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JayyLuis Says:

I have been prescribed prednisone 20mg. And am directed to take 2 tablets daily for 5 days. I am male and weigh 158lbs. Do I take 1 tablet every 12 hours or do I take the 2 tablets together each day as one?

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David Says:

Although I would have your doctor confirm this - In most cases, the term "twice a day" usually refers to having one pill every 12 hours (morning and evening).

I believe it is mainly to help keep the medication in your system for as long as possible, throughout the course of 24hrs. Are they extended-release capsules?

I hope this helps!

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Anish Says:

Can anyone suggest me an exercise to make my hip muscle strong? I am suffering from "Inward Knee Collapse". I learned that i need to strengthen my hip muscles.

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Janu Says:

When it say take 2 tablets by mouth daily for 5 day it mean I can take 2 tables together?

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Kay Says:

Try yoga. It's good for your whole body. Ur instructor can tell u the best ones for strengthening your hip and thigh muscles to help ease the knee issue. I tried yoga years ago and hated it. Lol. Now I'm 58 and love it. It made me stronger better endurance and I just feel better. More ZEN I guess. :)

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Prettyjuls Says:

No one ever answered your question. Did you ever get an answer?

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Prettyjuls Says:

You can them together or separate them.

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Michele Says:

what happens if you were to take 2 instead of one at a time?

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Nikki Says:

It means: If it states; Take 2tabs daily for 5 days. You take 2tabs at one time a day for 5days.... If it states: Take 2 tabs twice a day (bid)for 5 days that's a total of four pills for that day.

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Chris Says:

The term twice a day does mean, as it says, two times a day, however, that's not what the poster said. They said they were told to take two tablets daily, and in fact, two tablets once a day is the standard dose for a 5 day course of prednisone. Please don't post a reply if you don't read the original post carefully as some people actually take advice from places like this.

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holly Says:

I missed the last two days of my five day prednisone pack for my itching and now I have had a headache for three days. Please advise.

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Loretta Says:

I've been taking 20mgs of Prednisone daily and after 1 week I am now getting terrible migraines. I have tried acetaminophen but it offers no relief.

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Red Says:

Re: Janu (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Whenever a prescription states "Take 2 tablets daily", this means you take them at the SAME time!
If a prescription says "Take one pill twice a day." THIS means you SPLIT the 2-pill a day dose....normally every 12 hours for as long as prescribed.

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Laura Says:

Hi, I am prescribed prednisone 20 mg twice a day for 5 days, Could It give me side effects, such a swollen face if I am only taking the medication for 5 days?? my diagnosis is Wrist Synovitis
Thank you

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Junior Says:

I have been taking prednisone for about 5 days now and my stomach is not feeling well today. I have a heartbeat of 106. Is that bad? What should I do to bring it back to a normal range?

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ValD Says:

I am on 20mg twice per day. The pharmacist said to take one in the morning and the other at lunch. If you wait too late it will interrupt your sleep. Call your pharmacist for clarity.

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Ray Says:

I have been prescribed prednisone (various dosages) for arthritis for eight months. It seems to work somewhat, but how long can I take this drug? I cannot get a straight answer from my physician.

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Heather Says:

I was prescribed prednisone 10mg (3 tablets by mouth once a day). I have high blood pressure anyway and now I feel worse. I have taken it 4/5 days prescribed. Can I just stop the prednisone?

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Mason Says:

Re: Heather (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

A doctor would probably advise you to titrate (take 2 pills today and then the last tomorrow). However, having been prescribed prednisone several times myself, I have simply quit taking it after only 3/5 days and at times not even taken the full dosage. Most of the time my doctor doesn't even have me titrate. He just has me take 5 a day for 5 days and that's it.

That being said I think you will be just fine not taking the remainder. That is just my opinion based on my experience and what I have done. I am not a doctor.

I usually like to keep a couple in reserve as well as I take them for gout attacks. Usually if I feel an attack coming on taking 2-3 10mg prednisone will be enough to prevent/reduce the initial onset of painful inflammation. At that point I can just take an NSAID like ibuprofen to fend off the remainder of the attack.

Prednisone is a powerful steroidal anti-inflammatory and is good to have on hand IMO as long as you don't over do it. A little goes a long way, at least for me and my gout attacks.

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Mason Says:

Re: Ray (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

You might ask a pharmacist. It may depend on what type of arthritis you have. Generally most forms of arthritis have more effective long term medications available. I think it IS somewhat unusual to take prednisone daily for that long.

I'm not a doctor though so, like I said, check with a pharmacist or call a nurse hotline.

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Jackie Says:

I have been on injections of steroids and prednisone for over 3 yrs for my lungs. I'm now down to 10mg for the past 6 months but feel more emotional, nervous, short-tempered, depressed and not myself. I felt better on the higher dose. My adrenal glands don't work. Can 10mg make you feel this bad? My blood pressure is high with taking 12 pills daily. I feel so miserable and have to take naps because I can't stay awake. Not me. Any answer? My Endocrinologist said he can't help right now but I forgot to tell him how I feel emotionally. I'm 63 and had to have steroid induced cataract surgery in both eyes and now can't see because its all been blurry since November. Thanks and God bless.

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