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SarahAda Says:

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA?

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JessikaLaurel Says:

Re: Truth (# 1117) Expand Referenced Message

The pharmacists are no longer allowed to say that the brands are equivalent to one another that has caused problems with the lower manufacturers like Linnette and SUN / aurobindo pharmaceuticals

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ThePlugPlugFromTok Says:

Re: Moon (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Girl go get it in mexico . Prescription about $20 bring your own empty bottles from here . And they will prescribe you for at least 2 months real adderral . 30 MG / 90 pill bottle .

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JessikaLaurel Says:

Re: ThePlugPlugFromTok (# 1122) Expand Referenced Message

That’s not pure Adderall. Medication made in Mexico does not meet the standards of Teva.

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: JessikaLaurel (# 1123) Expand Referenced Message

Correct. There is no way of knowing exactly what the ingredients are. Someone can say it is Adderall. Someone can say it is the same as what you get at a pharmacy in the US. It can even look the same because illegal drug manufacturers are making pills that look the same as what pharmacies in the US have. But that in no way means it is the same as a legit pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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Crystal Says:

Re: AW (# 1108) Expand Referenced Message

Wait what?!!! There’s not going to be anymore TEVA brand addys? Might as well get the ER now bc alll the other brands suck

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Jess Says:

Re: Crystal (# 1125) Expand Referenced Message

That’s not true . The manufacturer is not stopping product.
The pharmacy and the middleman distributor are the kinks in the process of you being served like a decent human being .

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Alan W Says:

I waited 2 weeks for my TEVA ADDERALL which I was told was the gold standard. I finally got them - the 20s. The orange pills.

They don't work. They make me go to the bathroom and according to my apple watch my hearts beating a lot faster BUT - I only have a vague sense of that feeling and then after 2 hours even that tiny feeling was gone. I have used adderall on and off for years, and trust me, these pills don't work. What a shame. I have no idea what brand to get at this point in December of 2021. If anyone knows, please tell me. Again, TEVA 20 MG ADDERALL IR DOES NOT WORK.

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Britt Says:

Re: Alan W (# 1127) Expand Referenced Message

Same happened for me, I sent a message to my Dr, he doesn’t seem to know of any issues with TEVA. My Dr specifically send script for TEVA 30 mg, now I have 60 pills of trash, this is sad. What brand of adderall is best since TEVA is out?

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1984Again Says:

Re: Ridgerunner (# 1035) Expand Referenced Message

I always appreciate the wealth of info you have on this topic. I'd love to read this new book on the malfeasance going on in the production of stimulants. I recently read a book on generic medications by Katherine Egan and it confirmed what I'd been suspecting for years.

Please post the title and author of this book as soon as you get the chance!

Also, I checked out the latest quotas and in contrast to continuing decline in amount of amphetamine allowed by the DEA for manufacturing ADHD/narcolepsy meds for 2022, there is an 8000 plus percentage (!) increase in psychedelic drugs (LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, etc) authorized by the DEA. Anyone have any clue what the DEA-anticipated massive new push for making people go psychotic "lawfully" via "psychedelic therapy" is about, vs. continuing to collude in keeping ADHD/narcolepsy patients from being functional?

Meanwhile, marijuana amounts via DEA continue to rise , while opiates are cut another 25% in 2022. Chronic pain and cancer patients who were doing well on opiates will be cut off and lied to--i.e., told that smoking a "blunt", taking a bunch of ibuprofen, and then losing their minds with an LSD chaser will relieve all pain and improve their functioning way better than their opiates, which the doc can't write scripts for anymore b/c "muh opioid epidemic".

I say follow the money--notice how benzodiazepines became demonized right when they were dirt cheap and Big Pharma began marketing pricey " atypical antipsychotics " (!) for simple anxiety (and now, sadly, for pretty much anything psychiatric) never mind that those drugs are some of the nastiest chemicals known to man and often cause anxiety's even more evil big brother, akathisia, as well as a host of other gnarly "side" effects, including massive weight gain, loss of grey matter in the brain, and profound loss of ability to be functional/creative/employed/not slumped against a wall drooling OR pacing uncontrollably?

The 21st century Big Pharma/DEA paradigm of pushing acid, pot, and antipsychotics as harmless panacea and opiates/stimulants/benzodiazepines as bad in all circumstances, while downplaying the intense withdrawal syndromes of SSRIs is extremely suspect.

Clown world keeps getting worse.

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: 1984Again (# 1129) Expand Referenced Message

The psychedelic drugs you mentioned are for research. They are not sold to the public. They have increased the research into the possible uses of LSD and other psychedelic drugs in recent years.

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Mary Says:

I agree. Something is wrong with this months medicine. I feel so tired and I take enough to know how it is. I said from first dose that this month is going to suck. They even have a different taste.

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Truth Says:

Re: Mary (# 1131) Expand Referenced Message

Please tell your doctor and the pharmacy, and file a report with the FDA Medwatch!!
We. Are. Being. Ripped off.
We. Are. Being. Cheated.
We. Are. Being. Wronged!

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Truth Says:

Re: Mary (# 1131) Expand Referenced Message

What kind are they?

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ATLien Says:

Re: Mary (# 1131) Expand Referenced Message

You aren't alone, I got the Teva 10mg XR today for the first time....and I had actually been out for a couple days before i filled it(so I should be extra sensitive) thanks to my stupid pharmacy making me wait 31 days to fill it and then not being able to make it to the pharmacy that day..and I feel almost NOTHING from it, even after doubling my dose.

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Sikntired Says:

Re: JessikaLaurel (# 1123) Expand Referenced Message

TEVA's standards have been so low the past few years it wouldn't be difficult to meet or exceed them for that matter.

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RJ Says:

Re: Sikntired (# 1135) Expand Referenced Message

Yes they most definitely have low standards.

For anyone reading this, go to, and in the search bar type in Teva warning letter.

Take your time to read it and you will never purchase another Teva product again!

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RJ Says:

Please…everyone who feels strongly compelled that something is very wrong with Teva Generic Adderall IR, please take just a few moments to complete a Medwatch complaint on the FDA’s webpage.

The more people who take this action, it will raise a flag for them to actually investigate.

So please do this if you feel compelled to..

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Puzzeled22 Says:

I also have teva and I am honestly thinking of going to Ritalin brand

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1984Again Says:

Re: BlessedLady (# 1130) Expand Referenced Message

Nope. Check the telepsych platform "Cybil" (Same name, different spelling of the eponymous 1970s book/drama about a woman who suffered from what was then called "Multiple Personality Disorder", now known in DSM V as the most severe manifestation of Dissociative Identity Disorder.)

Given that psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD have been well known in its effects for over half a century by doctors, laboratories and government entities, and have been deemed Schedule I--ie having no medical usage--for so long, it is indeed curious to wonder what possibly could have transpired within the last year to justify an eight thousand percent increase? Especially when much-needed ingredients for medications like amphetamines and opiate painkillers have been again slashed after an unprecedented year of challenges for ADHD/narcolepsy patients and far more chronic illness/cancer/SARS-CoV-prompted physical suffering and pain among the population as a whole than ever before.

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1984Again Says:

Re: RJ (# 1137) Expand Referenced Message

This has been going on for years, with people filling out online FDA forms to no avail, and yet the DEA has decided to lessen the amount of amphetamine allocated to drug makers once again in 2022 so that the problem escalates. At the same time, 'telepsychiatry' one-stop-shops for stimulants are everywhere, adding more demand for the lessened supply, making the situation even more dire.

One couldn't design a system where the average person--or even very many of them--has less hope in increasing the transparency about or quality/quantity of their ADHD/narcolepsy medication so that it once again is/does what it says on the tin.

This goes back far, way further than 1984's Hatch-Waxman Act which led to the generic tomfoolery we see today. Check the amount of amphetamine the DEA has authorized for the last ten or so years, cross-check it with the increase in the number of stimulants prescribed during this period, and it becomes very clear what is going on.

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