Adderall Pink Vrs. Orange

Rick225 Says:

My normal pharm was out of orange had to get pink 20 Mgs which I will never do again they simpley are the cheapest generic and that is the main reason they chose them. I've been on 20mgs 2 a day for many years and have never needed an increase ! I have not had to go to the only other pharmacy within 25 miles but I wish I had after remembering the pink ones do not work for me at all ! I have no energy, am unfocused and pissed that I forgot how the pink gen. Ones do work for me ! I took 3 at one time today and still no help . I'm not trying to feel high. I have legitament ADD and it's going to be along month until I can refill the orange 20's ! Anyone have the same experience ? I defenately don't buy into these people on this forum talking about different binders and fillers affecting different people because they are non-active ingredients -color, additives so they can't be abused, preservatives etc.

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abcdefg Says:

Same thing happend to me today too.. i was confused.. i had to google to figure out if it was the same thing,, i havn't taken the purple pill yet but im normally 15mg twice a day my doc perscribes me 30'S and i cut them in half, so today when i saw the purple i almost drove back to he pharmacy to see what was up..

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David Says:


Because each pill is manufactured by a different company, not only is there going to be a variation of inactive ingredients (binders/fillers), but also if the medication is in generic form, it is permitted by the FDA to contain as much as 20-25% more or less of the actual active ingredient as well.

One of the main problems I see going on with the "non-active" ingredients in generics is that they are usually of lower quality. It's subtle differences like this that seem to have a big impact on a medication's bioavailability... essentially altering how much of it could be absorbed into your system.

The American Heart Association also states that "some additives which were originally thought to be inert, (i.e. cyclodextrans, sugar alcohol, and polysorbate-80), could actually effect a drug's dissolution, which would ultimately end up influencing its bioavailability."

The following article by CNN goes into more detail on that topic for those who may be interested:

I hope this helps!

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Matt Says:

I had been on these for a few months and was so irritable that I lost most of my friends and went on tirades to my doc but my pharmacy didn't have any so I went to one other one I usually go to (Rite Aid) and got the Actavis moon 28 tiny pills and they didn't feel like I took anything but I managed to get my apartment clean and organized because it didn't give me the kick, I got fidgety and really went to town. I had pronounced appetite loss and the pink ones used to have a nonexistent appetite, crash into binge eating deal with them and I ended up putting on 15 lbs after my insurance didn't cover dexedrine. These weren't like Barr or Sandoz which you can "feel" kick in at all but they work great. I could only get 64 out of my usual 90 and I told the rite aid pharmacist since I hadn't tried them that I would call him and tell him if I need the 90 mg dose since some I can do well on less than 90 but I will just keep it at that in case I get the pink ones or the Aurobindo brand isn't any good and I need that amount.

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minoguesque Says:

Can anyone suggest a pharmacy who is able to send ADDERALL IR (unavailable in the UK) over the pond? We are a company (HKK SERVICES Ltd) who are involved in University Research and thus are exempt from all LICENSING and other regulatory constraints on procurement, use, possession and supply if any drug at all in the course of our work, which is 95% carried out PRO BONO. Therefore we are able to pay only token fees. We have several pharmaceutical companies who assist us and provide us with materials for no charge; we are desperate for several other US-only medications as well, as we have three separate studies ongoing. Endo IR OPANA 5 and 10mg tablets are also urgently required for our 'rescue' meds study in those patients using Oxycontin high dosage (80 and 120mg pills) as MR analgesia but who find duration of action does not exceed 6.5 hours, not the 12 stated on the box. Please if anyone knows of, or is a pharmacist or Pharma company exec, could you let us know. Many thanks.

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Abigail Says:

Rick225, I don't take adderal, I take other medications for pain from severe spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, injured knees, etc. I take tramadol (the generic for Ultram), & naproxen (generic for Naprosyn) for pain, I was taking the generic for Neurontin, (gabapentin) but switched to Lyrica. I am also taking clonidine (generic for Klonopin). I am responding to your post, because I have been having similar problems with generics. About 2 years ago I started noticing that every time I refilled each prescription, I was experiencing odd side affects. I know that in many cases side affects can be expected, but I was experiencing new and different side affects with each refill. The side affects ranged from physical to emotional and, even mentally. I could deal with most of them but the tramadol began to cause depression one month, anxiety or feelings of stress, or anger, impatience, and other similar symptoms another month. Sometimes it was very difficult to function. I couldn't switch to the name brand because of the cost, and I couldn't switch to any codones or morphine because I am also legally blind and the symptoms from them caused balance and equilibrium problems. I switched from gabapentin to Lyrica because even after a couple of months on the generic the symptoms, (I felt drunk all the time) it too made it hard to function. Anyway, the point is that manufacturers of generic drugs don't seem to care about the end users of the products they put out. Evidently the FDA allows a certain leeway that they are taking for granted, and are not even trying to produce their products with any consideration about the integrity and quality of the product they put out, or for the safety, health, and welfare of the people that need to buy their products. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that our government is taking any quality control steps to insure that American citizens are being protected from neglectful manufacturers who have no qualms about sending out substandard medication. Not almost, but every person that I have had this conversation with says the same thing about generic drugs. We have been told that they are the same as the original, or brand name products, but they're not. I have enough time to get help if I can't take my pain & nerve medications, to get other help. Some persons are on medications that could be in a life or death situation if there is a severe difference in their medications, (but substandard medications should not be the norm for any of us)

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DaDon Says:

We're do u actually see your doctor at ... I may be able to help u out

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Db1975 Says:

For some reason pink to me are better no clue as to why

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