Blue Pill With E64 On It - Klonopin?

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My pharmacy switched to a new supplier. My prozac and klonopin have changed and they don't seem to be working. The klonopin is blue with e64 on it. It tastes like sugar. Is it possible that they're giving me sugar pills?

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Verwon Says:

E64 does contain 1mg of Clonazepam, a generic for Klonopin.

What you may be running into, however, is the fact that under US law, generic medications are allowed to differ in the active ingredient by as much as plus or minus 20%, so the previous one you were taking may have had the correct amount of the medication or more than what they were supposed to and these ones may not.

If I were you, I'd call around to other pharmacies and see if anyone stocks them from a different manufacturer.

Some of the most common side effects of this medication may include: nausea, drowsiness. irritability and loss of libido.

You can read more about this medication here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Upset about generic blue clonozepam Says:

I know I'm replying to an old posting, but the same thing happend to me, I cannot believe HOW MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE there is between the 1mg green TEVA and the 1mg blue Qualitest? The blue's are literaly like taking 5 to 1 green. I even called the pharmacist to double check to make sure it was clonozepam. He gave me the number to the company that makes them and told me to call and complain because of the added fillers.

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Diesel Says:

Safeway here in the Colorado Rockies just switched from Roche to these crappy Sandoz light blue E 64, it's so frustrating I literally thought they were placebos until I checked and every patient on the internet is talking about weak they are. I'm going to take em up to the doctors explain that they are not working offer to surrender them to the toilet where they belong for a fresh refill from another pharm that has quality stock. I normally take daily as needed, I've taken 4 today and I feel like I'm having a heart attack. I don't understand Sandoz makes the best alprazolam, but this clonazepam from them is bunk. The Roche medication was atleast 5 times stronger as well as the ones made by teva.

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Deftonez Says:

So not true t be blue ones still contain1mg active narcotic..I don't care what your head thinks ...there NO WAY POSSIBLE that they are weaker...get it out of your heads

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avantfixstupid Says:

I respectfully disagree to a point. I believe the 1mg. dose of clonazepam is in the different pill brands (they are in a family of drugs known as benzodiazepines, not narcotics or opioids). That said, I truly believe that there are those of us who depending on different fillers the medication does effect the delivery of the medication to our systems differently. All medications prescribed by our health care providers should be taken only as prescribed. If you are having a problem with a medication go see your Dr. ASAP. If you are looking for a euphoric effect see your Dr. ASAP and ask him to recommend a good rehab!

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kell Says:

I totally agree with u!!!!....junk!!!!

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Amy Says:

Klonopin (generic name: clonazepam) is not a narcotic. It's a benzodiazepines. Completely different drugs, only commonality between the two is they are both a scheduled drug; and both illegal if not taking as prescribed, selling your meds, etc... Otherwise they are both also addictive, you will become dependent on both narcotics and benzodiazepines. HUGE difference with benzodiazepines (benzos; xanax, valium, diazepam, ativan, klonopin, etc) is that you can actually die from the withdrawals. Like alcohol. Unlike narcotics (oxycodone, fentanyl, vicodin, dilaudid, morphine, etc)... JUST A FYI

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Carolina Says:

FYI... In your list of different benzodiazopenes, diazapam IS Valium. To everyone else who are calling people junkies because one med can sometimes do its job better than a different brand, shame on you. It happens.

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stephanya111 Says:

heard of the blue klonopins I say c 1
wanted to know if anyone ever seen them,anyways klonopin is klonopin although In my opinions like the e64 and regardless some taste different when you chew some the East 64th taste sweet I prefer those they to me In my opion a lot faster acting than the green m 34 one but I just don't like the blue withV I think they don't do nothing I always have to take a double dose with those when I get thoseI don't know why but this is just not the same did not mean to you the same way as tevas Green 1 milligram or the e64

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Mintfit83 Says:

You haven't the slightest clue what you are saying. Narcotics aren't just opiates. Benzos are also narcotics. Please don't give advice if you are gonna be ignorant and speak from your @$$.

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hashtagblacklivesmatter Says:

Narcotic means to numb. Benzos do not have a numbing / painkiller (opioids) effect. Benzos are just as much as a narcotic and dextromethamphetamine is.

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Dajudge 24 Says:

I Have Taken The Green Klonopin For Nearly 40 Years And All Of A Sudden My Last 2 Refills From Sams Club Are Blue With The Marking Of C 1 On One Side And Blank On The Other Side! I Have Found The Blue Pills To Be Totally Ineffective And Complained To My Pharmacist, Who Replaced Them With The Green Ones That I Have Always Taken! He Tells Me That They Are The Same And I Told Him That If He Took One Of Each Himself, He Would Know Immediately That They Are No Where Near The Same! The Blue Pills Have Nowhere Near The Strength As The Green Pills! He Would Not Admit To Me That Sams Club Had Changed To A Different Supplier! Typical Retailer Greed! Needless To Say I Have Switched To A Different Pharmacy, Which Also Happens To Charge Less Than Sams Did, $7.97 For 60 Pills!

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Phipps Says:

Dextromethamphetamine?! Narcotics are drugs that mentally n physically alter you immediately in a powerful way. If its a controlled addictive drug ppl pay for n abuse.....its a numb....? Yea man I inj. lidocaine directly into my juggular..... My whole body numb now....omg it's a narcotic!

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Bones Says:

That is factually incorrect. I believe someone hit it on the head in an earlier post; federal regulations require that all generics bust be within 20% of the designated dose. Furthermore; that also means that could be 20% less than the specified dose, and conversely, some manufacturers actually make them 5-20% stronger than the specified dose. Case-in-point: Brand name VICODIN IS much stronger than most generic counterparts such as; Mallinkrodt pharmaceuticals generic hydrocodone (i.e. M357, 358, 360, 361, etc..... But Watson pharmaceuticals, especially Norco 10/325 (yellow) are much stronger than most others (generic).

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stephanya111 Says:

I am on the same E64 and it is klonpin , they are sweet I used to be on green teva, klonopin is minty or sweet and I actually preferred the E64 blue then the green ones I find them to be stronger I think when people usually get a change in their pill they are automatically assume the worst but I can assure you you are taking klonopin.

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Joe Says:

Good pill. The K cut outs are the best just started them. By the way it's not a narcotic.

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sjane618 Says:

You should try doing some research. Benzodiazepines are not classified as narcotics. It is true that they both work as a CNS depressant, but the term narcotics refers to opioid based drugs, whether it's a natural derivative of opium, partially synthetic drugs derived from morphine, or synthetic compounds that resemble morphine in their chemical structure. Benzodiazepines work on the GABA receptors in the brain whereas Narcotics work on opioid receptors. Benzodiazepines are classed as psychoactive drugs. While Benzo's can have hypnotic, sedative, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant properties, it does not have analgesic properties. Narcotics are considered analgesics.

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Volkov Says:

Clonazepam is a narcotic fool!

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gianna Says:

The blue klonopins that people r complaining about is dum because all u guys have to do is call diff pharmacies to check wat color or type of klonopins they have. I live in massachusetts. I am on the teva greens n they r strong esp with seroquel and methadone but its all balanced. If anyone needs a different kpin just call a diff pharmacy.

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gianna Says:

klonapins are a benzo hello do your research before putting this on here for people to see

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Tammy Says:

Re: stephanya111 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I can assume that there is a difference to what works and been using for awhile. By changing to a different manufacturer...I figured ok I'll try it, and did with an open mind..they absolutely sucked..your body let's you know if something's ,of right..if your getting sick with withdrawals, and taking them as described..there's something wrong their..and I'm sick of hearing it's in people's heads..just because one works for some don't mean it works for's pathetic to change a med that damn well rip them away is down right cruel..

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Tammy Says:

Re: Deftonez (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

They suck, there must be something wrong with your head...

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mare999 Says:

Re: stephanya111 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Did they have a score on the back bc mine do not. Ty

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Ally Says:

Re: Deftonez (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I'm pretty sure that clonazepam 1mg is NOT a narcotic!!!
It's for stress not pain......just a little fyi??

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Jesi Says:

Re: Teri (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

It's a sad fact but a lot of pharmacies won't tell you what brand or color pills they carry due to robberies and addicts and pill sellers seeking out top dollar for them on the street. The best way to go about it is to tell them that your body is sensitive to a filler in the blue, green, white... whatever and you'd like to find out what manufacturer they use before you make the trip down to their store.

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Mary Says:

I have a little round blue pill with E64 but no score on the opposite side. Is this a generic klonopin or a fake? I'm afraid to take it until I know for sure.

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Dezer1 Says:

Re: Volkov (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

naww it's NOT a narcotic. AT ALL. Try google b4 all of you ppl argue. smfh yes it's scheduled, yes it's dangerous & addictive. NO its not a narcotic.

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Lisa Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I was told that some of the E64 s that are the generic ones or two milligrams and blue is that true or is that a bunch of horse pucky because I understood being a nurse for as many years as I was that all blue ones were 1 mg some of them are generic 2 milligram blue E64 s

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Shubby Says:

What is a round blue pill marked E64? Is it for pain or what is its purpose?

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Bre Says:

Re: Deftonez (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

They are definitely weaker I’m a in home caretaker and the man that I take care of is saying the same thing he’s been on the green tevas for 11 years and the last 2 month they gave him the blue ones and he says they don’t work

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