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becca Says:

Can anyone tell me about Methadone please?

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Dyna Says:

Found this quote in another newsgroup:

In blind trials, users who were given both drugs orally were unable to
distinguish between the effects heroin and methadone.

Withdrawal from heroin should be over after seven to ten days. Withdrawal
from methadone though, can take up to a month or even longer.

Many former heroin users have claimed that the horrors of heroin
withdrawal were far less painful and difficult than withdrawal from

Methadone is a synthetic drug. It was first invented in Germany during
the Second World War by scientists who, having discovered pethidine some
years earlier, were developing other similar compounds.

The effects of methadone last longer than those of morphine-based drugs.
Methadone's effects can last up to 24 hours.

Deaths occur more frequently at the beginning of treatment in methadone
programs; they are usually a cause of excessive doses (i.e. erroneously
estimated tolerance).

Methadone generally entails the entire spectrum of opioid side effects,
including the development of tolerance and physical and psychological

Individuals are as physically dependent on methadone as they were to
heroin or other opiates, such as Oxycotin or Vicodin.

The most common side effects of Methadone are: drowsiness;
lightheadedness, weakness, euphoria, dry mouth, urinary retention,
constipation, and slow or troubled breathing.

Ironically, methadone used to control narcotic addiction is frequently
encountered on the illicit market and has been associated with a number
of overdose deaths.

Methadone comes as tablets, dispersible tablets, liquid, and liquid

Methadone is one of the most difficult drugs to detox from since its
effects are long-lasting and it is readily stored in the body's tissue.

Anybody out there have any other experiences with Methadone?

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shelley Says:

methodone is used to treat people w/herione, pill, and some crack and coke addictions. It isn't addictive it just keeps you from having withdrawals from these other things. You can take this drug and not feel any high off it if you keep taking the same dose and not upping it. It is to control your withdrawal simptoms. What else would u like to know? It works for it's perposse.

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shiraz ahmed Says:

i have my own pharmacy here in pakistan n we have so much patients addicted to drugs like pentazocine,buprenorphine etc..
so i want to know abut methadone n its uses n how can we get that.plz send me complete informations.

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beaverhunt Says:

Shelly sorry but it is methadone is very addictive I been on it for years, in gets in your bone marrow and is much harder to come off than herion. it has a half life of near 24 hours? overdose in quite common these days. Again thanks to Hitler and when they were cut off of their oppium supply thay mase there own for pain and to keep troop warm in cold climate wars.
We also have to thank him for the introduction of (KAT) or there vershion of methamphedimine.
sorry for spelling. always ask a pro not clowns like myself of the internet you don't know who I am or my knowledge. Thank you and be carfull good bless

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Pascal Says:

Methadone, yes it is very very addictive, yes withdraw is a very horrible experience. However, Oxycotin has far worse withdraw than Methadone and I know this from my personal experience. Yes many people die from abusing methadone and thats the key to any bad experience with methadone, ABUSE!
I have had three low back surgeries and a peace of bone cut off my hip and grafted onto my spine in the last fourteen years and yet I still suffer with nerve pain into my legs so I have learned quite a bit about pain meds..
I can tell you this, methadone is a very good pain med if you take it like the doctor tells you to, if you don't well then you are in danger of death. Thats what I am trying to tell anyone listening to this that there are very good pain meds today even some that last up to 24 hours and almost all of them are safe IF taken correctly as the doctor prescribes. Yes most of the best pain meds are addictive, but if you are like me and will have severe pain for the rest of your life are until science finds a cure for pain then what does it matter if its addictve because like the doctors told me if I was going to have any quality of life at all then you will need to take your pain meds and if science finds a cure then deal with it when it comes. Last word, don't
abuse your pain meds like I did when I was first injured because it will only make your problem much worse, and if you have talk to your doctor about it, he can help much more than you know.
May God bless and help you....

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beaverhunt Says:

right on pascal! THANK YOU!

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connie Says:

METHADONE!!! well i have been takingit for an oxycontin addiction.I ALSO HAVE CHRONIC PAIN. so anyone in a situation like this it is very hard,beause unless you experience chronic pain, than you dont know how it feels. but what do you do? you have became addicted to an opiate,and need an opiate for the pain. methadone does work, but is additive and is extremely hard to come off off. so with that in mind when you start taking it you should really have in mind that you will need to be on it for???? which i know where i live doctors just dont do that. they do a maintance type program, and in time you are suspose to be off of it. but than you still have the pain. than you are back where you there maybe a doctor that will continue to give it to you, but usually not. because theyare using it to wein you off the opiates. doctors do not give you methadone usually for pain, unless you have had problems with oter opiates, so you tell you have had problems than they do not want to take a chance on continuing giving you any type of opiates,so they use it to wein you off.and like i said you are back where you started from. i think if this is the situation you are in, (having chronic pain,and becoming addicted to an opiate)than they should give you methadone, because it does work, and get you to a does you can tolerate than hold you there. what is wrong with that!? but i cant seem to find a doctor where i live that agrees. if anyone knows how i could go about finding a doctor ,maybe on the internet or any other way please let me know. you can contact through this website. THANKS!

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shelley Says:

i agree with you pascal, but my opinion about addiction is that some people do not have addictive personalities. I have probably tried everything BUT herione and nothing has addicted me.i quite smoking cold turkey when i found out i was pregnant, i quite drinking when i was but on meds i couldn't drink on. Now my boyfriend and sister are different. My boyfreind is addictied to pain killers and takes methodoine prescribed to control his withdrawls and we have tried to whine him off the methadone but were unsucessful. I do believe that it is somewhat in your head when you think your addicted. I am suffering from sever rhymatoid arthritis and the won't ever give me pain meds, and everthing they were giving us,viox, bextra, etc. is being pulled off the shelves. For people like me who need these meds and feel like i will not get addicted and will use it as prescribed can't get it because of the ones who are ABBUSING them. It sucks for me. I don't know what a day with out pain feels like. Not just in one spot but all over ever joint EVER joint hurts. I'm on 9 different meds for RA, seizures, and migranes, but they won't give me pain meds. I have a chronical illness there is no cure for and can't get pain meds because they affraid i will get addicted who cares if i'm going to have it for life anyway! I have 4 children and am only 26 i have to b able to keep up with them. I now use marijuanna to help with the pain . I only do in the morning before kids get up and at night before bed. So you see how people find an alternative to ease the pain. Sorry to trail off. but thought i'd add that also.

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Willie Says:

I can relate to what you are saying!!
I have a terminal disease, and rhymatoid arthritis cronic back pain from a degenerative disc disease.
disc that are gone. Eight years ago
I found out I had Hep C from the first back operation I ever had . I have had three. I proved there was tainted blood in the blood bank where I was then. I drank alcohol until I found out I had Hep C. Then I quit cold turkey. I didn't know for seceral years that the doctor I was seeing had a family of drunks and drug addicts. She told me she has to go to alanon. I can bearly walk today. She refuses to give me anything for pain. She thinks because her family was full of addicts that everybody who takes more than an asprin is going to be an addict. Do they ever think of what the quality of life is about.
I wish I could get an organisation started to go after these doctors. Let the patient have the right of how they will live their lives . I do not feel like they are fufilling their oath as a doctor. If taken as directed no one should become addicted. If this should happen let that person decide what hell they want to face. Addiction or the living hell of constant pain .

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shelley Says:

Thanks for knowing how i feel. I also have RA and a severe case of it. And like u said QUALITY OF LIFE. I have 4 kids and just can't keep up with them because of the pain and i take laratabs to control it and methadone when i can't get the tabs. But oh no the doc didn't give it to me, i have to resort to getting it from the streets just to feel normal. And until u know chronic daily pain don't judge us with it for taking pain meds. If there was another way i would do it, but i don't do it for the high i do it to not have as much pain. Even when i do take it i still have pain just not as severe.

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John Prichard Says:

What does methadone look like are their any that are yellow and say m f1 (round tablet). If not than what is this drug that if found

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bob Says:

A synthetic drug similar to herion, developed by a german DR.for use in WW1 as a very cheap man made narcotic. use for herion withdrawl and pain relief.

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bob Says:

This drug is very good in treating severe pain. My doctor prescribes me 120 tabs at 10 mg., it works well each month.

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Carolyn Says:

I was on Oxycontin 10mg; and didn't want my body to get used to onr dosage.My Dr would change from and after 2 months down to 5mg. and that kept me from needing higher doses.Then I found Oxycontin was covering worse problems when I told him my pain was bad and the doss of Oxycontin was not working but did nor want to be on higher doses.I took Methadone to get off the Oxycontin; did great and never needed another one and sytill have half a bottle.Have to be careful;I want to feel some pain because if you cover up pain too much you will not know if you are having another that needs attention.When I got off the Oxycontin and Methadone I found walking was hard; with heaviness in my legs.So I found I had no blood going to my legs at all.Had to have bypass surgery.So if you can try and take small doses enough to keep you out of severe pain but where you know when any kind of pain is there so you can get attention.I found if I had not made that decision;I'd be dead by now.I have to have back surgery and only take Vicodin 7.5; but I still feel pain but not as bad..this way if anything was to happen I can explain my pain to my Dr.Hope you all keep this in mind.It really is safer for your overall health. Good Luck! :)

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Stacy Says:

I went to a clinic and most clinics have groups and a counselor.When your in a group you can talk to different people about why they are there, how long ,and what they plan on doing about it.I talked to this one guy who was there for heroin abuse,he was 54 years old and he said he was on methadone for almost 30 years.I said that's like half of your life.He Said he will be on it for the rest too.At age 14 I ranaway and started to abuse heroin for 2 years.when i ran out of money, i went to a clinic for treatment.Because I was a minor i had to go to a private owned clinic and pay $55 a week(which my dad was paying).I started at 30mg and got up to 150mg.1 year later when my dad couldn't pay any more they dropped me like a very very hot potato.I was so sick my husband gave me half of his dose.Now i'm 25 years old and still on methadone.

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lanie Says:

ask me anything i have been off and on since 1968. there should be a book you can get at your local clinic

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Ava Says:

seriously, any questions about any drug, your local pharmacist is able to answer. they are the ones that went to school for it and know the complete chemistry behind the drugs.

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Lanie Says:

i believe meth.doe not do a thing to your bones. the calcium is depleated and i think that is why we get these symptoms

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lsimons Says:

I was put on Methadone10mg. 3xa day along with Percocet 10/325mg actetaminophen also 3x's a day. I take (1)10 mg.of Xanax to help me sleep for a grand total of four hours a night. I had a horrifying car wreck on a gentle mans birthday. I was26 yrs old borrowed his wife car to go pickup his liquor for their party and it had been raining very heavily made it to the liquor store had everthing in the car when someone with no headlights was coning straight at me this person clipped the front side of the drivers head light. That is when the car spun across a four lane highyway and hit the curb which I then went airborn 70 feet in the air and sopped in a tree. Up till that time I could use Tylenol Now that was 24yrs. ago and man many differnt drugs thriugh the years. The cops classified a hit and run I had no car insurance or health ins. and the company that owned the tree tried to suit me for destroying their treeThe hospital never got a dime and I never got a dimeand back then in Ohio I lost my job for being off work too long. I had whiplashed my neck I fractured my right ulna and had 47 stitches in my jaw bone i have been on every kind of pain patche every narcotic that they have to keep updating or increasing. I am npw under pain mangement due to my work which was never an issue till it involved the school baord. I guess wqat i really want to know about i read someone's e-mail about methadone and bone marrow was a side effect. If any one else has info on bone ot tendon pain please e- mail me

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dan Says:

worst detox i ever weant threw. it also took the life of someone very close to me. i do not recomend takeing it for any reason. buprinorphine has wrked out better for me but it is still addictive

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Dcoy Says:

If you have severe chronic debilitating pain it is great. If you ever want to have emotions, enjoy hobbies, have ANY libido, or generally like to live happily, then for God's sake DO NOT start Methadone. It will suck the life, and love from you in short order. If you do start it, have a plan with your Dr. And be careful. I have been on it for over 20 years, (disabled veteran), and I lost my interest in everything, my 16 year marriage, gone. Social activities, gone. Relationships, gone. Alone, since 2012, 61 years old. No way I will be able to get off Methadone now. Only recommend for Fentanyl, or other highly addictive street narcotics for short term withdrawal. Please use any other medications for pain.

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mikey Says:

My journey on methadone:

I deal with stomach pains in the morning, whether I eat before or after I take my dose, or not at all. I understand I wasn't too happy before all my drug issues but I feel like the drug adds an extra amount of depression to the mix with sudden feelings of sadness. Sometimes I can see it and work through it, but other times it can really affect my day to day activities. I lost a lot of my sexual appetite in my relationship that pretty much summed up the ending of it. It was for the best.

I lost a lot of weight until I started using cannabis to help me build my appetite up which I hope comes back once I fully taper off. I am currently at 26mg and have been tapering down for about a year now from 45 mg. Does anyone have any helpful tips when I start getting closer to being off and what I'll have to expect once I get off and dealing with the minimal pain (I hope) since I still have responsibilities.

I feel close to the end of this treatment and I can see how it's helpful if you have a mentality of getting off of methadone as soon as you feel ready, and it's easy to end up on a high dose.

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SlimJim Says:

How about if I'm only taking 1 10mg pill form a day? When I eventually get off, will the withdrawal be much worse than oxycodone?

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jaininpain Says:

Need a Dr who takes medicaid/medicaid in Kissimmee, Florida. Help!?

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Art Says:

I'm currently feeling minor with Drawls from a week off methadone. I was on 100 my then 89 when I felt like I was bound to the clinic.. I didn't mean to just stop cold turkey.. I feel like I'm lost. Not hungry. I'm also drinking liqour like water.. not a good idea. It is what I do. I was using heroin. Went to prison and got over it.. idk how I got back on the road.. but I'm working out and sweating more and more than usual. I recommend you to be strong. I can't wait for my son to be living with me again.

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WillChillRNMS Says:

Re: connie (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I think you are right about that. See a pain specialist. Someone that is certified with extra education in this area is important versus an anesthesiologist. You need someone with experience that has come across people in your same situation. As a nurse in an intensive care unit, methadone in my mind is primarily for pain. It's highly effective compared to other preparations. Yes, one needs a structured management and withdrawal through a pain clinic that can separate the spectrum of addiction needs and a person with pain needs. The way methadone is prescribed is different. It's true that if you are taking your medication for pain only and not escalating it for a high, (methadone loses it's high rather quickly and that's why it's good for other opiate withdrawal), it's long lasting and craving is diminished for other narcotic preparations. In my experience methadone is one of the last, if not the last synthetic narcotics prescribed when all others before have been tried and failed for pain.So its' important to not muddy the waters and know when taken as directed there is little risk for OD, Tolerance, Addiction. The brain uses it for pain when prescribed correctly and not for play and it knows the difference.

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cindy Says:

What can I say methadone had me in prison. Methadone told me when to be a mom, a wife, a daughter and friends. I would count everything. Two to three days without it and I would go insane....I've taken it since 2002 / 200mg for pain. I used to call it the miracle drug. I just didn't think I would get addicted ....because they prescribed it to me cuz I was taking about 20/25 vicodin a day. I had two kids while I was pregnant and they where on methadone but even that didn't stop me. Well its 2016, I got tired of pharmacies, my Dr never being there and all the game that goes with chasing ur drug of choice. ...I locked myself in the room 26 days ago. I went thru hell and I still am. For the past week I have bad bad headaches non stop ....I feel alone, miserable, sensitive and I've educated myself on what methadone really does for a person... I am so depressed, sad, lonely. I cry everyday but I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE A PILL, ANY KIND EVER AGAIN. Cold Turkey is a b**** to come off for methadone. I'd rather do it in jail. But I realized so much in these days. I had a blind fold on while taking methadone. That drug and with the rest is a devil. My ball in chain, my monkey. My hands wont stop shaking. I also stopped smoking cigg and everything bad but these headaches feel like they're going to burst. I am so happy to read some of these posts cuz it gives me hope. It will be a long recovery. I just want to be myself again before that awful drug cane into my life. It should be off the market. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to let it out.

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Take it to Washington DC Says:

We do need to organize & lobby for our rights as free adult Americans living pain & reading one after another free American being yanked off Methadone which gave them back their lives. The absurdity that we cannot continue to use a drug which has helped many of us for years, & safely. 10 yrs for me, then yanked off for political reasons. How about the government concentrate on illegal drugs coming across everyday & let adult Americans decide if they want to use a legal & great drug for long term pain. They say it can kill people, well so can any other drug someone abuses. So they keep us "safe", yet many people would prefer to die living a productive life than live with no life! We all need to unite and write our representatives and find a way to tell them we are people in pain, not drug abusers.

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FireBlasterdz Says:

I know that this is an old post, YEARS OLD. But, it says METHADONE is not addictive in one post on this thread. LOL!! IT'S EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE AND YES, IS USED FOR OPIOID ADDICTION AND MAINTENANCE DOSES WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH OR EUPHORIC IF TAKING THE SAME PRESCRIBED DOSE EVERYDAY, as earlier posted. I have been on MMT for 12 yrs due to chronic heroin addiction I just couldn't kick. I have gone through horrible withdrawals that last for days and days and weeks and then I just go back to the clinic. It's too difficult and torturous to be off of for me. The WD'S last months. I gave in after a few weeks of not feeling any better and I have to accept I probably have to be on methadone maintenance therapy for the rest of my life. In conclusion, my main point is that methadone is addictive, as it was earlier stated by someone else that it wasn't and just used so you don't have cravings or opiate withdrawal from your DOC. the latter part is true, being non addictive is unbelievably incorrect and I had to chime in on this old AF post. Gracious and feeling hopeful.

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K T ORiley Says:

I agree! The DEA is drivijg doctors out of business if they dare to try to help their pts who are in pain. It is messed up! I agree that we shouldnt B punished becuz a few people abuse pain meds! N some kind of organization does seem to be needed where we can unite N fight the DEA!

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