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keishainu Says:

This past Friday, I had an allergic reaction to Nubain. Within 5 minutes of the injection I was experiencing all over body burning chills. Within the next 20 minutes, 911 was called. 4 EMT's arrived to find me on the bed having convulsions and screaming. It too 2 of them to hold me down so benedryl cound be administered. I was taken to the ER where for the next 7 hours I screamed and convulsed, the movement was totally involuntary. I could not stop shaking. The screams were caused by the pain over my body which felt like I was on fire and being frozen at the same time. I had difficulty breating, also. It is now Wednesday and I am still fighting the reaction...I still have spasms, chills, shaking, memory loss, vision loss in right eye, pain over body and extreme sweating. I contacted the mfg. co., but they have not returned my message....can someone please help......Keishainu

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keishainu Says:

In addition, the ER Doc had never seen the type of reaction as I was having. The amount of meds used , to quote the Doc, was enough to sedate an elephant....and I am still reacting. I will be going to an NMD tomorrow who will try to neutralize this horrible drugs effect. This one injection is going to cost me a small fortune. I am angry over the fact that the Company has not returned my message...all suggestions are welcome. I totally believe that ENDO Pharm should be responsible for the damage one of their drugs cause. If they are putting a dangerous drug on the market....they at least should have the antidote available for emergency use. None was available, which is why I still am in a reactive mode.

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SAME Says:


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LROrr Says:

My daughter just had a severe allergic reaction to Nubain IV push. She had flushing claminess, eyes glassed over, couldn't lift arms. Was treated immediatedly with Solu-Medrol and Benadryl. After stabilizing she had nearly 4 hours of dystonic reactions, flailing arms and legs, abdominal cramping, It was horrendous. Why is dystonia not listed among the possible side effects?

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Verwon Says:

Wow, I am very sorry to hear of all these problems. However, with any medication, there is ALWAYS the risk of side effects or allergic reactions, even if its something you've used before.

That said, the problem with the side effects list is that by law, they are only required to list a certain number of the most common and most dangerous, they do not have to list them all.

The information is available, however, you have to know what to look for in order to find it. This generally requires searching under the drug name and the phrase 'full prescribing information.'

In most cases, you will be very surprised to see how many possible reactions there are that ARE NOT listed in the regular monographs.

The narcotic Morphine has over 22 PAGES of them!

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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patricia Says:

I too had a horrible reaction to nubain being injected into my epidural after a surgery. I felt as if my blood was boiling and my skin was about to peel off. It lasted about 15 minutes and I could not get a breath. I was in the hospital and the rapid response team helped me over the reaction. I wonder what else this has done to my body. It was truly awful.

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KathyO Says:

I have advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis. My Left wrist swelled painfully. Had a negative X-ray so Dr (fully informed for current drug regimens and allergies--Aspirin, Penicillin, Thoradamides, Ornate, Iodine, Latex) Within 5-10 min of getting 2 shots containing: Nubain, Phenergan, and Decadron, I presented with Severe Dystonia, in all parts of my body, in the car on the way home with my 22 yr old son driving. For the next 7 hours he watched me flail, scream in the most terrifying sounds he says he’s ever heard and survive severe Faecal incontinence, severe vomiting, and pain of 9 to 10 without relief. The Drs in Hospital who figured it out had were ready to intubate me and force a chemical coma so my body wouldn’t syrcome. By Gods grace things turned around. 7 hours later I awoke to my sons reassuring face, and a Dr saying that he hopes I never remember it all, it was so painful for him to watch. My heart could have stopped; I just came out of Congestive heart failure in January. I’m on 3L O2 24/7 and my lungs are ready to give out. Why are these drugs even given together?

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MsAshley Says:

I was given Nubain in the ER for a migraine and out of nowhere I begin to have chest tightness, difficulty with breathing, dizzy, and blurred vision and the hospital’s Dr didn’t take it serious and tried to say that I was having anxiety and left me unattended to, until someone else threatened to call 911. Then they begin to rush and give me several doses of medicines to counteract a allergic reaction. I kept trying to explain something was wrong…they never told me I had an allergic reaction and maintain that I was having a panic attack and that it was in my mind. So from that point on I was afraid to be treated in the ER. I had to be brought in the ER by ambulance for chest pains and they discovered along with whatever was going on with my heart rate that my BP was extremely high and after a while of trying to convince me to take meds, A nurse asked me why was I so afraid and my husband told her of the previous incident and she asked the head Dr if she could search the records to see what happened and she came back and told me exactly what happened and it was in the records that I had indeed had a severe reaction to the Nubain and they had a flag on my records “DO NOT GIVE PT NUBAINâ€! She even told me all the measures that they did to back track their steps. It was also in my records from previous visits that Pt isn’t a medicine seeker, is only desiring to stop the vomiting and is willing to tolerate the pain, it wasn't like I was a regular trying to get a quick fix... I understand that you are taking a huge risk taking any medicine, but the lack of compassion and the unprofessionalism that was shown, was far worst humiliating than the actual allergic reaction. Does anyone know what is in Nubain that is causing such reactions?

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Jennie Says:

I had a reaction to Nubain several years ago after being given a shot of it in the ER for a migraine. Though I was totally alert, I was not able to speak or move. I am so grateful that I did not experience the severe pain and hours of seizures that many of you relate. However, it was terrifying to be locked in and not be able to even tell my husband that I was not sleeping or resting, but that I simply could not speak to answer him. What if I had been having trouble breathing etc? I sure would not have been able to say so!!

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Latochia Clary Says:

Hello I just went through this last night I was given the s*** of nubain for pain in my leg.I had severe vomiting slow and fast heart rate trouble breathing I was weak this drug is dangerous

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Sigourney1 Says:

What hospital?

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HappyHolly22 Says:

I was just given nubain in an IV yesterday for cellulitis. Immediately my whole body was on fire and it stung all over. I began flailing and twitching and involuntary tightening of abdominal muscles. I felt an out of body type sensation and i felt frozen. Then there was a very hot tingling starting with uncontrollable hot and cold bouts. I was either shivering and frozen or sweat pouring out everywhete within seconds of eachother. I continously had to urinate and felt like ibwad gonna die. Most terrifying and scary moment in my entire life and my poor ten year old daughter witnessed the whole thing. I have never had side effects from any drug besides this one and would never recommend it.

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Lee Says:

I had a very bad experience with Nubain and Phenergan. Almost immediately after the injections I started to have very bad paranoia, hot and cold flushing, trouble breathing, extreme anxiety, and I felt like I was having a heart attack! I also was trembling, twitching, and throwing up. I called 911 and taken to the ER where they left me alone for 90 minutes as they observed me. I had soiled myself and finally they gave me a Benadryl shot and I came out of the state I was in. It was so scary!!! Never again will I take Nubain , it caused me a very dangerous reaction.

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Mandy Says:

In July of this year (2016) on a Saturday morning, I went to my local urgent care facility in town concerning a bad ear ache. Hoping to get some answers as to why my ear was hurting so much, I thought maybe I had an ear infection or something and the doctor would probably write me a prescription for an antibiotic and send me on my way. Well, what I thought would happen most definitely did not happen. The doctor looked in my ear and told me I did not have an ear infection but in fact had some sort of "nerve" problem that was causing my ear to hurt so bad. So I'm like "Okay, but I really think it's an ear infection,'re the doctor so I'm trusting your opinion is right." The doctor offered me a shot for the pain and I stupidly agreed to it. Not knowing how sick and awful this "pain" shot was going to make me feel....had I known, of course, I would've NEVER agreed to getting it. Within a minute or two of receiving said shot I immediately felt warm and flush all over. I told the doctor's assistant I felt sick like I was about to vomit. I asked where the nearest bathroom was and proceeded in that direction but was unable to vomit, only a lot of dry heaving and extreme shakiness. The nurse asked if I would like a fenergin shot for the nausea and I shook my head "yes". The nurse gives me the fenergin shot (at this point I'm hoping and praying that brings some relief to whatever is happening to my body at this point). Oh, but no....little did I know the party was just getting started. I have my mom drive me home and then she rushes to the pharmacy to pick up whatever medicine the doctor happen to write out or call in for me. All I can remember is waking up in a cold shower barely able to keep myself up right leaning against the shower wall and not even feeling the water hitting my body. I was SO SICK. Mom gets home from the pharmacy and I vaguely remember her asking me why I was in the shower, and a cold one at that. I still couldn't tell you to this day how I ended up in that shower. Anyway, I manage to drag myself out of the shower and put a t-shirt on and plopping down onto my bed. Still feeling nauseated as ever hoping and PRAYING for God to save me from this Hell I was experiencing. Yes, it was That bad. Slowly by the second or third day after receiving those shots I sort of started feeling some what back to my old self again. Had I known then what I know now, I would have never gotten out of bed that Saturday morning and just suffered peacefully in my own bedroom. It WAS one of the WORST days of my life thus far. I kid you not. If only there were some kind of scanning device that could let the patient and doctor know how a person's body would possibly react to certain types of medicines or all medicines for that matter. Nubain shots are forever a no go in my book. Also, I've become extremely untrusting and apprehensive of doctors since that Saturday back in July. I'd like to be able to forget about it but I really don't see that happening.

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