Stopping Methadone

Maria Says:

I'm on 75 mg methadone and I want to stop on my own because it seems my counselor wants me on forever. Can I do it myself being on an anxiety med?

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Cats68 Says:

T Chang, it is very difficult 4 a lot of people 2 taper off of methadone on their own. It should b done slowly and under supervision. I was on (110) of methadone and got down to (24). I was in such bad withdrawals, I thought I was going 2 die. I ended up at my Doctors in tears. He put me on suboxone that day and I felt so much better. Anyway, I REALY WOULDNT recommend u doing it your self.

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Cats 68 Says:

P.S. U have the right 2 get off the methadone if u want. Just let you're Doctor or counselor know when u r ready. They will taper u down the right way. So, u won't go through bad withdrawals.

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albertagirl Says:

Are you on methadone or have you come off it successfully?

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Linda Says:

My clinic knew I had a benzo prescription. I have never abused benzos. Once or twice a month I take .25 mg to help sleep. HARDLY a dangerous dose. Now they are trying to force me to detox for benzos. I've had clean U/A's for 6 weeks...they said I was positive a month ago and the clinic Dr knows i talked them rarely. A counselor lost her job for calling the state.

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wilki Says:

I am pregnant and on 25mgs of methadone daily and want to know if it would be ok to stop 25mgs in one go or if it's safe to come down 10mgs? Also, can anyone offer advice on what I can take for pain, ect.?

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Zm Says:

Re: wilki (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hell no it can kill your baby if u stop and u will feel so bad ul wana die urself just leace jt be til u have ur baby then just try going down 2 mg a week till 0 u should be ok

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Mare Says:

I used to be on methadone for my back issues years ago. When I tried to stop taking, the withdrawals were horrible. Then I decided to reduce the amount every week until I was only taking one when I felt shaky. It took a while for me but I was on 4 10mgs daily for several years. I never thought they helped but that was the only option left at that time. My advice is if you want to stop taking them, do it slowly. You’ll get there. Good Luck!

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Liz Says:

I’ve been there and done that... the very best thing to do is to go to a doctor and get on subutex...

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Bradleyblueyes Says:

Re: Cats68 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

First off unless u want to try subutex or suboxone which is buprenorphine aka subutex with naloxone which is more $ and if you need to relieve severe pain nothing will work so I dont recommend suboxone but subutex. Yea. However I do better on methadone; when I stop my methadone I'm back to spiking my arm. Being through this world of opiates for over 20 yrs., I'll tell you, just remain on the methadone or if u rather not take it for some baffling reason go to buprenorphine maintenance. Listen, opiates abusers are not drug addicts, we are dope fiends. We have destroyed the part of the brain that gives us a normal feeling a everyday regular persons feeling of a good day or I'm ok feeling. U will either be jonesing constantly, u will be severely depressed or have severe anxiety or just turn into a straight up mean a**hole. Some of us will just have all of the above when trying to live without opiates. Even the bible jumpers who do the NA AA they will eventually start using again. We have to and that's an actually scientific medical fact. Not so much for addicts but 99.5% of us dope fiends. So you have to remain on a maintenance medication. Think of it as your insulin. Does a diabetic stop taking their insulin because they just want to get off it? No. If they do they die. Same with us.

Look, it's also a great cheap drug, it's a painkiller from around the 1890's. Now I know these clinics that make you pay for it are making close to a 1000% gain in revenue, because if you are lucky enough to get a private dr to prescribe to you which is easy however they only will do it for at the most a month unless u tell him it's for pain management. But then he will just run a pmp and find out your full of s*** anyway. If you do go through a doc and pay cash at pharmacy it's about 61 cents per 50 milligram tablets; if your on 200 mill its 2.40 a day rather than the clinic taping you at anywhere from 8 to 20 a day depending on where you live. Unless you're in philly or in New Hampshire it is free. Basically I'm saying even if you go to a clinic u will be happy you wont be using and u wont wake sick every day or worry bout getting off. Then chasing all day. You go get your fix and u good. You can have a good normal life. S*** I'm a calf blooded dope pheen. I've been back on methadone clinic this time around for 5 yrs I finally found a decent one that I like since moving here to Richmond va. Im from philly where the city actually pays but there's a waiting list for all 47 clinics, but they have Van's that go around the city connected to their needle exchange and if u are on a waiting list they will give u 10 bucks up to 3 times a day to go get one's fix. AND THEY SAY SOCIAL HEALTHCARE IS BAD.

Anyway since the clinic I'm on now this go around, granted, it was harder to get back, but since then life has been good. I got boat, a f***in badass hellcat and a nice place with a decent job. I pay bills, I get myself toys and s***. I like cats, pistols, knives, nice clothes, watches and I'm also able to go out and party, still not like do drugs but I'll go to the bar. S***, I'm at happy hr 3-4 ×'s a week and my fridge is packed with brew. So life is good all because u take my methadone everyday (my insulin) and I only have to go to the clinic once a month now. I have been back on methadone this go around for 5 yrs and have been at my current clinic for 3 yrs. I call it getting my fix. I drink my methadone and I'm cruising. Opioid addiction is way different from drug addiction. 96% of the success from us dope fiends is treatment of methadone maintenance and or some other form of a maintenance program. While success comes to those who go through a detox and follow it. With Bill W 's cult I'm referring to AA NA. He was the founder. Anyway the success rate going that route is 1 in every 10 and if you are that lucky you will still not be recieving the formula that makes your brain and body fell ok successful euphoric normal cause you will not be taking a opiate. Oh yea and f*** those people who also are total misinformed bout what the drug methadone does to the body.

It doesnt rot your bones, if people on methadone are complaining they are losing their teeth it probably is because they never have taken care of them and when they were using they emphatically ignored their oral hygiene, so permanent damage was done. So their teeth are all f***ed and missing since being on methadone for awhile and they just dont seem to realize it wasnt the methadone, it was their dope fiend ass for neglect of oral hygiene. Then the idiot people who say well if that's true why are my leg bones and back and hip all f***ed up. Simply because they are just a typical lazy ass, bad diet, no exercise, overweight couch potato. And when they where using well u know how it is unless theres dope in your pocket you are on the chance walking to the spot going into stores to boost. They were getting more exercise when they were abusing drugs and running. Now they are on ssi and just pay rent, watch tv and eat. Gaining weight your skeleton structure isn't used to. Me, I get a check every month for service in the usmc but since I'm a materialistic mofo and like to look good and spoil myself I still work full time and hope the gumby teeth are still in my head and my level bones ain't always hurting.

So basically if I were you I would take heed to what your counselor is telling you. Just stop fighting it, don't worry about the stereotypical a**hole who are completely ignorant toward methadone. Tell them to read a medical journal on methadone maintenance. They're the ones' usually that found some clean time by going to meetings after a detox program I guarantee those *******s well 1 of 10 of them will be jabbing at veins soon enough, meanwhile I take my fix in the morning and I'm good.

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Chulio Says:

Re: Bradleyblueyes (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I know this is old but ignore the last post. Nothing but negative misinformation. You can successfully get off methadone. I did it by tapering to 1mg and then quitting. Methadone is hard to get off of though. Part of the problem is the dose. When I (many others) come in we start low but keep going up in MG's. That is because we don't just want to get clean but we want to get clean comfortably. There is a balance there somewhere and you can find yours.

After 20-plus years without it, I developed cancer and now take Sublicade for the pain. I opted not to take pain meds because I know where that will lead me. I wish they had its drug years ago because it works and you won't be nodding off all the time because of the methadone. Good luck

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Shawn Says:

I have been at 150mg of methadone per day for over a year! Can I just stop if I start using a comparable dose of THC to get through the withdrawal time?

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EasyWind Says:

Re: Shawn (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

No way man!! Don't even think about it. If you go cold turkey from 150, you'll be in the worst hell imaginable. The thc won't make a difference. Your best bet is to taper down slowly. It'll take a long time but it's the only way that truly works.

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