Which Is Stronger 15mg Ms Contin Or 15mg Oxycodone

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Lynn Says:
I wonder what the difference is between 15MG MS Contin vs 15 Mg Oxycodone. Is there a substitute for MS Morphine..I take 2 30mg MS Contin twice a day and also with that I take 15MG MS Contin twice per day..which of course is 45mgs at a time..with 3 15mg Oxcodone for breakthru pain. I was taking 20 mg Oxycontin 3 times a day etc. But my insurance wasn't paying for the oxy. So what I take now is paid for. Do any of you have any suggestions of what would work better for the pain..since I changed to morphine it doesn't seem to do the trick..this is long..but any answers would be very appriciated..Thanks..

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Verwon Says:
Oxycodone is actually one and a half times stronger than Morphine. So, for instance if you were taking 20mgs of Oxycodone, at a time, to relieve your pain, then the equivalent dose in Morphine would be 30mgs.



As to something stronger, you may want to talk to your doctor about the Fentanyl patch, it is also available as the name brand Duragesic and it is over 80 times stronger than the Morphine. One patch lasts for 3 days.

It is also a narcotic, so the side effects are pretty much the same as what you are used to, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation.

You can read more details on it here:


Is there anything else I can help with?

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resper Says:
i dissagree with the lady up top heres my conversion of different painkillers.

oxycodone 15mg would equal 2 15 m g ms contin. meaning oxycodone is stronger then ms contin by a 2-1 ratio mg for mg.then you have oxycodone 30 mgs vs opana, scientific fact is that opana(oxymorphone)is stronger then oxycodone mg for mg 3-1 so if you were to eat,chew,sniff,or inject 1 opana 20 mg ur on the same level as 2 30 mg oxycodones.opana is serious ive done them i suggest use shouldnt.not unless u suffer from a serious injury

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Helene Says:
I can't get 30 mg of oxycodone anywhere? Is there a substitute available? My doctor prescribed 10/650 percoset but they don't work. Please help me..suffering terribly.

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Verwon Says:
Resper, my conversion was from the official medical conversion, not my own opinion and that conversion is 1mg of Oxycodone is equal to 1.5mgs of Morphine.



Helene, there are other narcotics on the market that you can discuss trying with your doctor.

For instance, there is a time released Morphine available. The name brand for it would be MS Contin and it is also available as a generic.

If you normally take 30mgs of Oxycodone, then the equivalent Morphine dosage would be 45mgs.

Are there any other questions?

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Lynn Says:
Thanks to all of you for the information...

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evilroot Says:
remember people that the ms contin is controlled release and not suppose to give you that immediate buzz that oxycodone does. So if all you want to do is get high go with oxy's but if you want to control your pain throughout the day I suggest working your way up the ms contin latter.. start low and increase as needed

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Smoke Says:
Does oxycodone 30mg come up with the same results as ms contin in a urine analysis?

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SSL Says:
I'm right with you on the disappointment when I took the MS Contin.I used to take 4-15mgsMS Contin & 10-10/325mg Percocets (MAX) per day.That worked ok for a lil while, it started out great,felt great pain relief,but,,,,after 3 more appts with my Pain Doctor,he said I was on way toooo much Percocets and they cut me down to MAX 6-10/325MG per day in addition to the 4-15mg MS Contin.Not one minute of relief after that.In MY OPINION,my body was now used to 10 Percocets aday and when I was dropped down to 6 so quickly and still taking the MS Contin,no pain relief what so ever.My body was saying, where's the other 4 for me today? Finally talked my doc into something other than the MS Contin----It's embarassing to say out loud because unless you are in pain and get PROPER treatment from a Pain Doctor and have tried other avenues,,,,,He switched the MS Contin for METHADONE!! I know, first thing I thought of was "I am NOT a heroin addict!!!!" Heroin addiction was the only diagnosis i had ever heard of for using METHADONE!! Kinda scared me at first, but once I started taking it and got up to 4-10mg Methadone per day along with 6-10/325mg Percocets per day, I did get much more relief. Ya, MS Contin and OXYCONTIN for that matter, just had no affect on me. Now, this change I just wrote about happened about 1.5 yrs ago and I'm now at that point again.I'm still on 4-10mg Methadone and 6-10/325mg Percocets per day and my body is needing more. I'm allowed to take 1 perc10 every 4 hrs,,,,well as most of you probably know,after awhile only 1 perc10 doesn't seem to even touch the pain after your body gets used to it, so I've bumped it up to 1.5-2 every 4 hrs and then by 4-7pm I'm out of pills for the day and my doctor now says he doesn't feel he can increase my narcotics because I'm on such a high does already. Anyone have any advice on how to talk honestly with your doctor (I have been with this pain doctor since December 1995!!! 17+ years!!!!) & try to explain how you feel your body is so used to the dosage that you feel you need more or add something else,,,,,,or what???? Any suggestions for me would be appreciated......Thanks (I just don't want to sound like I know alot about narcotics&I don't want him to think I'm just looking for more DRUGS. I just need more pain relief.I don't want the HIGH,I want relief so I can have some sort of life again I know all of you understaand what I'm saying

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SSL Says:
Verwon--WOW.You are sooo informative,Thank You for all the information. Can you give me some advice on how to approach my doctor-as you say-to talk to him about alternate RXs for narcotics? I am soooo very much afraid that he will get the wrong impression, ya know like I'm pill shopping,Trying to get more so I can get that 'high' feeling,the excuses they've heard go on and on.I've been going to this Pain Specialist for 15+ years,I have never ever asked to have an RX refilled early,not even by 1 day,They do spot 'street drug' urine tests I think 2X per year-I never failed one,I have signed a contract with them that I will never ask for an early refill&only this clinic can prescribe ANYTYPE of pain killers,no matter what type they are&That I keep all appointments&if I miss more than 2 appts they will drop me as a patient!!!! Yup,I've been a very good patient,I don't complain when I have to wait 2-4 hours to see the doctor. IDK how to start the conversation,can you help me??

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victor Says:
All I can say is I have experience with both and I found the Ms contin does not take the pain away by itself I need the oxycodone as well ...where taking just the oxycodone I noticed it brought the pain dwn way more than the Ms alone...

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Jackie Jackson Says:
Ok so i have been on MS contin for a few months now taking 3 a day and my pain dr also has me on 4 hydrocodone a day but it doesn't take away my knee pain like i want it to. I have severe osteoarthritis along with several tears in both knees. I would like to ask my dr to take me off either the ms contin or hydrocodone and put me on oxycodone. I don't know if i should stay on the ms contin and ask for oxycodone or go off the ms contin and just ask my paint dr to take oxycodone and hydrocodone can anyone help me with this.

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knox Says:
first dont need reply I been with cornic pain for 30 years from to crushing car accidents. there is no pain killer that will completely remove pain without being high, stoned what ever u want to call it.
IN my opinion u migth need to talk to ur Doc about being addicted to drug abbuse. Ive been there and u sound like I did.

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mike Says:
i disagree with both of you. i got zero relief from taking ms contin 30mg er even tried to take 5 at once and still felt nothing. the bioavailability is crappy for morphine unless ived or rectal. oxycontin 20mg 3 times a day is way better than ms contin period. NOT even a discussion. this is fact

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Ken Douglas Says:
I used to take 60 mg dihydrocodeine, 100 mg tramadol & 60 mg cocodamol 4 times daily but about a year ago they were replaced with 50mg MS Contin 2 times a day, along with 1500 mg methocarbonel, 200 mg paracetamol & 50 mg Diclofenac. The latter meds have worked well but recently I am beginning to get significant break through pain, can you please offer a suggestion. My medical condition is a spinal injury & deteriation, I do not react well to gabapentin as yet I have not tried pregabalin.

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mike Says:
KEN- happy thanksgiving...but why are you asking these questions which have nothing to do with the topic od "whats stronger-15mg ms contin or 15mg oxycodone". goto other forums with those other meds you described. tramadolis a joke and did nothing for my pain, and diclofenic is an nsaid which reduces infamation...both were givin to me after my neck surgery..as far as the others...i dont have a pdr in front of me but not really sure why your telling us the meds your taking which dont appear to be ms ontin or oxycodone. have a question about these, i can help. have a nice day man.

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michi Says:
i have 3 pain conditions. 2 of them for 10 years the other one just recently diagnosed. i started slowly moving up the pain med chain all the way up to the fent patch which i felt worked the best with perc for break thru pain. now i am with a new doctor dif state and he had me on oxycodone. i past my screening no problem. he tested all of us at the same time.out of nowhere he decided to. then i asked to switch me to norcos because the oxycodone wasnt working anymore. winter was coming and thats the worst time of the year for me. he agreed to switch for a couple months. inreturn to put me back on the oxys in october. when i went to my appointment he decided to put me on mscontin. no discussion. so iv tried it. nothing for break thru pain. it doesnt work. i v been going thru hell. i now have narcotic gastroproesis because of the extended release mscontin. my other drs are pist. so now monday i go in and see the dr who gave me the mscontin and have to figure out how to tell him he needs to switch me back. i rather have control over when i can take my medication and not. plus not mess up my body by taking an extended release medicine. this is my opinion. i believe for myself that the oxycodone works better for me other then the patch. i have taken the opana before. and i still stand by the oxycodone. i was able to take it every 4 hours as needed. sometimes i needed to? and sometimes i didnt. i take other meds more my other symptoms so im not just needing pain killers. i hope the description helped with my pain meds. oh and yes the methadone does help if you have nerve pain. i had to take that at one point too. however i pray i never have to take it again. its horrible to have to quit taking it. very hard. even after coming off the last 10mgs. i swore to never take it again. it helped greatly. my skin feels like its on fire at times. & it helped. but never again do i want to feel sick. your body adapts to it quickly. i pray all of you find relief and find what you are looking for. doctors are hard to find. that will help. those people who dont really need the help get what they want. but those of us who do need the help? dont because we all look like drug addicts. its a sad thing.

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dR t Says:

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Gina Says:
I am new to this forum but I too am having problems with the availability of Oxycodone 30 in the metro Atlanta area.
My doctor has suggested MS-Contin as a replacement Rx but I know it is not as effective. I am tempted to ask him about Methadone but since I suffer from chronic pain and must be on these meds to function I am concerned about building up a tolerance.

Those of us with chronic pain not only suffer from the physical effects but we must endure all of the other s---
that makes getting relief an ordeal.

Any suggestions for effective subs?

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Joe Says:
I had a spinal fusion in 2009 to reduce the serious back pain that started after a hip replacement in 07. Well, it did not solve the pain, it only worsened. I have had every test known to man. So been on meds since then.
Started with Percocet, then Oxydodone. Have tried many things in between . Now take 15mg every four hours or so. I also take Clonidine for the sweating and other side effects. Of course after this many years , the dose barely handles it but I am wary of increasing it.
My. doc is suggesting a change to MS.Contin. Partly due to the timed release option, partly due to "availability" issues, although my pharmacy has always had stock . I also enjoy a few glasses of wine in the evenings. So I am very cautious of all of it. I think I want to stay on the Oxycodone for now. I am wary of the MS after reading various posts? Is a daily total of 65. MSG
Of Oxydone considered high ? It sure does not sound so after reading these posts ?? Thanks All.

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michi38 Says:
goodmorning dr t.....i wrote on here before and decided to check on here to see how hings were going. i did try the ms contin again. not much by choice. i realize each person is different and we all react differntly to meds and pain. however i now have all kinds of other issues from the mscontin that may not be reversible. i go to my dr today. he doesnt really listen to you. the same questions you answer he writes scripts. he is unwilling to change much. i spend all my time either at drs appointments including physical therapy which even though it hurts? im thankful for. or im in bed. i do however get to go out when my boyfiends band has a gig. other then that my life is at a stand still do to pain control or lack of. i am on steroids. so no nsaids for me. i do pray for everyone with chronic pain. it sucks and i never take away from those with any other pain. however when other drs told me i had to no exceptions had to go off the mscontin. my dr wouldnt give me opana or anything else but norco. so im in bed for the winter. good luck to all of you. sunshine cant get here fast enough.

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