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Dontlikethechange Says:
Does anyone know what Watson did or why they changed their formula for Lortab 10/500? It used to be blue and when I picked up my refill today they are now white. I still have a few days of my blue left but I swapped a few so I can try the white. I'm waiting for it to start working and I took it over 2 hours ago. My rx is 1-2 every 3 hours not to exceed 7 in a day. (my pm dr wants me on a stronger med but anything above hydrocodone makes me euphoric and I can't function) The blue color lortab starts to work within 15 mins. I took my first white color lortab 2 hours ago, waited an hour and took the 2nd and nothing. I will wait 30 mins longer and switch back to the blue until I run out. This sucks. I'm a full time law student, disabled, single mom and can't use my dominate arm because the pain level is too high. (My shoulder dislocates every time I move my arm, even after 3 surgeries the last one being a bone transplant to the shoulder.) Sorry about any typos, I am typing with my left hand and don't have the coordination in this arm/hand that I do with my right. Thank you for any information that you can provide me.

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MississippiMoshPit Says:
The formula hasn't changed at all. Had several friends freakin out about the same thing. Called 4 different pharmacies and all said the same thing. Watson, UCB, & all hydrocodone manufacturers took the dye out of the pills because people were having allergic reactions to it. If your prescription says 10/500 it is EXACTLY the same formula as a blue. They cannot sell you a prescription that has that on the label and it not be true. That is highly unethical and illegal. Not feeling the pill is all in your head. Not sayin your nuts but the mind is a powerful thing and if you truly believe that something won't work, then it won't. If you are still hurting after taking them, get your doc to switch you to Norco 10 and then take a Tylenol with it. Norco 10 is 10 mg hydrocodone with 325mg acetaminophen. Tylenol is acetaminophen. Hope this helps.

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stephen5675 Says:
As far as I know nothing, my dad gets the blue Watson 10/500 and just got his refill last week. So it sounds like the PHARMACY you are using their supplier has changed probably because of price the Watson are a little bit more expensive.

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tammy Says:
In sept of 2012 there was a voluntary recall of this drug. I guess it took this long to rid the supply, Who knows the government is doing so much these days. just another way to control the people

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Verwon Says:
I just want to add some information to this post…

The FDA has requested that all manufacturers make changes to all products that contain Acetaminophen coupled with another medication to limit them all to just 325mgs of the Acetaminophen.

The higher amounts of Acetaminophen create a risk of liver failure with long-term use and it can be toxic if someone takes too much of it in a day.

Some manufacturers have already started to reformulate their products to remove the higher amounts of Acetaminophen and all of them are expected to have it done by January of 2014.

Are there any questions or comments?

You can learn more Vicodin details here.

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Al Says:
I strongly disagree with your thoughts. I have taken this medicine for 8 years due to a bad spine injury. I tried the walmart version of the same med, it had a different manufacturer so the price would be less. It gave no help at all. I suffered for 30 days until new prescription was written and went back to Walgreen quickly. This month's price at Walgreens was cut in half and the color changed from light blue to solid white. I am sure there has been a change of some sort or the price would not have changed so drastic.

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69GTO Says:
Where do you live, and what doctor do you see that gives you Lortab 10. Two every 3 hours. My doctor only gives me 1 every 8 hours and I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, and will not up my dosage or give me anything stronger. Said I would have to go to a pain management clinic for something stronger. Am on a fixed income, and can not find one that takes self-pay patients. I got my Lortab the other day got home and found that they were the white Watson 10/500 and not the blue. And yes they take much longer to start helping the pain, than the blue ones did.

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Dontlikethechange Says:
I've been on it for over 7 years and my pm doctor really wants me to be on morphine and oxycodone for break through. I am allergic to morphine and oxycodone makes me higher than a kite and I'm a full time law student and cannot be "high". I'm maxed out at 7 per day due to the tylenol in them. Even though he says I can take 2 at a time, it's rare that I do. Because I am maxed out at 7 if I take 2 in one dosage that leaves my pain unmanaged for 6 hours. Along with my shoulder dislocating every time I move my arm, the muscle rips from when they put the screws in. I also suffer from RA, arthritis in left shoulder joint, and atrophy. I don't want to be on 7 pills per day, I'd rather take 1 or 2 that work all day and be done with it.

And to those of you that said there is no difference, there is. I spoke with Watson in great length. Yes, they removed the die, they also added other binders. People's bodies act differently to the binders. Yes, it's still hydrocodone 10mg and 500 apap that hasn't changed. As my pharmacist pointed out to me that my system is very sensitive to the various binders and inactive ingredients and that is why he always ordered me Watson. I've used the same pharmacy and pharmacist since my injury in 2005. He suggested that I switch over to a compound in capsule form, this reduces many of the binders. Unfortunately, the cost of the compound can be up there since insurances usually don't cover them. I see my pm doctor on the 28th and I'm hoping he doesn't force the stronger meds on me again.

To the person that mentioned Norco, it doesn't work for me. I need that extra tylenol. I know that the FDA is changing the laws effective in 2014 and my pm doctor is aware of the upcoming change and he's working on another plan of action for me.

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Dontlikethechange Says:
@69GTO- my reply was to you. I am under the strict supervision of a pain management doctor. I am highly monitored and my blood levels checked every 6 months because of the amount of tylenol I take. If you read my last reply, I mentioned he wants me on a stronger medication. I simply cannot take anything stronger than Hydrocodone. The side effects are too much for me to handle, the stronger meds make me higher than a kite. I'm trying to be as functional as possible and even though the stronger medications work better the side effects out weigh the benefits therefore, I refuse them. Before seeing a pain management specialist, my primary care physician prescribed the medication but because I've been on them so long I have built up a tolerance. So once 4 per day didn't work anymore I was sent to a pm doctor. I am low income, and it's a struggle to see him. On the months that I have to see him I have to go days without eating; and only partially pay my electric bill. Many will see cash only patients as long as they pay up front as they will not bill for their services. My suggestion to you is, call your local hospitals and check to see if they have a pm department. Usually the pm doctors that work out of a hospital will see anyone that is referred by another doctor. This is how I found mine. He works out of the hospital around me. I see him every 3 months. I wish you the best of luck. Pain sucks.

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Yola Says:
I've also noticed a big difference between the two. I truly believe some type of formula was removed from the white 540. I believe more than just dye was removed. The blue 540 helps with pain instantly and also last longer. On the other hand the white is like taking a muscle relaxer or something. Though should kept the blue and came out with the white for those that where allergic to the dye. And those that wasn't allergic to the dye could have continue taking the blue 540. With that being said, there is definitely a difference in the two.

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pain patient Says:
I have noticed a difference to. I have been on lortab 10 500 for seven years. I recently had surgurey and had my wife pick up my prescription. Without noticing after my blue ones were out, my wife would bring me the white ones and it did not work. They must have changed something.

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Pamela Davis Says:
I have MS and have had several neck operations.I have been taking Lortab 10 (blue) and now they are white. I called and asked why are they a different color and the pharmacy said Watson has removed the dye from pills and same strength. This is not true on same strength because I can take 4 a day and usally feel some relief every morning after taking 1..I now take one and a couple hours later still the same pain..I have damage now in C-3 and my dr. said due to a MS plaque also in C-3 they can only treat the pain, I am 53 yrs. old and do not abuse my meds but this pain is really hard to fuction daily. I have tried Morphine in past and does not like the effects.My Lortabs Blue were working fine and I DON'T WANT TO GO ON ANYTHING STRONGER...WHY THE SWITCH,,IS IT THE DYE THAT WAS EASING THE PAIN OR IS THAT AN EXCUSE AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY CUTTING STRENGTH????????????

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WonderY79 Says:
Ive been on the blue lortabs for years and I have seen the change too. I have noticed that the details on my scipt on the bottle has changed too. My old bottle,with blue lortabs,reads:HYDROCO/APAP 10/500 with under it saying substituted for:LORTAB 10-500MG and my new bottle,with the white watson 540,reads:HYDRO/BIT
/ACET 10/500 TAB, and there is no subtituted for

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Chipmunk42 Says:
For WonderY79
I just looked at my bottle and it does not say what you sad yours states. I was getting the Watson {blue} at Walgreens for years and now they are white. Shape is still the same just not the color anymore.

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Martie Says:
I've been taking lortab or norco for years. The dye does not affect the strength of the drug. I feel no difference. Mind over matter, guys and gals. If you stop telling yourself it's different, it won't feel different.

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Joseph W Says:
I used to take lortab awhile back, unfortunately I raised my tolerance by taking to many and they quit working all together for me, same thing for everyone I know almost. Some people I know would only use certain pharmacies just so they could get the lortab made by McNiel. The 10mg's were just big and pink, but the 5mg and the 7.5mg were speckled, one with blue speckles the other with green. Everyone, including myself used to be able to tell they worked the best. It doesn't make sense really, everyone in my family and most people I talked to about the speckled ones whose taken them agrees. It got to where people I know , including myself would make sure the pharmacy had the McNiel lortabs , or they would find one that did, so is it really just in people's heads.... One other thing, other people have been complaining about the white lortabs also, there's at least 4 companies that make lortab, lorcet, and norco... Stick with hydrocodone, because schedule 2 drugs are too addictive.

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RMA Medical Assistant Says:
If the drug company lowered the Tylenol dosage then it will be on bottle,,, 10/325 ,, 10/500. 10mg hydrocodone and the 325, 500, or 650 refers to the amount Tylenol in it..... So if ur bottle says 10/500 then ur still getting same dosage...... About the new white pills a suggestion to be able to feel them sooner is chew it up, possibly with ur back teeth so the awful taste is not unbearable....

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hedda1227 Says:
NOT TRUE!! I know fir a FACT that drug mans. can use 95-100 percent of the actual narcotic in its pill formula. Some people feel the difference, but MOST don't. IT IS NOT in our heads. I know my body so well that I can feel the difference!!

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chaos Says:
TAMMY and all others concerned I today picked up my hydrocodone 10/500 , Walgreen s gave me half scrip of blue Watson 540 @ the other half white Watson 540, I'm not sure if there is a difference. I do know that these white ones are somewhat cheaper. Also pharm tech said this is what they will be carrying from now on (at this location) I 've had to take one of these and had no water ( not a great taste) so I did a "taste test" you could say. It had the same taste. I'm just expressing my experiences. THere is however a brand of hydrocodone 10/500 they are pink and the manufacturer is Qualitest. I wonder when those too will change over. AND if they have to change Colts the Watson 10/325 s are yellow the Qualitest 10/325 @@are yellow.....If the FDA made this law to change the color to white I wonder how long it's going to take. ALSO I read this post some time ago about a month ago,I couldn't believe that there was a whit Watson 540! But today witnessed for myself.....Thx to all who share info. And ask questions I also learn things that way too. I think we all have something in common here and its nice to have an unbiased people to ask and share information with GOD BLESS AND may those who struggle with pain continue to live to our fullest potential.

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screw the DEA Says:
If You Are Looking For Someone To Blame It's The DEA. They Are Now Making Healthcare Choices for All of Us Now.

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Jules Says:
Got my hydrocodone for fibromyalgia, and it's changed from peach to white. The white doesn't work. I feel stupid, my pain is still here, and I'm very sleepy. It felt so good to finally be pain free recently, and then they changed the medication and I'm back the beginning. I called the pharmacist and they said only the color is different but that obviously is not true because I am in pain again, so something else changed.

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