Percocet Blue Pill Alv 196

chazzy Says:

Does it have less Tylenol than other brands and are they just as strong as other brands?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Chazzy! How are you?

This tablet is manufactured by Alvogen and they list it as containing 325mgs of Acetaminophen/Tylenol and 5mgs of Oxycodone.

The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

I still have several left from the time I had a kidney stone and they worked great for me.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Jp Says:

This blue percocet seems to me like it has some type of stuff in it that causes it to gel. Anyone else get that? Also leaves a extra bad taste in my mouth.

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heather Says:

Hi I'm a RN. Pharmaceutical companies started making opioid pain medication to where they made a gel like substance because of the drug abuse. In this event the medication is not able to be misused and causes a gel substance on the inside of the nostril. Still perfectly safe to take it as prescribed.

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Maie Says:

It makes me feel s***ty not like other Percocet. I think they're not real.

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Jp Says:

Well i don't know about them being abused but if i swallowed it i get very sick n vomit. I only take what is prescribed to me. Just noticed it gels a little bit.

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Cynthia Says:

I detest those that abuse this medicine as it makes it hard on those of us that need them for pain! I wish the abusers could spend 6 months in my shoes (especially in the winter time), and just maybe then they'd see what they're doing to us that need them for actual pain!!!

As far as the 'gel' I don't know what the people are talking about, I mean the ones that say they take them like they're suppose too. I haven't seen or felt any 'gel. Take care and have a blessed day~

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lisa Says:

You are so damn right, why do we have to suffer if the person using has no reason to have it? That's them!!!! I'm so f***** tired of hurting cause other ppl abused drugs. I am fully disabled and cant get one not one pain pill. I have an mri from hell. Are you serious? Im not a dog, a user, call it what ya want! It's my medication. I could go on an on. The world has gone crazy.

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Loz Says:

Addiction is not a moral choice it is a disease of the mind just as your pain is not a choice so get some facts and stop being so judgemental it's people like you that keep ignorance going and going generation after generation

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Jp Says:

Agreed very much. I've tried repeatedly to swallow them. They make me very sick. I take what is prescribed. Just take it differently. It's not pleasant, it's not fun, it's just the way i have to take it.

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Kim Says:

You don't just become addicted. You have to start somewhere. If you didn't use as prescribed, that is what causes people to get addicted. I've been taking Oxycodone for years and use them as directed. I have no urge to take extra or abuse it! If you abuse them it is for one reason only and that is to feel high! I have family members who misused them. I know how they got addicted and that they aren't anymore.

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Dave Says:

If you needed it as bad as you claim the Dr would give it to you. They can tell the difference in need and abuse, so get off your high horse.

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Blew Says:

So the drv knows if I'm really in pain? I guess that means my mouth don't hurt when my teeth are falling out and my back don't hurt shortly after surgery? Only you know if your in pain. Just because someone has "Dr" in front of their name don't make them a mind reader.

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Ashley Says:

Having back pains and can't sleep sit up straight or walk

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Jackie Says:

Amen, you said a mouthful. I'm in so much pain I believe that.

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ron Says:

I self medicate and cant afford a doctor. Thanks to all these docs that know their patients are not taking their prescriptions but are instead selling them.

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Frankie Says:

HI, I've never heard of "Alvogen", Inc. pharmecutical. Are they new? Are they good? I've only taken Watson-Activis, Rhodes and Qualitest. CVS does not carry any of these at present. I just hate when you find a manufacturer product that works, only to have CVS change the manufacturer. Thanks for any info u can give me.

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Red Says:

I too started taking these ALVA blue 196 Pills. There as not as effective for pain as the other generics. The pharmacists said it is my "head". They are all the same. Baloney. Does anybody else have this experience?

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Frankie Says:

I took one of those blue pills and had a smashing headache for about 24 hours. Switched to Activis brand, but had to switch pharmacy as cvs didn't carry them. Personally, even tho I am in a lot of pain, I rarely take any of these pills. Too many side affects. And, when you get them, you have to take whichever manufacturer they are using at the time. Too much trouble all around.

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Sue Says:

Taken these blue pills for after gallbladder operation. Been up for 2 days. Stay up all day and save a pill for night. It is 3:56am. No sleep yet.

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Dunklehouser Says:

Can you make soup out of them? One time we all had to eat hotdogs all the way home. And that was from pa!!

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