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The blood vessels are the part of the circulatory system that transports blood throughout the human body.[1] There are three major types of blood vessels: the arteries, which carry the blood away from the heart; the capillaries, which enable the actual exchange of water and chemicals between the blood and the tissues; and the veins, which carry blood from the capillaries back toward the heart. The word vascular, meaning relating to the blood vessels, is derived from the Latin vas, meaning ves...

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Use Of Isoxilan Tablet
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i ask my ob regarding my pregnancy,because my baby is always moving every minute and she advised me to take the isoxilan tablet....what's the effect of that tablet when i'm taking... ## Isoxilan contains the active ingredient Isoxsuprine, it is a vasodilator that is used to increase blood flow in the body. It is especially useful during pregnancy, where the baby itself can put weight on your blood vessels and may cut off or lower the blood flow. It may cause some side effects, such as elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, nausea and stomach irritation. Read more: Are there any other questions? ## I am eight months pregnant, and my ob diagnosed that I have a Urinary Tract Infection, and my ob prescribed the isoxilan tablet for me..I'm scared that it might have bad sid...
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Use Of Isoxsuprine In Pregnancy
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I want to know the use of this medicine in pregnancy, and the dose rate and duration in which it can be used? I'm afraid whether they'll be any side effects to the baby. ## Isoxsuprine is used during pregnancy to prevent premature labor. If you are having a problem with premature labor, then it means your doctor has decided that the benefits of using the medication outweight the risk. They will also carefully evaluate the dosage and duration of use, so you should follow their instructions. If you don't, you risk having your baby to early, it could be stillborn or born with severe health problems. Are there any comments or questions? ## even my gynac suggested to use this medicine. There is no preterm Labour. I am just about to begin my 8th month of pregnancy. Everything is g...
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I've been taking these for 3 years but then stopped for 1 week. Then after i started again and took 21 pills the following week but now 3 days later I am having strange symptoms. Should I stop taking them or just continue, can someone please let me know? ## Im using trust pill for almost 3 years,and now im switch to micropill for 1 year and i see the varicose veins in my legs and its big already, i think this is the side effect of the micropill. I'm 23 year old and i have 1 son. What is the perfect pill for me and how to prevent my varicose veins? ## Im planning to take micropills scared because some of my friends will not allow me to take... My question is, what are the side effects when you taking micropills? ## My first day of period was on nov. 4, 2016. I should have...
Updated 23 hours ago.
Isoxilan Tablet Dosing & Administration
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When do mommy's take an isoxilan tablet?As i've heard mommy can only takr the medicine if she feels pain..But the doctor says take it 3x a day?should i take it duringg if i feel pain or just take it 3x a day coz the OB gyne prescribed it? ## Isoxsuprine is used to relax the uterus and smooth muscles, therefore, it is intended to be taken to prevent premature labor. Thus, you should take it 3 times a day, just as your doctor prescribed. Otherwise, if you are having a problem that causes the risk of premature labor, by the time you are feeling the pain, it could be too late to take it and stop you from going into labor early. Most medications work best when they are in the body, in a regular, steady level. Are there any other questions? ## ask ko lng isoxilan kc ung bngy sakin ng ...
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I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids and together with other drugs was dobesil. What does it treat and what are the side effects? I am 30 yrs old. ## Dobesil contains Calcium Dobesilate, it is commonly given to people that have certain problems with their blood vessels, such as hemorrhoids, because it is considered a vasoprotective and improves the health of the blood vessels to prevent the associated bleeding. As to the side effects, I am having trouble finding much additional information on it, what we have is very limited. Have you asked your doctor? ## My Name Mawada. Studied at the College of Eastern Nile graduated in 2010. I spent a compulsory service in 2011 to 2012 and then worked in a hospital in Jerash International Specialist from 7/10/2012 to now ## How many Dobesil 500mg capsul...
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Absolut tablet alternatives
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I'm a 43 yr old woman suffering from varicose veins and calcaneal spur. My physiotherapist recommended me Absolut tablet, but it is expensive. Can you suggest some substitute for Absolut tablet? ## I was taking Tentex royal capsule for 3 months. My libido was improved, then I stopped suddenly... Now i've been facing an ED problem. Please help me with any suggestions as to what I should do? Before taking medicine I was fine. I am 32 years old and neither consume alcohol or smoke. Should I take Absolut 3g capsules or is there a better alternative?
Updated 1 month ago.
Numbness In Legs
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I have been suffering from numbness and electric shock like radiations, it started in my left leg then on left hand followed my ache n shocks in right hand and right leg...... i underwent MRI dorsal and NCL... but to my surprise my reports were normal.... Iam on medication but no result yet.. could you tell me the reason behind my unrecovery??? and what do i do? ## I've been on primolut nor for a month and started to feel numbness and a weakness in both legs on and and off all day .I have varicose veins as well . Ibsyoppedtdking it 2 weeks ago and still feel symptoms.I'm wondering if the pills are causing these numb sensations? What do I do now?
Updated 1 month ago.
effects of discontinuation of duvadilan retard 40 mg
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I am 18 weeks pregnant now. My doctor prescribed me Duvadilan retard 40 mg twice a day from 16 weeks. But my body is feeling quite uneasy after taking it. So I have stopped the medicine today.. Will it cause any serious effect to my baby.. plz reply as soon as possible. I am Ru, 38 years old woman, having my first pregnancy yet. Thnx a lot. ## Hi. I am 36 years old now and am 19 weeks pregnant and I have conceived through IVF by God's grace; I got successful in my first cycle. Everything was fine till the 18th week. But now I had to shift to my mom's place, and my Doctor has suggested me to take Duvadilan retard 40 mg to avoid preterm Delivery. I am worried what harm it might cause. ## My doctor suggested I take duvadalin retard but I am not taking it... Will it cause any proble...
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duvadilan side effect
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duvadilan side effect ## Duvadlan contains the active ingredient Isoxsuprine, it is a Vasodilator, in some countries it is given to pregnant women in premature labor to help relax the uterus, it is also used to help increase cirulation. Some side effects may include: nausea, blood pressure changes and increase heart rate. You can read the limited information available here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i take duvadilan..2 times a day. . even im not pregnant. . and i think i ahave menstration. . whrn i take that medicine. . my mens is stop. . i want to get pregnant. . please help me. .thanks ## why are the side side effects of duvadilan to the baby ? will the baby have some mental order? ## I HAVE A BROTHER WHO HAVE DISSOSIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER. MY MOTHER DRANK DUVADI...
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how to cure side effect of mala d
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I am using MALA-D tablets over 10 years ,from last 3 years i am suffering from sideeffects of mala-d tablets,my blood vessels of legs were blocked this cause me severe pain and lot of high temperature in my foots,i also always in weakness and blood sugar also.i am taking blood pills also i dont have any relief,during the time of mensuration i have too weaakness and blood loss,low temperature.please tell me the right medicines
Updated 4 months ago.

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