Can Tramadol Damage Sight And Hearing, And Other Effects?

honey Says:

I sometimes get bad sight but just 1-2 times every 6 months, not a lot. It's like I have fluid in my right eye and cant see well on the right side for about 1 hour, then suddenly my sight comes back.

Hearing sounds hurts me. I turn my volume all the way down to 10% cause it's annoying to hear the noise from a tv or radio.

I recently started getting tinnitus in my right ear and wonder why? Tinnitus started coming at the same time I started taking vitamin C with rose hip and turmeric and maybe that's not good with tramadol?

I have also had issues with alcohol cravings and started taking tramadol for back pain and suddenly cravings for alcohol were gone. I just wonder if I am alone or has someone else discovered the same results?

Also, I have kidney stones and wonder if tramadol is causing it? I've been taking 400mg per day of tramadol long term.

Lastly, is it safe taking tramadol and largactil together? My doctor is saying it's safe but the pharmacist says it causes serotonin syndrome. If there are any bad side effects please tell me all about it.

Any suggestions would be useful.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Honey! How are you doing? Has there been any change?

To be honest, I would suggest seeing a neurologist, there is a risk that you might be experiencing an issue such as silent seizures, or silent migraines. They are not very common, but the risk is always there, especially when combining multiple medications, according to NIH reports and warnings.

The risk of serotonin syndrome is usually dose dependent, so it is doubtful that is a cause, since you've been taking these medications for awhile, but only your doctor can say for sure.

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Beth Says:

I agree with Verwon. Defintitely check in with a neurologist. Migraines (some types don't have headaches) are a strong possibility. You might also get checked for problems with your inner ear. Hyperacusis (loud sounds hurt) and the tinnitus could go along with inner ear problems.

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Allie Kat Says:

Hi my name is Allison. I have been taking tramadol for years and just suddenly every last few months I noticed my sight was kind of blurry. Well my doctor took me off of the tramadol yesterday and I am taking Suboxone again. He does not want me taking tramadol anymore because it is a slippery slope if you know what I mean. Also I have noticed I can't stand loud sounds either. It's really weird I saw this because I never thought it was the tramadol but now i'm thinking it is. I've had ultrasound on my kidneys and I don't have kidney stones. But as far as the serotonin syndrome they have to put that on the warnings for your prescriptions that could cause it but it's not very likely. There are several of my medications that say that along with taking the tramadol. I don't know what largctil is but I was taking depression medicine/anxiety medicine with my tramadol and it had the same serotonin warning. So don't be alarmed. I am no professional though.

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Psl772 Says:

Tramadol is a waste, it was created to miss LEAD people to think it's safe because it is a NON narcotic, but the people who believe everything you see on news. Read up on it from many different sites, and it causes more side affects than any other pain medication. Wake up, and use common sense

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Dream queen Says:

Tramadol would affect my sight also. Usually at night mostly. I would be trying to read posts on my phone and everything was blurry. Tried holding the phone away or closed and no good. Noise didn't affect me and I didn't have any other issues you talked about. I did faint. A lot. They said tramadol can cause seizures so it could have been that. I actually fainted or had a seizure and fell down a flight of stairs and broke my back and other injuries. After that I fainted or had seizures numerous times but not as crazy as that. Just like as I was smiling coffee my husband found me lying on the floor or on my couch it happened or when no one was home and all of a sudden I realized it that I just had a seizure. I would be very weird afterwards and not understand what was going on. Tramadol is very dangerous. Please stay away from it. As soon as I stopped it I have not had any seizures or fainting spells. I was also taking a lot more than you. I became physically addicted (and they say it's non addicting haha that's a lie ). So I built up a tolerance and needed more and more. That's why the seizures probably happened because of the amount I was taking.

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Allie Kat Says:

Yes you are right but I am an ex-opiate addict and the doctors wouldn't give me anything else other than tramadol. I hadn't gotten my disability yet so I wasn't able to get my Suboxone but now I'm able to pay for it so I am off the tramadol! Thank God I am so tired of taking it, as it does have a lot of side effects. That's why I like reading these posts from people like me and you because we are people that have used these medicines and know how they affect you. The tramadol only works when you first take it the first week or so and then it doesn't even work anymore. They are calling it a narcotic here in Louisiana now. It's been about 7 years I think since they made it a narcotic or should I say controlled substance. Which I have withdrawn off of tramadol before feeling sick shaking cold and hot sweats; feels like I'm coming off of opiates and I found out it does have a little bit of opiate in it. Most of it is synthetic.

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Holly Says:

I've been taking tramadol for severe headaches for years without any side effects. I take 100-300mg a day and don't need to exceed that dose. I have read it has an SSRI antidepressant effect and although I'm not mentally addicted I'm definitely physically addicted to it. I discovered this to my horror when I had to suddenly stop taking it as I was trying MAIO antidepressants which don't mix with tramadol. I wouldn't recommend suddenly stopping tramadol after long term use as I was in hell for a week after coming off it! Sweats, shakes, anxiety, sickness and diarrhea nightmare! I've found out it's best to wean off tramadol over weeks or months! Everyone reacts differently to drugs, I'm taking it again as it's the only painkiller that stops my debilitating headaches but I would never stop taking it suddenly again after the last experience!

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Allie Kat Says:

Thank you for sharing. I never had a seizure but yes I found myself taking more and more and more and they are addicting. I guess that's why they made it a narcotic in Louisiana. I know it has kept me from withdrawing from opiates, which I haven't had since September 2016 and the tramadol has kept me from the worst withdrawal ever so now I am on Suboxone and I was feeling terrible yesterday because I stopped taking the tramadol at all yesterday and started taking this which has kept me from the worst withdrawal ever. So now I am on Suboxone and I was feeling terrible yesterday because I stopped taking the tramadol yesterday and started taking the Suboxone which made me withdrawal but not as bad. I hope you feel better with your back and all I know how you feel somewhat because I had hip surgery and they had to remove almost all of my femur and pelvic bone because of a staff infection/osteomyelitis/bone infection! Prayers going out for you!

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Dave Says:

Largactil,or chlorpromazine, will cause cataracts and calciferous tubules in your kidneys. as well as cause brain damage (brain shrinkage). Tramadol in combination with alcohol will lead to liver damage. Vitamin C in the form you describe will certainly not cause you any problems with your hearing. Vit C naturalizes the toxicity and even intoxicating effects of many drugs. There are many causes of kidney stones, you need to research that and alter your lifestyle wherever necessary.

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Alyssa Says:

I do not know if tramadol affects vision loss or hearing BUT, if you are having vision loss and are being told that you have fluid build up, DEFINITELY see an eye doctor. I started losing vision in my right eye about 4 years ago and was diagnosed with Psuedotumor Cerebri, I took Diamox 250mg 4 times a day for a short time but it was too expensive. Then about 2 years ago, the vision loss started in my left eye. I ignored it, not wanting to face facts. A year ago, it became impossible for me to ignore. I went and had it checked out. I was then diagnosed with Psuedotumor Cerebri in my left eye. I was put on the same medicine again for a month to see if it would get better, it did not. I had to have double optic nerve sheath fennustration surgery and continue taking the medication. It has been 6 months since the surgery and my vision loss is still continuing. Later this month I am to see a neurologist to see what's going on. If the scans don't show improvement, I will have to have another surgery where a shunt is put in my brain and comes out of my head to my stomach. The reason for the diagnosis is, I have too much fluid in my optic nerve and my spinal tap had high levels of (I can't remember unfortunately). This happens to women who are obese and are in childbearing age (22-45). Now I'm not sure if that applies to you. But if you are having vision loss at all, PLEASE get it checked. I didn't listen and ignored all the signs. I am only 25 at that and am almost completely blind.

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Matt Says:

Hi, I'm Matthew I don't take Tramadol but I have in the past. Basically you have tinnitus. It is there because your body is withdrawing from the opiate. I used to be an opiate addict and when i withdrew or felt it wearing off I would get this awful sound in my ear which I later found out was tinnitus. The doctors or your GP won't tell you that tramadol is the cause for this but I can assure you 35 years of using opiates that it is. Well the only way to get rid of it is to stop taking tramadol and ask for a non-opiate based painkiller that can do the same job as your tramadol. I used lorazepam and paracetamol, it was perfect. I suggest you demand these drugs from your Dr., although I must warn you that lorazepam is addictive; but if your over 70 so what. Oh another thing, just tell your doctor that your getting panic attacks and severe anxiety and you need lorazepam or diazepam as he won't give you them for tinnitus. So diazepam and dihydrocodeine and I can bet you 100% your tinnitus will be gone. Drop me a little reply and tell me how you get on. {edited for privacy}

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