadone for 8 yrs and got off that crap and on suboxone at the advice of a friend. I now am at 2 mgs of suboxone daily. My pain issues are mild to none and I want off subs .I went to my doctor who claims he has Much experience with this and has proven that to me...but his method is scaring me and from what I read online I am very hesitant. He prescribed me 2mg dilaudid and valium which I hate and plans to wean me off the subs. Is this right??? I can handle a mild w/d but not a heavy one due to my work. I am not looking for people tellin me to suck it up or give advice other than if the detox method described is reasonable or crazy?? Everytime I try to go below 2mg of subs I feel like hell will a dilaudid taper make it easier or start a new addiction and ultimate w/d??

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Verwon Says:

Well, this is definitely NOT the way it is usually done by those trained in using Suboxone, usually it is tapered by itself and stopped at the lowest possible dose to prevent withdrawal symptoms and you certain aren't supposed to add more narcotics when you are trying to help someone get off of them.

This doctor may have experience treating addiction, but he might not be trained in how to handle Suboxone and weaning someone off of it.

There is a website with more information: Click Here

You may find more information or a doctor in your area who is trained in its use.

Does anyone else have information to help?

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rouba Says:

I was on methadone for a year I got down to 60mg..stopped cold turkey and went to a detox that prescribed me subs...and am now have been on 2mg a day for a week after my detox. And I believe in subs 100% because I use to be on them for oxy addiction and weened myself down from subs by taking one 8mg then eventually down to 4mg,2mg,and 1mg then to nothing and I was only sick for 3 days by the fourth day I was getting my energy back & I could if u suck it up and ween urself off the subs correctly it is an easy detox compared to methadone,oxcys,and heroin. U were on meth for so long that ur use to being high from meth and subs just keep u just bang it out and trust me from someone who's been thru it,its a piece of cake compared to other detoxes

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snained Says:

i was on vicoden for a horrible injury and took it for 2 years and found myself taking it after the pain was gone. i got on subs dr. told me from day one this is only temporary. 4 months later i am on .5mg in the morning and .5mg at week is just .5 a day then half and so on. the withdrawls are tincy wincy in comparrison and unisom helps with sleep.stay away from anything that may upset your stomach and limit caffine for mornings. this has been working for me. and only dr.s that say you should be on it for years or life are the ones who get money for prescribing the subs. everything has its use when used right. i also suggest therepy or a support group like na or aa. addiction is addiction no matter what the substance..good luck.i will keep you updated

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geno Says:

i was on heroin for 2 years, no point lying got sent to prison when inside started taking that s**t! after i got released i started taking suboxone been on 8mg for 4 years now i know 100% i'll never touch brown again, i want to know the right way to come off subs as quick as i can,someone help please i dont need to be on them now, thank you

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jaspn Says:

I am trying to get off suboxone, I am at 1/2 miligram. How low should i get befor i stop all together

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mykeymyke Says:

i would wean myself off the subs and screw your dr. he might have experience getting people off of them but it sounds like he is getting a kickback from the dalli's manufacturer. if you can't ween yourself off the subs normally,( i mean VERY gently , like .10mg every two weeks), then take the lowest amount of valium you can to help you deal. good luck to ya bro!

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ck001 Says:

first off you must not be fromor near any major city cause everyone knows that the primo s*** is white! just saying. if i were you,, i would take .25 mg off for two weeks if you can handle and then go down another .25 every two weeks. if not try, .10mg for two weeks then go down to .25mg for four weeks then see if you can dro another .10 or .25 mgs. It's your body guy, you know what you can handle best. and doesn't it eat you up that they were charging 10x's for sreet in the state pen...again just sayin'! but look at it this way, if you were getting it out on the street for 10x's cheaper, what kind of habit would have had then? or even worse?!? god bless you and good luck with this and getting your life together, sound's like you're on the right track.

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ck001 Says:

hope you're still clean god bless.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

(Although known most widely in its abbreviated form above,
the entire prayer reads as follows...)

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

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newyawka Says:

I just completed a 6 month Buprenorphine Implant study. My implants were removed one week ago.Prior to that i was on a 12 mg suboxone sublingual daily routine for 6 mos.ALTHOUGH i was led to believe that after 6 mos the implants would have tapered down to nada and thus not much w/d after removal,in MY CASE that was WRONG! A general malaise gradually sets in,sucking out all of your energy and appetite. After a year of feeling the best i have ever felt in a long time,the winds are gone from your sail.! Feeling down, not interested in your normal routine or much else.Sex went from great to "So quick? what happened?"Plus the general flu like symptoms that are well known.ALSO,my legs were kicking first two nites as i tried invain to sleep,even though i felt tired.(But the kicks were not as bad as i used to get trying to cold turkey dope years ago)Plus the pain of the EXTRACTION> should have been quick work to remove 4 implants,took apx 40 mins,each implant breaking into pieces except one came out intact.The initial incision had to be lenghtened midway during procedure. Alot of tugging that day. Arm still sore and stiches due out tomorrow.Feeling better day by day,using only high qual cannabis,melotonin to get through.

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wantsoffsub Says:

I've got myself down to 1/36th of a strip of sub a day. I've try to space out the times I take it every few days. My doc tells me I'm at such a low dose that it doesn't even show up in my system. When I try to go a whole day with out any. I wake up in the night feeling bad. Any ideas on how to get off or anything that my help. My anxiety goes through the roof to so I have to take a tiny piece to calm down.

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Setharooo Says:

the s*** is all bull s***. straight up goverment made chemicals to keep us in addiction. Yes i have been on suboxone for over 2 years, and it beats bangin dope, but the truth of the matter is that it is a hell of a lot harder to detox from than herion itself. well it takes alot longer anyways. listen guys best thing we could do for ourselfs is suffer it out and teach the new generation about the evils of our society and the global elite.

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Erica Says:

I agree. A slow taper, then get the word out everywhere. I was very misguided about the suboxone. No Dr told me about a short taper. One dr said Ill be on it forever! I had a short love affair with vicodin, and when I tried to leave-- I couldn't. Very low energy and depressing. I'm in the same boat now, just can't take time off work when I jump. I seriously want to get out there and inform every single person I can! The $ and follow ups w/ the dr are a big scam to take everyones $.

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steve reichling Says:

iam still losing weight i am on some antisdepressant know i just cant seem to get it together? my mood swings are good and alot bad.ive been tapering down on the subs.m i normal? i miss my self and my wife has been supported .but is concerned .will depression go away?

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steve Says:

is suboxone a depressant because i seem to be

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reerun Says:

black tar, brown, white its allll good. i live 10 mins from Newark, ar stories. were trying to STOP

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reerun Says:

*war...or glorifying

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reerun Says:

it can actually help with, it does for me. Ask your dr to put u on subutex, it helped w the depression i already have. im on wellbutrin and subutex (and xanax) it helps most addicts are self medicating for some kind of depression to yer doc!

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NoPharmaceuticals4Me Says:

First off I want you to know that I speak from lots of experience. I know what it feels like to need mental help, I was there after my wife and son both died. Also I was on Oxy and Subtex for 15 yrs while I had to tend to my wife's cancer instead of getting the surgery I needed to stop my pains.

Please be real careful if not stop using Wellbutrin and Xanax, at first they may seem to help, but long term studies prove that they are 100% less effective than healthy diet (this means NO high fructose corn syrup, NO MSG, NONE of the MANY artificial sweeteners, and keep sugar to a minimum) and LOTS of exercise.

The long term tests showed that those who stayed on drugs like Wellbutrin, Xanxix, Prozax, etc lost their social positions formerly held: relationship, job, and friends. The opposite was true of those who changed to healthy diet, exercised properly and likely sought mental support in the form of books, support group, or church. This last group often showed an increase in their social position.

Don't be fooled, for me, the drugs seemed to help, but they also dulled me, so I quit and went all natural. In a few short months I was back to feeling myself again, productive and alive!!

and they leave us, the common person without money and hooked for life.

You must break the cycle to become healthy and happy again!!

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Doloria Says:

I struggled with opiate addiction on and off for 15 years. I had, and still have, legitimate medical conditions that warrant pain meds. 2 months ago, I was put on suboxone 24mgs a day. I managed to taper myself down to 16mgs a day. Last night I had to go to the ER for sharp pelvic pain that I was having. I was diagnosed with a huge cyst on my left ovary. I was basically told that I couldn't get any pain meds bcuz of the suboxone. I was treated with toradol, which is basically IV Motrin, treated like a drug seeking junkie, and sent home. When I had ovarian cysts in the past, I would have my pain managed with narcs of some sort. I've taken every single anti inflammatory known to man, including tramadol and some prescription strength NSAIDS and nothing helps. My suboxone physician suggested I increase my dose of subs back up to 3 a day, which I did and still am not getting pain relief. The counselor at my sub doc's office basically accuses me of not being motivated to stay clean and told me to find other ways to manage my pain. I even have burn marks on my skin from soaking in hot baths and falling asleep with the heating pad on my lower abdomen.

Suboxone does help curb cravings for opiates. I was able to smoothly transition from percs and Vicodin to subs with no withdrawal symptoms. But this medication is an obstacle in providing pain relief for acute pain management situations. Once u say that ur own suboxone to any physician or ER staff, ur labeled a drug seeker. Physicians don't realize that there's a difference between drug seeking and plain old pain relief seeking. I even spoke to a pain management doc and they do nothing to treat ovary pain. I want to get off this crap ASAP. I'm back down to 16 mgs a day and I've read horror stories about sub withdrawal. My sub doc is a psychiatrist, not a pain management doc. I've read alot of articles online about how pain can be managed in sub patients by using higher doses of short acting opioids. But my Gyn and the ER physician refused to try that. Now I'm in agony and forever labeled a drug seeker. Please help!

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Shell Says:
via mobile

After 10 years I started taking portals, 10, 10mg pills at a time up to 50 a day, then moved on to 3 oxy 80's at a time up to three times a day, then I found my favorite methadone, after wafers were gone I began taking 10, 10mg pills at a time, letting them dissolve before swallowing them, I honestly don't know how many a day, I had an abundance of them at all times, then I was pulled over and put in jail after them finding 170 methadone in a baggie, detoxing in jail was HELL! In rehab I was placed on 3 suboxone a day, that's been more than 3 years ago, now my Dr has moved leaving me with one refill and a pat on the back wishing me the best! Where I live if you're on suboxone your considered a drug searcher so no other Dr wants to take me as a pt, so I'm going to suck it up and try to wean off of them when I get my last refill.........any idea's on how I should do this without feeling like absolute s***?

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