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Cheryl Says:

I had a knee surgery yesterday. I have been using subutex to help me taper narcotics. I stopped the subutex 2 weeks before surgery. My doctor prescribed both percocet and oxycontin. I am getting no pain relief. The iv Dilaudid worked in the hospital. Has anyone taken Dilaudid by pill at home?

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Kim Says:

I have suffered with chronic neck and back pain for years due to disk and nerve problems. My Dr. switched me from oxycontin to diulaudid (4-8 mg) and it worked for the first 9 mos. or so, then I got no relief. Many people get sick on it or very itchy. I am now on a higher dosage of Percoset.

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Cheryl Dunbar Says:

Are you familiar with subutex?

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Kim Says:

No, I'm not.

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Cheryl Dunbar Says:

It is a new drug that has some pain killing ability. It is a controlled substance. When you take it other narcotics don't work. So it is good for someone having a hard time coming off narcotics after surgery. I have had 3 surgeries in less than a year so I became dependent on the narcotics. Subutex helped me get off the drugs. I was faced with a dilemma thouth when I had to have an unexpected knee surgery. I did come off the subutex for 2 weeks before the surgery. The best drug for pain used with subutex according to what I have read is dilaudid. I was just trying to find someone that may be familiar with both. Thanks

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roger Says:

i have been in pain with a spine cond. since I was hurt in the ArMY in the 70s and I now take methadone hydrocloride/ dolphine / I take at least 200 mgs. a day and it is super habit forming and you cant go a day with out it but it works for me - it is the only thing that does and i have taken over 300mgs a day at times , so think twice prior to its use. once you get up there on it most do not get off.but I do not regret its use at all.

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dizzy Says:

i am down to just a few crumbs am and pm of subutext. i am due to have a surgery next week. will it affect my anesthesia? it is not suboxone but subutext...without the naltrexone in it. i tried 6 5mg. percs yesterday and felt them a bit, but no doctor is going to give me that much i don't think. any suggestions? i'm told it won't affect anesthesia but the pain afterward will not be helped without large doses of opiates and i am no fan of pain. please advice!?

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Verwon Says:

The reason that the drugs are not working has nothing to do with the fact that you were on the Subutex, it has to do with the fact that your body had developed a tolerance to high amounts of drugs, therefore that smaller amounts you are given are not going to have much of an effect on your body.

dizzy, my advice to you is to make sure you speak to your doctor, including whomever is doing your surgery and make them away of what you were taking, why you were taking it and what dosages your body had a tolerance to.

By doing this, your doctor can decide what would be the best drug to use for you for after surgery pain relief and how much will need to be used.

However, if you were using the Subutex to beat an addiction, no doctor is going to give you large amounts of opiates and risk starting your addiction all over again. So don't expect them to give you a high dosage that will relieve all of your pain. They will most likely give you something mild to take at home, once you leave the hospital and recommend other methods to help relieve the pain without large doses of drugs.

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marie Says:

I have been in chronic pain for years and finally got into a pain mangment doc. They first perscribed Percocet and after a while I built up a tolorance so they switched me to 4mg of dilaudid pills every 4 hours. What you get at the hospital in IV form is not the same as pill form at home cause the IV goes straight into your blood stream where as with any pill it has to absorb and if you have anything in your stomache it will not be as effective. If you choose to take the pills at home just be sure you take it as perscribed as it can be habit forming and it does make some people sick and itchy.Also you may build up a tolorance to it very quickly.

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casey Says:

i had knee surgery 5 mths ago and the diluadid is the best for pain for me ive taken them off n on for last 3 mths

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tommy Says:

I have been taking subutex for about two years and have now come into some serious pain issues. I can find nothing that works. Has anybody had this issue while taking subutex? If so what can I take to relieve the pain??

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johnny blanco Says:

I take 4 dilaudid 8mg daily. i usually never have any pain and it seems like I am always high. Dilaudid is the best!

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diane Says:

I am on suburex and have started taking 4mg dilaudads for pain
I will have surgery next week but
Started my dilaudads before stopping the subs any advice
My doctor told me in surgery the
Only thing that will over ride suburex is dilaudads??????

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Cheyanne Says:

I blew my sciatic nerve due to a bulging disc in the lowest possible spot in my back...the pain has been severe for over a year now..i have been prescribed hydromorphone 4mg 3x a day along with soma 350mg 3 times a day..it usually works with pretty fast results...when it is that time of the month OMG! the pain is almost un-relievable! I sometimes take 4 to 5 times in a day on those days, because the inner swelling puts pressure on the nerve and i am in even more than usual pain from the dimple in my butt all the way down to my ankle sometimes--usually stops around my knee..but nothing else has worked at all..oxycontin, vicodin..no other pain meds touch this pain.

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Geri Says:

I suffer from severe sciatica. I have been taking the pill form (4-8mg.) for almost two months now along with a Fentanyl 50 mcg patch. This combination has been the first combo to work for me in over 18 mos. I started with low does percocet then brought up to the highest dose 650/10 for a few months with not much relief. This higher does also made me vomit every day and was then put on an anti-nausia drug. Then the Fentanyl patch was added and slowly increased to 75 mcgs. Unfrotunately this made me very irritable and I was no dream to live with! Thank God I have a patient husband. Once the doctor found out about the irritability and how sick the percocets were making me. I asked for the Fentanyl to be lowered back to 50 and he changed me from percocet to 4mg of dilaudid, that was not working very well so he gave me permission to take two when the break through pain was severe. Well it is severe everyday given the lowing of the Fentanyl. So now I take 1 4mg. in the morning as soon as the pain starts in my left buttox and left leg, then in the afternoon because of my increase in activity (finally) I take two because the pain is worse and then two for the same reason (increased activity) around or after dinner. Sometimes I do take one more late in the evening if I can not sleep due to pain.

The above combination has been the first combo to work for me for over 18 mo. of severe pain. I finally have some quality of life back! My husband says he has his wife back! :) And I am able to do things with my 20 year old son before he goes back to school in a few weeks. It has changed my life completely! I still have pain, even when I take two dilaudid, but it is bearable compaired to what I have been going through. I lived like a mushroom in three rooms of my home, could not drive and could not ride in a car as a passenger for very long either. I could not go to church (which is very important to me and my Pastor has been coming to me). Now I can go back to church! We actually just took a vacation too!

If you do not have a resperatory problem, I would suggest asking your doctor about this combination to help you.

Wishing you all the best, and given the date of your post I do hope you have already found the right meds for you! God Bless and hang in there!
Best regards, Geri

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shawn patient Says:

Just want to warn everyone out there of how dangerous and addictive all these diferent pain medications truly are. I have been taking them for years now and have become dependant on taking them and suffer withdrawal symptoms if I dont. Please everyone be careful.

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CG jimmy Says:

after 4yrs on oxycotin 6 80 mg aday plus 30 mg oxycodone the effects were being affected by higher tolerance. the dr took me off and put me on subutex 8 mg and i am stlll habing depression and chills runny nose diareaha and weakness in legs due to neuropathy and now they have found thru mri crushed discs inlower back and want to try anerve block. i am fine with this, also stage three HIV .my question is , 8mg enough to compensate for all the 4 yrs of oxy? i feel better with the morning dose of 8mg of sub plus adderal bit it doesent last long enough i am afraid to leave the house late afternoon cant even walk my dog would an omcrease help this problem?

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surgery soon on subutex Says:

I take subutex.ALL the surgeons, anesthesiologist know and I have brought all the dr.'s involved in this. The anesthesiologist said to take it 24mgs a day until the day before surgery?? I KNOW this is incorrect. I becan weening knowing I only have a short time to do this. I took 8mgs for about a week, felt ok, today 4mgs, then tomorrow plan on 4mgs and stop. Surgery is MONDAY! I am going to sleep as it is major surgery. I have meds to help with withdrawl. But NONE of these dr.'s seem concerned. EVEN the Anesthesiologist. I KNOW it's the bup that blocks the pain meds from working. That's why I am weening myself. If I take no subs fri, sat, sun and mon afternoon is surgery, I should be able to be relieved of my pain post operativley, I would think. I have been as high as 24mgs but not for some time. This drop is easy now since it stays in your system so long.
Also, I know I'll be in Withdrawl by Monday. I have percs to take ativan, valium and clonodine. I should be able to get thru this. Just wondering if anyone has any advice...Should I not take any subs tomorrow? Or will I be too far into withdrawl to go in for the operation? PLEASE ANY advice would be appreciated.

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surgery soon on subutex Says:

I would doubt that would be enough to compete with the meds taken in the past. I used only oxycodone at HIGH doses and it really took minimum16 mgs to feel better. The first couple days can be rough but once your body adjusts, it will feel so much better. I don't know what it will do for your pain, as i find it doesn't do much for mine, but it did get rid of having to take a gazillion pills a day. It does help, but give it sometime. Let us know how you are doing now, it's been a bit since your post. I didn"t see any replys but wanted to let you know my experience. The one problem with subutex or suboxone is if you are in chronic pain, they will BOTH block narcotics from giving you relief of your pain.It's the buprenorphine that holds so tight to your mu receptors it's hard to get them to let go and allow other narcotics in. You'd need to be weened off or given HIGH amounts of meds. I heard diluadid works the bes ..I don't know that though, I just read it. I wish you the best.

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kalina Says:

yes they do i been on them for a min now and they work just like the iv but it takes longer to feel it

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24char Says:

I feel sorry for all you guys going through this, but why? I have had surgery while on my normal pain meds, the docs were able to up them during recovery and lower after. Not all of you, but some sound like you are reaping what you sowed, abuse pain pills for fun and when you REALLY need them you have these sorts of problems. I have been on a Fentynal 75mg for 3 years, switch from Narco to Percs for break through pain. When they did my lung surgery they left the patch on and added Fentynal by I.V. to get thorough the worst of pain. My doc never said I had to come off my pain killers for this very serious surgery, was in hospital for a week. Am I ever out of pain, no, but no one is, the pain meds just mask it.

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