I Have Been Taking 30mg Of Methadone For 6 Weeks And Changed Script Now Take Percocet How Long Will It Me To Stop Having Withdrawls

Luckyshwinn2011 Says:

I have been taking 30mg a day of methadone for 6 weeks and wanted to switch to percocet and changed script now take 45mg of percocet a day. How long will it take for me to stop having withdrawls symptoms from methadone? I am feeling sick even while I am taking the percocet. Is it possible to still go through methadone withdrawls even while you are taking the percocet?

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Kady Says:

You should not be switching from methadone to percocet which is very addictive also. If your Dr. can perscribe suboxen try that. It helps to take away the pain of opiate withdrawl.

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Kady Says:

I forgot to mention Suboxen can also be addictive..

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Verwon Says:

Methadone is well known to cause withdrawals, regardless of what it is replaced with. That is why many people end up on a lifetime maintenance dose of it, rather than ever being able to become drug free.

What were you taking it for, was it for addiction treatment, or pain?



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The Professor Says:

Yes you will still feel the d.t.'s from the methadone. It has a 72 hour half life. you can determine the time it will take to completely rid your body of the drug. Then you will have to deal with the mental withdrawls

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jack the ripper Says:

how long will percaset 50 mg stay in system and still be seen in urine and blood test at doctors office.i am on soboxin and get tested once a month.is 4 days good to rid them from my system?

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JTG Says:

I've been talking Percocet 10/325 every day 6 times a day for 3 strait weeks. I'm out and and not sure when I can get more, or even if I want more. How long will it take for me not to feel like garbage?

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joe Says:

Ya a while u nee X subs asP

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Margie Says:

I wouldn't think much more than a few days although it's gonna feel like a week or more! I took like tons of 10mg vics a day plus other stuff for years and now I have been on Methadone for 8 years and am now trying to deal with the withdrawl of detoxing from that demon....whatever you do, try an stick it out and keep away from methadone!! Drink lots of water to flush your system and hang in there wish I had a miracle answer for you, good luck!

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Pregabalin Goblin Says:

Man, I feel for you: there are soooo many severely addictive drugs out there; and so many people with really severe physical illnesses who need medications but hate getting hooked on 'em ~ like me!

I recently lived (barely) thru eight days of Lyrica Withdrawal: Drenched in sweat, shivering uncontrollably, vomiting, weeping, hallucinating, gasping for breath, staggering from one room to the next, barely sleeping, even suffering sudden and dangerously violent convulsive seizures! Pregabalin withdrawal is beyond HELL! As I say, I just lived through 8 days of it and then I scored and fixed (legally: I went to the pharmacy & got my Lyrica and took some) and I just woke up from about 4 hours of Lyrica-induced heavy sleep. But the RELIEF! While I was in Withdrawal I don't think I had any Delta-wave sleep at all, which is very wearing and exhausting. If I hadn't had the Hydrocodone to alleviate some of it, I wouldn't have slept at all. As it was it was an abominable ordeal I do NOT wish to repeat.

Maybe Percocet (which I've never had, but I've had Hydrocodone) might not turn out to be the best medication for your pain. But if by any chance you end up being switched from Methodone to Lyrica, be aware that Lyrica IS very effective for nerve pain; BUT it is also very, very habit-forming. GOOD LUCK.

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Barry Says:

My prescription was changed from methadone 80mg A DAY to oxycontin 40mg twice a day. ID been taking the methadone for 8 months and I have never went through anything like it. It severe withdrawal, after 2 weeks into it the oxy would not help pain and would only subside methadone withdrawal for about an hour then it was back like id never taken anything. You hurt deep down in your bones, sweat and freeze, joints hurt, you cant eat, cant sleep and then after 2 weeks of this it gets worse until it finally goes away after a month. But hang in there and get off it and just take what you can to get through it . There is no situation worse than being on methadone because it does nothing for pain you just take it to function.

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jj Says:

I had 2 10mg meth pills about 8 hours apart; is it possible if i drnk 9 pints of water and take 250mg of cranberry powder and 1200 mg golden seal per day that i piss a clean urine in 6 days

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Mitch Says:

So you're going from an extended pain reliever to a short-term pain reliever? Does that mean your slowing weaning off? If you're taking 30mg, I'd try to wean off instead of going cold turkey. Cut them in half and take less each day. You will end up feeling like crap but much worse trying to go from 30mg to nada.

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Tango Says:

It will take 30days to withdraw methodone even if 2mg.

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The grinch Says:

I was on 120 mgs of methadone a day for 4 years. I quit cold turkey and the withdrawals lasted every bit of 5 months. Definitely switch to subs or percs and I would add some maeng da thai kratom. You can legally order it on the web. It's quite close to an amphetamine / opiate feeling. Get the capsules though. The damn powder is like eating crap dust. Buy 100 pills take 5 at a pop and see if it helps. It def helped yours truly. God bless guys. Stay strong.

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Angel Says:

You will find that the perks may make you feel better than the methadone does, IF you take enough of them, but they dont last nearly as long and arent no where near as strong. In my opinion you should go back on the methadone. In the long run it will work much better for you. You build up a tolerance to oxycodone so fast that before you know it you wont be able to take enough to feel it, or to get out of pain. unless you end up getting off pain medication all together, most people end up on methadone anyway, and it really is a much better drug. You dont have to take it every 4 hours only to actually get about 2 hours of relief, like you do with perks. It lasts all day and is so much stronger.

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Lisa Says:

I was interested in your post because I went from 10 to 7.5 with no withdrawals and am going to try 7.5 to 5 next week. Do you think I have less wds because I was only on 10 for the last 3 years? I used it for pain management and not opiod addiction, and am under a doctor's care. I have ativan and clonidine which I have only used a couple of each to help me sleep, but I am sleeping a lot, so I am not going to take those again unless need with the jump to 5. Then I want to use suboxone just for the last jump because you can cut into strips and go down 1 mg at a time. Any suggestions?

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Cleanup4Jahovah Says:

Not at all, Methadone i have been on now for 7 years and have always had dirty u/a's for methadone even after i had been clean off of it for 2 months. This is my opinion from experience and not facts.

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Jewels Says:

I think it can be a 'demon' if not severely needed to save a life...Such as severe opiate addicts that may die anytime... And as well as chronic severe pain sufferers that ive seen that methadone is a miracle medication for which can actually feel like they can live life some...and get out of bed and actually walk with it! Methadone is a Blessing for So Many!

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P450 Says:

Lucky you should never go from a LA drug like that to SA. That is suicide. Call the physician who did this and titrate properly. Depending on your amount of Methadone it might take you months to get off the one and then use SA.

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Jewels Says:

Best advice iv seen so far! Methadone has been a miracle pain medication for me...I have severe chronic pain,without it I would be stuck taking many pain pills all day and night...just for a 2hour relief at a time

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