Generic Subutex/buprenorphine - Which Manufacturer Do You Prefer?

Dee Says:

Hello All,

I recently just got changed from suboxone to subutex due to a pretty bad allergic reaction to the naloxone in the suboxone. Basically my question for everyone is which generic do you guys prefer? My pharmacist can order any kind for me so at the moment I just got the Roxanne ones 8mg - they are white round tablets. This is my first day using and am already noticing my migraines are starting to subside, not fully, but starting to. So yeah if anyone has any suggestions please let me know all the ups and downs that you guys have been experiencing, thanks!

Good luck to one and all!


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David Says:

I may not have personal experience with either of these generics, but I did want to go ahead and link you to a couple other threads here with more information on other Subutex reviews:



Maybe some of the personal experiences on those threads can help you make a more informed decision between the two.

I hope this helps!

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crazy22 Says:

How soon after taking those generic an415 can u take a roxie? I took it and im so sick but afraid to take a roxie cause its too soon i took it at noon today.

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jack Says:

look, all i can go on is my experience with both brands/manufacturers. my experience is honest and forthcoming, i have no reason to lie or give high to marks to one brand and not the other. i had gotten pretty used to the Roxanne brand, the normal sized one with 54/11 on one side i believe. they really worked well for me. after they dissolved under my tongue, i felt the medication working and never had a problem with cravings. Then, out of the blue, my pharmacy changed manufacturers and i was given the really small, HiTech ones. i sometimes break them in half, needing only 4 mg at times and more at other times. needless to say, the Hitech ones make it hard to do this and it never seems like that little of medication could do anything. To make a long story short, i didnt like the HiTech ones AT ALL, they seemed to not last as long and didnt seem to have the amount of medication i was used to. My advice : remain on the Roxanne brand if you can, do not think that less filler is going to necessarily make a better delivery system. They are not as good, bottom line. Just my opinion though.

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cucupuffs Says:

what was the alleged allergic reaction u had to the naloxone in the suboxone to get the doctor to switch u to subutex instead of the suboxone?..i just started with a doctor about 2 weeks ago and he's a real hard a*s or thinks he has to act that way to us opiate addicts i guess lol..he was cryin about using subutex but in the end he started me with the 8mg subutex for 2 weeks cuz i told him i did 40mg of methadone 5 days earlier..he wants to put me on suboxone on wed.but im tryin to tell the guy i can't take that naloxone which is true..i tried it b4 and quit it because it fully agitated my severe depression,anxiety,social phobia..i have a dopamine imbalance as well as seratonin imbalance.and i have severe pain in my knee which i had up while driving and crashed and my knee actually broke the steering wheel about 2 yrs ago so on top of being a self medicator for mental/emotional issues i became a self medicator for pain issues so i can actually play ball and pick up my 6 and 7 year old boys..suboxone actually causes pain and and i think makes my depression/anxiety/social phobia/emotional problems 10 times worse because i think it has something to do with the naloxone in it totally blocking off and messing with even your own natural dopamine which has to do with depression/happiness/pain..and i don't see the big deal because the subutex is a total opioid agonist and antagonist way more so then methadone and is a total opioid blocker in itself naturally and starts blocking the first to 2nd day tops even if you tried taking enough opiates to kill a dinosaur u wouldnt feel it with the regular subutex im disabled for my issues and my crappy medicaid insurance actually pays for the subutex which is ultra expensive and the suboxone is even more expensive...and i pay the doctor enough money in cash to see him..regular subutex came out in 1980 and it said under "use' (opiate addiction) back then even alls suboxone is is a way to remarket this old school methadone type synthetic opioid by adding one extra thing to it that has side effects and is no good for you and pregnant or nursing women cant take it for a reason.....THE NALOXONE...which isnt even needed because the buprenorphine in itself is already the strongest opioid agonist plus antagonist meaning blocker out of all the opiates/opioids out there.also my mother was an RN for 40 years and in the end was the super at an old folks hospital and she said they had every one of those old people on methadone as a pain killer because it is the cheapest pain killer on earth..dirt cheap..and buprenorphine and methadone are the only 2 opioids that are almost the same being synthetic,agonists,antagonists,and both have the longest half lives out of think about it...buprenorphine would really be dirt cheap just like methadone if they didnt do the whole naloxone additive bs...

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warcrow Says:

I would sugest the buprenorphine Teva 8mg sublingual tablet. It is slightly yellowish but apart from that looks just like the old seems to me as if it has basically just the same texture to it. It melts under the tongue just like subutex, and feels just like it. A couple of other brands they gave me in the hospital were far from as good. There can be a huge difference. I stick to the Teva. I have 24mgs per day.

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Brenden Says:

Please tell me how I can find out which pharmacies fill tevas?!?! Any commercial ones you know of??

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Amber Says:

Which pharmacy do you find that distributes this brand of Subutex? I have yet to find one that does. Walmart, Kmart, Shopko, and albertsons all do not use this one but the one by Roxa. I'd love to know which chain is associated with the Teva's. Do you know if target or cvs does? Thanks! Happy recovery!

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Brenden Says:

Tevas are no longer being filled. There is only Roxanne Laboratories (big white round ones), and Hi-Tech pharmaceuticals (small white round, 8 on one side and an arrow on the other) now. Walmart fills Roxanne, Walgreens fills Hi-Tech.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: if you do not have insurance, an RX Savings Card can help save tons of $$$$ on your SUBUTEX!

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Amber Says:

Hi Dee, glad your headaches are beginning to subside. Subutex also did that for me. It has been a life saver. Changing to subutex also helped me in ending my lifetime battle of depression. On top of that it aided in my edema. I'm so glad you are reaping the benefits!!
So far, I personally feel that the Roxonne (big) have done better for me. The smaller ones I felt left me wanting more. Even if it Is in my head. The bigger ones take longer to dissolve which leaves the bad taste lasting longer as well... But I would rather have that awful taste for longer than be on Suboxone which adds so many additional problems to the already existing one. Good luck!
Thanks for your reply about the Teva's, I was pretty sure that they weren't in circulation any longer but wanted to make sure. Good luck to everyone in their recovery.

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Pamela Fryer Says:

I find Roxane to be the best. I prefer suboxone, but am out of town due to family emergency, ran out, finally found a doctor, but even though I told him suboxone, it appears he wrote the script for subutex.

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texpert Says:

There are 2 new brands out, an orange oval tablet by Actavis with imprint 153 and a White round tab by Mylan with imprint M924. I just got the 2mg Mylans and can say that these are the best subutex ive had since the Teva brand.

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pas Says:

I agree. I had surgery last year and they changed me to subutex. I found the Roxane brand worked much better

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brendinni Says:

Where can the mylans be filled at ? I have not seen any local pharmacies around me carrying those yet...

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texpert Says:

I ask my pharmacist and he orders whatever I want. This month I had my doctor give me 2 15 day scripts of 120 tablets instead of a 30 day script of $240.So I could try the different brands and wouldn't be stuck with a whole months worth if they sucked. I go to kmart pharmacy in west Lebanon NH.

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willy Says:

Mylan labs,make the best generic subutex on the market,i was getting nsme brand 54411 by roxane labs,but since they stopped manufacturing them ive been getting the M924,8mg tabs by mylan laboratories,the best hands down and have more buprenorphone in it,100% better than the roxane laboratories 54 411,must try ur self,dont take my word

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texpert Says:

I thought so too about the Mylan bring superior for the first 2 days but then I found they were way inconsistent. One dose was way better then the next was like taking a sugar pill. I went and got my refill a week later and got the Roxanne brand and now take my dose half and half to if I get a bunk dose at least im still getting somethingm

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Amber Says:

I found them at Kmart. They used to do Roxa, so I'm wondering if anyone who previously had Roxa has now changed to Mylan Brand Subutex. Since changing to the Mylan brand, I have been so much more tired. I hope I will soon adjust to the change and get some pep back again.

I know that the last time I went to Walgreens I got the new orange ones that are oval in shape. Personally I didn't care for them. However, they didn't make me extra sleepy, so there's that. Hope you find what you're looking for and can stick with it.

Be blessed!

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Jean Says:

I get Mylan M 924 at CVS. It's not very expensive either. I like CVS a lot. They don't look at me like I am less than, because of the medication I take. I have run into that at certain pharmacies.

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texpert Says:

Yeah my pharmacist is awesome he doesn't treat me any different from the other customers. He don't give me s*** about filling a few days early that's between my doctor and I he believes. He orders whatever brand I want and is as enthusiastic about my knowledge, experiences and feedback as he is any other customer.

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ABellflower Says:

I do not like the Mylan generic subutex at all. I had thought they were the Roxanne brand when I first picked them up from the pharmacy (I'd been receiving Roxanne consistently until the change to Mylan). It didn't take long to notice how dissimilar these two meds are: While both pills achieve their purpose of reducing cravings for opiates as well as rendering opiates ineffective if taken concomittently, not to mention slowing the bowels down considerably, I find significant differences between the two brands:

The negatives of Mylan generic subutex:
1. They make me much less able to get up in the morning;
2. They wear off quite rapidly;
3. As their potency wanes after what seems a relatively short time (when compared to Roxanne sub), I begin to feel somewhat edgy and irritable;
4. Inconsistencies in the formulation resulting in "mixed batches." The result of these mixed batches is an inconsistency in quality of Mylan subutex.
5. This inconsistency in quality can also be observed by the external physical properties of the tablets in a particular batch, i.e. some of the pills may break in half quite easily, while another tablet may be much harder in composition. This is not a regular occurrence, but it is one that I have observed more than a couple of times.
5. Expense/Cost: The Mylan buprenorphine is more expensive than the Roxanne. Not by a only few dollars, either.

I am aware of the fact that individual differences in body chemistry, life style, etc., may influence preference for one pharmaceutical manufacturer's brand over another. I also accept that some of the effects of a particular brand may be dose related as well as dependent on other extraneous factors (diet, other drugs taken, etc. etc. etc.). With these factors in mind, I'm not expressing my comments for the purpose of debate. I'm simply stating my personal experience with Mylan buprenorphine compared to the other round white buprenorphine generic that I'd taken without incident before starting on the Mylan.

It was interesting to read the posts made previous to mine. Evidently, the results are divided, with some people preferring this brand over the others they've tried, whereas some feeling as I do about this brand. I'm anxious to read more reports by people who can compare or even by those who've never used any bup. before Mylan.

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Gina Says:

I am in total disbelief right now!! Since Akorn's Buprenorphine recall they are no longer making the Hi-Tech and no pharmacy in my area has any left at all!! Those were the only ones I can take as I have had a lot of trouble with other generics from other manufacturers!! Is another company going to take over making them? Does anyone know!? I have no idea what to do right now!

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Jason Says:

Re: Roy (# 283) Expand Referenced Message

CVS , or you can special order any generic brand from any pharmacy. It can take up to 5 days but they WILL fulfill your request for a different brand if you say the current one doesn’t work for you. I requested the Roxanne for years when my pharmacy was only providing Teva. The pharmacist told me they can “special order” any brand for any medication.

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Jason Says:

Re: Ny has the best (# 281) Expand Referenced Message

The best way to take Subutex is at about 9pm at night when you wind down to watch a show and sleep. The feeling will last until the next night. I have used Roxanne (Hikma) , Teva, Mylan, and even name brand Subutex. They are all great. You never need more than 1 or 2mg per day. With Subutex there is a saying “less is more” and it’s very true. There is a ceiling effect on this drug and over medicating is not better with this type of drug.

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Roy Says:

Re: Andrew (# 282) Expand Referenced Message

Is it a major chain pharmacy or mom n pop? Mind sharing the name and location?

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Andrew Says:

Re: Bb2021 (# 280) Expand Referenced Message

My pharmacy has them.

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Ny has the best Says:

Goober great job breaking I all down I've been holding a full 120 bottle of rp b8 thinking that it made my mouth dry but that's cause I liked the 45111 or whatever now I'm staring at them at 6l5 am and can't wait to start my daily doses lolol. I feel like a fool cause I've been taking orange activist and they suck well now I'll have a choice maybe even have a couple days of fun and switch when I want to go mild

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Bb2021 Says:

Re: Lora (# 271) Expand Referenced Message

Any idea why suddenly no pharmacy anywhere is not carrying the hickma 54 411? Its so strange that it seems to nearly nationwide, yet when I contacted Hickma they informed me they are not experiencing a back order nor recall and are manufacturing as usual.

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recoveryfairy92 Says:

Re: Amber (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Walgreens. This is the only pharmacy I've found since I got pregnant and had to switch to subutex. They always stock them. Good luck! Happy recovery to you as well!

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B Says:

You will feel perfect tomorrow. You jus gotta get the naloxone out of your system

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Valerie Says:

Re: Lora (# 276) Expand Referenced Message

That's so weird I think I honestly prefer suboxone over subutex just because I feel like it helps my symptoms more then subutex..even though I hate waiting to feel awful and the thought of precipitated withdrawals scares the sh*t outta me in that aspect Id prefer subutex but it doesn't really help my symptoms I'm wondering if I could take a Subutex and if not feeling better take a suboxone and hour or 2 later ??

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