Blue A106 Fluoxetine?

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This is the first time Costco mail order pharmacy has sent me these pills, the previous ones I have been taking for five years were also a generic but I do not remember their color but think they were two colors, one color was white and I believe the other was green. Ever since I started taking the blue pills, my FBSS pains in my legs have greatly increased. I took the fluoxetine primarily for relief from these pains, along with 150 mg Lyrica, 2mg clonoxepam, 50mg prestiq, 25mg amitriptyline, and 50mg lamotrigine daily. Is it possible that these new blue pills, which I understand are made in India by Alembic, are sufficiently different than the previous generic Fluoxetine to cause this increase in pain. Please help, the pain has been terrible since making this change. Thank you.

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PBH Says:

The message I sent a few minutes ago about the blue A106 generic Fluoxetine I have been taking over a week now, and which I believe is the cause of my greatly increased leg pains due to FBSS, should have included the fact that I am also taking Opana 10MG ER every 12 hours, and the correct dosage on the lamotrigine was 25mg, not 50. Please answer ASAP.

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Verwon Says:

A 106 does contain 20mgs of Fluoxetine, a generic for Prozac. This is an SSRI antidepressant.

National Drug Code: 63739-493
Product Labeler: Mckesson

Inactive Ingredients
-Lactose Monohydrate
-Cellulose, Microcrystalline
-Silicon Dioxide
-Titanium Dioxide
-Fd&c Blue No. 1
-Fd&c Red No. 40

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache.

You can read more here: https:/­/­­wiki/­Fluoxetine/­

However, there can be differences in generic medications, in the active ingredient of up to plus or minus 20%, so this could be what's having an effect on your pain.

However, this site is not medical professionals, so we can only guess.

Have you consulted your doctor about this, yet?

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PBH Says:

Did consult with Dr. and he gave me RX for Sanoff generic which was what I had been taking, I filled it immediately and that seemed to take care of the problem. Thanks, PBH

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adah Says:

I also got the blue generic fluoxetine made by northstar and they made me crazy!!! I just called the manufacturer and they are taking this seriously: they are sending me a kit to send back the pills and they will consult with the FDA. Please call them to tell them the pills are bad. Northstar RX LLC Toll Free: 1-800-206-7821

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Jenelle Harris Says:

I just received a refill of my 20mg Fluoxemine (Prozac). The pills I were taking were white with green stripes. They worked great. My refill is a two tone dark blue capsule that is making me sick like I have a stomach virus. Maybe too strong??? I am going back to my pharmacist today.

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KAY Says:


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Linda Says:

Any generic from especially India and China that makes anyone ill, should be reported to the FDA immediately. Costco still labels their "new blue fluoxetine 20mg" as a white oblong capsule, as stated on their label. That's very confusing for the patient.

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Linda Says:

I would not trust Northstar to notify the FDA. I think the patient should be contacting them. There is a form on the FDA's website for drug problems.

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Concerned Person Says:

I have been taking fluoxetine 20mg for approximately 14 years with no side effects. Recently my insurance carrier insisted that we use mail order pharmacy and I was sent the two tone dark blue capsules. After my first dosage within four hours I became nauseous and experienced kidney pain for the entire following day. Thanks to reports on this site I was able to convince my doctor to submit another prescription for the white with green capsule. FDA should definitely look into this matter.

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Blue Pill Victim Says:

I have been on the white capsule with green stripe, for 4 years-everything was fine. The pharmacy gave me the dark blue/light blue 20 A106 and I have been dizzy, stomach pains and numb kidney, Oh, let's not forget depressed and you know...I went back to the pharmacy and got a 2 week supply of floxetine white capsules. I have to see my doctor next week. Are these the blue pills left over from WWII Battle of the Buldge?

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bad reaction Says:

I have taken prozac 20mg 4 years different generics byt no bad effects then switched pharmacies and they gave me the dark blue twotone capsule A106 like you said. First day I took it I got violently ill like nausea, threw up, abdominal pain, sweating, back pain for an hour then felt okay just kinda shakey so i knew it wasn't a full flu. It felt like food poisoning but I know it wasn't I have a very regular eating schedule and did not eat anything raw or anything that day or before. I had some old generics left so I started taking them instead until i saw my doc she told me the pills couldnt have caused it so I took the blue one again the next day. That afternoon, after feeling off for a while, I had exteme stomach and back pain and I threw up for an hour! Not too longlasting but really uncomfortable totally miserable. Usually I don't listen to people saying their bad reactions on the Web but glad to see that others have had similar reactions like kidney pain and I will be reporting this. Suggestions on how to report this? Advice to others be careful before you switch generics! THis company Alembic ltd is from India I think the pills might be contaiminated so be careful.

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Robin Says:

Omg, I was beginning to wonder if the pharmacist gave me the wrong pills! I have felt dizzy with hot flashes at night when taking these dark blue pills. I am going to stop taking them and call my doctor tomorrow. I was relieved to hear its not in my head..that others are experiencing the same thing.

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Elizabeth Says:

I too was switched to a 2 tone blue 20mg fluoxetine, I have a mild headache with nauseous feeling. I also have a stomach ache, what is with these pills? I have taken this med for over 12 years and only get these feeling if I forget to take it for several days.

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Wilma Says:

WHY IS THIS STUFF STILL AVAILABLE? I just got a new prescription of the A106 version of generic prozac and had such a terrible reaction to it, I nearly had to go to the psych ward. I tried my old pharmacy and they too had just switched to the A-106. (I'm sure it's all about's probably the cheapest the pharmacies can buy!!) I've been taking generic prozac from other suppliers for 20 years with no problem until this stuff! I will be showing this site to the local pharmacists and forwarding it to Humana as well.

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Nurse in Colorado Says:

I thought my pharmacy had given me the wrong pills, so I looked up the prozac images online. I did not recognize the new blue pills. Besides them looking different, I don't feel the same effects that I had been for the past several months on the other Fluoxetine pills. Thanks for the info. I will go back to my Target store pharmacy today.

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Jen Says:

I have been taking Prozac or Fluoxetine for close to 20 years for depression. It was the first medication that helped me feel normal and no sad all the time.

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I have taken TEVA, Aurobindo, and other various generic brands with little to no problem. I recently went and filled my script at Walmart and got these blue ones. A106 20 MG Alembic. The first night I felt woozy and tired. The second night I felt high, and jittery. Couldent sleep. Then I crashed and slept deep for 6 hours during the day. Ears and fase were warm and flush. Not sure what is up with these and why they seem to be different. Arent they all supposed to be the same anyway? Ill keep taking them and see how it goes. almost seems as if they are too strong or something.

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julie Says:

I took brand-name Prozac for nearly 20 years, then switched to the green and white generics several years ago with no problems. Several months ago I was given the blue generic medication from Northstar Pharm, a corporation headquartered in Tennessee but manufacturing its medication in India. To my horror, I have come to feel as though I am not taking any medication. Crying spells, irritability, panic attacks; everything that I had prior to starting the medication ("Deja vu all over again"). I went on line tonight to see if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon and was shocked by the wide variety of horror stories shared by others. I just returned from an out of town business trip, but will be calling my physician in the morning to discuss this problem, which seems to be getting worse by the day.

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Erica Says:

I am a former Prozac patient. I absolutely loved the Green Prozac. However, The other colors were not suitable. I also found that the time of day to take medicine was night time. I thought I was the only one in the world that observed the color of the medicines being substantially different. As if I were taking another medicine.

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Sherry Says:

I have taken the green and white generic fluoxetine for 20 years with great results. My most recent refill has metaking the dark blue version. I have irritable bowel syndrome and have experienced abdominal discomfort every day since. Coincidence?

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Kat Says:

Has anyone gotten severe headaches, as in migraines, immediately after taking Alembic Fluoxetine?

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ThunderHeart Says:

Re: adah (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Please share what you find out! Ive noticed so many negative changes in the medicines Ive been taking too! Ive been taking the same medicines for years with no side affects. They been changing to different manufacturers lately and the results have been horrible!! Wgat the hell are they putting in our medicines!!!?? They are taking out active ingredients and filling them with poison!!

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ThunderHeart Says:

Re: Ellen (# 35) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for the info!! We all need to be informed!!
The Teva brand has always been good.
All the medicine being made in India is like poison!!
I had bad reactions from the Alembic Fluoxetine and severe reactions from all Amneal pain medications!
Both companies are based in India.
Why is the FDA approving this garbage for medicinal purposes!!?? The fillers they use are toxic to the body. Read the ingredients!! Be informed!!

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ThunderHeart Says:

I am sick and tired of all the new generics that are flooding the market!! Generics used to be half way effective but now they are not!! There has got to be a way to get these drugs analyzed to see what really is in them!! They dont work!! I returned the lousy blue fluoxetine because of the bad side effects and lack of effectiveness!! Where are these lousy drugs coming from!!??

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ThunderHeart Says:

Re: PBH (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Oh my gosh! Same thing happened to me!! It seems like pharmacies are getting medicine from India. India does not have the quality control of the FDA here. Amneal is another brand that has lousy ineffective medicine. I wont take it ever again!! I felt so horrible!! Headache, upset stomache, sweats, itching all over. I felt like I was going through withdrawals!! I probably was!! I know my body well. I have been taking the same medicine made by Watson for years. The pharmacy changed to this Amneal crap and did not inform me. I noticed the pills were different. When I took them it was the most horrible experience! I will never take that garbage again!! Effing companies are putting less active ingredients in the medicine so it makes people sick with whatever filler garbage ingredients they put in. This needs to be changed and these s***ty companies have all their medicine monitored!! Make a complaint to your pharmacy and to the FDA. The only way this can be changed is by filing complaints. These crooks need to be punished!!

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Ellen Says:

Re: Molly (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Molly, I listed my experience and research just now. Walgreens decided to use the cheaper version since their main manufacturer stopped making their pills. I had to switch to CVS because they carry Teva, which is a really good brand.

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Ellen Says:

I started taking 20 mg of Fluoxetine but was given the blue pill from the start. I'm 28 years old and I've never had heartburn until I started taking this. It didn't connect for me that it was the pill until weeks later. I thought maybe I was just at that age where I developed heartburn. I even went back to my doctor and told her about the heartburn because it was so bad. Then I realized after switching to taking my pill in the morning it was the pill itself. It had gotten so bad I was vomiting. I researched this thoroughly and discovered the manufacturer is Alembic Limited from India and they are cheaper but use inactive chemicals that are not in the other Prozac off-brand medication. Walgreens lost their main manufacturer Sandoz after Sandoz decided to stop making the pill. So Walgreens and many other pharmacies are switching to Alembic because it's cheaper. I ended up doing more research to see the best manufacturer for Fluoxetine and I found Teva. So I called every pharmacy around me to see if they carried the Teva brand. From what the pharmacist told me is that you can have your doctor write "Teva only" on your script so they do not prescribe anything but Teva. Ever since I switched I have felt so much better. No vomiting, no heartburn. I've read that many people are filing reports to the FDA concerning Alembic's Fluoxetine and I highly recommend doing the same. Even though the FDA approved this....which isn't shocking. Make sure to keep the blue pills to mail into them. Also note: Aurobindo and Par Pharm are also dangerous to take as they use the same ingredients as Alembic. I hope this helps as many people don't know that it's the pill that is making them sick. It didn't even help with my depression. It's like I was taking sulfuric acid pills that did absolutely nothing but make me sick.

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Molly Says:

Re: Tammy Jo (# 33) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, they switched mine to the blue capsules too. I'm to afraid to take it. I used to take 20 mg by Sandoz. But Walgreens doesn't carry it anymore. Can I ask what manufacturer your meds are?

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Tammy Jo Says:

I’ve been taking fluoxetine for 12 years with no problems or side effects at all. After switching from Sanoff brand to these blue fluoxetines a month ago, I’m having terrible problems - severe headaches, nausea, pain in my joints, night sweats, day sweats, insomnia, crying spells, and extreme anxiety. Switching back to Teva brand today and calling the FDA.

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Tammy Jo Says:

I’ve been taking fluoxetine for 12 years with no problems or at allm having terrible problems as well - severe headaches, nausea, pain in my joints, night sweats, day sweats, insomnia, crying spells, and extreme anxiety. Switching back to Teva brand today and calling the FDA.

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