Does Lyrica Mess Up Your Liver?

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Karon Says:

I started taking Lyrica for 3 weeks now for my Chronic Facial Pain. I had taken all the chronic pain meds and nothing work. I was diagnos with this illness since I had a root canal done, I even got 2 teeth extracted though the pain would go away. Anyway, I am now having some reaction, my feet and legs feels fat. However, my pain is about 4 in a scale of 10 being very painful. I take Lyrica 3x a day with 50 mg each along with oxycodon (if pain does not go away) and motrin 800 mg for head aches. I been on norcotic medicines for 2 years and now with Lyrica and etc. I am just wondering if the chronic pain actually go away? I am tired of taking all these medicine and scared that I will not have a liver left..............

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Sheila Says:

Is Lyrica a narcotic? I think i saw that it is a controlled substance. What does that mean and what is the difference between that and a narcotic? One of the reasons i ask is I had been on high doses of narcotics for severe leg pain from my waist all the way down to the tips of my toes caused by my 3 failed back surgeries. The Morphine helped, but didn't take the pain away completely. My new doctor put me on Lyrica, 100mg. 3 times a day and i cannot believe the difference. He also diminished my narcotics way down so that i am still taking Morphine, but so much much less. I had no withdrawal, nothing. Just almost complete pain relief. I cannot believe this. I had been on these high doses for 10 years. I was taking 1000mg. of slow release morphine per day. I also took Morphine sulfate IR 60 mg. every 4 hrs. totaling most days 240mg. or more. I also took 4 Soma every 4 hrs. total 12/day. I am now down to 300mg. of Morphine Sulfate SR, and 120mg. of Morphine Sulfate IR per day and 3 or 4 Soma per day. That adds up to only 3 (100mg. tabs) of Morphine SR; 8 (15mg. tabs) Morphine Sulf. IR; and 3-4 Soma per day. I also take 3 (100mg.) Lyrica per day now. I accomplished this in less than a month's time. I had some doctors who knew nothing about chronic pain tell me it would take me years to get off of all that medicine. I never knew they had anything on the market that was not a narcotic that could help me feel this much better. I am so grateful i can hardly believe it and wouldn't had it not happened to me.

Please let me know the answers to my questions. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

NO! Lyrica is NOT a Naroctic!

Lyrica is Pregabalin, it is a substance that was originally used to treat and help prevent Epileptic seizures, however, with further study it was found to help with certain types of nerve pain.

A controlled substance is something that can be obtained by doctor's prescription only and must be closely monitored by a doctor during its use. Most controlled substances end up in that class because they have to potential to be abused and to be addictive.

So it is in the controlled substance class like Narcotics, but it is not one and is not related to opiates, it works in the body in entirely different ways.

The difference between it and a narcotic is that a narcotic is an opiate substance that works on the receptors in the body that cause pain, Lyrica does not do that, as I said, it works differently, which is why it will only help with certain types of nerve pain.

The reason you were able to drop down so easily on your narcotic pain meds when you started taking this is because you were not addicted to them. Addiction only occurs when someone abuses the meds because they enjoy the effect it has on them, the high or euphoria that they experience.

That is the way the doctors were looking at it. However, your situation was entirely different, since you were using them to help relieve a chronic pain condition, you were dependent on them, but not addicted.

Dependence is an entirely different phenomenon, it occurs when someone suffers from a medical condition requiring them to take meds in order to get up and function each day. The dependent person though, does not develop the severe problems that an addict does, because they take their meds as prescribed and do not abuse them.

So for you, you were not completely hooked on them, you were hooked on getting relief for your pain, so leaving something behind in favor of something that worked better, was not a problem for you, because you were not abusing them and taking them for enjoyment purposes to begin with.

Here's the monograph listing for Lyrica, so you can read some more information for yourself:

Lyrica Info Click Here

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Verwon Says:

Oh and in reference to the liver question as posted above, yes, this can affect your liver. The greater percentage of prescription medications are processed through your liver, and therefore they do take their toll.

It is, however, a simply matter of a small blood test to have your liver function tested, the lab will look at the enzymes in your body and then that will let you and your doctor know now if you have any problems with it that you need to be concerned about.

If you are worried, please speak to your doctor and ask them to order this blood test.

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Valerie Says:

My husband has had chronic pain for seven years it has not got any better. He has been on so many differant medications I don't think I could name them all.He was put on lyrica two times day about a month ago. He has not said anything about his feet and legs feeling fat. His chronic pain is in his hand and says that this pill is making the pain less to where he is able to stand it. We are hoping that it keeps working as good as it has been.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it does work well for some people with certain types of nerve pain. I am very glad to hear it is helping your husband. I hope it continues to do so.

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lyrica Says:

i have hep c and i 've been thru treatments for that and the result s have been real good but i would like to know if this medicine lyrica will effect my liver or does it go through the liver.i no lot s of things go directly thr t he liver but please let my know if it will hurt my liver. i am on roxicodone 30mg a day about 3 to 4 a day i have fibor. pretty good. i am so tired of taking medicine please let me know and will it help with the pain. thank s margie

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reynella Says:

I have been on Lyrica for 2 years and only just recently had swelling in my lower legs and feet. It didn't hurt, just felt weird. I had that on and off for a couple of weeks, then its totally stopped now.

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reynella Says:

Also I have chronic facial pain amongst wide spread pain. but it's mainly my jaw, neck and face. I've thought it had something to do with having all 4 wisdom teeth ripped out of my jaw while under general anaesthetic. ie lots of problems afterwards. I have found manipulative physiotherapy on my jaw helped, and also myofascial release on the area and sphenoid

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diane Says:

I am starting on Lyrica for post surgical nerve damage in my arm ,should ernd back. I am scared to death to put on an ounce of weight I do not need. Can anyone reply to this?

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Myra Robb Says:

I recently stopped taking Lyrica for nerve pain in my right leg from a Schawnnoma tumor removed from my spine eight years ago. While initially helping, my neurosurgeon had to keep increasing the dosage so that the neuropathy would wane. I was on Lyrica for two years and within that time frame, developed elevated liver enzymes. I have had a liver biopsy and ultrasound recently, and was told that it was unknown why my liver enzymes were high - possible fatty liver may be the cause, but nothing definite. What's odd was that I also packed on the weight after I started taking Lyrica! I gained 30 pounds within two years.

Since coming off Lyrica, I have lost 22 pounds in 5 months. I will have my liver enzymes checked again to see if they are back to normal.

This drug also caused me to be disoriented and forgetful. My husband and children didn't like the side effects of the drug. I thought it was effective; however, I am so glad to be off of it!

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Char Says:

Dear Does Lyrica Mess Up Your Liver (root canal). Read the book the Root Canal Cover Up and locate a doctor/dentist - preferably a dual degreed as in MD & DDS to assit you. Good luck ...

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Myra Says:

One of the side effects I felt from Lyrica was the swelling of my feet and hands. Although this drug made most of my right leg neuropathy tolerable, the benefits did not out weigh the side effects. I would never take this drug again!

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concerned Says:

Did you have your lab values checked after coming off of the lyrica? My husband has been on lyrica for 11 months and has been told his liver enzymes are high. lyrica is the only med he takes and I am highly suspicious it is the cause.

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marc Says:

I have been taking Lyrica for four months 450mg. I was also taking Tramadol 200mg. I found that the Tramadol was not needed, after taking it for 4 months. I simply stopped taking it ! I had no withdraws. I believe, due to the Lyrica. The combination made me extremely dizzy and High 24/7. I could not drive without almost crashing every 1(one) mile. Every, repeat EVERY time I would stop at a traffic light, I would SPACE OUT (leave the moment High) awaken by car horns. Once I stopped the Tramadol, I felt better ! The Fatigue was gone and I became more alert. I have been off Tramadol for 3 weeks. I was diagonoised I was diagnosed with polynuerapathy. I am also Diabetic Type 1A (over 25 years) My EMG exam indicates the condition. I agree, the more medication you take over time it affect you vital organs.

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Sandi Burton Says:

Karon....I recently had a root canal done and I am experiencing the same sort of symptoms you have. I am going to the dentist again on Tuesday to re-do the root canal and if that doesn't work, we will look at extracting. I have pain in other teeth (all of this is on the bottom) my lower jaw and upper neck area. If you don't mind, can you share what you were diagnosed with? I am SO frustrated and no one is listening to me.....they think I just want pain medication as I may be addicted but I ONLY want relief from my pain. We are going on a little over 1 month since the root canal and still require 4 advil every 3-4 hours and they won't prescribe anything else....I am ready to pull all of my teeth out at this point just to be out of pain. Thanks so much for sharing....I am lost in what to do. Take care, Sandi

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alison mullins Says:

my elderly mother has high blood pressure and recently had her gall bladder removed. Will lyrica cause her kidney and/or liver problems?

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Pat Says:

I wish I could get off Lyrica. 1) I have gained 30lbs in 2 yrs. while taking this drug. 2) It has put me in the "dough-nut hole: twice. 3) Lyrica keeps increasing in price. Compared to last yr. it has gone up almost a $100 more a month for me. 4) It's very addictive. You just can't stop taking it. Does it work? YES. I have firbo and Lyrica has helped with the pain. But, I also have become forgetful and moody. I have been on low to high doses. The high doses have almost caused me to fall asleep at the wheel. One blink at the wheel and I'm almost sound asleep. I take 100mg 4 times a day now. I wish I never started taking it. I can't afford gaining all this wieght and I can't afford the expense in the d-nut hole. After reading all these posts I'm going to try to get off it again.

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Christopher Says:

I was given Lyrica for the numbness feeling I have in my legs. I've been on them for about a month. Yesterday I was told by my doctor that I have an elevated liver, can this be from that Lyrica pill? I have to go in and get an ultra sound today to see what's going on. Do I need to be worried about anything? Thanks

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janwhit Says:

I have been perscribed pregabalin today 75mg can you tell me if it is ok to have social drink one or two units

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kinddebj Says:

Lyrcia seems to have ruined my life..I was NEVER told this med could be so hard to get off of...I was on 100mgx3=daily and IT IS TRUE YOU "CANNOT" just STOP taking it..I stopped and thought I was gonna
DIE. I have gradually went from 100 to 75 to 50 over a month and I am down to 25mg..The past 2 days I have not taken any but have had some Ativan to help me. I have a week off work and I'm in bed. Even at just 25mg without the Ativan I could not do it. I HATE THIS DRUG LYRCIA..I could have taken Heiron and at least got high and knew I'd get a serious addiction. Lyrica also caused me to gain about 30lbs in less than a year..So even if it did help with the pain it has did nothing in the long run but HARM ME..I think this drug company is worst than someone in the street selling drugs. They have a license and the FDA is allowing them to harm people legally. Please DO NOT fall for this..It's not worth it..I have not had my Liver functions tested but I'm sure If I did they would also be elevated...I hope This will help One Person: DO NOT TAKE LYRCIA. kinddebj

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