Is It Possible To Take Vicodin Long Term & Not Get Addicted?

Bob Says:

I have advanced psoriatic arthritis and have had 4 major spine surgeries. Without the drug I the pain would be intolerable. I have taken Hydrocodone for many years yet I don’t feel like I’m addicted. I don’t have any of the symptoms I read others are having. I have had some constipation but that’s controlled. Nausea is controlled easily by just eating before taking the med. No other issues.

I’m prescribed 5 a day but only take 3 most days. Most likely unless the government outlaws the drug i’ll be on this the rest of my life due to the pain associated with this and other diseases. Because of this drug I am able to lead a fairly active lifestyle for a 72 year old. From what you read on the Net if you take this you have to be addicted and I just don’t think I am. It sounds more like scare tactics to keep those that have an addictive personality from taking them. I feel sorry for those that I read about, sounds horrible. I’ve never seen one article written about someone that has never became addicted with long term use and was just wondering if there are others out there that feel like I do.

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Optimistic Says:

Yes of course, but you will probably have some kind of withdrawals when you stop if you take it long term.

Not like what you see in the movies though.

If you mean physically dependent, no. But if you mean addicted to where you’re craving them and selling your stuff to buy more, of course it’s possible to take them and not come to that.

Most people who take pain meds as prescribed are fine but everyone who takes them long term has to wean off them rather than stop suddenly if you don’t want unpleasant symptoms.

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Roro Says:

As long as you take it as scripted you should not get addicted ..... that's what I am upset about .... I have been on opiods mostly hydrocodone (vicodin) & fentanyl patch (as strong as 75mcg) always took as prescribed for over 2 decades without an issue ... I was even losing weight ... but when the govt decided to punish those of us that follow the prescription because of those that do not follow directions .... I recieved 6 10/325 hydrocodone a day & a 75mcg patch every 48 hours but now they cut me back to 5 10/325 a day ..... I can barely move my BP has increased drastically as have my diabetes numbers both of which are side effects (caused by) of chronic pain ..... as long as you follow the script directions I would say the chances you get addicted is less than 1/100th of 1% but to be honest it's up to you to remain adamant to holding the line of remaining on the script directions .... if you dont need it dont take it .... be strong & may GOD be with you

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VerFree Says:

Most laymen don't understand that there is a difference between addiction, and dependence.

Addiction occurs when someone likes the way a substance makes them feel, but since side effects typically wear off as their body gets used to the substance, they have to keep taking more, and more to get those side effects back. That is how addiction starts, they eventually reach the point where they are taking very high doses, and if they suddenly stop, they will likely experience severe withdrawal effects, that may include nausea, chills, fever, vomiting, weight loss, rebound pain, and seizures. There is also a chance of such symptoms being fatal.

However, dependence is much different, it occurs due to our bodies nature of getting used to anything we ingest regularly, and while we may experience some mild withdrawal effects, if we stop suddenly, they are not usually severe, or dangerous. So, there is really no reason to worry, if you are only take a medication as prescribed, or possibly even less than the prescribed amount.

That is why the FDA warning about Vicodin, and similar medications, states that they may be habit forming.

Typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation.

Ref: Vicodin Information

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