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I recently got my prescription filled and discovered that my generic Watsons changed to actavis. They are horrible!! They don't work even close to Watsons! Im in pain because they don't work as well. Im very disappointed and will be finding a different pharmacy!!!!

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Hello, Bthcal! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you've had. Many people have actually complained about this one.

What I'd suggest is reporting the issue to the FDA, you can reach them at 888-463-6332.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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I've been on watson oxy/apap 10/325 for years, and they have always worked wonderfully. last month it was changed to actavis and it feels as if i'm taking HALF THE DOSE! it's HORRIBLE, and not only does it NOT work, it looks just like a tylenol or a norco; white and oblong. My sweet walgreens pharmacist called EVERY pharmacy in my town asking if they carry any watson brand percocet and they have ALL HAVE BEEN REPLACED by this crap brand. i've tried endocet, which is even worse... so now i'm on the hunt to search the town over for any remaining watson. my straight oxy has been changed to KVK brand, and so far, it's not TOO bad, but nothing like watson. I'm so glad i came on here because i really thought it was me. how could i possible be having so much breakthrough pain and flare-ups, coinciding with my new pills?
~~ i just read that we CAN do something other than complain. and that is to CALL THE FDA AND COMPLAIN! if enough people complain DIRECTLY to the FDA about actavis oxy, they will have to do an investigation and something WILL change, and since actavis has taken over watson, we're all screwed unless we demand something be done. Hang in there!

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I say we all keep calling Actavis/Watson & keep complaining. They own the formula to Watson brand. Maybe they will realize that it is more beneficial to make the Watson formula than to make the Actavis formula.

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I have been on Watson 10/325 for 10 years (6 per day). I figured out years ago that I couldn't take the other brands. One main reason is because the other mfg's use "Providone" Or "Crosprovidone" in their binders. This caused me to become detached, mentally isolated & would put me into a rage. Also, none of the others stabilized my pain. I could take 4 of the other brands compared to 1 Watson. I wasn't out of control, the other formula's are just that terrible. We all need to be calling into Watson, tell them our success stories with Watson & beg them to use the Watson formula again. NO DRUGGIES! Just true chronic pain sufferers. I am going off of my oxycodone. right now. I will not & cannot take the other brands so the only alternative for me is to stop it all together. I am doing a fast wein down so I don't suffer too badly. I am also using EFT (find on youtube) & that is working awesome for the withdrawals & cravings. I wish everyone out there who is suffering from the Watson switch, the best of luck as they go through this transition. BTW: There is some confusion over the merge on some sites. Watson bought Actavis & took their formulas. Therefore Actavis still owns the Watson formula & can choose to use it again. Please, if you are legit, call Actavis & share your story. Google Actavis & you will find their number

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I was on Percocet 7.5/500 (twice daily) (brand) for as far back as 2006 for herniated discs and lumbar deterioration. The brand worked fine me all those years with great pain relieve. But...then in 2012 all the pharmacies stopped carrying it so I had to switch to Watson brand same strength. The Watson at first made me a little sick until I got used to it and then it worked fine, but now that Watson is no longer available, I tried pills by Mallinckrodt which made me vomit twice in one day when I first stated taking them so I switched to a brand made by Mylan and I only took them for 30 days of which, twice during that time I literally felt like I was going to die. I laid on the couch and told my wife how I felt and she wanted to call an ambulance but I told her not to and that it should pass, well...thank God it did. It seems to me like all the generic brands are pure junk in comparison to brand named Percocet of which I can't find anywhere and can't get any place to order it for me. It's a shame that you can't get pain meds that you really need and have to settle for something that may kill you instead. I will not be trying the Actavis brand of this medicine but rather stay in pain than to take a chance with anything else.

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found the best substitute at the ONLY pharmacy in my town that carries it = safeway. ENDOCET by Endo, the makers of the real Percocet. its their own generic version of their own med.
and it works. and i'm thrilled.

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How sure are you about Endocet being made by Endo pharmaceuticals? From the info I found on the web, a company called Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc. makes the generic version. I've taken Endocet before and it seems to be a bit different from Percocet but maybe that's all in my mind, however I am going to try it even though I read many bad reviews about oxycodone/acetaminophen from Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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just mad: yeah, Qualitest is owned by Endo. Endo makes Percocet as we know, and according to Qualitest site, they do make the generic Percocet. however.... the manufacturer name on my bottle says it's made by Endo, which i would think should say Qualitest.

regardless, i take the 10/325, they're oblong and yellow and are stamped E 712 on one side, and 10/325 on the other. i take 1-1/2 every 6 hours (making it really 15/487 at a time, and yes, i have to break one in half). i also have straight oxy 15mg for breakthrough pain, which usually allows me an additional 3 hours before needing my regular percocet. * i can not take straight oxy all the time because it eats up my gut and doesnt work as well as the tylenol blend. time release pills dont work on me either. * this has been my regime for years, and when watson disappeared, i fell apart like everyone else, surviving on only my oxy (but even THAT usual brand was switched to the worthless KVK brand and didnt work at all. (i take my oxy with half a tylenol (250mg) along with a little calcium or magnesium to buffer my stomach.)

back in 2012, i was given Endocet for one month, and it was AWFUL. i remember how i went back to the pharmacy to complain that i want the 'round white ones', because the endocets were so bad, and i just took my back-up hydro (which i take in place of oxy-anything when my ulcer is acting up). but now, even though the pills look exactly the same as they did 2 years ago, they actually work. and just about as well as watson, so i'm assuming something has changed for the better with this particular dosage in these two years. ??

all this just sucks. now i'm on the hunt for actavis straight oxycodone 15mg, which IRONICALLY seems to work better than all the other generic plain oxys i've been given. and everywhere i search, everyone is complaining about 90% of generics suddenly not working. i'm sick of the stores constantly switching brands. (though my pain doc told me that certain stores WILL order a specific generic for you, if you're a long time client (like all chronic pain patients are). i'm sick of now having to call ahead to see what brand they have this month, and look at labels and read reviews and learn about brands and formulas, and not being able to just take my damn pills when its time. argh! i'll be checking out LDN and cannabis oil as soon as my money situation is better and be done with opiates forever. bah. OK, rant over.

so... i'd say go ahead and try the endo (i can only speak for the 10/325), because even my pain doc agrees that endocet is the closest to watson (and currently the least horrible generic for percocet) she knows of. she also said that actavis is a good generic for straight oxy (according to her gazillion patients, and herself having severe surgery last year and taking meds that were switched). she said she'll be the first one to disagree that 'all generics are the same', especially when companies can legally use 20% less of the active ingredient and put whatever fillers and dyes (and now anti-abuse formulations) they want to.

good luck, and if you do take the endocet, i'm sure others would love to hear how they're working out for you. fingers crossed!

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Striped Canary: I just found a mom & pop pharmacy here in California that agreed to order the Endocet each month for me and it only takes a day to get it in. I learned that (like you said) Endocet is Endo pharmaceuticals generic version of their Percocet. My pills are peach color like the Percocet brand pills and the formula according to Endo's/Qualiests website is exactly the same for both active and inactive ingredients. My pill bottle also list the mfg. as Endo. I took these back in 2006 but then stopped and took the Percocet brand, it was expensive and my insurance only covered half the cost. After retiring I could only afford the generic and they all are horrible and the Watson oxy's also made me sick because they contain APAP ( Paracetimol) which is supposed to be the same as acetomediphine but I think it is not the same thing. For some reason back in 2006 I never knew that Endocet was the generic for Percocet made by the same mfg. Duh :) but now that I have the Endocet I should be good to go. Thanks for all your info because had you not responded I would have had to continue to suffer in pain because I swore not to take anymore of those other bad generic brands that almost killed me. I hope anyone in my situation can get their hands on the Endocet because Percocet was the best pain meds I have ever taken for the pain and believe me I've tried many. I will make a comment to let others know how they work. Much peace!!!

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Please sign my petition at in regards to Actavis giving patients placebo oxycodone

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Hi Just Mad sorry you are not finding pain relief as so many of us have had the rug pulled out from under us since Watson is gone. Have you tried walgreens for the brand name percocet? My walgreens will order them and another walgreens in my area actually had the brand name in stock. I do take the 5/325 and not the 10/325, but I am sure they can order it if you ask them.

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Hi Striped canary - how is the endocet working for you now? I saw in an earlier post that you had tried endocet before and they were horrible are these still working for you? I am trying to find a suitable generic for percocet but after having Watson for years I doubt i will ever be able to take percocet again with all the other crap that is out there now that just makes me sick.

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Hi everyone. .....there r many many threads here about Watson's being gone n replaced w acta'crap'....I will tell u all I know from the manys days I spent researching and continue to do every other week since new , more recent things come up in my searches....anyone taking straight oxycodone IS on the abuse deterrent formula which prevents 'most' abusers from breaking it up n insufflating it or using it w needles. It also changes the way it is metabolized in ur system. Someone above asked for their petition to stop Actavis from putting out a placebo.....seriously? C'mon curious what u wrote in ur petition...mbut theres no link or info to find it. I agree Actavis is horrible. ...but theyre not distributing a placebo. Now for everyone who is saying they got sick when trying a new generic Percocet for the first time....I hope u all realized you were going through withdrawals from no longer using Watson. The first 2-3 weeks is gonna sux cause not only is ur body goin thru withdrawals, ur trying a new med. Once yr through going through withdrawals and try a new med, even if it makes u feel sick, u need to continue n give ur body a few days...maybe a week or some as long as two to get use to a new med n then determine if that new medication is working for u. I hope u all are aware of this. Also, I have tried a good number of different pain meds since the extinction of Watson's. The only thing that has worked is endocet. Nothing, not even brand Percocet is as strong as Watson. ..which is y I wonder if that is the reason they chose to go with a different formulation such as the acta'crap' the search for something equal to Watson's is impossible. I take the 10/325's of endocet and it has given me the best pain relief im going to get. From ehat I have read n been told by a few pharmacist s....the endocet is the way to go. I wish u all luck in pain relief

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Diane; I found a mom & pop pharmacy here in town that will order the Endocet each month for me, I just got results from 2 other MRI's one on my cervical spine and the other on my lumbar. My cervical report states disc bulges, and a condition called "hyperreflexia" which is associated with a spinal chord injury, and my lumbar reports still reads "degenerative disc disease" this along with a 6mm herniated disc bulge in my thoracic spine that is very very painful, to where I can't lay or sit in one position more than 30 minutes without the onset of pain and have to reposition myself. The Endocet has the same exact ingredients both active and inactive that that the name brand Percocet has in it, so for now it has been working for me just fine although I sometimes have to exceed 2 pills (7.5/325) a day to 3 pills a day but at least I don't have to take the activis or any of the other junk generic Percocet out there that literally makes me sick and sometimes made me feel like I was dying, very weird feeling btw. I'm a born again Christian and am not afraid of dying but I know that my family will miss me if that should happen. And I also know that God is still a miracle working God but there's a reason for everything in life I believe, even sickness. I would advise anyone who can get a pharmacy to order the Endocet for them to do so instead of taking the other generics. I would order the brand Percocet but it is way too expensive and my insurance will only pay for half so for now I'm fine with the Endocet, after all it's made by the same makers as Percocet (Endo Pharmaceuticals). Thank you so much for your concern. Much peace to you and your family.

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I'm going crazy myself trying to figure this out. Watson was great for the pain. I have to have another knee replacement and am really worried. I've used Walgreens since 2012 with no problem. My RX reads exactly the same. Now the new medication does nothing for the pain, and makes me feel like I'm going to fall asleep. CVS and endocet is just as bad. Can anyone give a suggestion on where to get oxycodone made by Watson. What is everyone doing?

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hi denise,

yep, endocet is awesome. works just like the watson brand, perhaps a teeny bit different, as each company has its own formula.
but as far the pain relief, its doing the job and i'm taking it exactly as i did the watson brand.
now my pain lady just writes my script for Endocet and i get it from safeway (the only place they have it in my town).

good luck to everyone. i'm happy i've figured this out, for me anyway... and help someone along the way.

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Liz...there is NO watson oxycodone anymore. ....havnt u been reading the thread? Doesn't matter what how ur script is written....there arent any Watson's to give u....everyone is going thru withdrawals from Watson's n on the hunt for another med that works....thats what everyone is doing. I hope ur reading through these threads....the pists would've answered ur questions I answered here.

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I was told by a drug store that ENDOCET is the answer as they have many mad, hurting people who, like I, used to use Watson 10/325 for years helping their pain with NO side effects. I will be trying it SOON, & I am so happy, as I have called everywhere, & my pharmacy too. PEOPLE, Activis has a phone number & you MUST call & tell them if is not helping your pain, & tell them all the side effects!!!!! I ended up in ER with SEVERE Constipation & A SEVERE Stomach Bacterial Infietion & they wanted to hospitalize me or send me home with Cipro & Flaygo (heavy doses of antibiotics). I had such a sharp pain in my stomach I couldn't MOVE! I NEVER even got constipated with the Watson Oxcycodone in 10 years & it helped my pain so well. It is also important to get the LOT # when you get the prescription of a pain med. Activas said after so called many of my complaints that they could not even investigate it, because I never gave them a LOT #! Now, what pharmacy EVER gives you a LOT #?! NON, unless you ask, but obviously, we all need to ask incase we have problems, but I am under the impression, that it is ALL of their damn LOT #'s, not just something wrong with one~Activas should be out of business hurting SO MANY PEOPLE!

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i think it's important to be a smart patient, to take in upon yourself to know that opiates cause constipation. end of story. maybe you, or any of us, were NOT constipated on watson because we were on it for so long, our bodies were simply used to it. (but i bet we were at least a little bit constipated in the very beginning).

in the 3 weeks i was without watson percs (in the frantic search for a replacement), i had to resort to my straight oxys (15mg), and norco (two 10/325s) and i got constipated, and i was surprised for a minute... because it was just a reminder that i need to double up my probiotic intake, take 2 magnesium pills instead of one a day, and also eat some prunes every single day. thats all. no big fear or any kind of huge surprise... just some forgetfulness on my part, so i got a oh-so lovely and painful reminder that that my regular med are gone now, but it was remedied in a day.

so yeah, at first, there WILL be constipation, so be prepared for it. get some dried plums (prunes) or raisins. take extra magnesium pills (or liquid, which is great for our hearts and adrenals anyway, and up your probiotics for the first few weeks until your body gets used to endocet.

*i would NEVER stop taking ANY of these 'poop helpers' as long as i'm on opiates (which might be forever). you dont need to resort to another DRUG to make you poop. if you just prepare your gut, stay on top of your daily 'poop helper routine', and STAY HYDRATED so that you always pee clear.*

and if you know something makes you poop, like orange juice or green tea for example... then just add that to your daily routine. everyone is different, (and i'm very against taking MORE meds to counteract side effects of other other meds), so i think we just need to prepare in a healthy way and learn some simple self abdominal massage (you can find on youtube). ? i was a massage therapist before EDS took me out of the game, so i learned abdominal massage as well as how to open your ileocecal valve (the sphincter that attaches your small GI tract to your large GI tract located on your lower right side of your gut. it often gets spasmed, thus creating a backed-up colon and severe constipation.) just get informed and stay on top of things. :o)

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Hi kay...I got endocet last month from my walgreens but they dont have it u know of any pharmacies that carry it?

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I can't find a store that carries actavis brand oxycodone (15 mg). Walgreens doesn't carry them anymore and that's what I have been taking for five years.

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Well, I have a horror story about Safeway Pharmacy in largo, Fl. I was a steady patient at my local Winn Dixie Pharmacy for 3 yrs. I am disabled with horrible daily pain. I used a generic from them, and it worked fine. Well. Winn Dixie decided to close all their pharmacies with no notice. I had one day to find another one. So I went to them, they asked who my pain management doctor was, and they said yes we take him. Here in Florida they had had a huge abuse of pill mills and addicts. My doctor is not one of them, and he is very well respected. Well, they filled my script with a generic I never saw. A big, blue one that said 214 on it, and I found out the manufacturer was Caraco. After 2 1/2 weeks my pain was not controlled, and then 4 days ago, I had such horrible abdominal pain, I almost went to the ER. I had to freeze my stomach, and 3 days later, I still have pain in my stomach, and my other pain is not controlled. I have liver issues so I am not allowed to have nsaids, aspirin, and especially Tylenol. Apparently this company has been shorty the actual medicine anywhere from 8-14% and putting in the fillers I just mentioned. I was told by the pharmacist at Saveway that Florida statue permits 8-12% less of the actual medication. so, I called the FDA. They said absolutely not. The deviation can only be less than 1%. All generics are evaluated against the brand names. Then I was told by the pharmacy tech that the DEA in Florida dictates what they can order. Another lie. They only dictate how many they are allowed to order. What they order is their decision. And to top it off, I gave the FDA the NCD code, straight from the pharmacies mouth, and the FDA said the first 4 digits indicate it is indeed a Caraco product, but he said it does not list it as Oxycodone, in fact, it doesn't list any medication. This may very well be a med that has not been approved by the FDA. He urged me to fill out a complaint, which I intend to. And I urge anyone else whom has had this issue with this medication to please file a complaint. He was pretty upfront about the fact that one complaint will not spur an investigation. But, I read on the internet today at least 20 reviews from others whom had their regular generic switched out for this one. Not just half pain relief, but sickness, like I had, vomiting, headaches, severe stomach pains, this is real. People can go to their website and fill out a complaint, or you can call them and they will send you a paper complaint. The number is (301) 796-3400. I also read where they were sited twice for shorting the medication.. The pharmacist at this Safeway was very savvy, she knew this drug had fillers added to it. That is why she said it is the only one they carry. There plan is to weed out the drug addicts, I assume, because I have excellent script insurance, and my co-pay for the brand name for 84 pills is over 600.00. I am totally disgusted. And it was Pam Bondy in Hillsborough county, Fl that started this. I agree, we had a bad problem with pill mills and people coming from other counties, and even out of state. So some action was definitely necessary. But now she has made it impossible for those of us whom really need it to function, ie. (do our housework, dishes, vacuum, dust, shampoo, laundry, grocery shopping) and aren't looking to get high; to be able to get a decent generic. That is why I went to the FDA. They trump any Florida statute they may have passed regarding oxycodone. And they just passed the amendment for medical marijuana here in Fl. I will be 1st in line.

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I am using Kratom for pain now. It's an amazing legal substance you can find online with no hassle. Check it out people. It's the real deal. No more WD and it takes my anxiety and pain away.

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Zunie, yes because it is immediate release you can cut it in half.

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I have Activas 10/325 mg. can I cut the 10mg in half, the whole seems to make me dizzy and a little disoriented. I am also getting the sweats? Can anyone help me on this question? Thanks!!

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The m block 15 seem to work best for me I'm on 6 a day and they help my pain

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Activis is crap! That's all there is to it they are CRAP! Watson was VANTASTIC but not Activis. I told my pharmacy about this product and they told me that Activis was a fill in and that they would be carrying the other brand. The brand that works. I forgot the name! I hope this is true because I'm going to searching so as to stay away from Activis! The crap pills!

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I believe stopping the use of these pain meds rather that fighting for what's rightfully obligated to those suffering is what "big brother, oh brother" wants. I know pain meds are decreasing in strength. Formulas are changing and pharmaceutical drug abuse is allegedly at an all time high. My father was just released from a 3 week hospital stay and from a small bowel resectioning. His wound did not heal well and a fistula has formed, an open hole that must be irrigated and cleaned daily and the pain is unbearable for him. The doctor declined to prescribe any narcotics for him firmly stating that Tylenol would be sufficient. Wth?? I was shocked. I told her that he received Percocet and Norco in 2010 and 2014 for 2 previous surgeries and she still declined. My dad is home now and in terrible pain. How is he expected to recover under so much stress? I can't stand to watch him suffer. His hospital is through Kaiser Permantente of California.

We don't live in a 3rd world country. What is happening??

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They are not the same at all. Endocet is made up of a different form of what we consider percocet. It's actually 3/4 the strength per MG than actual percocet. It's corner cutting BS and all the pharmacies are on board to make a few extra bucks and get people to not want to take it anymore. Phasing out all us addicts who obviously let doctors butcher us just to get pills. F-ing ridiculous. Everyone pays the piper one day though and they will too.

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Please sign my petition against actavis. See for more details.

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