Metanx & Footpain

gramma1 Says:

I have taken metanx for 2 1/2 mo my feet and ancles have gotten so sore i could hardly walk on them. I quit taking the med. 3 days ago and can feel a great differance in the pain leavel.

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mommacakes Says:

After doing some major research Shaklee B Complex is equivalent to Metanx! Hope this comes through - they blocked my comment from yesterday!

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Verwon Says:

There have been a few people reporting that Metanx caused them worse pain and did not help at all.

Unfortunately, it appears that it does cause this opposite effect in some people.

Have you spoken to your doctor about using something else?


Mommacakes, did you have a link to a site that sells the item in your post?

If so, then yes, our site software does, sometimes, block those to prevent spamming.

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mommacakes Says:

First, let me say that I meant to say Complex B from Shaklee is COMPARABLE not equivalent to Metanx. As a diabetic, I know there are many things we need to watch for. Neuropathy is one of the worse conditions that I am experiencing at this time. The pain it causes in my toes especially is just horrendous! I haven't been the best at watching my sugars and testing as much as I should. But I'll tell you, when I started doing Shaklee, it just seems that using a purer form of supplements instead of the meds has been a great help. Don't get me wrong, I'm still on Metformin, Glyburide and a booster shot of Byetta. I won't take myself off of them until the doctor says all clear! But I'm thinking that won't be for a while yet. Thankfully, my HSA account pays for Shaklee supplements. I can't buy supplements at my local grocery store. My HSA card gets denied for those. If you want to check Shaklee out go to for their catalog. They list all ingredients so you can compare for yourself. You can even e-mail sunnydill @ She'll be able to help you out by answering your questions, help with your order and provide some type of discount.

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cswrigg Says:

I read that some people taking Metanx for neuropathy of the feet are having more pain than before. I started taking Metanx about 2 months ago and am now having awful pain and in my feet to where I can hardly walk on one foot, and my podiatrist cannot find the cause. I don't want to give up yet on Metanx helping my neuropathy, but it might be making my feet worse instead. Has anyone else had this problem, and, if so, what did they do? I am wondering if Metanx has caused the pain to get worse in many people's feet who have neuropathy?

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Tinaw Says:

The Metanx seemed to have caused my feet and ancles to ache , they got so bad at times I could hardley walk. I went off it about 2mo. ago the neuropathy is worst but the ancle pain altho not gone is much better, I'm trying nuvareen it seems to help with the neuropathy alittle.

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suecq37 Says:

I was on Metanx for a little over a month. The neuropathy in my feet became worse. I also started having pain in one foot and ankle, but I never connected it to Metanx until I read these posts today. Does anyone know if Metanx really is the cause of people's neuropathy getting worse?

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Tinaw Says:

My drugest said its a new drug and can't say if the foot pain is from that, but I think thats what caused mine.

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cswrigg37 Says:

I've been off of Metanx for a few weeks now, but the neuropathy hasn't subsided any. I had heard that it is a fairly new drug, but it doesn't seem that folic acid, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-6 would make the neuropathy worse. However, I've read some posts on a similar website where the people say they have had the same problem with Metanx. I am going to check with my pharmacist, too. I've read where some people have been helped by taking over-the-counter alpha-lapoic acid so I am going to ask my doctor about that.

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naluvsher2 Says:

I am really glad I bumped into this thread tonight. I have been having excrusiating pain, more intense and in other areas of my foot and ankle than neuropathy. In fact, I was starting to believe it may mean I have clogged arteries. However, I was told to get my veins and arteries check for lack of pressure and flow. I was greatful to find out that blockage wasn't the problem. Now that I''m reading this, I'm starting to believe it may have been the Metanx. My doctor gave me some samples, so I stretched them out as much as possible, but it seems I too may be one of these people who seems to have an opposite reaction. I will be excited to watch this pain stop. I have also started getting mysterious foot ulcers that I haven't ever had before. I think I will tell my doc that I can't afford it and seem to be having an opposite reaction to the product. There was a lady named mammacakes that was talking about a product from Shaklee. I followed the link to the site, but I missed writing down the name of the product. If anyone knows what I am talking about please let me know. This is an old thread, but it is still helping people like me. Thank guys for taking the time to share your knowledge. Na

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naluvsher2 Says:

Sorry, I am answering my own question. The product is Shaklee's B Complex. It helps if I'l learn to read where I'm at. Anyway, does the Complex B cause the same opposite reaction as the Metanx.

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Roger Says:

About Metanx and increased pain. When my dad started taking metanx his endocrinologist said he may experience increase discomfort or pain. He said this was because the nerve ending was being repaired and can cause short term pain. The pain did get worste for dad for about 4 or 5 weeks and then it went away and now he can feel his feet and walk much better than before without looking down. His swelling has gone down to so his ankles are not bruised anymore. I do not know if this will happen with everyone but we are happy that he put up with the pain so now does more with no pain. Hope this helps.

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vitBguy Says:

I got all of the vitamins in metanx in separate forms, as described by others in other posts. I too have had increased levels of pain. I am not a diabetic, but do have nerve damage. I also brought down my level of neurontin by 100mg, so I thought I would try to vitamin B to counteract the change. At this point, I don't know what is causing the pain, but I suspect it is the Metanx. Other than this one post, I cannot find anything else online that talks about and increase in pain before it gets better.

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Alicia Says:

Yes Generics are available for Metanx!! After speaking ith my pharmacist he rec the following 3 generics.
Vitacirc-b, L-Methylfolate & Neurpath-B. The price is not much different except for Neupath which is a lot cheaper. My husband who is a left leg amputee and I have decided to stay with the pricey Metanx. Per his podiatrist this vitamin/drug will aid/help his one remaining foot.

"Every complication that develops in diabetes is related to circulatory disease, and nitric oxide plays a significant role in that process.

Metanx helps to improve circulation by increasing endogenous nitric oxide levels.

Lack of protective sensation is the number one predictor of lower-extremity ulcerations and amputation.

Metanx has been shown to improve/restore protective sensation and vibratory sensation in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN)

Elevated homocysteine is a significant risk factor for impaired wound healing in patients with chronic lower extremity ulcerations.

Metanx has been shown to effectively metabolize homocysteine in patients with chronic lower-extremity ulcerations and restore wound healing processes.
The majority of painful DPN symptoms include numbness and tingling due to lack of sensation. Only 10-25% of patients with DPN experience painful symptoms. Current DPN therapies only target the painful symptoms while the underlying disease state progresses.

Metanx targets the underlying disease process and helps to improve sensation by increasing blood flow and supporting neurofunction as myelinogenesis and peripheral nerve repair."

Please due your research on these generics. Not all generics are created equal!

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Libby Says:

You can go to metanx's webpage and order a three month supply. You only need your dr to call the company that makes metanx , their number is on the web site. they will call u to set up payment for the order. 72.00 for 90 day supply. This is as cheap as a generic.

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jerry Says:

4 months ago i waas sidelined by feet pain the bottom. Im on mentanx now 4 the past 2 weeks i am 36 dr. Says tts is this correct.

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Kristin Says:

Thank you Libby for your post about getting Metanx directly from the pharmaceutical co for a much cheaper price. Luckily it works well for me but the price was 117.00 per month for 60 pills. Now I can purchase it for 144.00/3 month supply. The # for the co is 866-331-6440.

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SAM Says:

B Complex. I am not a diabetic but was put on Gabapentine and Metanx for neuropathy. Come to find out that I have Venous Reflux Disease and will be having surgery to correct the blood flow which will then take care of the neuropathy. If you have leg pain, heaviness, swelling, bruising on your legs and ankles. You might want to see a vascular doctor.

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Gloria R. Says:

Yes, I had been taking the Metanx for about 41/2 mths because they said you had to take it for 6 mths before you will see any results.My feet started getting worse and worse as i took the Metanx i could hardly walk, felt like a ball of rocks were under the palm of my feet when i walk i could not wear any of my shoes i had to go out and buy special soft cushion shoes and all 10 of my toes got very numb this has all happened since i started taking the Metanx. I called the pharmaceutical company they were very nice and told me i should stop taking the Metanx, throw the remaining pills away and they also refunded my money.

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jimbo44 Says:

I was prescribed Metanx by my Neurologist for Heat Sensations in my feet and tingling in lower limbs and other extremeties. Initial (within 3 days) response was very beneficial. However, after about 6 months the Hot Feet sensation has returned, the tingling has for the most part stayed away. Have had Cardiologist testing and Diabetic testing, both negative results (dont have diabetic issues. Good BP and circulatory reports. Would appreciate hearing from similar experiences.

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Gloria Says:

Yes I'm a witness it makes your neuropathy worse. Only my big toe on one of my feet was numb, and I had some burning sometime but it wasn't that bad. My Endo recommend I take the metanx. I took it for 4 mths and the pain got worse and worse and all 10 toes became numb and the palm of my feet felt like I was walking on a bed of rocks. I told my doctor and i was told that means the meds are working, no way I said and I stop taking the Metanx.

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