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Gout is usually characterized by recurrent attacks of inflammatory arthritis—a red, tender, hot, and swollen joint.[4] Pain typically comes on rapidly in less than twelve hours.[5] The joint at the base of the big toe is affected in about half of cases.[6] It may also result in tophi, kidney stones, or urate nephropathy.[5] The cause is a combination of diet and genetic factors. It occurs more commonly in those who eat a lot of meat, drink a lot of beer, or are overweight. The underlyin...

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Small White Round Pill With B on one side and 20 on the other
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This pill was found in my backyard after a party... It has no scoring on it and is round and smooth... ## The pill is Allopurinol. The primary use of allopurinol is to treat hyperuricemia (excess uric acid in blood plasma) and its complications. Allopurinol does not alleviate acute attacks of gout, but is useful in chronic gout to prevent future attacks. If someone is partying with this pill, they will be disappointed for sure. ## Hi I have some tablets that are white and round small they have mp60 on one side and nothing on the other . The packet has only one word metweat
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pill description to find name
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I have found 2 different pills in with some of my other meds. Both are small, round and both white 1) with AW and scored on back. 2) same except M on front and R11 on back. I thought his generic pills had changed and put in same bottle ## Hello, Meme! How are you? The white one with the AW marking is manufactured by Accord Healthcare and they list it as containing 100mgs of Allopurinol, it is most commonly used to treat gout. The one with the M R11 marking is manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 1mgs of Risperidone, which is used to treat various mental health issues. The FDA lists the side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, somnolence, and weight gain. Are these medications he usually takes?
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round white pill a with A329 printed on one side and some fu
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round white pill with A329 printed on one side and some funny looking symbol printed on the other side. It's supposed to be Allopurinol 100mg but pharmacy closed till Monday so I can't phone and check till then.
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My fingers are stiff can't close like fist
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I suffer from bones . and I can't close my hand or make a fist my fingers are sore and stiff especially in the morning. ## My fingers and my hands are stiff can't close my hands like a fist is painful especially in the morning ## My fingers are stiff cannot make a fist and also affected by hydratis, I'm also someone who suffering from gout
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I have Gout problem for last 10 years. Now I have been feeling pain in my both the toes and not been able to walk properly. Doctor has prescribed Tendocare 3 tablets a day for 20 days and 2 tablets a day for 30 days. I want to know whether it is safe. ## My name is Mr. Susanta kumar paul, from kolkata (dum dum ) I am suffering from my knee pain for last two years. Doctors says this artharities problem only remedy is exercise. Is it right or wrong? age 40+. ## mr, shushant , i think i have a solution of ur problem. pls call me {edited for privacy} ## Hello My mom is suffering for gout for so many years... Different doctors gave her alpurinol.. But as we know, alpurinol has its side effects.. A friend of mine recommend us an organic supplement and After taking it for almost 2 months, my m...
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For uric acid in blood.
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M 35 year female, I am suffering from uric acid in blood, level is 6.2. I use febuget tablet for 10 days. And I feel relief in pain. Should I can continue it or Not. Or any other medicine which is best for gout. Pls suggest.
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Gout febutaz 40
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I am on Febutaz 40 daily for gout for the last 3 months.as a follow up for Acute gout. i would like to know if it can flare up and become acute.
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rapidus 50 side effects in long term
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Hi.. Ive been taking rapidus frequently, sometimes i took 3 or 4 times a day during a severe attack of gout. Can i take a liver and kidney suplement medicine to protect my liver and kidney and continuesly take rapidus 50. Thank you.. Wating for your answer ## Hello, Nicolas! How are you? It should not be taken more than 3 times a day. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. As to the supplement medications, I'm sorry, but I am unable to answer your question, without more specific details. Can you please post back with more information on the specific ones you wish to take? Thank you!
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losartin and toe pain
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I have pain in my toes. Could this be from losartin? I was taking losartin 50/12.5 htzc now am taking losartin with potassium 25 mg ## Hello, Phyllis! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. It might be, if you're developing gout, or are low in metabolites from dehydration, so it would be best to have it checked out by your doctor to be sure. You may need a dosage adjustment, or you may need to switch to a completely different medication. The FDA lists other typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and increased urination. Why was the medication changed?
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grapefruit essential oil and colchicine reactivity
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I know the fruit and juice can cause problems but I'm curious about the essential oil. I use an all natural body cream that has grapefruit essential oil in it. Should I stop using it? ## Hello, Anissa! How are you? No, that shouldn't affect your medication. It is the way the grapefruit juice acts on various digestive enzymes and liver enzymes that causes reduced efficacy of some medications. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Colchicine as possibly including nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain and stomach cramping. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you for the prompt reply. Truly. It's appreciated.
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