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chris Says:
I've been taking oxycontin 10mg for 2 years for chronic nerve pain after back surgery. I've gotten a few different kinds from different manufacturer's. I noticed that a couple of months ago that they didn't seem to be working. More pain, along with some pretty awful withdrawal-like symptoms. Also, they were coming out exactly the same as they went in. (not sure how to put THAT nicely-sorry!) After I did some checking, I found that the manufacturer was different. I did some research, and even contacted the company and sent some back, but they said they were OK. Yeah, right!! My next RX I got the old brand that HAD worked the months before. TNow that manufacturer is not making them anymore, so now I'm taking another one. (They are all generic.) Well, it's happening again. More pain, withdrawal, etc. Has anyone else had this happen? And of course, you can't get a new RX cuz your dr. thinks you just want more. I never abuse them-I never take more than I'm prescribed. I just would like to know if anyone else has had this happen?? I sure can tell a difference. Thanx.......

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Pat Says:
I really don't have an an answer to your odd response to a different generic form of oxy's, however I do have a suggestion for a different med,yes,I'm on it, Lyrica,which is for nerve pain. I have arthritis,fibromyalgia,etc. I got addicted to oxy's and they actually caused more pain than I am having now,off them.Maybe ask your Doc about this med, I have Chronic Pain also and they work. Good luck. P.S. You cannot just stop the oxy's, talk that over with him also.

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Verwon Says:
The reason for this has to do with the actual reality regarding prescription medications. I know that they all say that generics are the same as their name brand counterparts, however, this is NOT necessarily true.

Truthfully, under the law, generics are allowed to differ in the ACTIVE ingredients from their name brand counterparts by as much as plus or minus 20%.

In addition, they do not have to be identical at all. To put a generic on the market, a company only has to prove that it is 'BioEquivelent' or that it works the same way in the body and does the same thing, even if the active ingredient is a different substance altogether.

You can read more details and you will also find the link the US law that permits this at this link:

Generic Drugs

So this, when you get some generics, you might not be getting as much of a dosage of the drug as you are supposed to be getting.

For some companies that have poor quality control, you could be get an even larger difference than just 20%. This is why Able Labs was shut down and all of their drugs pulled off the market a few years ago.

I hope this explains why you might be having problems with that certain generic medication and not with the ones made by the other company.

The best thing you can do to solve the problem is to always ask your pharmacy to fill your prescriptions with your preferred generic that you know is reliable. If they are unable to do so, call around to other pharmacy's in your area and find someone who has a decent alternative in stock.

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Verwon Says:
I would also like to add that you are not the only one who has noticed this type of problem with certain generics. If you do a search on the boards here, you will find a long post with many people who all had the same problem when they were switched from the name brand Wellbutrin XR to a generic version.

I had this happen recently with my Instant Release Oxycodone 5mgs. The previous capsules I had been getting were fine, they were made by Ethex Pharmaceuticals, however, last month, they gave me different generics made by Mallinckrodt and they do not work at all.

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jared Says:
i have notcied different effects and adverse reactions wirh the 30mg roxy's , the white ones make me sick but the blue ones do the job , whatever that may be

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lynn Says:
Have you considered the possibility that some of the Oxycontin you have gotten was one of the fake drugs that is being sold as if it were the real thing? drug companies are now aware of this huge problem and are trying to combat it by marking the bottles with some kind of device that makes it foolproof. However, there are many very sick people who have been paying for what they think are drugs that keep them healthy and pain free only to find later that what they were actually buying was a knock off of the real drug. In fact, these knock offs have no drug in them at all, but they look exactly like the drug they are intended to replicate. This is a huge rip off happening on a high level so I doubt if you can find out if this is what is happening to you, but it would not hurt to try to find out. I don't know how you would go about trying to find out, but I do know that it is not only generic drugs involved. They have been very successful in making a lucrative business off of brand-name drugs as well. One of the biggest drugs they love to replicate is Oxycontin and other big names because they make more money since it is used by many people. I wish you well, chris.

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ginny Says:
Everyone's postings have been very educational. Chris, I also experienced the Oxycontin pill moving through my system without breaking down as it should have. Please read my new post titled Oxycodine's Deathly Issue, I think you may get a better understanding to some of the issues you've experienced. Recently, I too was given a new brand of Oxycontin which I could tell was garbage, and useless pill. They were white, oblong pills that tasted like paste. I progressively got sicker for two full weeks until went back to my pharmacy and demanded that the remaining pills due to me on the RX be filled in a brand name only. As most of us know, this is a request that would normally be denied since the insurance had been billed for a different manufacture's Oxycontin. Strangely enough, when I told the head Pharmacist that the medication was making me ill and not helping my pain level, he immediately changed the drug to the brand form. I felt the difference immediately! Since then, several different medications were unknowingly changed to different manufactures that have made me feel like I am not getting any medication. I've finally demanded that I only receive a Brand name drugs. Since then, I've not had any problems with my medications. However, the brand name drugs are bankrupting me.

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harry Says:
Ditto to what Ginny said. I had the same issue with generics - I then insisted that I only get the Brand name Oxy and have not seemed to have much of that issue anymore,

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myra Says:
i am having the same problem as you. iwas taking a brand of oxycodone 15 mg made by MALLINCKRO and had no problems now the pharmacy gave me a 15mg oxycodone made by ETHEXand i am having a big problem with my blood pressure from it. i know each manufact uses different compounds to bind the drugs so whateever they areusingf is bad for me,

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robyn in delaware Says:
I have had the same problem with generic version of percocet. You as the consumer have the right to pay the difference for brand name if you choose. You also can check different pharmacy's for the brand you choose works best for you. I have found this works best. Good luck and hope you feel better.

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david Says:
hi im on ms contin upto 120mg sr a day, 20 years after a i was knocked off a pushbike i broke my pelvis in 7 places including the left sacriliac joint ,also i broke my sacrum in 3 places and injured my l2345 and s1 vertabraes i can walk but the osteoarthritis dominates my life ,thanks david from australia

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david Says:

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pam in recovery Says:
David, I have had incedible back pain since I was 15. 39 yrs ago.
I have finall found a drug called Cyclobenzaprine, 15mg per day.
I had tried Naprosyn which unfortunately didn't do a thing.
I'd just been accepted as a new patient, to a great female doctor in the addictions clinic.
The drug is a muscle relaxant, works almost instantaneatly and not addictive. Hooray..perhaps you could ask your dr to let you try it.
Chris, I have had that happen with quite a few drugs I've had over the years, and it's kinda weird, my body reacts instantly, I don't know if yours does?
So now I ask, do research on anything new my dr's want to put me on.
Good luck to you all.
Pam ox

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wll Says:
this has never been an issue for me and i hope it never becomes one. an issue like that would send me to the hospital

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bobi Says:
Do you know how I can buy Oxycotin or Oxycodone without a prescription? Please reply if you know someone.

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leetheleo65 Says:
Hi Chris:
I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.
I thank goodness that I Do NOT ever have to deal with this problem.
I wonder how, ... that it is possible for a drug company to give you the wrong empty pills??
Meaning that the pill has no narcotic analgesic value.
I hope that your seeing your Licensed Physician regularly?
He should be prescribing the medication/s on a weekly basis, that way you will have a proper supply of med's for yourself, ... to count out, and take accordingly!!~
Please be very careful, *(as I'm sure that your aware)* with the Oxycontin's ... they are so very highly addictive & you shouldn't ever be without them, unless your Dr. has a plan to ween you off of them, & to try something else completely different?
There are many different types of Brand Name pain medications, that when prescribed by your Dr.
you can ask him to:
I live in Toronto, Canada & take pain meds now on a regular basis.
I am a retired Nurse & unfortunately
can NO longer work due to Cancer.
I wish you all the best.
PS: I'm also therapist.
Should you have any questions, please post ... & I shall find a way to respond to you.
all my best sweetie.

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Shawn Says:
I just started getting the new Oxycontin ip that replaced the oc. I am glad to see that they did something to try yo comtrol the abuse problem, but like some of you it doesn't seem to work as well. I too am pretty sure i have seen part of it in my stool sample, like it didn't break down all the way. I didn't think they made generic versions of them. Does anyone know of an extended release that works as well as the old one did?

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Roy Says:
Most people are saying that the extended release just aren't cutting it. Some are trying to get creative in finding ways to alter or break down the extended release properties, but that is pretty dangerous.

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blueblosson Says:
im on oxycotin 10mg as well, plus 4 5mg tab of oxycodone a day. ive taken the oxycodone for a few yrs, but recently taken off the morphine LA 15mg, and put on oxycotin 10mg i dont abuse them, and i dont crush, snort or inject either. i take as perscribed, and usually dont even take my full (4) tabs of oxycodone a day. im also on gabaphenin 100mg in morn and 300mg at nite, for nerve pain. after having back surgery. i cant sleep very well on the oxycotin, so i usually skip my dose at night. but lately i have been extremly tired on them. i wouldnt suggest them for sleep, altho everyone is different. usually im able to get done whats infront of me during the day, but lately i have been exausted

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blueblosson Says:
they dont make a generic version. they did for a breif time. but they were sued. so not anymore

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blueblosson Says:
dont cha know its a felony?? go get ur self a doctor

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