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Jessica Says:

I am 19 weeks pregnant. I have been taking 2mg Dilaudid every four hours daily, which would be a total of 12mg in a 24hr period. I have been taking it since 13 weeks pregnant, so a little over 6 weeks. I have been taking it every single day for chronic kidney pain. My doctor decided to transfer my care to a pain management clinic, and my appointment is not until Tuesday, it is currently Saturday. My OB refuses to write me a script to get to through until my appointment, and even though I have been taking them only as directed, they want be to come in and be converted to Methadone. NOT HAPPENING. I will suffer through all the pain in the world before having a child born to Methadone. My OB has refused to wean me down on the medication, so I am currently off it cold turkey. My last dose was yesterday morning, and this afternoon I did receive a 3mg Morphine injection for a UTI after having to go the Emergency Room. I am wondering because I am pregnant, and they are not offering me a safe process to come off the medication, if anyone knows how bad it will be? I currently am vomiting, extreme irritability, helplessness, shakes, hot and cold sweats, headache, and body aches. I did have a seizure this afternoon followed by a muscle spasm fit in which every single muscle on my body tensed uncontrollably. Can anyone please tell me how long this is going to last? How bad it could be? I have been on it daily for 6 weeks. And prior to that I had it several times via IV while in the hospital. Thank you for any answers that you would be able to offer me. I am incredibly embarrassed and wish my doctor never would have started the medication in the first place, and now being so unwilling to help other than to give me methadone.

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Verwon Says:

Actually, when you are pregnant, Methadone is the safest choice to be used to protect both you and your baby.

It hasn't been found to cause severe complications, or severe addiction and withdrawal problems in the infants born to pregnant mothers that use it, as compared to other medications.

Even women that are being treated with Suboxone are usually switch to Methadone, when pregnant.


And since you were only on the medication daily for about 6 weeks, the withdrawals symptoms should be minimal and they will only last a few weeks, while gradually tapering off in severity.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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jessica Says:

My symptoms ended up being non medication related. The UTI they didn't bother looking for (they assumed I was drug seeking) spread to my kidneys and blood stream. I am very lucky and am being treated with IV antibiotics and I am feeling much better. I have still decided to deal with the pain rather than accept methadone. Thanks for the response.

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[ This post has been removed because it violates our community conduct policy. ]

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jessica Says:

Breeia.... Thanks for the supportive words. Ha ha. As of right now my son is a happy and healthy two month old. I was put onto pain management for my kidneys and am still on pain medication today. I made the right choice refusing methadone. I was able to stay on a small dose of Dilaudid and only took it when necessary. My son was not born addicted to any medications. However in the NICU there were 7 babies withdrawing from Methadone with Morphine. My choice to stay on pain medication was a decision made by my high risk specialist and myself. I was induced early due to early kidney failure which was thankfully reversed after my delivery. Now here are my words of wisdom for you. No two parents are alike. I am not the first nor the last woman to be under a pain management program while pregnant. I love my children but I am entitled to a certain quality of life. Without the aid of medication I am unable to get out of bed. Or walk. Or sleep. Or take care of my children. I am however a Christian woman and your words will not hurt me. I was called a junkie for quite some time before a great urologist found my problems and apologized because my condition is real and very painful. I truly hope you are not this judgemental with everyone you come across. Never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. Have a nice day!

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jessica Says:

You are right. Shame on my husband and I. We shouldnt have ever tried to have children. Assumptions dear they make an ass out of you and me. I've been married for years. My husband and I are both college educated and no we don't collect welfare. WIC. Or whatever else my 'type' is known for. You really are an assclown and I am ashamed to say, you win. I meam, what kind of person am I? To try and have children. Shame on me for having a beautiful and natural first pregnancy and delivery. Who was I to think we would be so lucky again. You probably are on to something. I know I wasnt planning on developing a painful condition that kept me bedridden and in and out of the hospital. I should have decided to give up immediately. My doctors are morons. Your medical degree is surely better than theirs. Why would they allow me to have children? Why would they start me on medicatoom at all? Next time my husband and I plan to have a child I will check with you first. I am sure you could do a better job. Would you like to take my place with my husband as well? If I cant raise children then he shouldnt be with me. I should probably return my degree too. Right? Someone like me could have nwver graduated college and work. My husband should do the same right? Screw him making enough so I can br a SAHM. Its all a front. I am glad someone finally caught me. Thank you for opening my eyes. This has been such an enlightening experience. If I ever do post again

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jessica Says:

I will be sure to okay everything with you first. I don't completely agree with my husband all the time, he is overprotective of our children and myself. He would like you to know however that he doesnt like people badmouthing his wife or children. He used a lot more expletives, but I wouldnt want to spew that filth here. Although I will politely ask that you refrain from further trollinh and problem posts. You are entitled to an opinion. You are not, however, allowed to repeatedly make stabs at my parenting, ability to parent, my children, etc. Have a very nice night. Please I urge you. Talk to God. It will help you deal with your hatred anger.

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WarWalker Says:

Breeia; Wow. This young woman is spot on-she originlly posted during a time of fear and pain; I am sure she was concerned for her unborn child, and was using this forum as intended-as a possible sorce for information/support/advice. The moderator did their 'job', and I would say that usually on the boards I have read they provide good information without being judgemental~sometimes a difficult task I would imagine if the topic hits close to home in some way. I was in a traumatic incident where my cyatic/part of my lower back , buttock & leg was crushed by an exploding building during a rescue operation. I could not even adequetly describe the pain. I developed very painful secondary peripheral neuropathy in both legs/feet~long to short, things just never seemed to be 'ok' in other areas that were not damaged and after 10 yrs. they finally found a braintumor and a very rare cancer syndrome that has no treatment options yet. Kid I have been to hell and back, more than once, I have an advanced degree and also know 1st hand all about w/draw & seizures.

I did not originally pay attn. to the date, but her condition and the fact she had a seizure was very concerning to me. She then posted an update of how she and her OBGYN/ Drs. handled the situation; things are 'ok' and she has a happy/healthy baby. Over n done. She did not say, 'oh, and btw, could someone who has no idea of me or my life please start passing jugement on me and rip me a new ass.'

Jessica; leave your post if you can-others may learn or be pointed in the right way b/c of it. You sound like a strong lady with a happy family who is making the best w/ the cards dealt. Ms. Breeia-Please, Please-seek some professional counseling, hmm? Take the 2x4 from your eye before you criticize someone that has a splinter in theirs'. You are just being downright mean and nasty, and read some of the blog policies--leave the CAPS key off-it is hard to read and comes off as you are shouting etc..It is also a sign of mental illness.
Try taking care of yourself vs. tearing someone else down-it wastes alot of energy, makes you seem the fool. I won't fight with you, only wanted to give support for both Jess. and yourself. GodSpeed.

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jessica Says:

WarWalker. Thank you. I did make this post out of fear and confusion. I still have a hard time coping with the fact that I was healthy one day and in so much pain the next. After I was correctly diagnosed, it was a huge relief, although hearing it would never go away was a lot to take in. Being pregnant made it harder. They sent me to pain management after 5 hospital stays. Without anything to help with the pain, I could not live. It was frightening. I am now used to it. I did end up having a few seizures over that time period. It was a shock to me that I would have severe enough pain to warrant such a strong drug. I still feel I ultimately made the best decision for my son and I both. I stayed on Dilaudid. Not ideal but I was able to take it when, and only when, I needed it. I was so blessed that my son was not born addicted. He was watched in the hospital for a few days to monitor any wd symptoms. He never showed any. When he was born his toxscreen came up completely clean. Now that he is here I was able to get on a better suited regiment. The dilaudid kept me at a certain level of comfort during my pregnancy. Thats all my doctors wanted out of it. I now take Morphine ER and OxyCodone for break through pain. I have had three surgeries to try and bring my kidbeys back to normal functional status. I will go ahead and leave the post. I do hope someone can find it in their time of need.

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WarWalker Says:

Jess; I am glad you got the post. My world stopped in an instant, and I was labeled 'paraplegic'-which I was for 2 yrs.;I was a young man ( still feel I am) and had been 'type A'-if there was a way out, I was gonna find it, and like this guy at phys ther. used to call me (after some old Rock group) "Blood, Sweat & Tears". I can walk short dist. now, and rarely use a arm-crutch.The woman that lived with me for 4 yrs. decided to leave (imo w/ she learned I had another health issue) and would no longer be 'Her Beast of Burden.I have a house, though lost my prof.job and my independ. business~just like that. I know and have dealt with that 'stunned' feeling, the 'drug-seeker assumption'-all the good ones. Thank God I kept my ability to confront people etc... and remain diplomatic...to a degree.

I know the 'attacked' feeling you may have felt, the confusion, anger, helplessness...got it all. I refuse to tolerate ignorance, though. So, hold your head up, stay the course, love those kids and do the best you possibly can--that is all God or anyone should ever require of you! Best Wishes, WW.

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WarWalker Says:

Aye! Holy catwomen, batboy! Tsk,Tsk there Jessica. When I typed my comment, all that was visable was Breeia's last post #8--so my post was 'in the pike' as they say, as your two prior were being posted. You blistered Breeia with sarcasm and judgement; the same- your words-"I do not understand how someone could have so much hate toward a person they don't know","not putting others down to build yourself up". So, my post was only in relation to the 8 prior. Not 'calling you out', just making a point of how easily the tides can turn when you feel attacked.

Ms. Breeia, my intent is not to 'shock' or be right or anger anyone. This is a public forum where people can come to possibly get answers or some direction for problems that they may have had similar or like issues with. You give me far to much credit; if super is what you see, that's ok. If you have a hard time 'seeing' and that's your reason for the caps writing-all you need to do is go in the 'page or tools' and make your print larger. Good-day, hope you both find some happiness in this life. I try every day ")

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jessica Says:

My last reply to Breeia was full of sarcasm. I'm not proud of it, but this post was old and all of a sudden out of tje blue I get a reply actually calling me a dispicable human being and saying God should never give me more children. Then the replies kept coming. I was considered a junkie, welfare mom, accused of not working, saying that my kids should have gone to loving homes. Those words, even though I said they would not bother me, did. I spent a whole night up crying to my husband and analyzing my two month old for any signs that I caused. She is not the first person to tear me apart. My mother in law actually told her entire family that I was actually on heroine and my son would be retarded and then she would laugh. I like to think I have big shoulders, but sometimes they are not big enough. I'm sorry Breeia, but your words cause me to lash back. I am sorry for poking fun and being generally rude in my last reply. I usually try to be the bigger person, but I dont have much self confidence and it crushed me.

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sheryl Says:

You have no reason to apologize or explain your earlier comments. I am a mom of three and I am completely DISGUSTED by the ignorant, bitter and borderline EVIL comments of that old bitter and lonely woman. I actually feel sorry for her. You don't know someone's situation until youve walked in their shoes. God Bless you and your baby. :)

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Rachel Says:

Jess- don't worry about this bitter old b****! Some people go on the Internet and type these comments specifically just to get under people's skin. They have nothing better to do! You are completely right in your decision. Don't let the Internet trolls get to you:)

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Jamie Says:

Wow Bree, you are one of those typical computer insensitive types. Thinking u can yell at other people and judge when you clearly have not been in that situation or you wouldn't be sooo unempathetic. I am a counselor, yes I agree u need to find out what's behind your anger instead of projecting it on to others, girl u have deep issues.

Jess I am in a similar situation and under drs care and find your post helpful, there's no excuse for mrs.self appointed higher power (supposing someone could stand to marry such a bitter, sarcastic, judgmental person. You don't need to explain or defend yourself to people like her, they will never be satisfied with your answer anyways. They just wanna make others miserable like themselves, which she definitely is!

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tinamichelle Says:

Wow! I too am in a similar situation as u were& still are in Jessica. Congratulations on having 2 healthy blessings from God--- a God who does not want his people to suffer! Which is why there are doctors who understand the benefits of pain management may outweigh potential,,extremely under researched much less :scientifically defined in any medical Bible!!!
Judgement follows those of us on pain management because of the patients who abuse, sell, even lie to get the pain medicines. I hate going to the local clinic just for stigma, plus now almost 4 months pregnant it is embarrassing because of others assumptions -- or
should I say ignorance?
I wish the best for u & ur health & ur family! Forget those hateful miserable woman's posts!

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barbie Says:

Dear Jessica, I was horrified when I saw how you were being treated by such an ignorant and hateful person. I am sorry you had to suffer so much. Some people just don't understand how terrifying it is to be pregnant while using these medications. Not everyone is a junkie or addict. There are cases where these medications are genuinely needed. I have numerous medical problems that require me to take various pain medications. I became pregnant even though I was on birth control and as soon as I found out I stopped all the meds immediately. However, after 6 weeks of hell I was ready to literally kill myself if I had to continue suffering the way I was. I was terrified that the pain meds would hurt the baby but I couldn't suffer like that anymore. My quality of life was zero. I ended up working out a pain management plan that was acceptable and with the help of forums like these, I was able to quell some of the fears that I had concerning the health of my unborn baby. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and so far my baby appears to be perfectly healthy. I just want to instill some of that confidence to others.

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Samantha Says:

Poor Jessica. You did not deserve to be treated so poorly by someone who is obviously ignorant and has bad insecurities in their own life. Just because you took pain medication while pregnant like many other pregnant women who have to take pain medication for a legitimate reason, you are suddenly blasted by this poor soul saying you are trying to get high, that you have multiple "baby daddy's" and then you are on welfare,state, and wic. People that start crap like that are just sad and probably have these issues in their own life. And second just because a person may have more than one father of their children or do use the wonderful options out there like WIC or state insurance, does not automatically make u a drug addict searching for a high! I mean this woman even said herself she had problem with drugs. Just because she is one way does not mean you are. She is not one. Who does she think she is no make these trashy assumptions. It just makes her sound extremely ignorant and uneducated. She says that you left yourself open to be blasted on? But yet she's the only one to leave a bad comment. So to her grow up and get some serious help. Stop bashing on other people because you are miserable. And to you jessica god bless and I think you made the best choice in not going on methadone. No Offence to the woman who commented earlier but methadone is one of the hardest drugs to get off of. I've never been on it myself but a little research, common sense and street smarts goes a long way. I have seen women get their dose lowered in the slightest and they get withdrawal symptoms.

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Pqiptes Dana Says:

Dear Jessica, I too am in the similar situation. I've been on pain management for a little over 2 years now, i am about 9 weeks pregnant & i have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, Psoriatic Arthritis & Degenerative Disk Disease. I've also had 4 other children & this is my 1st pregnancy on pain management. My providers took me off cause they want my OB to manage my pain & the withdrawals aren't good nor fun at all. I worry about how the medication withdrawals will effect my baby cause going thru withdrawals while pregnant can cause miscarriages. The whole reason why you put this post up while being pregnant, was because you didn't know what to do while going thru that & being pregnant. To me, thats worrying about your unborn child. Don't let this woman belittle you in anyway, no one understands the pain people go thru. How can they? Can they feel what us Pain Management Patients go thru in our daily lives? NO!! If this woman truely has 11 diseases like she says she does, then she should know what its like to have chronic pain daily & shouldn't be judging anyone at all! She needs to take a look in the mirror before opening her mouth to judge someone! I think that she's jealous for some reason & has nothing better to do with her life then to get on her computer & judge people. Being a internet troll from when she's gets up to when she goes to sleep. She obviously needs some serious prayers!!! But anyways, I'm glad your son come out healthy & happy. God bless you & your family & i wish you all the best in life. Take care of them precious gifts from the big man above :)

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