How Long Do I Have To Wait To Take Suboxone After Taking Methadone For Two Days?

Eric Says:

I have been on morphine for about 7 weeks. I take about 100 to 200mg a day. I am about to switch to methadone in the morning. I am going to take 30mg tomorrow morning and 20mg the next morning. Then on the third day I plan on switching to suboxone. I only have 6mg of suboxone to take on the third day. But my question is, Is it safe to take the 6mg of suboxone 24 hrs after taking the methadone for two days,(30mg the first day and 20mg the second day)?? I'm scared to death of going into precipitated withdrawal when I switch to the suboxone, but I can't get any more methadone and all I have is the 6mg of suboxone. I'm ready to stop the morphine for a while. Rehab is not an option and neither is more morphine, I'm broke.

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Verwon Says:

Actually no, it wouldn't be safe to take the Suboxone that soon after taking anything else.

Along with the narcotic Buprenorphine, it also contains the active ingredient Naloxone, so it can throw you into withdrawals if taken too soon.

Learn more Suboxone details here.

You have to already be in full withdrawals, before you can safely start the Suboxone.

And really, 6mgs of it is not going to be enough to completely break your drug habit.

Why isn't treatment an option?

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joe Says:

i took 20mg of methadone yesterday and 10mg today. when is it safe for me to take suboxone?

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jessica Says:

You have to wait a full 48 hours because methadone has a half life after 24 so it takes 48 for it to no longer be active and safe to switch to subs

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Misti geary Says:

My Suboxone Dr. Always says to wait 3 or 4 days if you are going to go back to using dope,that is to get the Suboxone out of your system.So I assume that you should wait the 3 or 4 days before you start taking Suboxone.They are afraid of accidental overdoses.

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Cats68 Says:

Hi Joe! I switched from methadone 2 suboxone. U have to wait until you are withdrawing before you start the suboxone. If u don't wait, u can get really sick and it will defeat the purpose.

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kimberly Says:

Yes i joined suboxone program on monday at nine am last dose of methadone was taken at midnight.that night im not sure if six mg is going to put you in as much ease as.u had hoped. I am taking two eight mg a day for opiate addiction im clean a year now but that first two weeks was a nightmare but it paid off im back in the community as a functioning reovered addict.

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Jess Says:

I was on methadone for a couple yrs and decided to switch to suboxone. I waited 72hrs and still went into the worst prec. withdrawals of my life but again I was methadone for yrs so it was prob built up in my system, but remember methadone has a half life so my advice would be to wait until your feeling really s***ty... hold out as long as you can.

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jack Says:

Don't worry take what you have for sobox is dafter than they tell you

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subsavedme75 Says:

Wait at least 48 hours otherwise you will go into a massive withdrawal :) Good luck

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Mindy Says:

I have been on 90 mg of oxicontin twice a day for 10 years. Son ripped off my meds and now I have a fentanyl 50mcg/hr patch on with norco 10 every 4 hours....I am thinking of going to a suboxone clinic because even with the patch and norcos I'm in pretty good withdrawals.... Will it hurt to take the sub while I just had the patch on and still in withdrawals? Or will I still have to wait a couple of days. I'm starting to feel worse every hour even with patch.

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Jason Says:

Hi it's been 50hrs since my last dose of methadone, 8m starting to fill rough, sorry 8 going to try and wait another 12hrs before I start my suboxone I just hope I don't go in to withdraws

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Carter Says:

Google the COWS scale for withdrawals you have to be feeling pretty bad withdrawals otherwise precip and that is BAD NEWS

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tommy Says:

I been taking opiates for 3 months. I took 40 ml of methadone this morning and plan the same for the next 2 days. After that I am going to wait 24hrs before I take subs. Will I be ok?

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jana Says:

Your Ok. Suboxone will not be a problem afterwards. Especially a couple days.

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Bryc Says:

So not take the suboxin after u take the methadone..u will be sicker then a dog..if u was to take the suboxin first then the methadone you.would be OK...but u need to make sure ur n complete withdraw before takeing suboxin.. And with methadone u might fe sick but its still in your system an can stay in your system for up to 30days..that's why its So hard for people to switch from methadone to suboxin .its complete hell..

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Marsha Says:

Hey.. i habe been on
Methadone for 3years at 80mg and my car broke down so i am unable to dose. so i have been detoxing on my own and its been 7 days now. So i was wanting to know is it save to try sub.

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Stacy Says:

If you have only taken it for two days you will not have precipitated withdrawal. You should be fine to take it In 24 hours. Especially if you feel withdrawal symptoms which you will if you were taking that much morphine and took such a low dose of methadone.

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Jesse from NH Says:

What if you took 5mg of methadone, when is it safe to take suboxone?

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Cher Says:

I was taking suboxone for 5 days went back to Oxus for one day want to start back subs today again been 11 hours is it fine to take or I have to wait start all over again
Don't want to get sick

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Shon Says:

It's been 24 hours since my last 18mgs of methadone. How long before I should take my suboxone? Will I be ok to start tomorrow? Withdrawal has started, but it isn't severe yet.

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