Dilaudid And Methadone Addiction

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I am a 40 year old male.I have been taking 36mg of Dilaudid mixed with 120mg of Methadone,every day for 2 and 1/2 years.The sad part of this is that I do it by way of IV.I am scared to death everyday that my sources will dry up and I will be stuck going cold turkey.Based on the doses I mentioned above.Does anyone seem to think I could die from the withdrawals.I was cut off for 3 days a month or so ago and I felt like I was going to die.What a relief when I got them back after that.I have survived 2 different bouts of cold turkey (5 years ago) from large doses of benzos.This was before I had any idea that it is more dangerous than coming off of opioids.It was a total nightmare for 2 weeks solid with no food just small sips of water was all I could ingest.I was on a couch for 14 days straight and barely had the strength to get up and walk a few steps to get to the bathroom.Anyway I felt just as bad for that 3 days cold turkey from opiates as I did from benzos and it was just getting worse until I got my Dilaudid and Methadone back.Any thoughts or help or comments is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Steve

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Lindi Says:

Hello, After reading your above post, I have some info, and some limited information base on my experience as an addictions therapist and one currently on pain medications Professionals wll they you that there are only two medication from wihich you could die...Alcohol withdrawl and benzodiapanine with draw. It has been my experience/education that although opiates and other pain meds (even years of pure herioin) may make you want to feel like dying, but you won't. Any attempt of stopping high doses of alcohol or benzos (xanax, klonopin, valium) should be closely monitored by a physician - to lessen withdrawl and keep you safe. Good luck and cold turkey isn't highly recommended. At least I hope your physician can lessen your pain and withdrawl. I've been on norco 10 - lots per day since July and back surgery this January. No longer effective but not sure what else to try. Scared of oxycontin and others. Someone suggested ceboxin but i'm really unfamiliar. Like you, can only get up for bathroom when absolutely necessary. Sucks! Wish you the best.

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newbygirl1 Says:

hi i use methadone and been using valium i was on heroin meth stays in your system alot longer than heroin you would of been clean in 2weeks off the gear but you can comfortably and safely reduce on meth ive done it and im a wimp lol its supprising how fast you can do it with the right care i was shocked i did not go through withdrawl so good luck you wont die i know it feels like it but do it on reduction you will do it x x

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Verwon Says:

Yes, after that long and with doses that high, the withdrawals will be very bad, if you go cold turkey.

It doesn't sound like I have to describe them for you, as you are apparently already very familiar with them.

You do, however, have a dangerous problem and could end up overdosing or causing permanent organ damage.

Have you considered getting help?

Suboxone, which contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine, has been successfully used to help many people beat their addictions and get completely drug free.

You can look into a treatment program at their website, suboxone.org and read more on the medication here:


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Oleva Says:

I am addicted to Diluadid. I want to get off the drug....I tried a month ago and ended up in ER....I was given Ativan, that helped with the edginess that the withdrawals from the Dilaudid....but the side effect were horrid....food tasted funny, I was lethargic and cried all the time. I ended up back on the Dilaudid. I am so frightened.....I HAVE to get off the Dilaudid! And I don't know how to get through the pain of the withdrawals, nor how I will deal with the pain WITHOUT the Dilaudid (I have Spinal Stenosis). I am desperate and terrified beyond measure. Anyone out have suggestions?

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Robert Marcello Says:

Yes detoxing the dose your on will be hell. You don''t want to end up in jail, like I did on 100 mgs of methadone so, if the pain will allow it I suggest you start lowering your dose of methadone about 5 mgs a week, till you get to a polace where you can handlke the pain. You may never completely get rid of the pain but make your objective wherre you can stand a little pain. That's what I've done. By the way I've had a number of back surgeries and they say no more will help, plus I have hepatitis C and a surgery would probably kill me. So would you mind sharing with me where you go to get dilaudid and the name or number of the doc. I am on methadone but it is killing me due to my liver disease the dilaudid is not as bad for the liver. Here in Texas, Houston, all the doc's are afraid to write for that unless your on your death bed, please get back to me you help would be greatley appreciated. Good Luck Robert

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Laurel Says:

I'm addicted to Diaudid and I would welcome any imput and insight as to how to get off of this drug. I have Spinal Stenosis and have been taking Dilaudid for 1 year, but now I need to get off of it because I don't like being addicted....if I miss a dose I get shaky and irritable. Last month I ran out of pills, and realized how addicted I had become. I ended up in ER from the withdrawals....this is something I can't live with. I want to be able to have a life without going into withdrawals after 6 hours if I'm without my medication. So: I need to get off the drug, and I need to find another medicine I can take that will treat my back pain. Suggestions? Anyone? Thank you so much!

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J S Says:

Does the drug help with the pain ? If you have chronic pain and need to take medication you need to tell your Dr how you feel and get on another medication. The Dr should help you get off the drug

Will you have good quality of life if you take nothing for the pain ?

Ask your Dr about Nucynta / its new....

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Peanut Says:

There is a patch called Catapres TTS that helps with withdrawals from several drugs. It worked for me when I detoxed at home from Hydrocodone for pain. The key is the pain has to be at a low level. If your pain is high, it makes no sense to try and detox of cut back.

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brobi Says:

dilaudid addiction is horrible the more i took the more i needed,i was given it for pain managment but it soon took me on a ugly road trip.i was using 480 4mg tabs a month and it still was not enough,when i read the comment that you cant die from opioid w/d i was upset, let me tell u that complications from w/d can kill u like you b.p that will increase when u r in pain and in w/d so if u think a b.p of 200/100 isnt a life altering siuation think again,i have been off the dilaudid 21 days and on methadone,i didnt want to go on it but i needed my life back and dilaudid is a fast way to end up addicted.

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Mary Says:

My heart goes out to you. I was addicted to a morphine pump 10 years ago, and I can still remember the pain of getting off it. I was then switched to Oxycontin. After a while it stopped working so I simply lowered the dose each month till I got off of them. It worked. But I had surgery in Sept. of 09, and my doctor put me back on them, big mistake. I'm now in the donut of my medical plan and can't afford my medication. I have 4 days to figure out what I'm going to do. I wish you all the luck and I suggest you be monitered by a doctor while you get off of both drugs.

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Don Says:
via mobile

I promise you will think you're dieing and you will want to die and it might even be the closest time you will come close to committing a crime, but keep hydrated and you have to get something in your stomach to keep up as much strength as possible. If you have a heart condition go straight to your closest emergency room and get the proper help getting it out of your body. If you're doing these drugs for recreational purposes I'm sorry to say that was the worst mistake of your life. Stop using with the help of a physician and you will succeed for sure if you want to, but you have to do it for you and only you. Family, friends and lover's can help you with motivation, but if you're quitting for anything or anyone else besides yourself all you're doing is setting yourself up for failure. You best chance is your first or second attempt but get help. If you're ashamed to ask for help from someone you know then ask me I'll help. I need this crap and if you don't then please please stop.

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Carla Says:
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Please don't listen to all these people who think they know how it is to come off of anything if they haven't experienced it first hand!!! Especially if they can't even spell the names of the pills correctly!! I'll be honest with you the mg's that you are taking it's gonna be impossible for you to just quit for good cold turkey!! I don't care how strong willed you think you might be.... You can't just stop! Suboxone 8 mg does help now with the cold sweats an throwing up with direaha!! People pick it up after about a day cause they don't wanna be sick that's why suboxone is helpful it's only needed to take maybe 3 months these people that take suboxone for years pretty much take it cause they think it makes them feel better... News flash.... It's retarted to take it that long cause that med is made to help with not getting sick so when your body would normally be done with the withdrawals the suboxone just stops working.. It tricks your brain to think your taking opiates but it's not addictive!! If you don't have insurance you not gonna wanna take it very long either special doctors can only write suboxone and the dr visit is about 300 to 400 dollars and the suboxone 8 mg you take 3 a day (strips are better when you withdrawing) the script of 90 is almost 500$ yeah expensive as hell but if your serious an you really wanna stop the suboxone cost is well worth every dime!!! I've been on Xanax klonopin methadone oxy's k8's I was so addicted to these drugs not all at once but I'll tell you methadone oxy's k8's OMG was the hardest thing I ever had to do was stop!! Someone gave me a suboxone my 3rd day of major withdrawals an it saved my life!! I found a dr was honest with him he put me on suboxone and I took it 3 months and slowly stopped the suboxone cause I was scared I would get sick if I stopped all a sudden... That was 2011 I've never taken another methadone again!! Once I got off that s*** I was so glad for suboxone but suboxone has to be the nastiest tasting pill you melt under your tongue my last month on suboxone I took the strips they just as nasty as the pill!! I never wanted to take suboxone again it was so damn nasty I stopped one day after 3 months of taking it an woke up the next day an remembered how nice it was to wake up an not have to take anything anymore best feeling in the world!! I know what your about to go through an I wish you luck an please find a suboxone dr before you decide to stop everything!! Good luck I'll be thinking about you an keeping my fingers crossed for good luck it's gonna be rough but if I could stop everything I know ANYONE can with this right advice I only commented on your post cause I been where you are an I can't stand when I see that you reaching out for help an you getting horrible advice from a**holes that "think" they know what your going through an they really don't!! Send me messages if you need someone to talk to I would be more than happy to talk to you durring this time hope this helps!!

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Steph Says:
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Hello everyone, if anyone is reading this. I'm 36 yrs old, about 6 yrs ago I tore my breachial plexus from my spine and have frontal lobe damage. At the time I was married, he had insurance I was covered under. Well a year after he left so no more insurance. Anyway Mississippi didn't find a Surgeon, so after a year my dad took me to Tennessee for the surgery. The lapse in time from accident to surgery, I'm still paralyzed in my right arm. I tried to keep up with doctors but w no ins. it has failed. my psychiatrist had me on what he could w/in the law to help 1mg alprazolam and neurotins plus my depakote. Now after being denied an denied for disability I've had to stop seeing him . I can still get the neurotins from someone because seizures as well as pain. They say it should help for the alprazolam, but No . They Don't come close for my phantom pains an chronic pain but they do help for seizures. I'm out of options here I can't get a job due to well everything to help me pay for a Dr. Medicaid has denied me what do I do PLEASE HELP. I score some pain an xans occasionally thanks to friends but really I can't go on living like this everyday. I'm hurting from am to pm . I Do want to die most of the time. Thanks if anyone read this . I'm sorry it was so much

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montanasnana Says:
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Hi just to let you know suboxone will not relieve pain but is a greatt med to get off normal opiates. I see this date and god I wished I saw earlier.

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bella Says:
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Dear concerned, I am a 120lbs female and I was on 160mg of methadone and 2mg of xanax which I took 4 to 5x a day. I was able to come off all of that and a year later I can actually take tylenol Again and it work. My biggest fear was withdrawls but I promise u if u really want to get better you will get your self threw it. Every single day u get better good luck praying for u

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Patti Says:

Have you thought about getting on a methadone maintenance program? At age 40 if you are in good health you may want to die, but you won't. However it isn't a good idea to just quit, it will putt your body through changes that you don't want to. If you don't want to get on maintenance, try a 180 taper... Hope this helps

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