Any Otc Substitute For Hydrocodone/apap?

Kayson Says:

Hello! I was prescribed Hydrocodone/APAP 5-325 MG. (It also says on bottle: generic form NORCO 5-325). The only medication that's worked for my condition. Is there any OTC substitute or anything they'll more likely prescribe me? Everyone thinks I have an addiction. I only had a quantity of 12. I'm not having withdrawals. I could go a few days without my medication too. It just really helps. I haven't been able to work due to my condition and I need an income. But they won't give me a refill. My condition: I was given this because the past year I've been dealing with mysterious, unknown painful urination. I've seen specialists, had a ct scan done, been on multiple pills for UTI, urine culture. Nothing they can figure out. It comes up as an infection though. It has affected my ability to work and attend my college. I've had to remain at home, in the bathroom for hours on end. Or have to lay in bed, curled up in a ball. I've had fevers of 104 alongside chills. As of, (3/3/17) I did blood work- so I'll get the answers soon on that. I'm twenty one, I've become hopeless with my health. I have no social life anymore. Please help!

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Pam Says:

Hi Kayson,

It sounds to me like you need a new doctor/2nd opinion. If you are sexually active, maybe stop for a while and see if that helps? In the meantime, try AZO Urinary Pain Relief pills from any drugstore. They work for the pain, but be careful as they turn your urine an orange-ish color and can stain your undies. Has your doctor given you Macrobid or any other antibiotics? Sorry you are miserable. I used to have bladder infections a lot when I was in my 20's. Also, do you use a diaphragm? In hindsight, I think that may have been one of my problems. Good luck and feel better :)

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ISE Says:

Kayson, I have had UTIs, blood in my urine, kidney stones & my Urologist has NEVER prescribed an narcotics for that type of pain. And without knowing EXACTLY (sorry for the caps) most ppl could not even offer a real OTC suggestion. Have you asked your Dr for a suggestion or asked a Pharmacist in a Drug store?! That would be the person to ask since they have that knowledge and education. Think A LOT of Pharmacists know more about Prescriptions than Drs. What I would ask your Dr is since this sounds ongoing & a UTI ---How about an antibiotic?! Let's knock it out, infections are not suppose to stay with you forever. If you had it more than 2-3 weeks it is time to ask your Dr for an Antibiotic not a Narcotic! You sound like you want to mask the pain, not get rid of it! Do not mean to sound rude! I have been on disability since 2001.

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Tina Says:

I have chronic hip pain an I can't hardly walk sometimes. I cry cause I can't do thing's with my grandbabies like I did before. It hurts so bad. My doctor was giving me vik 10-325 but she is stopping. I go to the hospital and they look at me like I'm a attick. I'm not just hate hurting.

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JJ Says:

Sorry to hear about your sad condition to be so young. Maybe this will help some. Im 65 and I started taking lots of vitamins (B100,multi,etc)since I got of the marine corps at about 30 years old. Good luck .PS,drink 4 to 6 large glasses of water everyday

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MadMan Says:

I would try Aleve...

Aleve is an over-the-counter (OTC), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that provides temporary relief from minor aches and pains from a variety of conditions. It also temporarily reduces fever.

The active ingredient is 220 mg of naproxen sodium.

Aleve temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to:

minor arthritis pain
muscular aches
the common cold
menstrual cramps

It also temporarily reduces fever.

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Sandy Says:

I took Macdrobid (RX) for the many bladder infections I used to get and I take one now if I feel one coming on. Works great! As far as Hydrocodone, as the doctor to write Qualitest brand only. That is the only generic that works and the only one that doesn't make me fee worse. Good wishes and prayers for healing fast.

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ginoandolgasmom Says:

Unfortunately, there is no OTC substitute for Hydrocodone. It's ridiculous that in this country, because of people who abuse pain killers, the people who really need the medicine can't get it anymore. I don't know how these doctors expect people to function when you're in pain and you have to be at work. Would the govt rather you lose your job and be on welfare? Doesn't make a lick of sense. I don't know why they care if you decide to take too many & overdose. Personal decision. I think it just has to do with $$$. The govt doesn't give a squat about people's personal problems and addicts who overdose. If the govt was in the same predicament as a lot of people who need prescribed pain medicine, I think they would see things differently. Instead, they get on their high horses in DC and make decisions and know nothing about people's day to day battle with pain.

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Elgee Says:

Hi Kayson ~ Just a thought since you are having difficulty getting a diagnosis...Have you investigated the possibility that you may have a condition known as Interstitial Cystitis? IC is a bladder issue including fissures and other irritations within the bladder that cause great burning pain, especially when urinating. It's symptoms are not known to many doctors outside the urology field. I had it for years before identifying what was wrong. Oddly, after many different doctor visits, I found it myself by searching online, and then had it confirmed by a urologist. Fortunately, I was referred to one of the top IC urologists in the country who happens to have his office about an hour away.

It can be treated somewhat medically, but my saving grace was bladder surgery to close the fissures within. There has also been some success with botox inj's. It might be worth your time to check it out - at least online, and if your symptoms fit, make an appointment with a good urologist.

Hope this is helpful to you.

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K Says:

Kayson, I am so sorry to hear of your debilitating condition. I can't comment on alternate pain pills but rather question if you have had a bladder cystoscopy performed? I suffered a very similar experience and finally I was able to have a Urologist perform a simple outpatient procedure. I remained fully awake and had some kind of lidocaine or similar numbing agent to numb my bladder just before the procedure took place. The initial cystoscopy was more of a "look- see" to determine what might be going on inside the bladder. As the procedure was being done, I could watch the tv monitor and the doctor was able to explain what we were seeing on the display. In my case, my bladder was very "angry". It was red, inflamed and needed to be calmed down. He didn't see any endometriosis (which, for females anyway, can grow on or inside the bladder), and we saw no evidence of cancer. He basically washed out my bladder and cooled it off. I immediately! -sincerely...immediately!- felt tremendous relief. The relief pretty much continued for at least a month.

He said that in his many years of experience, some people with my condition of "interstitial cystitis of the bladder" requires a monthly bladder wash (the same cystoscopic procedure that he initially did) every month or maybe every 3 months. He gave me a "White Sheet" that was a list of food ingredients that tend to cause flares of the interstitial cystitis. I found that by avoiding these food and/or spices triggers to be very helpful. Eventually, I was able to determine which of the items on the White Sheet list were my particular triggers and found that many others on the list were fine for me and did not need to avoid. I had a follow up bladder wash about a month or so after my first one. My bladder was still kind of angry looking but much better. Again, I had immediate relief that lasted quite awhile. During the time from the first bladder through the 2nd bladder wash, I had enough time to find my food triggers pretty well and I haven't had to have another bladder wash since. It has been at least 10 years since I had that 2nd bladder wash and haven't felt the need for another.

Also, once I avoided my food triggers, I found that some of them, I could tolerate eating again. Once my bladder was "happy and without having been aggravated from certain foods" for a period of time, my bladder didn't react to a majority of the foods on the White Sheet list. If I notice my bladder beginning to ache....I back off of certain likely food triggers and my bladder quickly (within days to a week) is happy again. One of my personal biggest triggers that still make my bladder ache almost instantly is black pepper. ONLY organic peppercorns that I grind with a regular pepper grinder can I tolerate without any problem. Typical pepper out of a standard pepper shaker contain some kind of preservative that does a serious number on my bladder. So, because I LOVE pepper, I carry my own pepper grinder filled with fresh organic peppercorns with me in my purse for when I go out to dinner. Lol.

Sometimes certain beverages will cause my bladder to ache. I think certain sulfites in certain wines irritate my bladder, too. In any case, the bladder cystoscopy with a lidocaine wash along with the White Sheet list of possible food triggers changed/saved my life. Before, I was in so much pain and had intermittent bladder infections that didn't respond to antibiotics. I had intermittent fevers and would swell around my bladder area and I generally felt unwell and just couldn't do daily life. I was in misery with pain. I am guessing the fevers were often related to some kind of histamine response. I urge you to seek out this kind of procedure and take seriously the food avoidance challenge. If you in fact have interstitial cystitis of your bladder, not taking care of it can lead to cancer of the bladder. It can only go so long being that "angry" until the bladder just can't fight anymore and begins to turn cancerous. I truly wish you the best and if you seek out this procedure, please let me know if you found relief. I went for a few years with such pain that no doctors could/would help me with....I know how awful it was for me. If you have any questions, you can certainly contact me and I will try to answer what I can based on my own experiences. {edited for privacy}. Please, take care and remain hopeful.

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K Says:

Kayson, I wanted to add this point to my last post/reply to you. I, also had urine cultures and CT scans and ultra sounds done. Nothing ever showed up on the scans or ultra-sounds and the urine cultures were hit and miss with results indicating infections, presence of blood, bladder and/or kidney stone particles. It was indeed the experienced Urologist performing the Bladder Cystoscopy and lidocaine bladder wash that changed everything. So, don't let a doctor tell you that if the other diagnostics and scans you previously have had showed no evidence of a problem that their isn't other diagnostic tools available to help you. The Cystoscope is a tiny camera that is inserted into your bladder to see the lining. It is probably the best diagnostic tool that I can think of for seeing definitively what is going on inside the walls of your bladder. Also, if their is "suspect" lesions detected during the procedure... I believe a biopsy can be easily taken of the specific area of question. Most insurances do not have problems in agreeing for such a procedure (as far as I have been told). If you don't have insurance, a good many doctors will work out a payment plan based on a sliding scale of your income to perform the procedure. As far as lab diagnostics of a biopsy (should it be needed).... I can't comment on the cost or payment plans available to non-insured persons. I assume there is a workable payment plan though.

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Kayson Says:

Thank you for the reply! I've tried six different antibiotics. Nothing has worked. They can't find what's wrong with me. I hate taking pills however until they find out what's wrong, I just wanted something to ease the pain. I haven't had a job in months and I'm on the verge of homelessness. Plus I got suspended from college due to medical visits and can't return for a semester. So, until they figure out what's wrong, I'd just like to ease the pain. Not mask it.

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Ifeelyourpain Says:

Keep looking till you find a good doctor or go to a pain management specialist or clinic...vicodin 10's ain't s*** for anyone who has real pain, so no way should they be treating you as an addict...I take oxycodone 30 MG twice a day. I understand what's it's like to not be able to function because of chronic pain without pain meds and it's horrible..I hope you find a better doctor and get treatment.

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Pam Says:

Sure sounds like "K" has your answers!!! Good luck and feel better honey :)

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K Says:

Kayson, I just saw your last post about mom sing a semester of college because of so many medical appointments and lousy painful unbearable days. I understand you just want the pain to stop. I totally get it and I have a son who missed a semester of high-school and nearly dismissed for a semester from college because he has had mystery health issues, as well. He traveled to The Mayo Clinic and we have a great Primary Care Doctor at home...he finally is on the upswing :-) My point is that I have experienced the years of awful pain and no help and I have also experienced watching/helping my son (I couldn't take his place but I would have if it was a possible thing). But, we both made it through to the the other can, too. I remember that I did try Elmeron at some point before we knew I had IC (Interstitial Cystitis) and it helped...sort of. It isn't an antibiotic and it isn't a pain medication per se, but look into trying it maybe. I just looked up a few things about IC and found a helpful website. It is: The whole website looks helpful but if you click onto the "Newly Diagnosed Tool Kit" you can scroll through the page to find various information on treatments (1st line treatments, 2nd line treatments, 3rd line treatments, etc.). You can also find on that page, near the bottom, some links to resources that can help people who can't cover the costs of treating this painful condition. I am just kind of assuming that you might could use some financial help only because you sound young (in college) and missing work. Not a good combo for being able to financially deal with on-going medical problems. The website I referred to also has a page regarding associated conditions. It turns out, I seem to have some of the listed associated conditions :-(

I have had the symptoms of the overlapping conditions for a decade or more. Only, recently is the blood work beginning to show enough abnormalities to validate that I haven't been making up my slew of confusing symptoms that I have had for sooooo many years. I was able to at least isolate and take care of the IC but I was left with a kaleidoscope of other confounding medical issues that have waxed and waned. Autoimmune issues seem to be my lifelong ordeal....but, the IC bladder condition was by far the most painful part of my battle. So, take a look at that website and get yourself the help you need while you are not going to classes now. Then, once you get your bladder under control...take care of yourself and live happy and healthy. Stress and anxiety aggravates any potential "associated diseases/conditions/syndromes" listed on that IC website. Easier said than done, but make your recovery and future wellness your priority. You won't regret doing so. Please, post again on any progress you make. My prayers include you getting better asap.

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Talk2him Says:

Well, you sound extremely unemathetic, rude, and self-righteous. To have such an opinion when medicine is failing a 21 year old is poor choice of words. I suffered with unrelenting sever bladder pain at the same age which took exactly 22 years to resolve....and I'm an RN. Finally a new PCP on my first visit said...we're gonna put you on Bacturm DS for 1 month and see what happens. I have had no pain sense...I'm glad ur not my Dr.

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Cindy Says:

Hello K,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. My 24-year-old daughter has dealt with a similar situation for a few years now and it has left her feeling hopeless and frustrated. She sees a urologist who has done an ultra sound but no other tests like the ones you mention. Twice she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection put on antibiotics, experienced relief but the symptoms would return was in a month, now they are telling her it's interstitial cystitis and she has seen a physical therapist who specializes in these types of female issues and has given her exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, it's a Keagle type exercise but it only gives temporary relief. They are telling her they don't know how else to help her. She is healthy in every other way and takes good care of herself so this has left us baffled. I took a picture of your reply and will be sending it to her today. Again, thank you for sharing as this has left both her and I confused and frustrated and as a mom I was feeling hopeless to help her. You've provided some light at the end of this tunnel and I'm very grateful!

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MadMan Says:

Hey Talk2him....who exactly are you responding to with such a rude, ignorant & arrogant comment?

BTW, you do know how spell check works, right? Next time use it!!

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K Says:

Hi Cindy. I am really glad my story might give y'all some hope and some help. I don't normally comment on boards but I just felt compelled to tell my experiences, I guess. I was young and healthy (very athletic....a dancer for 15 years -ballet, climbed mountains, ran track and so on). I was a very clean eater and didn't fit the profile of someone I figured would be stricken with such debilitating conditions. I guess some things don't discriminate. My son, now 21 years old is exceptionally healthy and seriously fit, as well. Poor kid...he inherited my genes :-( So, as a mom to another mom...I know how much you want to make everything better. Especially, when our kids are doing so many of the right things.
The physical therapy is an ok method but I wouldn't expect that to be worth the time and investment for the type of results it yields. It is better than nothing, of course. The thing is... Kegels help support the ligament and muscle tone which is good.... but the reality is that the pain is coming from the lining of the bladder. It is really an allergic type reaction as much as I can figure. The tiny the tiny blood vessels and endothelial lining (I might have my terms a bit confused....I am multitasking right now and don't do that so well ;) I don't know where you live but making an apt with a urologist who routinely deals performs the cystoscopy should be the very immediate.."don't take no" for an answer next step. Doing all of the other possible strategies are more bandaids at best. Poor bandaids, in my humblest opinion.

Honestly, the procedure is so fast and easy. She would be in and out in an hour probably and ready to finish her day with much relief. I had pretty bad fissures in my bladder but just doing the simple things I did, my bladder healed on its own. Finding a urologist (even if you have to take a short road trip to get it done...) would be something you may can call and have a phone consult tomorrow and maybe get her worked-in within a week. You may have to stress the dramatic H*** she has endured and senselessly. The doc may can speed the apt up and work her in fast. My heart hurts as if she were my own. Keep me posted of her progress. I sincerely feel she can get her life back quickly if she skips all the "bandaid" type help and goes straight to the thing that will help identify definitively what is going on and provide significant recovery nearly instantaneously (compared to all of the other strategies that doctors tend to use). It is great that you she isn't having to deal with it all alone. Just having you, as her mom, caring and understanding is an awesome thing! Wishing you both the very best of the best!

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Cindy Says:

Hi Kaylen,my daughter is going through the same painful urination symptoms as yourself, but was never put on any narcotic pain medication, only antibiotics when her urine culture showed a bacterial infection. But it's been a cycle for the last three years infection, takes anabiotic feels good for a while and then it returns. She's had an ultrasound but it didn't show anything they are calling it interstitial cystitis but her urologist has told her there's nothing more they can do . After reading the responses you received we have decided to dig deeper far a different urologist and get to the bottom of this . I'm encouraging you to do the same thing, we know how discouraging not to mention painful this journey can be but it sounds like there are qualified doctors out there to treat this you just have to find them.Dont give up, A full healthy life awaits you !

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Menon Says:

Since you have undergone a blood test an Urologist can help you to overcome , seeing the result. Please do not worry much, Trust in Almighty and equally in medical science.

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