Auro Pharmaceuticals U17 Oxycodone/apap Tablet

coolhandman Says:

My local CVS pharmacy has been changing and even mixing brands of my oxycodone/apap 10/325 for months now. Today they gave me yet a new brand made by Auro Pharmaceuticals with the inscription U17. Has anyone heard of these before? I know nothing about them.

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coolhandman Says:

For the pill ID I can confirm that this is a tablet containingAcetaminophen 325 mg and Oxycodone 10 mg.

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Marmy Says:

I've been in pain mgmt for yrs with this med various generic subs for Percocet 10/325; this last month cvs switched to U17 (auto pharm) generic & the side effects r awful ie ears feel pressure, 24-7 dull headache & sporadic heat redness on face...I notified cvs phcy, I know a reaction when I get one as I've done nothing different from my normal diet, etc, they said there's nothing they can do; I need this med for my condition so must take it. When I wake up each morning as I don't take it sleeping8hrs I have no have no ear pressure, headache, heat flash...15 min after taking morning dose symtoms begin again & last thru the day. PLS HELP!!!!!

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Cristela Says:

In response to Marmy - you can ask your pharmacist to stick to one brand of generic if there is one you have better results with. They don't like doing it but most of them will even if they have to order it in specifically for you. You will just have to order a week ahead to give them time to get the meds in stock. I do this myself and insist on a specific manufacturer. They say that all generics are the same but that is not true. The active ingredient(s) are the same that is it. Lots of people will have a reaction to one generic and not another for the same medication. You are the customer you are entitled to get what you want. If not, change drugstores.

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lanky Says:

I have this same problem however pharmasist says cant order and cant change to anothet phatmacy as no other will take scrpit unless you were a customer of there for over 3 months some say 6 months. This is a real problem for me. I take only 10-350 mallencroft brand they barley touch my pain.

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Mikepicpill Says:

They are better then most I started taking u12 when my insurance would only cover CVS and I like them

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Christie Says:

Yes, my pharmacy gave me the same thing. Shaped like a capsule? But hard like a pill? I don't think they are as strong as my other 10/325's. I asked my pharmacist about them and he said they were the same thing.

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Rednkbearoregon Says:

I know this post is from 2014 but it's not hydrocodone. It's Oxycodone.

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Gilligan Says:

Just received the U17 10/325 OXYCO 10mg 325 Tylenol from CVS. 2 Months ago they couldn't even fill my script, I had to go searching ended up PUBLIX was only Pharmacy that could fill it. I have INSURANCE. CIGNA had to pay $35 for 120 count round pill don't recall coding ? Relieved PAIN but made me argumentative, angry and sleepless. I was afraid to take again. I've been on hydrocodone for many years and achieved immunity to any dose, constipation and no PAIN RELIEF. A smart doctor stepped me up to the PERCOCET. I'm much happier with The CVS U17 Much Cheaper (Effects), first of all don't take any after 4 P.M if you want to sleep. Be prepared to know everything about anything! A real EXPERT! Buy friends EAR PROTECTION! U talk LOUD and A LOT! But absolutely NO PAIN! Wish I could find something I could take after 4 p.m. to STOP PAIN and allow me to sleep! ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Swimb Says:

Try lyrica its the best and non narcotic

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Rick Says:

I just started on U17's I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.

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wakenda Says:

Coolhandman....CVS has been doing a lot of illegal drug mixing and changing generics almost monthly...corporate needs a wake up call and as a nurse, I'm gonna be it. Aurobindo...that's the company...from India...look them up...last check from July 2016...they had 14 violations in their labs...UNCORRECTED from early in the year..yet they are still making meds and distributing them. It will take a death to finally make the FDA pay big Tim and put a tight lid on these slackers that care nothing about their product. The violations ranged from uncleanliness of lab, mold found in beakers and and elements unfounded in more.. Look it up and see for yourselves. I'm putting this CRA in my already damaged body and simply trying to relieve severe pain from Crohns (41 yrs suffering) so I can work as a nurse helping others and care for my disabled child as a single sole provider mom. It is disgusting that in the USA we are made to suffer more than my Great Dane with hip issues....he gets Methocarbamol and has no pain.... Rhodes uses Lactose fillers not disclosed so good luck if your lactose I am...and suffered More with symptoms of that along with 20% less active ingredients for pain as allowed by law...Activis (Teva) pharma was the only generic I could tolerate and nobody around NC orders them... Ps. In CA my pharmacist at CVS special ordered for me Activis..they won't do that here...why???

Good luck fellow pain sufferers... as a nurse I'm appalled; as a patient I'm too damn ill to care anymore...sad state of affairs for America...and nobody cares.

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Izzy Says:

This is is kind of old so I don't know if you'all see it, but may help someone else.
For night pain and sleep my doctor prescribed me pamelor. I was very hesitant bc it is a anti depressant, and I'm a very happy person. Not a ounce of depression in me. They said it's a old school AD without the nasty side effects of the newer ones out there. She said they have found that it serves as a nerve block and when taken at night before bed will help sleep.
It works!!

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Natalie Says:

Wrong again rueben! They are not Hydrocodone. They are 10 mg oxycodone 325 mg Tylenol. Lol

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Jamie Says:

It is 10mg of Oxycodone not Hydrocodone...along with 325mg of Tylenol.

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Cee Jay Says:

Been taking U17 for 3 months. Aurobindo Generic Percocet 10/325 for Chronic Pain. Active Ingredients 10 mgs Oxycodone & 325 mgs Acetaminophen/Tylenol. I take 4 daily/120 month. Take pain meds for 3 years. Was In severe accident, broke my hip also torn hip labrum, disabling Sciatica with very little activity to cause severe disabling flare ups in same side as hip post accident, note other hip is excellent no matter how much activity. Torn Rotator Cuff & Biceps Tendon Surgery same side as hip, 4 Ruptured Discs showing Pain Indicators & Involuntary Muscle straitening/spasms in my Neck. I take Pain Meds with Inj's. and P. Therapy, and Chiropractic Care.

My Opinion on Percocet 10/325 Generics Ranks 1st with Endocet/Qualitest Yellow 10/325, 2nd Auro Bindo U17, 3rd Mallincroft M523, 4th Actavis A333, 5th Amneal IP 204....Note: Shelf Life Plays a Role as well as Manufacturer's +/- on Active Ingredients.

Pain is Serious and my pain stops me from doing the simplest things in life. It is a struggle to get proper treatment because of so much lack of common sense, abuse, and recreational use. If you are in need and struggling with legitimate pain from an injury I hope this helps. I know how it feels to finally feel relief and have hope then be let down at the pharmacy counter due to corporate greed by certain Drug Manufacturers and/or judgmental Pharmacist. They have no clue the hardware you have under your skin. Being judged by a pharmacist when you don't have the ability to abduct your shoulder to 90 degrees holding the mere weight of your arm. 10 weeks after surgery.

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Jennifer Says:

My pharmacy switched from Qualitest to U17 pill and this is making me super sleepy. What's up with that. They're supposed to be exactly alike

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Tess Says:

Hi, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and was sent to pain management. They gave me Percocet 10/325. I returned the next month and took my U/A, they called and said it showed I have norco in my system and no trace of Percocet! How is that possible? I haven't taken norco in 2 years and took the Percocet every day! I'm appalled that this can happen!!

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Anonymous Says:

Has anyone had a bad experience with Aurolife the manufacturer of Percocet? And what is the difference between hydrocodone and oxycodone? Has anyone experienced headaches while using this product and how best I approach my pharmacist regarding this medication?

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Steve Says:

U17 is not hydrocodone its Oxycodne. 10/325 big difference

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Ann Says:

I also got percocet, brand Auro, U17 They give me headachs, the pharmist will not believe me. Been taking percocet for 10 years and never had heaches like this,what can we do about this?

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