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Blue pill with EC - Benadryl?

What kind of pill is blue and capsule shaped imprinted with EC? It's a pill just shaped like a short capsule. ## I found a small light blue pill with ec on one side ## The light blue capsule-shaped pill in description is reportedly identified as Diphenhydramine 25mg, marketed as a sleep aid. For verification, this pill is said to have been distributed by Velocity Pharma LLC. According to other feedback here, apparently, they sell these at the dollar tree store. Hope this helps! ...

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Blue oval pill with E C on one side

I have a blue oval pill with E C on one side and the other side is blank. I would like to know what it is? ## I have a lite blue oval pill don't know what it is ## According to another related discussion thread here, a blue oblong pill marked with E C on one side is rumored to be a 25mg diphenhydramine tablet; used as a sleep aid. Source: Unfortunately, I've yet to find any specific details on the National Drug Code, but hopefully this information can at least help narrow down your search efforts. The manufacturer is reportedly listed as Velocity Pharma LLC and you can contact them via email [[email protected]] or phone [650-273-5748] for verification. Does anyone else have information to add? ## I am currently using the oval blue pill with EC on one side and it i... ...

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round blue pill with saturn logo on it

the pill is round and blue one side has a line in the middle and the other side has a picture of saturn ## you may have a 20mg winstriol. Its a oral steroid body builders use for a cutting cycle. It helps build and keep lean mass when the body builder loses bodyfat before they compete ## Brutus may be right, I really don't know. All I can tell you is that it is definitely not a legal US prescription medication. Is anyone else familiar with this product? ## 10mg dianabol... im taking it now... Enjoy!!! ## Found some small blue round tabs. Line on one side and what appears to be an imprint of Saturn on the other. Is this dianabol or Winstrol? Or what??? ## I have a round blue pill with ec on and a line in the middle and 50 on the other side ...

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Blue oval pill with four raised lines on one side

What is a light blue oval pill that's blank on one side and has 4 raised lines on the other about 1/2 an inch long? Is it an opiate? ## I had the same question until my brother showed me... It's Wrigley's Eclipse Mint ## I looked up Wrigley's Eclipse Mint and their "Natural Germ Killing Eclipse Mint - Peppermint Flavor" has four raised lines on the light blue side as depicted, but the other blank side of the pill is white instead of blue, which wasn't mentioned by the original poster. Just wondering if you happen to have any additional information that can verify this finding? One thing is for certain though and that is, it's not an opiate (at least one that's manufactured in the US) as the FDA requires pill imprints for identification. ...

Blue Snake Pill

Light blue round with hexagon shape cut on both sides a snake on one side and a line on the other side ## Hi Cc, The research I've done leads me to believe that the pill you have is not a prescription medication, but could likely be an illicit drug such as ecstasy. It could also be a medication manufactured outside the United States, or possibly an over the counter product, but it has been difficult to verify 100%. If you cannot have it analyzed then I would recommend that you safely dispose of it. Where exactly did you find the pill? ...

blue pill AZ 267

I found a pill in my kid's room. It is blue with AZ 267 on it. What is it? ## Is there any other inscription on the pill? Shape? Any more information will help me better in assisting you find the right pill. ## The pill described is generic brand of, I THINK it is ADVIL PM but cheaper. dont panic its a schedule 5, over the counter night sleep medication. I FACT I took my dose 25 minutes ago, yet I no long suffer from doctor insomia meds and have the ugly side effect like such as not remembering while under effect, hallucinations, ect. recieved from prescribed sleep medication. But now I can because OTC is safer, in turn allowing me to properly think and write incohart in this messages, and get tired. ## It is a generic for of Tylenol PM. Non-Narcotic, nothing to be worried about. ##... ...

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Watson 705 Round Blue Pill

little round blue pill with watson 705 on it ## Sorry, I can't find anything under this marking, can you please double check the imprint? ## It looks like it says 705 but it is really 795. It can be used for IBS or Feminine Cramps. It is a Watson 795 Round blue tablet imprinted Watson 795 is 20 mg dicyclomine (generic Bentyl), a drug used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Original image from Watson Pharmaceuticals. You can find more information about dicyclomine at Eckerd Drug Advice ## Dee is my name. I was given this to take my pain away in my abdomen by my doctor. Can this be addictive? ...

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EC , oval pill, light blue color

Light Blue color Oval shape EC on one side Blank other side ## I found a similar pill. Have you found anything on it ? Thx ## I located a similar description of a white oval pill with EC on one side (and an "a" symbol on the other) that is reportedly identified as 250mg Ery-Tab (erythromycin), used for treating various types of bacterial infections. Apparently it's made by a company called Abbott Labs. The pill described above is also depicted as being approx. 15mm in size. Does any of that information ring a bell based on what you think you might've had from past prescriptions, etc? I hope this helps! ## It's diphenhydramine. 25mg. Sleeping aid or medication used for allergic reactions. ...

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Half blue and white oval pill

Half blue and white pill, was told it's an over the counter sleep aid. My daughter turned out to be a methamphetamine head so I am kinda freaking out as my daughter never had lied to me till recently. She doesnt sleep worth a crap anymore. I am worried. ## Hi Silver71, Did you find this in your daughter's possession? If so, it may be time to have a heart to heart discussion about her drug use and perhaps she'll open up about what this pill allegedly is. Interestingly enough, in my investigation I found reports suggesting that it may be an Eclipse (Winterfrost) sugar-free mint; which is also a half blue and half white oval pill. If you run a search on google images for "Eclipse Winterfrost sugar-free mint" you'll see an example of what they look like in comparison... ...

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light blue pill oval shape

I found a light blue oval shaped pill with four raised lines on one side and nothing on the other. Please help! ## If there are no actual markings on it, then it is most likely an over the counter product, of some type. You mean the lines are raised up off of the tablet, rather than pressed down into it? I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## I found this same type today in my gym locker room... no clue what it is! ## RECREATIONAL DRUGS ## The line is embedded in the pill not raised. ## oval pill/blue raised pill with stripes/white on other side ## It's an Eclipse breath mint. You can check it online. ...

Missed first blue starting second pack

I'm starting my second package of loloestrin... i took the first month without missing any pill and had something like a period on the second week of using the pills and i Had a light period when taking the brown pills... The thing is that i missed first pill of the second package a blue pill which i was supposed to take yesterday.. So what now? What happens when you skip the first pill inbetween packages? Will birth control work for the rest of the month or could i end up pregnant... Im really panicked to end up pregnant because i had an ectopic pregnancy on feb and got my tube removed and i have only one left! ## Hello, Amy! How are you? Unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, you should just start taking them as usual, it will really be just like you lengthened your period we... ...

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blue RC 100

what kind of pill is this ## I was only able to locate that it could be Roxycontin 100 mg. I was not able to find a picture of this pill, so I am not 100% sure. Does anyone else know? Please post back with any information if you do. ## That pill is indeed Roxycontin 100 mg, a foreign formulation of oxycodone. ## could be a fake -- or overseas using fentanyl in small amounts as filler to give similar results .. or just chalk ... no manufacture in any country makes a pill in this ecxact formulation unless its underground ... its definitely not from usa canada or most of uk ... possibly india or mexico if it is anything real .... ...

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morphine 2oo mg oblong blue

I was wondering I had a pill I know it was morhine. it was an oblong blue shape and color. It has been awhile I'm a chronic pain patient and I cannot take the newoxy op's I took 80mg 3x a day for along time. If any body knows the difference between just the regular morphine and the er opana ect. let me know the ms-contin did not work at all. Also the hydromorphone what is the differences in those meds? I know that is alot of info I just need to knoww. So if you know any of it let me know. THANKS ## If the Morphine ER didn't work for you, then it makes sense that the MS Contin also didn't, because they are both time released Morphine tablets. Opana contains a different narcotic, it is called Hydromorphone, it is very powerful and has helped many people with chronic pain i... ...

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a light blue long oval shape with the letters L368 ## Generic Name: naproxen (na PROX en) Brand Names: Aleve, Anaprox, Comfort Pac with Naproxen, EC-Naprosyn, Midol Extended Relief, Naprelan, Naprosyn ## What. Kind of pill is blue oval shape scored in the middle ## Is a generic Viagra pill barrel-shaped with NO marking? ## Regarding the OP, Rich is correct, this tablet is available over the counter and is listed as containing 220mgs of Naproxen which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain, fever, and swelling. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation. As to the other tablets, if there is no marking, they are most likely some type of over the counter product. Are th... ...

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blue tablet c dc

Got some greenish blue actavis diazepam's, in blister and box, production date. Best before ect. Got them from my fixer. Got a tolerance, took 20mg last night felt OK defo benzo. Woke up feeling s***ty, sweating loads, dizzy, and bad temper at work tonight? ## They are fake. Made by people who think they are smart. But I can give it to them it's working. More less they have the s*** to make boxes an pills. But there is diazepam in them. Wee bit. But what else I ask. ...

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Round Blue 4853 V

My parot ate about ten of these pills oxybutynin 5mg tabs do I have to worry about her dying ? :'( ## Please get her to a vet as soon as possible. With 10 tablets,she will need treatment soon. ## I have to echo that opinion. Our information and my own knowledge is only pertinent to the use of medications and their effects on humans. this site does not have anything about their use in animals and I know very little about it myself. Are there any other comments or questions? ...

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oval tablet top half light blue bottom half white. blue half resembles football

no letter or number markings. It is a thick tabletOVAL SHAPE TOPHALF BLUE, BOTTOM HALF WHITE. BLUE PORTION RESEMBLES FOOTBALL LACING ## I am looking for info on one I found in the kid's room. ## Mystery's an Eclipse breath mint. ## That does match the description of those breath mints and is a much better solution than finding something dangerous in your child's room. I wish all posts and solutions were that simple!! :-) Post back if you need anything! ## what oval shaped pill is half white and half pale blue in colour? It has no markings on it and its quite thick ## I am from Canada I got ahold of some N1 rbxblue and white capsules and I have terminal cancer I take it cuz it helps me sleep I can,t sleep cuz I,m hooked on clonazepam and trying to get off it but i... ...

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alprazolam 1mg- green s902 vs. blue 605. which is better?

Been taking oval green 2x's a day for couple months. Now the pharm sent me blue oval 605, is there a diference in effectiveness? Also, are they ir, er, ect? And how could I tell? I looked everywhere. ## The new tablets you received, with the 605 marking contain 1mg of Alprazolam, in a regular release formulation, so they are the same as the ones you were taking with the S902 marking. The only difference is that they have been manufactured by a different company. Learn more Alprazolam details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## would like to know if xanax will help me to get off pain pills? i take 1mg xanax 4 times a day as it is now. will it help with my wiyhdrawls if i stop taking pain meds? ## will xanax help my withdrawl systoms from not taking pain pills? ## no no n... ...

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It's a light blue oblong tablet, for pain/Scored240 on one side cant read other side ## Yes the pill you have is Bupap, which contains Acetaminophen 650 mg + Butalbital 50 mg. The imprint you most likely have is 59010 | 240, a picture can be seen here. ## Just to confirm, The closest match I have found is also Bupap- with (50 mg) Butalbital and (650 mg) of Acetaminophen. It is a light blue oval pill with the same imprint that Abe noted- 59010 | 240. To view an image of the pill I found click here. Butalbital and acetaminophen combination is a pain reliever and relaxant. It is used to treat tension headaches. Butalbital belongs to the group of medicines called barbiturates. Barbiturates act in the central nervous system (CNS) to produce their effects. You can learn more about this dr... ...

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BLUE OBLONG WITH MUTLI-COLORED SPECKS ## What is it that you need to know? If you want to confirm what this pill is, you need to say what the markings on the pill are, we can't tell just by the colors and shape, there are many pills that look like that. ## It is blue oblong with multi-colored specks with GPI 25 on one side and nothing on the other side,anyone know what this is ? ## I cannot find a positive ID for this, but I can tell you that it is definitely NOT Hydrocodone. GPI is the logo for Gemini Pharmaceuticals and they manufacture only over the counter products such as vitamins and herbal supplements. Here is their website: They manufacture tons of the drugs that you see available as store brands, like a Wal-Mart brand of Tylenol or Eckerd brand of vitamins and etc. ...

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