Prolia Issues And Side Effects

Anni Says:

I am not going to have my next shot of Prolia due 11 June. I have already had two injections and lately have suffered horrible side effects such as terrible constipation, leg and foot cramps, skin rashes, stomach pain,etc.

I also found out that Prolia works by stopping the body's own bone production, causing old bone to become denser. This results in probable fractures due to old brittle bones, Prolia also causes low calcium levels in the blood, a weird side effect seeing it is supposed?to strengthen boned!

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Judy Says:

I am sorry for your pain and suffering, I am on the "high risk list" for fractures, so having a product that has rebuilt bone mass in MY body is a blessing. No, I don't like the side effects, but I don't want to be in a wheel chair either..
Good Luck To You and Blessings

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Anni Says:


I am also s high risk fracture patient, but increasing bone mass with old bone does not decrease your fracture risk.

Prolia just increases bone mass by stopping the body's own bone remodeling process, It can also decrease blood calcium levels, which is a strange side effect for a supposed bone strengthening drug!

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David Says:

Vitamin D and Magnesium are also important for bone health and density. Have either of your doctors recommended supplementing with any nutrients to use alongside the Prolia? I'm not a doctor myself, but perhaps overtime you may not have to rely on Prolia as much if you're taking other preventative measures as well through diet and exercise.

It's unfortunate that many types of prescriptions can backfire with side effects that are almost opposite of what it's intended to treat. Hopefully you're not experiencing any more negative reactions to the Prolia... but if you do you can always report serious side effects to the FDA via their MedWatch Program at:

I hope this helps!

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Anni Says:

I do not think the FDA is interested in suffering patients in Australia!

I do take Vitamin D and try and eat a well balanced diet, however aI have had 8 back surgeries in the last 25 years and now have chronic pain syndrome.

The side effects from the Prolia just add to the overall misery.

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Car Says:

Has anyone had memory problems after taking Prolia?

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Siglam Says:

I am sorry to hear what you have been through. I agree with you that Prolia could have contributed to what happened. What I have been reading about Prolia has convinced me to pass on that remedy.

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Donna g Says:

I read a report not long ago on the study of osteoporosis drugs and showed they had no results in building bone. It made fractures worse and slower healing. Will never take another drug for osteoporosis. Walking and other weight bearing exercises will help and calcium and vitamin d at the proper levels.

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Jody Says:

My 3rd injection was 8/13/14 in October I started getting mouth pain went to the dentist new dentures in the 8 months I have suffered everyday and night I have been to oral surgeons, ent. I now have tmj. I am 44 and this injection has ruined the quality of my life. I have another appt in June at the Cleveland clinic. I will never recommend this injection. The FDA has no idea of long term side affects.

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Siglam Says:

Sorry you are dealing with the results of something that is supposed to be helpful. And you can bet the FDA knows more than what they share. Good luck to you.

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Poodle Says:

I'm not sure the FDA cares. I have never hurt so bad in my life -- my spine feels worse than when it breaks and I have constant headaches, cannot use right arm and after injection was barfing and diarrhea. I wish there were a way they could take our blood and put in clean blood without Prolia and it may help us start feeling better to get this stuff out of our bodies. There will NEVER be another injection in my life. It knocks out our immune system so a simple spider bite won't heal which is usually a 5 second job.

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Comments Says:

Poodle: I am sorry to hear of your pain. Side effects vary for each individual. My initial contact with the FDA consisted of a list of my side effects.

Consider having a look at the National Osteoporosis Foundation web site.

FDA Online Med Watch: 1-800 332-0178
Amgen Health: 1-877-562-4111

You can request a free report of Prolia events from the FDA at:

Office of Management
Division of Freedom of Information (HFI-35)
5600 Fisher Lane Room 1035
Rockville, MD 20857

Call: 301-796-3900
Fax: 301-827-9267

I hope your doctor was able to give you some help.

Wishing you the best

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Dj Says:

Have had 2 inj's., heart fluttering, Weakness, fatigue, lightheaded, to the point of feeling like I was going to pass out, that was first inj., ended up in hospital, many diagnostics but nothing showed up. Did not relate it to Prolia inj. as it had been a few months since inj.. Had second inj. three weeks ago, side effects are severe, heart flutters, confusion, weakness, severe fatigue, almost to the extent of not being able to function, throat tightness hoarse voice, extreme heartburn and indigestion.... The list goes on and on. Wondering how long this will last, sometimes I feel like giving up, I am 73 years old

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Gloria Says:

Anni, I had my last Prolia shot Feb. 23, 2015. The side effects have been horrible. I am still suffering from a lot of the side effects, including all of what you described. I will not take another shot!!

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Jan Says:

Yes- I call it Prolia fog... My shirt term memory is so short term that it creates frustration daily.

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Charlotte Says:

Hi, I just started Prolia on Wednesday 8/12/2016. I had a routine checkup before the injection. I was fine health wise. I had the injection that afternoon. As the day went on I started to feel with flu like symptoms which lasted till the following Monday 8/17/2016. I called my doctor and she informed me that I should not have had that serious a side effect and to take mega dose "1,200 calcium" a day. Now I am concerned about kidney stones. "ONE DOSE MEDICINE DOES NOT FIT ALL". I may not take the next dose in Feb. 2017. We are all getting old, there will be different benefits to this stage of our lives. These medicines are just a "bandaid" to prolong the aging process, some are helpful some are detrimental. Choose what is best for you or none at all. GOD BLESS!

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Barbara Says:

Had prolia shot dec 9th and started bad skin rash very itchy. Went to derm gave me
Oinment, didnot help. Then had second shot june9th still have bad itchy rash!

I need to go for my next shot in December May pass it up,
The itchy is unbearable at times.

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Jan Says:

Your story reads like mine. I did not get my second shot... Too many side effects. I'm too sick now.. And sorry I had the first shot. Now my goal is to wait, treat side effects and rebuild my health.... Thank you for sharing...

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Nancy Says:

Don't do it!!! I have an earlier posting which you may be able to reference, but after 3 shots I was nearly debilitated to the point my family (not my prescribing) doctor had me tested for Parkinson's, MS, Alzheimers, and other neuro-muscular possibilities. I virtually became another person both physically and emotionally. After 6 months since my last injection I am beginning to return except for the nearly constant aching in my legs. As a former rower, skier, and teacher of stage movement I have always been able to walk great distances. Now, I'm lucky to be able to do 3 miles at a very slow pace and with considerable effort.

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Poodle Says:

Annie~Australia should have its own version of the FDA in the US. You will have to ask around and find what it is named and then give them a complete list of all side effects you have had with Prolia. Canada has one so I'm sure Australia has one too.
Your medications have to be cleared by some agency in your Country. You need to ask and maybe a pharmacist will know the answer to that question. Pood

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Ida Says:

I had two Prolia injections. Loosing hair to the point where I am going to buy a wig. Anyone else having this thinning hair issue after using Prolia?

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Susan Says:

Prolia has literally killed me. After I went on prolia I got a benign brain tumor , a malignant brain tumor , neuroendcrine cancer.

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Daisy Says:

Re: David (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I have taken 2500 mg of Vit D along with 250 mg to 500 mg of Magnesium daily for years but it didn't work. Oh and calcium 1600 a day. Every bone med has messed me up and yet as I labor through PT for a fractured shoulder, elbow, and wrist...I give up. Going on Prolia again despite growing a bony tumor in my eye socket possibly from Prolia (2014) and a fractured spine (2013) after coming off of Boniva IV (3.5 years) I give up.

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Dawn Says:

Re: Kazz (# 124) Expand Referenced Message

Well I have been 1 year post first and only injection.It has been horrific. To this day I still have side effects.Every week I get a reminder of this nasty drug. I had the worst allergic reaction within hours of the injection and it just kept coming. I know still have angioedema like signs and my asthma is not stable like it was. I the end it hit my lungs and bronchi..I have ended up with bronchiectasis which my new specialist is still trying to define. I have tried to set up legal action but according to legal counsel I am not sick enough. But I keep watching. I feel bad for anyone that thinks this medication is of any assistance, it isn’t just that some symptoms are not as strong for everyone but I can assure you all of us that have been exposed have some sort of symptoms.


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Kazz Says:

Ive had 2 shots and wont have anymore. Have had lots of side effects. It does prevent bone turnover leaving your spine pack with old dead bone so it looks like bone density has improved but its an illusion . As soon as you stop you can have spontaneous fractures in your spine. This drug should be banned!...

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Dawn Says:

Re: Judy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

The difficulty is that it really does not do what they say and the adverse effects get more pronounced. Do your homework on this nasty medication and truly make sure you are ready to accept all it can do to you. There are no guarantees you will not end up in a wheelchair taking this poison. It is horrific. I now have right ventricular heart failure from pulmonary hypertension resulting from increased severity of my asthma directly linked to the Prolia injection and I only had one. All this along with 7 months of pure hell post injection. They can go to hell with their claims as it has not changed anything but made me sick when I was fine.

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Dawn Says:

Re: Judy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

That sad part about that Judy is that it really does not do what it is supposed to. You need to do some reading on Prolia to understand all the effects. There are individuals who did not have any reaction until many injections later and then had awful affects. It is not a miracle drug at all. Some have ended up in a wheelchair by using this poison. I don’t mean to be negative but everyone should really do their homework before using this drug. I wish I had.

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Jude Says:

Re: Sodapop (# 52) Expand Referenced Message

How are you now?

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Marlene Says:

I too had nasty side effects after my third injection that included horrible constipation, fatigue and high cholesterol. My doctor said those side effects were rare and I said no more

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Dawn Says:

Re: Judy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Just to make sure that you understand that taking this drug will not prevent you from the wheelchair. There are many who are in one after taking the injection. Everyone is different of course but do your homework folks and when you decide to take this drug that you know what you are dealing with. I did mine too late but I can assure you I now know more than any physician dispensing this poison. So do not go blindly into this night.

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Andrea Says:

Re: David (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

David, I am using lots of D. My level is very good. I am using all kinds of good food and supplements but the discomfort from Prolia is sometimes almost unbearable in the mouth some days. I did not even really need it. Come to find out, one of the doctors I saw mentioned to me: "Oh, you take Prolia? I have bone mass similar to yours and I had breast cancer too and I don't take Prolia" *(unusual for a doctor to say that to me, don't you think?)Then she turned around and said, "YOu must have hidden acid reflux" or GERD whatever it's called!! I don't even have osteoarthritis. Good grief.

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