Best Generic Fentanyl Patch Brand

Terri Says:

My doctor and insurance are now forcing me to wear the patch for 72 hrs instead of my usual 48 hr change. I am having a very rough time after about the 30 hour mark once the patch goes into half live. What is the closest generic patch that matches the Duragesic brand? I am finding that all generics are not close to the brand.

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nimshie29 Says:

I used to be on fentanyl patches for years and I had to change them every 48 hours or I went into withdrawals. I live in the tropics and apart from rapid absorption after 2 days a layer of fat and salt film accumulates between the adhesive and the skin reducing delivery.

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Curious80 Says:

I was on the fentanyl patch for years for my chronic pancreatitis. The brand/generic thing is complicated when it comes to painting meds especially the patch versions. Their delivery systems are all different not to mention a generic drug only has to be 75% equivalent to the brand. So there is an automatic 25 % reduction in effectiveness allowed by the FDA. Most people are unaware of this. The cheaper companies will use less product on purpose to save money but sometimes a generic company will spend a bit more and make their drug the same or close to the brand. The gel reservoir patches were the best but I think due to misuse and accidental leaking they have been discontinued. I know PAR/mayne brand used to make them. But as far as the matrix style which is really all they have now I recommend Mylan brand. They stuck to my skin well and seemed to work well for me. Everyone is different though.

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Rawdog Says:

There are a bunch of new Fentanyl products out there right now. There is a nasal spray, there's the patch, a lollipop and I believe there is even a sub dermal one you can put in your cheek. I just saw a new one called Fenrock I think that's the name of it. Do some research and you'll find all the info you need. Now getting your doc to write them is a whole different story. Everyone is scared right now about all the overdoses due the illicit dosing of Fentanyl products in heroin and I've even seen oxycodone 30mg pills dipped or sprayed with Fentanyl. What I don't understand is that I thought it was VERY hard to get Fentanyl, but I guess someone in China or even here in the states found a way to make it on the cheap and still profit on it. So with that being said, please let me know how it goes for you the best of luck. And remember they are cracking down hard on on opioids.

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Terri Says:

Re: nimshie29 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I am the same way. 19 years on a 100mcg changed every 2 days. Now because of opioid mania I am force tapered to 75mcg every 3 days. Thus I go through withdrawal every 50 hours or so. I finally convinced my new PM to change out every 48 hours but he is dropping me to 50 mcg. I am so under medicated now that I am dreading another drop next week. 19 years of good pain relief gone because someone else abused opiates.

Doc now wants me off these patches. Says they are only for terminal cancer patients. Also said they don't work long term. I am living proof that they work long term. I believe I'm being punished for refusing a pain pump , spinal stimulator and Suboxone plus other invasive procedures. It is criminal what is happening to chronic pain patients in America.

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adam Says:

Re: Terri (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I must say I had a pain pump implanted and it was the best thing. Sorry I had it removed. Only had it removed cause my dr left state and very few drs here dealt with them.

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Matt Says:

Duragesic, if you can get them actually named on your prescription. No matter what anyone says, brands do differ. You buy shoddy materials and build a house, it won't be much use after long. The same applies to pharmaceutical companies.

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Matt Says:

Spot on advice.......

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Matt Says:

Nobody can force you to go through pain. Go back and say it's not working 24hrs extra. That could even be dangerous.

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Matt Says:

Re: Rawdog (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

All that fentanyl lozenges lollipops and patches have been about for years. The gel patches were good pain relief but now they're like nicotine patches. Not cool.

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Sandy Says:

Re: adam (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I had to get mine removed because it gave me meningitis

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Roro Says:

At least you are still getting them... Most are being taken off them, but what you could do is only uncover half the patch till it gets to the 30 hr point, then take off the other 1/2 of the backing... My clinic is cutting everyone back to cdc recommendations... Not easy. Be well.

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Suzette Says:

Re: Matt (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I wish this were true. Tell it to the drs everywhere that are reducing EVERYONES meds! I’ve personally, been a pain patient for over 12 YEARS now, never got in trouble or did anything wrong, same with my mom, yet diff drs lowered both of us, even though it KILLS us physically THEY DON’T CARE. & if you fight them about it, THEY WILL DISCHARGE YOU. I Actually have to take my mom to her pain management drs appointment appt later on today, and she’s afraid they’re going to lower her even more, when they should have never touched her meds in the first place! She was reduced 33%. Was on 60mgs of methadone (for pain) and down to 40 now & it’s KILLING her. Thankfully my dr is a bit more understanding, I’m on 75mcg fentanyl every 48 hrs. But I did get off of the oxycodones (on tramadols now, which I HATE & make me sick at times) I used to also be on from him, just to make him “happy” bc he also kept complaining about the dea being on top of him & all other drs regarding ANY & ALL opiate meds prescribed. If you don’t have MRI’s (ALWAYS have to have mris showing your injuries) & pretty serious stuff wrong with you, you’re getting lowered, if not totally taken off any pain meds you’re on (you’ll be lucky to even get the s*** tramadols). Sorry to break it to ya. This “new” world sucks.

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Eric Johnson Says:

Re: Matt (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

yes, and ask about why for 1/3 of people since introduction these "72 hour patches," only work for 48.

They hVE NEVER WORKED FOR 72 HOURS FOR ME, EVER, over 16 years.

All the generics are in one way or another inferior to the brand name.

Most don't put enough of the medicine which it says in in the patch.

You need to file formal complaints regarding your doctor, as "making patients suffer," is not a part of their job, especially if it is CYA s his/her reasoning.

You may need NEW DOCTOR,AND YOU MAY NEED TO GO TO TH EMERGENCY ROOM A Few times, telling them.

We are the only people who an stop this nonsense. I too have a perfect record of non abuse.

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Matt Says:

Re: Eric Johnson (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Morning Eric,
It's a waste of time complaining unless you're terminally I'll,Which I hope is definitely not the case mate.
It's all about surgery budgets,you might see someone walking out of your pharmacy with carrier bags of medication but believe me,
98% is generic rubbish which holds sometimes a fraction of the active ingredients.

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Matt Says:

Re: Suzette (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Morning Suzette,

They're definitely going to be on the ball with methadone and they can be bad for reducing depending on the doctor. Good on you for kicking the Oxy's, was it a high dose?

I've had twice in the past and I was pain free but very aggressive on it, and when I learned of Soldiers prescribed it for pain putting their guns in their mouths because of the withdrawals, I thought it's a no no. At the end of the day, you know what your body can handle.

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Eric Johnson Says:

Re: Matt (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

My previous pain doctor tapered me in 2012-13 as an experiment.

Went out-of-my-mind. Psychiatrist calls him and discovers he has a plan to put me on nothing but ibuprofen , something which gives me intestinal problems.

I move to another pain doctor, and things are fine. Insurance company covering Durogesic, the brand name at 100 uG/hour 24 hour replacement with up to 90 mg dilaudid for break though pain.

I am on other meds and can prove that I also do movement therapy, which reduces pain.

Further, I am not married to these opiates... Just started with lyrica, and the need for breakthrough pain went from 16 mg over the final 20 hours down to just 4-6 in the final 8.

Give me another pill that works, and i'll be glad to take it.

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Matt Says:

Re: Eric Johnson (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

That's absolutely disgusting Eric,I would have probably lost it badly,ibuprofen are the same with me as I have ulcers,I was first given tramadol And codeine which I thought was strange but the tramadol really messed up my stomach then after 2 yrs the codeine stopped working so I was prescribed Duragesic as my brother had them for fibromyalgia and I knew that brand worked at 75 and I was suffering from post operative Necrotizing fasciitis,Flesh eating bacteria contracted abroad from bathing with a cut on my knee,long story short,brilliant brand but too heavy for me as I now suffer from copd,paf heart condition,arthritis,chronic venous insufficiency so I went on dihydracodeine 60mg x 3 per day and clonazepam which actually works really well on the pain as well as my seizures but I struggled with pregabalin and gabapentin,but really good for you mate.
Well done mate,Opiates are truthfully Bad News if we're honest,doctors put people on them for pain and through no fault of their own get reliant on them without even knowing sometimes and then they decide to take you off them,its not good policy and things like that deserve reporting to the GMC General Medical Council.
Take care

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Terri Says:

Re: Matt (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I could get brand if I wanted to pay 800.00 per month. No thanks.

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