Be Very Cautious Mixing Alcohol With Viibryd!!

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Daniel Says:

This is a warning to you all... A little bit about me first: I'm 6'3" and only 130 pounds. Naturally I am very susceptible to side effects of any drug. I also didn't have my first taste of alcohol until October 2011, which is when I turned 23.

Throughout November 2011 I took Cymbalta. I also drank occasionally, but not often and not much. Cymbalta gave me a lot side effects such as an upset stomach, dizzyness, inability to sleep, etc. About mid-December I switched to Prozac, and took it through February. Throughout this time I drank a lot. Very often, and sometimes I'd get incredibly drunk, but I didn't have any bad experiences with mixing Prozac and alcohol. At the beginning of March 2012 I started taking Viibryd because Prozac wasn't giving me the results I desired. The first time I drank while taking Viibryd was on March 14th. That night was also my first and only ride in an ambulance. I drank a good bit of alcohol that night, but it wasn't the most I've ever drank. I also drank a little too fast. I ended up throwing up everything, then stomach juices, then dry heaving all the way to the hospital.

Since then I've only gotten drunk once while on Viibryd, and I did it slowly. I took about 10 shots of vodka but over a four hour period. I didn't feel any bad effects that night, and thought that maybe if I was just careful with my drinking that I could still get drunk while taking Viibryd. But the next day I was miserable. After havingstopped drinking at 11pm the night before, I was still drunk at 8am and unable to drive. The entire day I was sick and on the verge of passing out. I couldn't function at all. And the effects even carried over slightly to the following day.

I would just like to warn you all. It wouldn't suprise me at all if someone could end up dead due to an accident of mixing Viibryd and alcohol...

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry about what you experienced, however, there are reasons that almost all medications carry warnings about drinking alcohol, while taking them.

It is well known that it will intensify the side effects of most medications and yes, in some cases, that can be life threatening.

Have you spoken to your doctor? You should do so, just to be on the safe side, in case you've done any permanent damage.


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Lisa W Says:

Well, I must say I thought due to the mention of multiple "shots" and the fact that you sounded like a party animal that it was probably due to excessive intake of alcohol that you had this issue. HOWEVER, I am on only my 3rd day of Viibryd, still only 10 mgs, and I am quite accustomed to drinking at age 45 (Polish and Irish :). So WASN'T I surprised when after only 3 drinks and 1 shot last night, I woke up at 3:30AM sick as dog, dry heaving. It lasted only 5-10 minutes, but then at 9AM, I felt somewhat drunk, hungover, with a headache. Just like you said! By 9:30AM I was fine, but I believe you may be on to something here!
I have tried probably 5 different anti depressants over the years and have NEVER had a problem mixing with alcohol, but it indeed may be a big concern with Viibryd.
I too am only 130 pounds, 5'6".
On the positive side, I was severely depressed and I felt 100% better after the first 10mg dose. Just the loose gastrointestinal side effect for 4 hours after each dose, and even that has lessened each day. So I am amazed at how well it worked so quickly. I believe I will stay on 10mgs, rather than moving up and see how that works. And I'll have to watch the drinking side effects carefully and decide next steps.

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Daniel Says:

I'm glad they're working for you! I also forgot to mention in my initial post that Viibryd has worked very well for me too. I tend to have fairly frequent stomach problems while on Viibryd but it's worth it in my opinion. I used 10mg for a week, then 20mg for a week, and now I'm taking 40mg a day and the effects have been better than anything I've gotten from Cymbalta or Prozac.

Since my bad experiences with alcohol, if I choose to drink I usually stop about the first moment I feel a buzz. I'm usually alright for the rest of the night and the hangover isn't unbearable. Good luck to anybody who chooses to drink while on Viibryd.

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Lisa W Says:

Curious.....have you gained any weight? I saw a few posts that said that was an issue (one guy said it turned him into a fat zombie...had to laugh). So I'm a bit paranoid about that. I watch my weight daily (always have), exercise and totally control what I eat so I'd be amazed if something could MAKE me gain weight without changing other factors.

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Daniel Says:

I have begun to gain weight actually :/ ... it seems as though my stomach has gained a little weight and I've jumped up 10 pounds recently. It could be a coincidence, but I'm not entirely sure...

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ajmal Says:

i am 37 years old, in 2005 i was feel anxiety, i was use many anxiolitic , but in 2007 i was visit Militry hospital thy prescribe me Bromazepam , Ecitalopram etc but 6 wweek no response,
after six month on maximum dose medicine response me . Now after 7 years now i am Using Bromazepam 1.5 mg bd & Ecitalopram 5mg.
i can not enjoy the life due to shoulder pain , restless position etc etc
what should i do ?

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Michael Says:

Hey guys I am 21 year old male I began Viibryd baout 5 weeks ago. I have tried Celexa, Prozac, and Lexapro I think I would have to say that Viibryd is working best. The side effects and posts I read were quite scary at first but it gets better with time. I am now up to 30mg a day, no serious side effects that I have noticed. I have more energy for the gym and actually have never been as strong and in shape as I am now.

This weekend I plan on attending a house party. I am sick of not going out and drinking with my friends just because I am on this medication. I have only drank one time since being on Viibryd. I had 5 beers over a couple hours and didn't get much of a buzz. BUT, the next day I did not get out of bed until 6PM and felt like crap. How is this possible? I have drank 3x that amount and got up feeling fine. I plan on drinking maybe 12 beers throughout the night this coming Sunday so hopefully Monday morning I am still alive.

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Daniel Says:

I would urge you not to drink 12 beers... unless maybe you drink them slowly... I wish you the best of luck.

For anybody still reading this thread, I recently had another run in with Viibryd. Apparently Viibryd has as a potential side effec of inhibiting the natural constriction of your blood vessels when you stand up. Our body constricts the blood vessels in order to keep our blood pressure high because our blood falls to our feet. I had taken a doe of prescribed hydrocodone cough syrup one night. And I took the recommended dose on the bottle. I ended up passing out in a restaurant's restroom floor and hitting my head hard on the tile floor. And I then threw up everything in the parking lot before making it to the hospital.

I think the lesson to be learned from that is to never take painkillers unless you're going to be relaxing the rest of the day and taking it easy...

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Bett Says:

Cymbalta really does work as both an anti-depressant AND for pain relief. You might ask your doctor about it.

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Genie Says:

I'm a 27 year old female and I have been on Viibryd for 2 weeks now. It has made a TREMENDOUS difference. I feel so much more energy and I've lost 10 pounds :) It has changed my appetite so I'm not eating as much and I get fuller faster. More than anything it has given me back my peace of mind. I give this medicine 2 thumbs up!!

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Daniel Says:

After taking Viibryd for 3 months now I, sadly, no longer feel the effects I use to from it :( ... except a consistent constipation and stomach bloating. It really depresses me because Viibryd use to work so well. I had motivation and was happy to get up in the morning and go throughout my day. Now I'm just depressed at nights again. Maybe I'll try a different medication when I visit my psychiatrist again because the stomach problems aren't worth it anymore...

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Tom Says:

If you're looking for weight loss and you aren't prone to seizures, I suggest buproprion. I dropped 25 pounds in 6 months on the 300mg XL with minimal diet change and zero exercise. I started viibryd last night (40mg) and this morning I feel light headed when I'm on my feet. I'm not a heavy drinker, but the bottle said no alcohol consumption on it. I just wanted to know if a few beers would lead to death. I'll be cautious regardless.

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Jen Says:

I have been on Viibryd for a few months now & it does seem to help. I just wish it would motivate me more. Anyway, I forgot 1-2 doses & i felt like I was crawling out of my skin! My palms were itching and driving me crazy! Long story short, I realized last night that I had forgotten to take my Viibryd so I took it before dinner. My issue was that I had had some wine with dinner and became so nauseated that I had to leave the table. I normally take my meds first thing in the morning and can have wine with dinner with no problems. Also, just curious does anyone else have problems sleeping while taking Viibryd?

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Ashley Says:

I read all the previous post.. I WOULD NEVER recommend drinking alcohol while taking anti depression medication. The warning is there for a reason!! My fiancé was a drinker.. He went on to Viibryd on June 8th. He passed away on June 18th. Doctors tell me the medication didn't have enough time in his system to cause this... However, I knew him, and from the time he started taking it until he died.. He was a different person. He was irritable, very moody. I would just really encourage anyone going onto a new medication.. Especially one with warnings all over it, to have follow up appointments weekly to make sure your doing okay on the medication. I should mention that he committed suicide... He was not suicidal prior to the meds!!!!!! Just please do your homework prior to starting medications!

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jeannie Says:

Ashley first let my say how extremely sorry I am for your loss. My deepest condolences!

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Joy Says:

Officially, Viibryd does not cause weight gain. But, I have been on it for 3 months and have gained 20 lbs. I am always painfully aware of my weight, and any gaining causes intense stress, anxiety, and despair. I do not have an eating disorder or anything (I am 5'3" and perfectly happy at 125 lbs... though now I am 145), but I take pride in my shape and size.

What I found is that Viibryd has made me incredibly hungry. I mean I am STARVING, and I have mad cravings for sweets. This is incredibly unlike me. I will wake up in the middle of the night in serious pain because I am so hungry. I have never in my life had that issue!

I spoke to my prescriber and she scoffed at the idea that Viibryd is to blame because "it DOESN'T cause weight gain." She told me to eat lots of protein, which is harder to digest, and then I won't feel so hungry so soon after eating. So... I am eating all kinds of wonderful protein as well as burning at least 300 calories on the treadmill per day in hopes of controlling my weight problem that she has so easily convinced me is *my own fault*.

...yet still I am starving. I eat my high protein breakfast at about 6:30 am, and by 7:30 am I am starving. But no, I am forcing myself to wait until 9am before I can have that high protein snack. And I starve. And I watch the clock. And I starve. And then I eat my snack, and I force myself to wait until 11:30 before I eat my high protein sandwich, which does not make me feel satisfied at all, but because I am watching my calories I must not eat too much at any one sitting or I will get even fatter.

So I starve some more, and I have another high protein snack at 2, and by the time I get home at 4:15 I am STARVING to death, and I wind up eating a nice filling dinner and then I hate myself for going over my calories for the day.

This sucks.

And I ought to mention that I might as well not be on any medication at this point because the weight issue has caused some serious self-loathing. I won't let my fiance touch me, I can actually feel the fat jiggling when I walk, I can feel the fat bulging in my jeans when I am sitting (so basically every waking moment, I am aware that I am too large), and then the suicidal thoughts kick in again. I am ready to stop taking Viibryd. I would rather not take medication at all and succumb to unchecked PTSD than live with this baggage.

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Joy Says:

Oh, I should mention that Viibryd is awesome as far as curbing suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. I don't get anxious as much anymore. I give Viibryd credit for my finding a new job because I didn't get nervous for the interviews at all. (At all!!!!) I noticed amazing differences very soon and was incredibly happy about it.

But then I put on a bunch of weight, and the mental effects of me gaining weight have rendered Viibryd's wonderful effects moot. The weight gain is a big issue in and of itself. My prescriber put me on this med specifically because it does not cause weight gain, but it certainly has for me.

I read somewhere on the net yesterday that 2-3% of people taking Viibryd experience this unchecked increase in appetite. They really ought to inform all of the prescribers out there!

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Betts Says:

It truly is unfortunate that the responses to medications (at least, anti-depressants) vary so widely. Joy, I hope you will find a more knowledgeable and KINDER doctor who won't devalue your experiences.

I was on Cymbalta for~ 6 years. The withdrawal has been awful. My Dr. was very enthused about ViiBryd, and I all but cried at the idea of feeling happy. So far (5 weeks) that hasn't happened-- yes, I know! -- and as far as food - I'm really not interested. Even though sometimes I feel ravenously hungry, not much seems to actually satisfy. Diarrhea is a constant possibility, even though I take hydrocodone daily.

Is it too much to ask to actually *enjoy* life? Like I told my Dr., I'm not *sad*, but I'm not happy, either. What anti-depressant has actually worked for you (or all the all happy people gone from here?)?Maybe I should just try SAM-e and, what is it, HTP-5 or something?

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Courtnee Says:

Does anyone know if its Okay to have a couple beers while taking ViiBryd?

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Daniel Says:

A couple of beers at a steady pace would probably be alright, according to my experiences...

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