Rinvoq For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Darcy Says:

Hi ~ Just got the rheumatoid arthritis tap on the shoulder today. Rinvoq seems to be advertised a lot but I’d sure like to hear from folks who actually are using it. Has it been effective for you? What kind of side effects are you noticing? Anybody?


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Bella Says:

I have RA and since there’s no cure for it, I can’t take these types of drugs including the DMARDS they have horrific side effects. But I take pain medication as needed. I don’t know of others who take this but I’ll find out. Best of luck.

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Darcy Says:

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Thank you Bella ~ I am going to have to look up what DMARDS are! The ‘language’ of RA I will have to learn. I am liking your approach, of taking as little as possible of the least damaging, side effect laden medication. I’m 67 and take no meds at all at this point. Excellent mainly plant food & supplements yes but meds no. Trying to keep off that bad s***.

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Bella Says:

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DMARDs (Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs) are Methotrexate, HYDROXYCLOROQUINE (I can say a lot of good for "other" reasons for this drug.) and most of the television drugs that I’d never touch. I take just 15 oxycodone per month as needed 5 mg.... just to take the edge off. And got rid of red meat, sugar make a lot of smoothies, vitamin D3 and Zinc which Keeps “other” things away as well if you get my drift. I am 65 and don’t abuse anything, so even though there is no cure for RA, I am still trying to figure out why the doctors are so quick to write so called Arthritis drugs when in fact there are more side effects and also NSAIDS are worse than oxycodone. But they won’t tell you this. So I live with the pain, mostly now my fingers like a knife cutting them, ankles, spine, wrists....but not consistent. So I just go with the flow and I tried injections in back, physical therapy, everything. I just want to be kept a bit comfortable, not overly medicated or serious side effects. My primary gives me my meds since the Rheumatologist won’t prescribe opioids, although they work. I also rely heavily on my faith. Take care.

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Darcy Says:

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Wow Bella! Thank you for a ton of great information! I had heard about Methotrexate and I have a list of drugs I need to look up ~ there are about 8 or 9 different medication‘s for RA alone! Was on Oxycodone for a month when in a M/C accident and had to wean myself off it. Not easy for sure . . .but I need to drive/have my freedom so HAD to cold Turkey after shaving my oxy pills to lessen their dose, ultimately gutting through 3 days of withdrawal effects. I believe the Drs are eager to write prescriptions for ‘television drugs’ because they are paid to do so, or get some kind of benefit. Shamefull. How awful that you have to beg for the drugs that actually help your condition. ?? After taking 2 Prolia shots for Osteoporosis and the side effects lasted LONGER than the actual drug I am a skeptic ~ had 2 cancerous lesions on skin, scalp crusty things, various skin rashes, leg weakness, brain fog, etc. At this moment: Big name/TV drugs: Nope. Tylenal, aspirin: okay in moderation. I follow Dr Gundry and his food protocol, have for 2.5 yrs. Mainly plants, little fish. I feel it’s helped me avoid bigger problems with Prolia (boney growths, teeth falling out, etc). Keep fighting the good fight and I will too Bella!

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Bella Says:

Re: Darcy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I hope I’m not misinforming you on what works for me. And I had three skin cancers as well, doing a fourth end of month all on face. Yesterday I had a brain scan because I’ve been getting migraines and saw some colors... I was prescribed migraine medication but I had so much anxiety with it, so I stick with Excedrin migraine not every day though.

Yes imagine I had to sign a contract for 15 oxy per month 5 mg around twenty papers? ABSURD!

Also what works for my hands and fingers are compression gloves. Any CVS sells them or online. But I don’t wear them every day. Everything in moderation. I also use prescription Voltaren and rub on fingers and ankles. It works you can get it over the counter tube lasts long time. I’ve been taking Xanax as needed as well but only at night. Been on them for years. Pain pill in morning few days a week. Don’t get me wrong I like an occasional pizza and Burger King.... let me know what you do. Much love to you.

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