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This is generic subutex, not suboxone, which means that it contains only buprenorphine. Suboxone has naloxone as well to discourage patients from injecting the pill. The exclusive patent rights for the drug expired in Oct. of '09

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Verwon Says:
Thank you for providing this information, that's what many places are identifying it as, 8mgs of Buprenorphine, the generic for Subutex, but it is new and not listed in any of the databases, yet.

Along with treating narcotic addiction, it can also be used to treat cases of severe, chronic pain.


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lovinglife Says:
I love this drug. I'm off oxy now for 10 months and I have subs to thank for it ! I miss the euphoric feeling but I also don't miss spending 350 a day. God bless subutex !

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rob thomas Says:
I was a heroin addict for two years. Smoking 1 to 2 grams a day. I tried to quit 4 times. Cold turkery (PURE MISERY HORRIFIC) three on suboxone. U CANT COMPARE SUBOXONE TO SUBUTEX. I have been clean for only four months. Why? Because Subutex relives the craving and the withdrawl is two days of just feeling sick and on day 3 I felt normal to go on with my day. SUBUTEX is a miracle drug that few oxy nor co or heroin addicts have tried. If u have a problem look up on internet for subutex perscriptions in ur area.

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trash Says:
Why do you make the claim that you can't compare suboxone and subutex? Of course you can. I use both and don't really have a preference. I snort them and I like the taste of the plain subutex better than that Orange taste. An 8 mg suboxone is almost the same as an 8 mg subutex, the addition of the Naloxone to the buprenorphine is all that makes suboxone different than subutex. Either way ur still getting the same drug. It's similar to comparing percocet to oxycontin. Oxycodone being the active opiate in both. A damn percocet is mostly tylenol. Why they put tylenol with Oxycodone I'll never understand but an oxycontin is Oxycodone with whatever that waxy sh** is. It's only purpose is to create a time release effect. The pill merely requires a crack in it and the time release is gone. I have always pictured it like a big jawbreaker with the different rings or layers if u where to envision a cross section of one. A layer of Oxycodone that is absorbed then a layer of the wax stuff that ur stomach acids take a while to get through but then u hit another layer of Oxycodone and the process just continues that way so an 80 mg OC is releasing small amounts of Oxycodone every little while. All one must do is break the pill and u can then get all 80mg in u at once. Exactly the same as taking 8 10mg percs. It's the same exact drug, just put into pill form and mixed with s***. I don't know if that's how an OC actually works but it makes sense. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Suboxone helped me to quit heroin just like it did for Rob. I was using cocaine with the heroin, mixing the two and shooting up (injecting intravenously) "speedball" for anybody who doesn't know that. I quit cold turkey, went thru my first day and night of Hell and I decided to take some suboxone. I broke a piece off, maybe 1/4 or 2mg worth and just ate it actually. It helped me to be able to sleep that second night and I woke up on third day feeling fine. I didn't use any more suboxone and had no withdrawl symptoms. I was clean just like that. Really weird but great. I of course f***ed up and broke my back in a car wreck. Truck to be specific. U was driving drunk and went off the road, flippwd and rolled 7 or 8 times, based on witness reports. I was knocked out but woke up about 20 mins after the wreck. Managed to get out if the mangled vehicle with no assistance from any bystanders just as the cops and ambulances showed up. I'm lucky to even be alive. I bet if I could repeat it 100 times I'd be killed every time. The way the roof smashed in on my head is probably what saved my life because it pinned me against my seat and I wasn't wearing a seat belt. Anyways I did get all cut up as f**k from glass and broke my back which hurts very bad. I started getting prescribed all the good sh** and u abused the pills and it eventually led back to shooting up coke and heroin. Quit again, cold turkey and no suboxone. Misery I would only wish upon my worst enemies. I got clean tho. After several months I started f***ing around with pills again. It led right back to heroin again but I used heroin 1 time and knew I didn't want to go down that road yet again so I sought help at the local methadone clinic, did that dir almost 2 years but tapered off and was finally clean again but only for a few days. I started using suboxone and have been using it ever since. Subutex as well. It's obviously a problem but its cheap and works awesome and I haven't touched heroin or any other opiates of any kind in a year and a half now. It is still an issue that I must deal with at some point but I don't think I would have stayed off the heroin if it wasn't for suboxone/subutex. I think it is a great drug and can be used in several ways. Help for addicts of course but even for treating chronic pain like I have in my back. A very good drug to treat pain in addicts too in my opinion. Good luck everybody, I'm going to work now. I hope this long ass message can be useful to somebody out there.

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chad Says:
Trash thx.for your biography on your drug life

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Damsal Says:
Haha my thoughts exactly. He may be snorting a few too many of those suckers..and maybe adding a little speed in the mix? just joking..

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addict 1 Says:
just to let the suboxone sniffer suboxone is a sublingal drug which means it is ment to be dissolved under your tounge not in your nose bro sorry to bust your bubble but i have tried along with everyone else who was addicted to sniffing pain killers and many will agree if you actually have a physical dependency to more than 5 mg of percocet and actually had physical withdrawl symptoms that sniffing it works as good as sniffing dirt if you wanna stop doing drugs why dont you take your meds like the doctor ordered no doc tells you to sniff anything especially a sublingle drug hahahaha and i thought i was a f***ing addict.........

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Kimberly Says:
Thank you Trash,
I actually enjoyed reading your bio. Sending out Love to everyone. Peace

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Katie Says:
Some people should just stay on drugs...hahaha

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rob Says:
i have been doing pills for 7 years an never thought i was ever going to get off of em but wen my girl told me we were having a baby i new i had to stop i started taking subutex an i couldnt belive how fine i felt i use to not be able to go even a day with out doing a opana now i havent done a pill in 2 months subutex is the s*** forreal anyone whos trying to quit tell your doctor to put u on it u will never touch anything again

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Rehabs for quitters Says:
Nuttins better than a speedball and a fast crotch rocket! But death is nocking so take the suboxen!

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Lucky One Says:
via mobile
When I was 23 years old I started abusing pills. At that time I had a lil girl that wasn't even a year old. Her dad and I would buy pills everyday. We was using OxyContin everyday all day. We was snorting them. It lead to him smoking coke. Another year went by and we were badly addicted. I got pregnant with my second lil girl. I stopped for a lil while. But as soon as I gave birth to her I went back down the same road. I ended up leaving my babies daddy for a man that I married. He sold pills so I was set. I had to give my kids to my mother because I was putting drugs before them. I was shooting all the pills I could get ahold of. I was shooting Oxy all the time. I ended up pregnant again by my husband. But he left me because of another woman. So there I was, stuck and pregnant. That caused me to do a lot more pills. Sad I know. I didn't deserve to have another child. My the good Lord above stopped me in a quick way. When I was 8 months pregnant I had a sever heart attack. I was in the hospital for a few weeks so they. Oils keep an eye on my unborn child. Finally they let me out. Two weeks later I was in Ohio with my grandmother, because she was in the hospital. I was there for 4 days then I went in labor. When the checked my heart they made me have a c-section. Then 4 days later I had to have my first open heart. I was in the hospital for two months and so was my son. Me shooting the oxys destroyed my heart valves. I got to take my son home finally. I was home for three months then had to have open heart again because the valve failed. I was put back in the hospital and had another open heart. They put a titanium heart valve in. But the by pass machine caused the blood to go into my muscles. They had to cut my leg from knee to my foot. To get to the point I was in the hospital for a year straight over my leg. When I went home I couldn't walk and had no control over my leg. When I finally got to where I could walk a lil I was doing great. But my dumb ASS started pills again. I ended up having a 3rd open heart. I was there only a week when I came home I stayed away from everybody that done pills. I started taking subs and have been clean over a year now. My first and second open heart happened when I was 27 and the last one was when I was 30. I'm 32 now and I am perfectly healthy. I've been doing so good and taking care of my children. I always wondered why I was left on this earth and then this past November my lil girls daddy got killed at work from a dozer accident. Then I realized that I was left her to take care of my girls cause they lost their daddy and I had to be mommy and daddy for my beautiful girls. I'm really sorry it took this long but this is the FIRST time I've ever told the whole story to anyone. I really do hope that my story helps someone. You can become clean and live a normal life. God has been really good to me.

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Terry Says:
Suboxone and Subutex have been miracles for many, many people; a resolution to a horrible problem, long over due. I wish you people that abuse these meds would stop, or you're going to end up causing the Gestapo to take the Buprenorphine solution away from those of us who are really trying to manage our problem rather than chasing the buzz, whether it be chronic pain or physical addiction.

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kimi Says:
I also have had a vicoden addiction for 3 years spending 200$ a day. And suboxone is a miricle for me. I signed ip 3 times for treatment then chickened out not believing this could possibly work. But did instantly. Thank you whom ever invented it!!

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Chris420 Says:
This generic to the B/8 or B/2 has been around for yrs. as I have been getting them off friends when I wanna inj. since the subs really cant be injected. I inj. an 8mg suboxone once and did not go into a crazy withdrawl, nor feel sick at all, the medication just did not provide anything painwise and did not hit any receptors in my brain. So its possible to do it and not get sick persay, but its justa waste of a pill thats all! anyways the Generic Stex has been around for a while now and it is a deterent since it does not get the user high or any of the EPHORIA thats so commonly related to the opiod high! I know in the UK u can just go into a market and buy the Tamgesic .2MG OR .3MG OTC w/o any questions but since I use 16-20mgs suboxone EDay and when I inj. subutex I shoot at least 2-3mg's or more at one dose I dont think it would get me that high or high at all if I only did a few tamgesics. Think about it, I would have to shoot 10 .2mg T's to equal just 2mgs of subutex! and 40 .2mgs to just equal one 8mg Subutex pill that can be prescribed in doses of up to 32mg's per day!!! The average price per S-tex on the street is between 20-50 bucks/USD's per tab so if u have a RX ur lucky as hell as u not only can use plenty to get by w/o using, but also make a few bills on the side!!! not bad, but if ur cought ur F***ed since u can be charged w/ pratising medicine w/o a licence and spend yrs. in prison so be cafefull if thats what ur doing? anyways good story and stay up! CAB-

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Brim Says:
@mike: actually, no- YOU'RE dumb. Notice the spelling. It's always the idiots who cant spell first grade words who accuse people of being stupid, hiding behind their computers on the Internet. Time to take an honest look at yourself and realize you're the stupid one.

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Kay Says:
Actually suboxone comes in pill form too, its just very hard to get now days. I use to buy them on the streets and I prefer them over the strips any day......

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Kay Says:
Suboxone truly is a miracle. I was addicted to pain pills for 3 1/2 years. Started because I had really bad neck and upper back problems and my doctor wouldn't take me seriously, said I was too young to worry about that... I had been in a car accident. I tried going to a chiropractor but it made it worse and I couldn't afford it. Started getting pain pills off the streets...... Quickly became addicted and spending entirely too much money! Tried to quit several times but couldn't bare the pain. Finally, someone told me about suboxone. I was very skeptical, didn't believe it would work. Tried it for the 1st time, and I couldn't believe how GREAT I felt. It wasn't a 'high' feeling. I didn't feel disgusting like I was an addict.... I just felt NORMAL!! It helped my pain but didn't make me 'messed up'. I love it, I finally feel normal again and I'm just thankful to be away from pain pills forever! :)

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Cmoore Says:
This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. That in no way needed to be this long.

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Brim Says:
Actually, what YOU said is the dumbest thing any of us has read. Save your worthless comments for people on your subintelligence level.

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