Active Ingredient(s): Fexofenadine
FDA Approved: * July 25, 1996
Pharm Company: * SANOFI AVENTIS US
Category: Allergies, Cough & Cold

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Allegra Overview

Fexofenadine, sold under the trade name Allegra among others[1] is an antihistamine pharmaceutical drug used in the treatment of allergy symptoms, such as hay fever, nasal congestion, and urticaria.[4] Therapeutically, fexofenadine is a selective peripheral H1-blocker. Fexofenadine is classified as a second-generation antihistamine because it is less able to pass the blood-brain barrier and cause sedation, compared to first-generation antihistamines.[5][6] It has also been called a third-gene...

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loose motion syrup for 6 yr old
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I have a 6 yr old daughter and she has been suffering from abdominal cramps and frequent loose motion on and off for a week. Please advise what medicine should be given to her. ## I have 6 years old son and he is suffering from loose motion for last night Do advice what medications for her ## Hi. Doctor my baby is5year old and she is suffering from loosemotion and dry cough. Pls tell me is Allegra syrup is good for these problems ## Dark green Loss motions and vomiting 6 year girl and pain in the stomoc. ## My son is 7 years old, suffering from loose motion, fever and vomiting. Please suggest which medicine is suitable for him.
Updated 12 days ago.
Does anyone have experience taking more than 180 mg. Allegra daily?
14 Replies RSS
I am wondering if anyone has taken more than 180 mg. of Allegra daily and lived to tell about it! Just kidding about that last part. I have a particularly bad case of post nasal drip and I DO get some relief from the 180. However, I am considering trying half a tab (90 mg.) at night to get more relief. I KNOW what the recommendation is...I am just wondering. Has anyone tried it? ## Actually, if you're currently taking that much and still have post-nasal drip, then it's most likely time to try something else, rather than more of the Allegra. What other allergy medications have you tried? There are others on the market, some are available over the counter and some by prescription. Have you talked to your doctor about it? What are you allergic to? ## When it comes to prescription m...
Updated 18 days ago.
t-minic and allegra taken together
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Can t-minic and Allegra be taken together (at different times on the same day) for an infant / 2.7-year-old? Could it result in an increased risk of side effects?
Updated 19 days ago.
Allegra-D 12 hour extended-release tablets
9 Replies RSS
fexofenadine HCI 160mg/p pseudoephedrine HCI 120mg ## Can you cut an Allegra 12 hour extended release tablet in half? I took one the last 2 mornings and had trouble sleeping both nights. ## by cutting the 12 hr. in half would it lessen the nervousness side effect? ## No, it is not safe to cut, break or crush any time released medication, because it may cause you to get too much of the medication at once. You can learn more Fexofenadine details here and you can learn more Pseudoephedrine details here. If you are having trouble sleeping, it is most likely due to the Pseudoephedrine that's in Allegra-D, it can cause that and the nervousness in some people. Thus, you may be better off switching to the regular Allegra that doesn't contain it. Are there any questions or comments? ## H...
Updated 1 month ago.
ornidazole side effects
3 Replies RSS
Please tell me about the side effects of ornidazole and how to treat them ## Ornidazole is an antiprotazoal agent, that is also sometimes used to treat IBS. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea and metallic taste in mouth. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Please suggest me the treatment of allergic reaction on lips and finger due to intake of ornidazole IV During hernia operation . Now I am suffering from skin desease due to this . Already taken allegra 180 od from last 3 days but not get relief. Please suggest medicine. ## After taking ornidazole I've been getting painful mouth rashes and ulcers. Whenever I am taking this medicine I am experiencing the same problem always. Is this a common side effect?
Updated 1 month ago.
patadin tablet for chronic urticaria
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Hi. I've been experiencing chronic urticaria for the past 1 and a half years. I have taken steroids like levocet, omnacortil, elina, omcard, allegra 180 and atarax 25... but am still suffering badly. I'm getting hives everywhere on my body. Please help me. I've gone through 4 to 5 doctors with no results. What can I take for relief? I'm currently taking patadin... Will that cure it? Please do reply.
Updated 3 months ago.
How long can I take Allegra for?
1 Reply RSS
My allergies don't act up every day. I would like to know if I can take Allegra year round or do you only take it when your allergies flare up? ## It can be taken either way, unless your doctor has said otherwise. I have periods of time I take it daily, when I'm having a bad allergy flare due to pollen and such, then periods of time I don't, such as in the winter, when I don't need it every day. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 7 months ago.
Generic Allegra D 12 or 24 HR Availability
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I am having a hard time finding the generic equivalent of Allegra D either 12 or 24 HR at any pharmacy in Wisconsin. Is there some kind of recall or something? Unfortunately I can't try the other generics due to a dairy allergy and most other types have dairy in them.
Updated 7 months ago.
what is the difference between allegrq120 and allegra m
2 Replies RSS
DR PRESCRIBED ALLEGRA-120 ALONG WITH RELENT FOR ALLERGIC RHINOSINUITIS WITH dnd,NOW HE HAS GIVEN ALLEGRA-M ## I took allegra 120 last since last 20 day my Dr recommended allegra m...reason that i suffer sinus problem increases ..i ask u that what is diff. Between allegra120 & allegra m I ## I have frquent total nasal blocking with constant sneezing, wateru eyes, sore throat and unable to sleep at night for last two years. Xrays of chest and front portion of head did not reveal much ..only allergic congestion. On docs advice , i have been taking allegra 120mg as well as allegra..m with fluxotine and duanase nadal spray with some relief. But now it appears they aren't effective too. Any other remedy from ur end?
Updated 8 months ago.
purple capsule with "AG" and white stripe / band in middle
3 Replies RSS
I have a capsule that is dark purple with a white band in the middle. Each end of the capsule has "AG" on it. I can't find anything on the internet that matches this description. ## I have the same pills that match your description and I believe they are the Allegra Allergy 24 hr gel caps. See the pic of the box for more detail on RiteAid's website. Hope this helps. ## Thank you! I take a lot of pills and this is new to me. I couldn't figure out what it was. ## Hello, Just wanted to confirm for other readers here that based on the product packaging, Allegra Allergy 24hr Gelcaps are purple capsules with what appears to be a white/silver band in the center. [From an online image vantage point of the box, you can't really tell if it bears the markings "AG"; ...
Updated 1 year ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule: 60mg
  • Suspension: 30mg/5ml
  • Tablet: 180mg, 30mg, 60mg
  • Tablet, Orally Disintegrating: 30mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Allegra: (6 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 0088-1097 Allegra 6 mg/ml Oral Suspension by Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC
  • 0088-1106 Children's Allegra Allergy 30 mg Oral Tablet by Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC
  • 0088-1107 Allegra 60 mg Oral Tablet by Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC
  • 0088-1109 Allegra 180 mg Oral Tablet by Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC
  • 0088-1113 Allegra 30 mg Disintegrating Tablet by Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC
  • 35919-1109 Allegra 180 mg Oral Tablet by Sanofi-synthelabo Limited

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