Hives From Omnicef

Sharon Says:

I took Omnicef 300 mg 2x a day..I took them for 11 days..was suppose to take for 3 weeks..At the palms of my hands started itching..and were very red..than my left foot started itching..I stoped taking the medicine 1 day ago...this happened on the weekend...of course...I am taking bendryl...about every four hours..Now my left calf has hives..both wrists..have bikini covered with hives..and of all right flame red and itches...also my right knee...I called my doctor today...she said stop the medicine..I said I did...she said take bendryl 50 mg 3 times a day..which I am..and I think more..This is so weird..that it has hit such different parts of my body..ohhh. I could I butt started to itch...and its just covered in hives...Has anyone else had this problem with Omnicef...I think I would rather have the bladder infection than go thru this

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Vickie Says:

Same happened to me. I took it for 10 days, 2x daily. Hives started 2nd day after last dose. Doc says it's an allergic reaction. Hives move all around like yours. VERY painful. Anyone with solutions???

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Karen Says:

same thing here, my daughter is 6. had a sins infection. on the 9th day of the omnicef, she broke out in hives in her head, then neck, some on her back, belly, legs, and worst are her feet. she is MISERABLE. the doctor says it can go on for weeks after the meds are even ot of your system... is started her out with benadryl, really did not work too well. then i went to the pharmacy and was told to try claritin or zyrtec once daily and an aveeno oatmeal bath. they also said you can take bendryl on top of the 24 hours claritin... i did the aveeno bath and she said it made her feel better and not itch. after the bath, i patted her dry and put cotisone cream all over the hives. someof the patches are lighter today but then broke out in new ones in new places. this is crazy!!! hope some of this info helps someone! good luck

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Verwon Says:

Your safest bet is to contact your doctor and follow their advice for a solution. They may want you to take something to treat the hives or switch you to a different medication.

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Sandi Says:

I took Omnicef for an ear/sinus infection ( 300 mg 2x a day ) from 2/04 - 2/13, I stopped taking it because it was making me feel extremely tired. I began taking the pills again on 2/16 because my symptoms were still there and I thought it would be best to finish the script.. I stopped on 2/18 because I notice welps on my stomach.. I immediately started taking benadryl. Over the weekend the welps went full blown on my torso front and back and even in the female area, the benadryl seemed not to work. Also did a monostat. I went to my dermatologist and he said it is an allergic reaction to the Omnicef and also I have hives. I got a steriod shot, Zyrtec 2x day, Benadryl at night, Desonide cream, Sarna lotion. He said this could take up to 2 weeks to clear and most likely I will see it spread to my arms, legs and face before it is all said and done. What a mess!! Hopefully this will help anyone out there. Nasty antiobiotic, would have much rather dealt with the sinus/ear infection.

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SoxFan Says:

This just happened to me too. Had a Sinus Infection and took Cefidnir for 10 days. After 10 days, I broke out in very bad hives on my palms, kuckles and arms. Later it spread to my waist, then feet, especially the soles. It was so painful I could not walk barefoot. Not fun at all. This was the 3rd time I've taken it. I had no reaction the first time. I had a minor case of hives the second time that I thought was related to food poisoning, but know I know better. The third time allowed me to make the link. My Doctor stated you can build up an allergy to it. I'll never take it again. Unfortunately, you need to suffer through it until it leaves your system.

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Sandi Says:

Sharon & Soxfan... 1st of all, I feel your pain and totally understand what you are experiencing - it is hell!! I had to go to the dr again and get more steriods and compresses because it hurt so bad!! I was seriously burning from the inside out. Doc said that if it goes to your mouth/throat you will end up in the hospital - so if the Benadryl does not work go back and get steriods - it finally ended in my ear ( of all places!!) It is 04-13 and I still have extremely dry skin on my back and rear and my skin has lost pigment. I did contact the manufactuer and distributer of this generic drug.. very interesting when you go into the pharmaceutical world..there are so many hands in it. My generic form was made in India and then repackaged in TN and then distributed by another company. Interesting enough, when you go on the website there is no US phone #'s.. I did have a representative contact me regarding this and also reported with the FDA - you need to do the same, this needs to be off the market.

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Pat Says:

I really feel for all of you because I know what you are going through. I am allergic to almost all antibiotics. I can take sulfa drugs and zithromax. For anyone who doesn't know, if you break out in hives from a medication, call your doctor RIGHT AWAY. Next time you take the meds, it can be fatal. I carry an EPI Pen 24/7. I break out in hives from bee stings, certain foods, even some incense gives me hives, so my doctor says rain or shine carry the shot with me.I hope you all get better soon!!

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Stacy Says:

I took Omnicef last night and this morning and I am already itching. I will not be finishing this antibiotic. I hope it doesn't turn into full blown hives.

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Adrienne Says:

Hello, Im at my wit's end here. I was being treated for a redo root canal..initially the doctor prescribed flagyl and i broke out in a rash, so he then gave me clindymicin and i broke out in a rash, I was then prescribed erythromyicin and i have the worst hive and rash and rashes that apear in circles on my forarem. I have been given a steroid injection and taking benedry for the other symptoms every 4 hours, this rash is on my back, the back of my legs, my chest, breast, stomach, arm pits, scalp..all after less than 12 hrs on the pill. I have reacted to penicillian as well. Should I just accept living with the pain of swollen lymph nodes and headace and neck pain?
I basically feel like I am this happening to anyone else? any suggestions..

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Nana Says:

I took this terrible drug Omnicef, Cefridin 6 months ago for an ear infection, I am still breaking out in bumps on my arms and shoulders,I take benadryl at night and Claritin during day to stop itching and stinging but it really never goes away. doctors and pharmacists dont think Cefridin or Omnicef is to blame, but they wont take this medicine themselves.I am calling FDA tomorrow. I have never had a reaction from any other antibiotic. This drug is very dangerous. The ingredients and the method of making this drug should be investigated.Perhaps the drug is contaminated with something, but what is it?

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Priscila Says:

I have hives!! I started taking Omnicef 7 days ago. I always have a contact dermatitis from the smallest things so I start out with some itchy hives on my left arm. It stopped there for a day or two, then a patch of skin on the side of my face started itching, and yep hives. Lastnight my bikini area started itching and yep you guessed it , hives!! I also have splotches on my back, my stomach, under my breast and on my hips. After reading these posts I will be discontinuing the med and contacting my physician. This isn't fun!

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Omnicef is pure evil in a bottle.

Our doctor prescribed it to our 2 yr old son and right off the bat he had severe diarrhea. We're talking pure fluid diarrhea. It came out by the buckets. Looked like car oil. He developed a severe rash to the point he would just stand frozen terrified to move. He would scream bloody murder if you changed him. He didn't sleep for days (and of course neither did we) because the pain was so severe.

It just broke my heart to hear my child screaming from such a horrible pain and telling me Daddy no! Daddy no! Hiney owww!.

We haven't been fond of our doctor the last couple visits (she's a know it all and never takes input from the patient) and when we contacted her about this she said diarrhea is NOT a side effect of Omnicef and she would not change his prescription. I pointed out to her there are thousands of people with the same experience and the official information on Omnicef even warns of severe diarrhea. And of course this all started when Omnicef treatment began.

Needless to say we went another route to get his prescription changed and the buckets of diarrhea have stopped and our little man is slowly healing. And he is sound asleep right now for the first time in a week and a half. :)

None of the above is exaggerated. This stuff is PURE EVIL. Do not ever allow your child (or yourself for that matter) to be prescribed this crap.

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mackenzie Says:

I'm having the same problem with Omnicef. I'm on my tenth (and last) day, having taken it two times a day for bronchitis. At first I thought I had eczema, then I realized that the rash is different. It looks more like measles. I have red, bumpy welts on the upper part of my legs, on my arms and on my hands. Like one poster, I don't have problems with Zythromax. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll start with Benadryl creme and Zyrtec. Hopefully, the rash will clear with time.

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mackenzie Says:

Update: The Benadryl creme has worked very well for this rash from having taken Omnicef. Six hours later, it has significantly reduced the red and bumpy rash. Anyone having problems with a rash from having taken Omnicef might want to try it.

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mabby Says:

I have taken Omnicef generic version made by Greenstone - after 5 days got an awful rash and hives - unbearable at times - if you take this drug and get this - call your pharmacy and find out if it was generic and who made it - then call the FDA and tell them.....

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kimi Says:

My one yr old treated for ear infection. Super watery stools to the point of what I'm thinking was blood (he hasn't eaten anything that color) very bad diaper rash w/ welts. We took him to the dr twice for the diaper rash and their response was antibiotics causes it. The second visit he had the rash only on his bellie and backs of legs. Now he is covered with a hefty rash, face all red from blotches of bumps and his ears and head to toe. Called poison control, emergency room and dr. Everyone said not to worry and keep w/ the meds. I am stopping right away. All this happened in 4 days of taking the generic omnicef.

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Teri Says:

I'm in my 5th day of this miserable rash, same as you have all described above. It started on my 8th day of Cefridin and it took me a few days to make the connection (I thought I was allergic to mangoes). Right now, I have the rash on my stomach, chest, neck, ears, hairline, bottom and bikini line. Raised red blotches with welts that blend together. 1st I went to urgent care (steroid shot, benedryl prescription) and it got worse. The next day I went to the ER (2nd steroid shot, epinephrin and prescription to Hydroxizone). The rash went down quite a bit, but today it is coming back before the Hydroxizone wears off. Does anyone know how long this lasts?

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kimi Says:

My son still has the rash. Still comes and goes and transferrs areas. The pharmacist told me to mix some "floranex" into his food. It made the rash tolerable. I gave him this once a day for three days until his stools became normal looking. Using aveeno bath soap as his dr said he has eczema now. (I don't think she wants to admit it was from the meds) anyway. Lotions aquaphor or the like on the rash has helped, too. I did give him some oatmeal baths, too. His rash has downsized and looks more like heat rash. Small raised bumps only on the back of his arms and thighs. I just really want to know how long everyones rashes lasted. If it lasts any longer I am going to go the the dermatologist and switching pediatricians.

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Momma Holly Says:

My 10 yr old was given this Omnicef and day after finishing meds which didnt clear up the sinus infection he broke out in hives... day 3 of hives and they keep moving and any sweating at all and he is severe pain and is itching coninusly even on steroids...

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Teri Says:

What finally resolved it for me was being on a 15 day cycle of Prednisone in conjuction with antihistimines. When I was finished with the Prednisone, the hives were gone. Whew!

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