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Easiest Way To Remove New Oxycontin 80 Op Coating

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Comments Submitted Says:
In all the other threads about the new oxy's -- everyone is stressing the new coatings, it seems.
I have found the easiest and most efficient way to get BOTH coatings off is {edited for safety reasons}
Thought y'all would like to know that.

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evil12002 Says:
I called Perdue today and BITCHED! I have been taking the 80's for years at high doses and i just got my script filled and i got 540 of the new ones. I broke out in hives the size of lemons. I called this number 203.588.8000 and told the woman what happened and she transfered me to a nurse in the medical dept. I just asked her what the heck they did to my meds. It's the damn binders they're using that did this to me. She asked my name and address and how many i take at a time and IF i swallow them. I would guess if enough people call and report any drug reaction that maybe in the next couple of months they'll change them back. I figured i'd call and get the ball rolling. They tried this crap a few years ago and they ended up changing them back - Every phone call helps.

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patient Joe Says:
when Purdue which is a privately owned company, loose millions of dollars from the new formula,they (Purdue) will find a way to remove them. They are great for those who don't abuse them, as for myself i take them as prescribed to me. Yes the new formula are weaker then the OC formula,and i did let Purdue know about my findings and they told me to speak to my Doctor and he just gave me more of them

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Donna Says:
My husband has severe back pain. and about 2 weeks ago he got his rx for the Oxycontin op. He has been taking the old version OC. for a couple of years now. His back pain was so severe he could hardly walk, Then he started vomiting and all symptoms of a stomach virus. After about 5 days of suffering, finally he agreed to go to the emergency room sick as a dog!! Vomiting and chills with sweats. His BP was 205 over 168.. The doctor took his list of meds and asked about the Oxycontin being the new formula. They started an IV and gave him 4 MG of Dilaudid with something for nausea. Within 10 minutes he was feeling so much better!! His BP went down to 158 over 94. It turns out the Oxycontin 80 op,(new formula) was not working for him!! His pain was causing all the problems..Our primary Physician is changing his pain medications. So every one can say they are still the same medicine. We and our Doctors know the truth. Why must the people who need to take Oxycontin OC need to suffer!! I am so ANGRY he had to go through this!!

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lot a pain 15 Says:
need chat on exalgo

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Donna, I too have had elevated BP since taking the new OP, Very tired all the time. Ive been on Oxy.60 mg for 3yrs now and just this last month, ive had many problems. Ive been told calling Perdue or the fda is what to do but I cant find any info on how many people are really affected by the change

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foxyOXY Says:
Can't anyone figure out to draw the binders out of these things? We are talking about oxy junkies who are the most cunning, devious, creative people in world. You can tell me someone has not figured this out.. Why?? Could it be that difficult? Arent there any Chemistry flunkies turned junkies out there????

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bobaconda Says:
If you just want to eat them. Soak them in {edited for safety reasons}
I got my scrip last month and thought I was going to have to go to the ER because when I swallowed them they wouldn't stop the pain at all. After three days I was hurting. Then I remembered in HS(in the 70's) the science teacher showing us how coca cola would eat up a penny to nothing so I thought why not. I did the rest of my scrip that way this month. I have a lot of stomach problems and I called the company that makes them and the hinted around that it was probably the meds I take for this ailment that wouldn't let the OP's break down in my stomach. But they never did come out and say that to cover their asses. told me to ask my doc about alternatives. So I am going to see about instant relief OC's. If he won't, Ill keep a batch soaking in the coca-cola. I don't abuse them, I just don't get the pain relief from just swallowing them. even the old ones.I guess because of the Nexiums and the other stomach pills mess up the stomach acid. Anyway, good luck to all. Hope this helps the people who just chew them up. My blood pressure is higher with the new OP's too.

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81 patriot Says:
obviously I'm a patriots fan and we just spanked the dolphins on monday night, but to the point I got hurt 11 years ago while framing houses i fell from the trusses and hyper extended my knee. I had a surgery and another and another and another 4 I started out with percocets 10mg then i was taking 10 per day so we switched to oxycontin and ive been pain free ever since and im not ruining my liver in the process. I take them orally exactly how there prescribed and I have done really good for 10 yrs or so. Now all of a sudden they have to mess with them and im really sick and my heart is palpitating im breaking out I cant breathe good and I do 40 mins of cardio daily on the stair master Oxycontin original formula has kept me functional after my injury and able to work and feel good about myself that i can go out and be a man in society and produce. I just dont understand how purdue can put a less then quality product out there in it's place and just sit back and call it good. This is wrong for us out there who don't abuse and who ligitimately in alotr of chronic pain If theres an yone out there who feels my pain I need support cause I'm going to have to quit I can't do this with this generic medication I'm better off dying in pain at this point. I'm going to check some detox places out and try to get clean. Unless somebody can help me figure this out thank you all who read and God Bless. Ps. It's kinda strange after Obama passed health care my scripts went up considerably and now our medications are being tamperd with thats the conspiracy therorist in me. LOL.

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jose Says:
I agree these pills suck, im in a wheelchair with neuropathic pain and while the old oc didn't take that pain away it made the pain a little more bearable. They should bring the old ones back we need them, I've been on them for about ten years now and not once have i crushed them or cut them. It's the des fault they're gone they prescribe them like candy they need to be strict on who they write the scripts to, someone twists there pinky and they get 80 MG oxys please dumbass docs. Blame the drs.

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Herniateddisks Says:
What the !*$#. These don't work, and my doctor and the pharmacists were defending them. The docs and pharmacists think in certain situations (which is true) that even chronic pain sufferers abuse them so they think these new ones are great. But the don't work like the old ones period. I would say taking a new 80 is like taking an old oc 40. These OPs are a ripoff, and are absolutely the result of the illegal drug trade. My pharmacist told me theyre less addictive. That makes NO sense.

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Re-Re Says:
The new OP's r no good. I keep getting sick from these. They r saying these r the same. How would they know. They r not taking these new pills. Put the OC's back before ur company go under or some1 has to die b4 u change them back. The OP's r not good 4 people and Purdue know's this. Once again change the OP's back 2 OC's b4 some1 get very sick or die from them and then Purdue is going 2 have a big problem. We r not ur GINNY PIGS

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Notta Junkie Says:
Purdue did test these and they have been in the works for years now. The FDA approves anything before it is sold to the public. You all sound like junkies trying to makeup legitimate problems for why they should bring back the older OC's. The symptoms or problems many of you describe can easily be seen through. This is probably the best thing that could happen and your lives will all be better eventually.

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troy williams Says:
I recieved my monthly perscription 3 days ago.10 were the old crs and the rest were the new op's.I couldn't figure out why I didn't get the relief I used to untill I took the cr as opposed to the new op's? I called the VA and talked to a pharamasist and was told that PUDUE had done all the home work and found them to be completely safe and I needed to talk to my DR. to be changed to another drug to achieve the same results in pain relief since PUDRUE has NO intention of changing the formula back to the original.So I have to go through the same hoops it took me years to do to get a med that allowed me some relief enough to function somewhat.I have PAD(almost lost a leg 2 years ago) diabeties,a blood disorder requiring 2 blood thinners,artheritis of the ankle,DDD from s1 to L3,hepititisC,as well as copd.I took them orally as perscribed and now I have to start over at almost 60 yrs old.I would like to live out my remaining years with out all the added stress and pain I must now endure AGAIN to get back to the level of relief I had which still limited my life to no physical activity to speak of and limited mobility.Thank you PUDUE for making my last years so much more unproductive for whatever reason suited your alterative motive!

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AddictionIsInsanity Says:
Don't you all realize you're going to die from these drugs? Don't any of you feel worthy of living? You need to detox and begin your second chance in life before it's too late. I survived death from prescription drug addiction. You WILL die. It's just a matter of when. Death from overdose is accidental, meaning you didn't plan it. Your body has a limit. Get clean.

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FortuneCookies Says:
I resent anyone on here who says people posting are junkies.I have systemic scleroderma,and i like having quick relief after taking my PRESCRIBED dose.The new pills are not nearly effective,do not offer the same relief.Unless you are a person who lives w/a painfully chronic condition such as mine,dont BLAST EVERYONE on here making a legit complaint please.

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VolsDoll3 Says:
I'm glad you wrote what you wrote Fortune cookie: It pisses me off when you hear someone say to just stop taking these pain pills and your life will change. When you have a severe disease or disabilty and you are in chronic pain from it, your life will not change just because you stop taking pills. If that was so, there would be alot of people claiming It's a mirable, I'm healed!!! You are an idiot Nottajunkie and Addictionisinsanity!

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iloveoxycontin Says:
if you use a {edited for safety} you still get the same effects

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iloveoxycontin Says:
if you use a ped egg and {edited for safety} at all you still get the same effects

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jdawg Says:
HEY NOTTA JUNKIE- some people don't do well with change- especially when it comes to medication ok? It's not just changing the route you take to work , it's not just some inconvinience. This is medication that goes into one's body and changes chemicals, creating feelings and strong side effects- with them being oxy the side effects are pretty extreme.. Getting used to a certain med for YEARS- as some have posted- is probably uncomfortable.. and don't even start on me cuz I don't take them, my husband's back was was broken in the army and he takes them.. mmkay??? junkie-n maybe you should re-think your words and things you say.. addiction is a disease that people struggle with their entire lives- which you know nothing about obviously because of your lack of courtesy.. how bout ignorant hater or dunno why I post here - that fits a little better.. def. something with ignorance in it! xoxo!

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rainyolddog Says:
There is a post from a lady whose husband has severe back pain an relied on oxycontin to help with his pain. She went on to say that when she picked up his last script at the pharmacy it broke him out in hives and from what I could hear an allergic reation to this new compound of oxycontin and had serious blood pressure issues until they got him switched off of that to a different drug dilaudid, i think for him to be normal. so to speak. She stated that she was angry that her husband had to go through this and I couldnt agree with her more. And she is only a small microcosm of the folks that have been affected by this new way they are supposedly making that drug. Its rediculous what folks have to put up with just to get help. How doctors treat patients that need help and cant get it because of the pressures put upon them from dea etc. And that gets me sort of angry because of the struggles myself and a lot of folks have to go through that are similar to what this lady is describing. I just was curious if she was angry at some of the same people that I am for when I saw the opening to this forum I opted to read some of it and the first post was a FYI on how to take a razor or something to tear these type of pills apart so they could snort them. Why would someone take a genuine benefit such as this room and mark it up with remarks about how to snort a pill. These are the folks that make it difficult for some of us to get the right meds and treated properly because of statement like snorting pills above. I would bet a lot of money to say that I imagine these kids snorting pills that are designed to be swallowed are not doing it to stop hurting. They are just getting high and from the babble I read they feel a desire to educate others on how to do the same by chopping up a pill I would think to expedite the high they are after by cutting out the time release portions of the medicine it seems. Literally this is the reason the lady's husband had to get sick, and be put on a different med to control his pain, get hives and spend a lot of money none of us have this day an time because some idiot has to chop up a pill so the manufacturer had to react by using other additives that in this case were harmful to her husband, just to keep someone from acting childish, irresponsible, and not out to rid themselves of pain, or care anything about anyone that is in pain. I really hope they enjoyed that buzz they got from snorting a pill. Wish they would look at the folks they really are hurting.

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