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ery-tab 333mg ec abb

white tablet with H3 on one side and lower case a on other ## Have taken the medication for five days and now have swelling in face and neck ## in my face there is heavy swelling my left cheek so what medicine i should take? can any body suggest me. ## Ery tabs are listed as containing Erythromycin, which is an antibiotic that is used to treat various types of bacterial infections. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and non-allergic skin rash. However, I have not found any with this marking. Can you please double check and post back? Ravi, have you figured out what is causing the swelling? Have you consulted a dentist? Are you on any other medications?

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can this be used for tooth infection

CAN THIS BE USED FOR TOOTH INFECTION ? ## Hello, Tiger! How are you? What medication are you asking about? You didn't mention it, nor did you post this in any particular medication forum. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you! ## Can ery-tab 333MG be used for a tooth infection I found a bottle and I have a abbcest?

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Ery-tab 500 mg ec tablets 3 times a day

Can an 8 year old take this dose if prescribed by his doctor for perioral dermatitis? ## If their doctor has prescribed it, then yes. This medication is an antibiotic and the FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?

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EC , oval pill, light blue color

Light Blue color Oval shape EC on one side Blank other side ## I found a similar pill. Have you found anything on it ? Thx ## I located a similar description of a white oval pill with EC on one side (and an "a" symbol on the other) that is reportedly identified as 250mg Ery-Tab (erythromycin), used for treating various types of bacterial infections. Apparently it's made by a company called Abbott Labs. The pill described above is also depicted as being approx. 15mm in size. Does any of that information ring a bell based on what you think you might've had from past prescriptions, etc? I hope this helps! ## It's diphenhydramine. 25mg. Sleeping aid or medication used for allergic reactions.

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white pill with EC on one side and A on the other side

I found a white oblong pill with EC on one side and A on the other side..its all capital letters so I know its an EC and A for sure ## Hi mayes, Please correct me if I'm wrong, but based on the description provided, I've identified your pill as a 250mg Ery-Tab (Erythromycin), used for treating certain types of bacterial infections. Images online depict a white oblong shaped pill (approx. 15.00 mm in size) with an uppercase "EC" on one side and an oversized lowercase "a" on the other side. For verification, this particular tablet is reported to be manufactured by a company called Abbott and carries a National Drug Code of 00074-6304. Does this sound like it could be a match?

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white oval pill a on one side ed the other

large white oval pill with A on one side and ED on the other side ## Hi nora, Based on the description provided, I've identified your white oval pill as Ery-tab (erythromycin) 500 mg. This medication is a macrolide antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. It is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and has a National Drug Code of 00074-6321. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Erythromycin Details I hope this helps!

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I WAS WONDER WHAT THIS DRUG IS AND WHAT THE PRESCRIPTION IS FOR, I FOUND IT WHEN CLEANING MY MOM HOUSE AND SHE CAN'T REMEMBER ## This is Erythromycin, an antibiotic, used to treat many different types of infections. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Mouth is swollen from tooth infection. I can't afford medicine and or treatment........ Can I use an ERY_TAB 500MG TABLET EC from 6 years ago?

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ery-tab 500mg ec tab abbott

plain white oval pill with ED on one side and what looks to be an E on the other side. ## I also have the same pill and am trying to find out what it is for! I believe it was prescribed by my dematologist. Please email me if you have gotten any answers. Thanks, Heidi ## This tablet contains 500mgs of Erythromycin, an antibiotic. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

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white,eh ## I need full identification for each pill. What is the imprint on pill? Does it have a funny sign on the other side that looks kind of like a backwards 6? ## Ery-Tabs are a dosage pack of the antibiotic Erythromycin. Erythromycin Info Click Here This drug submissions forum is also open for people to either submit drugs for inclusion in the monographs that they didn't find already listed, or to ask for more information on a certain med. That is why some people, who already know what it is, don't include an imprint. ## How do we know if they already know what it is though? We have found that many have gotten the subject line incorrect, thinking their pill was one thing and it was something completely different. ## No idea, but if that is all they post, then I just provi...

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