Mallinckrodt Hydrocodone Side Effects And Info Needed

DAR Says:

I was prescribed hydrocode 10/325 by my md. I was getting yellow I'm getting pills that i believe are from mallinckrodt the hotel says manufacturing company is MLKCM. My concern is that this MLKCM brand make me feel ill. It causes heart palpitations, increased bowel movements, and it does not help the pain as well add the other. Is this mallinckrodt and had anyone else had these symptoms with this brand? Thank you so much for any help you can give on info with this brand

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dar! How are you? Sorry about the problems that you're having.

What are the markings on the pills in question? I really can't provide you with any information on them, without knowing that. Sometimes the manufacturer listed by the pharmacy is actually just a licensed distributor and not the company that actually made the medication.

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DAR Says:

Thank you for the reply! The markings are M367 white oblong with a score mark on back. I got them from my pharmacy Yokes

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DAR Says:

Hello again...I believe the markings on the medication are correct I just feel that either the medication was not compounded right or they use an inactive inexpedient that does not go week with me. Do you know if there is a way to get ALL of the ingredients? I've noticed a couple other posts with the same complaint of the intestinal issues? Very strange...any help or info would be greatly appriciated. Again the markings are M367 thanks for you help and interest

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Manuel Says:

Hi; you are not alone..!! read the following... From an email I sent to Mallinckrodt today (03-03-2014);

Hello; My name is Manuel; I live in the Central Phoenix area in Arizona. I been taking Oxycodon 7.5 for pain due to a neurological damage for the last 5 years.The brand I usually take is produced by a company called "WATSON". In the last 2 months I noticed horrible side-effects from the pain medicine. (nausea from the strong detergent-like taste of the medicine, weakness and continued pain) I consulted my doctor on this issue and he noticed the difference in brands given to me by the pharmacy, he suggested I ask for the usual brand "WATSON" at the pharmacy desk, except they told me that "NOBODY had that brand anymore, that all they had it was, your brand MALLINKRODT and that is why they gave to me for the last two months.I decided to go to different pharmacies (privately owned and county.) I visited 15 pharmacies around the whole county of Maricopa trying to find the "WATSON" brand, but instead they all had only MALLINKRODT..!!????One pharmacist explained that you guys are the only Oxycodon supplier for all the pharmacies in the whole state of Arizona..

My doctor said to me that that is all that he could prescribe to me. I been sick out of my mind with pain, because I cannot take your medication. and it's the only one available in the whole world..!!! My question is:..Am' I the only person dealing with this problem or is there an alterantive to what it looks to be a corporate monopoly...? Please advise...thank you

Manuel (..still waiting for any response from Mallincrapt....)

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Lisa Says:

I have had the same side effects from the Mallinckrodt 325/10mg. Hydrocodone pills. I was taking the yellow 325/10mg. from Qualitest and was doing fine on them, then my pharmacy switched to the Mallinckrodt and I started getting the heart palpatations and severe diarrhea and the medicine does not remain in your system, so I wake up with severe pain in my back and hips which is what I was taking the medicine for in the first place. I think these pills need to be checked out by the FDA and banned until they find out what is going on with them. My cardiologist had to give me a pill for the heart palpitations, I don't need another pill, I need my pain medicine to work and not cause other problems!

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Manuel777 Says:

Hello..My name is Manuel. I'm the one I sent the original mail to the Millinkroftd medicine manufacturing company back in 03/03/2014, regarding their Oxycodon pain medication product. I knew I could't be alone in this...and sadly Millinkroftd never did anything about anything...They were nice enough to call me on my phone and spent about an hour asking all kinds of details and after that phone call, nothing happened..They were very upset when I mentioned the word 'monopoly'...How funny it is, that we do not live in Russia, but yet, we already ran out of choices in this country...!!! Since they are the only one company supplying that medication to ALL hospitals, clinics and ERs from Nogales to Flagstaff..!!!

Also; Isn't the pharmacist professional responsability to advise you that you are being served with a medication manufactured by a different company..???.Just in case you develop some potential health side effects..???....I had to continue taking the only available medication on the market from East Phx to West Phx.,Millinkroftd Oxycodon 7.5/325 (White oblond pill Labeled M522) until I ended in the emergency room with pain so hard in my chest ; I was suffocated and I could not breath..After 3 days in the hospital, a small army of doctors came in to report that after all the studies done..It was the pain medication that sent me to the hospital..The Neurologist doctor tells me..go home and don't take that same medication..I angrily responded....And what do you want me to take..??!!!! (I had already explained the whole story to him) ..he said..I can't help you with that...2 months went by and kept nursing the pain with Hydrocodon 5mg my doctor prescribed , but I was waking up with extreme pain and no comfort in sight...

But here is the good news and bad news...I became a cruzader of pain medications..I stopped at every pharmacy, hoping to find relief from somebody, and finally came across a honest pharmacist, who'd asked not to be identified or involved in all this..She said "walmart' pharmacies had began dropping MILLINKROFTD from their shelves; because people began to complaint about the 'powder detergent' taste and intense headaches after taking those pain pills...!!! and they began replacing that medication with another brand called OXYCODON AMNEAL brand!! as of Sept / 2014..except that you need to place a special order and most times is not available...And now, to the bad news...lately is getting very hard to get you pain medication, even if you have your prescription..!!! Pharmacies now deny they have your medication available for fear of being robbed..!! And this a report learned personally as I was in search of all this try figuring all this.!!! I'm not a journalist, or a news reporter or anything else..just an old engineer who cannot longer because this neurological dysfunction I suffer and the pain associated with it... And now a personal note of advise...Please, please , stop taking those pills..endure yourself thru pain until you find anything NOT made by MILLINKROFTD..!!!! For was a near death experience.

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don Says:

hi i have been giveing white pills 10-325 vicodin i was takeing the yellow but the drug store gave me the whit ones and are makeing me sick so i know what you are talking about does not even help me at all just get sick from them

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don Says:

hi i am haveing the same problem with the white meds i am haveing head acks and upset stomack i was takeing the yellow meds but they changed them to the white 367 malli they do nothing but make me sick so i do understand what you are going throught me to!!!! ty

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ManuelG Says:

Don; This is Manuel again, regarding the MILLINGKROFTD brand medicine. Urge your pharmacist to advise you, whenever they serve with medications, to INFORM you if they are going to be giving you SOMETHING different from what you usually take, specially pain medications. In the new age of jet airplanes and people that speak like computers; and dogs that speak like people..nobody anymore has the COURTESY and the WELL MANNERED will to help anybody anymore...We are so far from 1940 almost have to pry-off vital information from people nowadays, specially when it comes to deal with doctors and pharmacists..they are not Gods..!!! You have to be pro-active and ask all questions..!!! Regardless...It's your health and that is most important than any social etiquettes...Please get rid of ANYTHING made by MILLINGKROFTD...You don't want to go through the stuff I went, just because I RAN OUT OF CHOICES..!!! I'm an engineer who cannot longer work because and injury in the spinal cord, but that is not going to stop me from going through this REDTAPE B.S. pharmacologic mess to get what is safe for me and in fact, for anybody reading this blog; I have to report a NEW FINDING..!!!

Walgreens, now sells OXYCODON made by the old Watson brand, but now it is sold under the brand name of "ACTIVUS"...It's a mellow (er) version of the old Watson (7.5/325), but very effective at getting rid of the pain..I been back to my old self for 1 one month now and, even they will deny having the medication available when you get there, just tell them (If you are not in a crunch...) that you will pick them up whenever... and they will say It will take 8 days to arrive, but in reality, they will call you within 24 hours...I hope I was of any help, I read this blog every 2 days, just to see if anybody runs into a wall like I did, and be there readily to help...Cheers..!!

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Doodle Says:

Thanks for posting. I took same company brand of hydricodone acetaminoph 5/325. Up all night with
stomach issues.
Used to old Watson brand too
It is awful what they've been doing with
these meds.

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ManuelG Says:

Hello DAR / Doodle and everybody else; this is Manuel;

It makes me "angry(sh)" to hear the more and more people reporting horrible side effects created by by the MILLINKROFTD brand medicine, and these are but just a few who were able to ASK questions....but think about the other many people who have not come to the REALIZATION, that the same medication they are taking to help them; is actually KILLIING THEM.. (or killing us...)..You and me DO NOT HAVE A PHARMACOLOGY degree or training to know what kind of chemicals we are digesting...and we, just quietly take the trash;BUT Pharmacists KNOW...And they are YOUR PHARMACIST...!!!They should be able to advise what STUFF is BETTER for your health..BUT THEY DONT..!!! I don't want to sound unfair, but in this game the PHARMACISTS fault...!!! If you come across 100 people on the street, you know, about 50% of them would be legitimate, while the rest might be a little 'shady'.. because we are humans, and pharmacists are there's a pretty good bunch of 'shady pharmos' outhere. A year ago, I would think a 'pharmo' would be a divine personality vested by the great powers of the heavens assigned to help you with your meds..But you learn a lot by swimming in shark infested waters....Once bitten, never bitten again...They are not bad peoples..!!!

They are just looking to MAKE MORE MONEY for the pharmacy they work for...nothing wrong with that...!!! They will serve the meds that will make money for them and the supplier, so you DON'T GET the stuff you get the stuff they want you to have and 'whatever is available' according to their agenda...So right here we are dealing with no more, no less, than just a simple Street Drug dealer..(with a certification and minus, the glowing red eyes....) But that is it...!!! As you arrive at your favorite pharmacy, you drug dealer is waiting with a smile....ready to "drop a deal" you just have to learn the 'moves' and 'speak' the LINGO, then the deal turns even for everybody...and everyone goes home with a smile.. Our troubles begin with our ATTITUDES towards DOCTORS and PHARMACISTS... For ages; they have gained a DIVINE STATUS...An almost GOD-like attitudes...They don't speak...they don't 'mingle'...So when you begin to speak the 'RIGHT' language; they become UNCOMFORTABLE and begin to shut you down, for having the 'INSOLENCE' to approach them...!!!! and ask poor mortal..!!! It is sad..but this is what I have personally found out outthere...But sadly, my health and well being goes beyond any GODS anywhere...!!

Pharmacists are just selling MILLINKROFTD, because is the 'cheapest' thrash they can get for the money, and they will continue to sell it until somebody (you or me) ends up at the ER with two little crosses in the eyes..(like a cartoon...)...DOA...(dead on arrival).. Then the pharmacy, begin their protocol;..We're sorry for your loss.....but we are going to contact our supplier....(B.S...!!) "Actavis" (White Oblong white pill stamped "A332" -with no score mark on back) sold by Walgreens, has been a life-saver for me...and your doctor will be able to write you up a specific brand/pharmacy combination prescription.
I'm not a journalist, a news reporter or anything else to create this report..again I'm an old engineer unable to work due to an injury in the spinal cord and suffer with pain and numbness in both arms and legs....and I've spent the last year going throught all this and nearly died from this medication..!!! I'm glad you got this far....stop taking anything made by MILLINGKROFTD and ask your pharmacist ALL questions, even if they seem busy....ASK, ASK, ASK...some of them are pretty helpful. cheers..!!

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Tracy Says:

Manuel, I don't know if anyone commented on manufacturers of oxycodone yet, but Mallinkrodt is NOT the only manufacturer. I actually go the Watson brand from a walgreens 2 months ago but, I guess they are no longer being made. Actavis bought them out and their brand is not worth the paper they are written on. Many people have had luck with Endocet, oxycodone made by Endo Pharmaceuticals. They didn't work well for me but qualitest or Mallinkrodt did work. Now I am hearing these 2 have changed their formula and they are not good anymore. I have also heard that Mylan Pharmaceuticals also makes oxycodone....not sure. I do know, however, that Mallinkrodt is not the only brand made. It's worth checking into. You can ask your doctor to write a 1-2 week script til you find out what you can use. Good luck. But, stay away from actavis!

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Tracy Says:

Manuel, you are one of only 2 people I have read posts from that can take the Actavis brand oxycodone. They and the FDA have been flooded with complaints since last January. Their formula is absolutely nothing like the Watson brand, of whom they bought. I am happy it works for you. You are an extreme exception! This isn't the only narcotic that has been complained about to actavis and to the FDA. Since, it seems, most pharmacies are carrying their brand, many, many people are either going to continue to suffer or worse! Please keep us posted how Actavis is working for you past the first month. Thank you

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ManuelG Says:

Hello Tracy and everybody else; I've read your posts and I keep an eye out on this blog almost everyday. It's the first time I hear a complaint against 'Actavis /Watson' I have been free of pain as much as possible and no notable side effects since I started taking it. But unlike the MALINKROFTD brand, which I began to feel 'ILL' immediately after I started taking it.

I been around doctors trying to prescribe pain medication for nerve damage (neuralgia (?) and I've tried GABAPENTIN, CYMBALTA, TYLENOL 3, TRAMADOL, HYDROCODONE, and lastly MORPHINE but I developed some weird rashes and palpitations, so the doctor sent be back to Oxycodon, and it's there, where I found the "Battle of Manufacturers of Pain Medications" and the evil pharmacists who NEVER TELL YOU when you are about to take a new concoction of chemicals...

But overall...Do you notice something in all this...??? We pain sufferers are being LEAD... DRIVEN... DIRECTED... Almost like a flock of sheep...manipulated without hope and on our own to find the trash that hopefully does not kill us soon...And now I will ask you..What the heel Am'I supposed to do if I run into in some side effects with this new medication I started taking....? I've already gone through this charade as described in previous posts....See What Am' I saying...??? Where do you go..? Who do you ask for help..?! You are lucky if you end up at the ER and be given treatment while they look at you like a strange animal from outer space...Thanks for the post and stay around..hopefully, Uncle Sam is reading these posts with all his modern devices and he will in no time will come and rescue us all...!!!

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ManuelG Says:

"TheUntoucables" (the pharmacists) know something we don't know. and they are not telling... This is what happened..At the time "Tracy" was posting her comments (see Tracy Wed, Oct 29 '14, 10:31 AM) About me and other person not affected by Oxycodon "Activus"..I was not lying about my statements at all at that specific time when I said .."That I was feeling fine for the first month of taking "Activus" brand from Walgreens ....truth is that about the time of her posting..that drug was actually not having 'enough ' effect on my pain, but a week Later, I began having the same reactions I had with Oxycodon by "Millinkiroftd", and as Tracy stated, thru her research, that Farmacorp' companies buy other Farma companies or 'Pharmacorpanies'. The deal is that I still had an unfulfilled Rx for Oxycodon, but when I asked the 'Pharmo' at Walgreens, to get me something different than either "Millinkirfoftd" or "Activus" because It appeared that the old side effects as was having with "Millinroftd" previously I was now having by trying "Activus for month and a half..I said give me something from either ENDOCET / QUALITEST / MYLAN (as per Tracy's recommedation..) and I whished I had a video recorder of some type, so I could make this more graphic, but oh well..The pharmacist, takes the prescription in his hand, takes a quick look at it and says, matter of fact.."Listen buddy...this is not a supermarket of pills..You'll get what we give you and we only have "Activus" and at the time we don't have that strength..(7.5/325)

He says, this Rx is good until Nov-12, you can leave it here, but we don't guarantee we are going to have it for you might want to come back until the 12th, and even then; we don't know if we are going to have any that day, also; Try not to leave the paper Rx, here, because we might loose it......I said what..!!!!?? So I left the paper Rx there and see what happens
on the 12th. So what is going on here..? Another day, as I came out from the public library, some sinister looking character approaches me and asks..Hey you take pain meds..? I said..not anymore..He says..well if you do, I can give you some pretty money for a few pills... I say..I'll keep that in mind..

So right now I'm stuck between 'tweakers' and 'zealous' pharmacists...The crazy guys wants pills and the pharmacists, does not want to make the product available anymore, either for fear of being robbed or just plain security reasons, but I'm paying for all this with dyscomfort and possibly the loss of my life, because I'm trapped in this mess, and I don't know how to get out of it.. I have pain, but the pain medication is making me more ill; then I cannot stop taking the pain medication because the withdrawal symptoms coupled with the unbearable pain begin to wreak havock at around the 6th hour after taking the last pill...An old lady, told me.."just go 'cold turkey' and get rid of the pill'll find a way to manage the pain without pills..believe me."

So after seeing and dealing with all these pharmaceutical FOOLS...I think I'm just going to to out and "grow me a pear" and take it like a man and kick off the need for the pills and let the government and all his Conspiracy B.S. games go to Hell....At the end I will come out chemicals in my body..and that sounds really good.. For last: Here is just a single entry of side effects experienced after taking a single dose of "Activus" Oxycodon 7.5/325..(One every 4 hours)

2:00 pm Take pill
2:45pm Sharp headaches right side forehead /Begin weakness
3:30pm Sharp stabbing pains on chest (Heart..?)
4:00pm Begin shallow breathing...(very frightening..!)
5:00pm Shallow breathing continues, pain in most joints
6:00pm Take pill (Repeat every 4 hours....) Nobody sees this--nobody cares..!!! 4 hours spent lying and suffering and trying to make a decision if to call the paramedics or not..!!

Thanks for reading.. I think is time to open the bottle of Booze after 8 years of sobriety..

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Brownie Says:

Same complaints about this brand.
10-325 mg.
I will add severe headaches, blurred vision with extreme light sensitivity, less relief, more agitation.
I was traveling to west coast and had to get Rx filled at CVS there. My record was on file at the Carlsbad CVS. I don't know if the pharmacy lists the manufacturer of my normal Rx, but I will not get a refill of Mallinckrodt product again!!

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pudman56 Says:

I take generic Norco, 10/325. It must be a more regional thing because in all the years since my first Vicodin, I have taken Watson generics. I just got my monthly refill and checked after reading these posts just to make sure and yep, they're Watson's. I've never, in more years than I can count, ever had any side effects (except good one's in the beginning). Fortunately (from what I've read) we're still dispensing Watson in my neck of the woods, the Chicago area.

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mr pissed off Says:

Everyone gets sick on mallinckrodt pills... How are they legal?

I have the same problem. These pills are worthless... No hydrocodone what so ever... Someone at the plant is making a fortune out of the back door... If you need to puke or have a bowel movement, they are excellent.

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Lynn Pain Says:

Re: DAR (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah, those are mallinckrodt pharm - it should be written somewhere on ur Rx bottle (usually in small print) I used to take those myself in the 10-325 strength. Here in Michigan, a few months ago, they worked quite well, not anymore- for me - now they give me a headache & just don't help pain. So it seems that government/ FDA is allowing many generic company's to put God knows what in this medication, making us pain patients with real problems to try and figure out what few are left that actually works. This b.s. should be very illegal. I'm pretty desperate myself to get a couple honest opinions as to which norco 10-325 still works on my pain without terrible headache & queezy stomach! I have real pain issues, & the 1St odd ball generic I got from family fare pharmacy was a new one by Aurobindo pharma - found out it is made in INDIA - this one gave me migraine headaches upset stomach, so could not take it at all & anybody I know never heard of this crap. So I had to suffer greatly for over a month, cuz pharmacy refused to help in anyway. Just got newer white Watsons, (different pharmacy) before I could check this or other website - too late - stuck for another month, & new pharmacy said these should be much better & patients seem to like them just fine- wrong headaches again! Then I got some feedback & opinions that these white Watson 10-325 are bad news too, & supposedly u need the yellow Watsons. If u can find them, that is. Looking for a couple honest opinions myself, what are a couple good brands to look for, & see if pharmacy even has it? If I get a good opinion that works out for me, helps pain w/ no frikin headaches, I will be glad to share the information, again it's down right cruel what they're doing to people in real pain. Thanks for any good suggestion !

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w john Says:

Re: Manuel (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

My guess is you may never receive a reply from Malinkrodt. First, you have to CARE and, with the political climate being what it is, the people who could do something about the problem are not going to do anything because they simply do not CARE. These manufacturers are being allowed to deliver the worst quality of pain meds that they can manufacture. If you are prescribed 7.5 milligrams of a substance (like hydrocodone for example) they are getting away with delivering 6.0 milligrams of very poor quality hydrocodone. The quality of the binders have also changed dramatically. Long term pain med patients that have sound medical reasons for being PRESCRIBED a pain medication are being grouped in with street drug addicted heroin and fentanyl addicts, criminals that steal their friends and relatives medications, thieves that steal from pharmacies, and any other illegal users of pain meds. I saw a story on the internet about a college student that was using copious amounts of cocaine. He was also mixing it with every kind of pills available. It was mainly the cocaine that killed him. What did the headline of the story say? "Promising College Student Dies Because of the Opioid Crisis". Opioids had NOTHING to do with his death. THIS kind of garbage is what all LEGAL, LONG TERM patients of pain meds have to deal with. Lies, lies, and more lies.

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