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Seconal for Insomnia

My physician prescribed every benzo drug imaginable (Ambien, Lunesta, sp?) and they were ineffective for my occasional insomnia, at best. He gave me a prescription for Seconal to use as needed. When I tried to fill it you would have thought the Rx said "Opiates" or "LSD". The younger pharmacists had not a clue as to what it was, and the older ones acted like they had seen a ghost. Anyway, I finally found the medication via my home delivery pharmacy and when I need it, I take it and it works. No wiped out memory, no sleepwalking, so groggy aftermath. Any drug when taken in excess or with other drugs can be dangerous...this includes simple OTC drugs, Tylenol, aspirin etc. This drug has been so vilified. I know that there is another use for the drug (in Oregon), however thi...

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Availability of nembutal in India

I'm planning on going to India soon, so I'd be really grateful if anyone has any ideas on this. Such as: can I pick up nembutal in India? - Maybe even over the counter in a shop? ## I will be highly grateful if someone can tell me about the availability of nembutal... And just to mention beforehand, it won't certainly be used for euthanasia. ## Hello Carob, I personally do not have the answer you are looking for but one way of finding out is to contact a foreign embassy for the country you are trying to visit and ask them about the legality of the drug you are looking for. More than likely they will have all of the answers you need or at least have a source that you can turn to in order to get the answers. Here is a link to some useful phone numbers and emails to help you fi...

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cyclobenzapr 10 mg side effects

Cyclobenzapr (5 mg) was just prescribed for me at bedtime for 5 days. Should I continue taking ambien (10 mg) while taking this? ## Hello, Bush! How are you? What instructions did your doctor provide? It may be best to double check. While there aren't any actual dangerous interactions listed between these two medications, they can both increase sedation, which may be too much for some people, depending on their overall health. The FDA classifies Cyclobenzaprine as a muscle relaxant and lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. ## Why can't I control my need to urinate while taking this medicine? I feel like I have to go all the time. ## My head is hurting so bad and my mouth is very dry ## Hi, I hear your plight, but taking b...

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sleepasil side effects

I've been taking sleepasil for quite a while now and have been experiencing several possible side effects that may contributed by the drug. My major concern is what is in the drug. Yes it is BFAD approved but i cannot find its make up. Thanks. ## Sleepasil is actually a supplement claimed to help with sleep issues. It contains: Melatonin, Chamomile, Wild JuJube Seed Extract, Valerian Root, Hops, Scullcap, Passion Flower, Calcium and Magnesium. That said, since this is a supplement, side effects are not known, they have not been studied. What exactly have you been experiencing? Have you spoken to your doctor? ## it has melatonin. i heard its bad for eczema, psoriasis. i have skin problems but not yet have done skin biophsis but i know its either psoriasis or eczema. is it safe for me...

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little blue oval pill with 44386 on front ## help ## I have reason to believe that a light blue oval pill with the imprint 44 386 is a over the counter Unisom tablet ## Jayson is correct. THe pills marked with a 44 are manufactured by LNK International and they do not make any prescription drugs, only over the counter items. So this is a generic or store brand of Unisom. ## I called LNK International and they stated its 25mg Doxylamine Succinate (common name Unisom) and its over the counter. ## Well, I guess we all agree. Since I work for this site, I subscribe to a professional database that lets me look up pills according to their imprint, that way I can help those seeking medication information or IDs and ensure that they get accurate and up to date information! ## in addition to the...

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spasmo proxyvon

side effects ## wockhard spasmo proxyvon has been changed the formula as compared to last batch no. it is really bad and i want a same result for that. can i get a same percentage of (opium) in any capsule, tablet. Which are easily available in delhi and ncr also. i was used to take 7 capsules in one dose earlier one now i am not even wanted to take two also but not able give up because i am taking them from last ten years. ## ALTERNATIVE FOR SAME RESULT OF SPASMO PROXYVON EASILY AVAILABLE IN DELHI AND NCR ## i was taking spasmo proxyvon from last 7 years i stopped taking from last two days now.i cant sleep whole night i feel to much tired and feel cold pain in legs.what medicine in have to take to get rid from spasmo proxyon permanently ## i was on spasmo proxyvon from last 7 years now...

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Seconal and the correct uses

Walgreens in Georgia orders 100 capsules for me every three months. Must be careful with this Rx, however it works better than anything available for insomnia. It is definitely available. Most younger pharmacists have never heard of it and the older pharmacists know it but "haven't had a script in 30 years for Seconal". The new company that purchased rights to produce Seconal (Valliant) has been under fire for hiking the price to sometimes over 4000.00/100 capsules in this EIGHTY year old drug. This is insane. It is used in Oregon and California for assisted suicide and apparently works very well. Regardless, for an insomniac, nothing works better than carefully used Seconal. It has been vilified to the point physicians are scared to prescribe. So silly. ## One should be car...

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Can Melatonin Cause A Drug Test To Be Positive For Suboxone

can melatonin or depression medication cause a drug test to be positive for suboxone ## My answer to that question would be no, as the human body produces Melatonin naturally. Supplementing this is strictly used to boost your Melatonin to levels that your body hasn't been producing on its own accord. As far as depression medication goes, it is unlikely; but with some drug tests it seems as though anything is likely to show up no matter what you took. So I wouldn't count it out just yet. Have you asked your doctor about getting re-tested? ## I have taken Melatonin and I am having a false positive on my drug test. This is the second time. I took a prescribed 5ml Valium 2.5 weeks before it the drug test. I do not feel like that is causing the problem. ## This is my first time ever ...

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Small white pill, tiny star imprint (ninja star). Line on re

Found tiny (like gravol but a bit smaller and noticeably thinner) white pill with a star imprint but looks to have tiny circle within the star. Think 4 sided throwing ninja star type lol with tiny circle within. (Not 5 pointed ? but morning star just 4 points) On rear is a line. Found next to round orange centaur pill. I dont know how many mgs the centaur pill is. Which someone else said is like ambien (Xanax). Im not 100% sure. Would appreciate to know the name of each and mg. Please and thanks very much. ## RE: "someone else said is like ambien (Xanax)" First off, I just have to inform you that Ambien and Xanax are NOT the same drug; so whoever told you this pill is Ambien (Xanax) may intentionally be misleading you and I stay as far away from this person as possible. - Ambien...

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Restoril caused my wife's suicide

In winter / spring of 2010 my wife started having regular episodes of insomnia and by April it was affecting her pretty badly. She told me she thought she was clinically depressed. She had never had any previous mental problems the whole 20 years I knew her- never any mention of suicidal thoughts. We were happily married and had been saving money over time plus had a large inheritance- we were in the process of looking for a house to buy. I sent her to the doctor to get a sleep aid. He prescribed Ambien but it didn't work and it had bad side effects for her. By early June she had missed work a few times and went back to the doctor to try something else. She also told him she was suffering from anxiety (racing thoughts that prevented sleep). He prescribed a combination of Trazadone (...

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Seconal prescription NJ

I am looking for a doctor in the NJ area who has prescribed Seconal for insomnia. I have tried everything else with no luck. I am sleeping about 2 hours a day. Does anyone know of any doctors in this area that have prescribed this medication? Thank you!

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behavioural disorders from debendox

Can taking debendox result in humans developing behavioural disorders that are cyclic in the way they daughter (35yrs old now) can appear quite normal for weeks at a time then she will exhibit borderline pshchotic behaviour then after a few days she will be OK again. ## This contains Pyridoxine and Doxylamine, it isn't used in the U.S., so I have to admit my information on it is limited. Her symptoms, however, sound similar to those of bipolar disorder. Learn more Bipolar disorder details here. Have you consulted a doctor? ## I took debendox when pregnant with my noiw 33 year old daughter. She has problems emotionally but is very bright. I have friends who also took this drug and their children have the same problems. Its almost like they dont grow up and over react to ma...

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Are you a doctor?

Seconal was RX'ed in the 1960-70's . A lot of people died from OD's and auto accidents. It is still used for people that have tried everything to sleep but nothing works. I dont know why it bothers you so much that a few patients are getting them. Unless your a doctor its not something your qualified to answer

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Round white pill NPE 10

I have a small round white pill with NPE underscored by 10. Is it a generic for Ambien? It makes me feel very wholly and sleepy.

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Round white pill with no print on either side

I have a white round pill with no printing on either side, what is it? ## If there are no markings, it is going to be difficult to determine exactly what this contains. We can rule it out as being a U.S. prescription medication, because they are all required, by federal law, to have markings to enable their identification, in case of emergency. However, it could be any one of a large number of over the counter items and there is also a chance that it could be a foreign medication. Was it found in the U.S.? ## Definatly melatonin over the counter pills. Get a good night sleep. ## I have a bunch I found in my daughter's backpack and they are Vitamin B12 but they are prescribed by her Dr. And the prescription was filled at Cox's pharmacy. ## I have a small white pill with nothing o...

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round white pill nothing on either side

Was prescribed but can't read the label of what it is. Help plz ## What pill is round, white, and no imprints on either side ## A white round pill with no imprints could be anything. However, if you believe that there was an imprint that had gotten rubbed off and you're simply unable to read the label, then I would encourage you to have the pill sent in to be analyzed by a lab and/or to utilize a drug panel kit from a local pharmacy that can at least distinguish the presence of various controlled substances. Something else to keep in mind is that there are numerous over-the-counter supplements such as vitamins, minerals, melatonin, magnesium, etc. which are often just smooth pills with no imprints. Is there a score line on either side by chance?

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Torrent Pharmaceutical Zolpidem

I had this 10 mg from torrent and the pharmacy could not supply a refill. I do not like the substitute mfg. How can I get torrent zolpidem? ## Have you tried asking your pharmacy if they can order it in for you? This is a generic for Ambien and the one that a pharmacy carries can change, at any given time, depending on who was offering the cheapest price, when they had to restock their supply. This is how the keep the price as low as possible for customers that don't have insurance. ## Torrent is a Co. from India By local,hell I'd rather be broke n at least know that my $$ was still in Country Semper Fi' ## Recieved RX of 30 tabs Some are Peach-Yellow in color Others are white in color. Isn't that odd? Should they be 2 different colors in the same order? The inmprint on ...

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round white pill with NB on one side

what is small round white pill with NB on one side ## It's melatonin, a sleep aid. It's made from all natural turkey extract, I'm a college student so it real helps, there is nothing bad about it it's just really expensive. Most people confuse it for Percocet because of the NB but Percocet has numbers melatonin does not ## I have round white pills with NB on one side and they are a homeopathic migraine medicine. ## @rrrock: What is the homeopathic Migraine medication called? Is it for use during an attack or used more like a preventive-type Supplement? Very curious as I have Chronic Migraine & would like to try using a good homeopathic med at onset of an attack as a first line before having to take my Rx migraine medications. Thanks so much! ## My research points to ...

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I've suffered from insomian for years. I was persribed Rozerem recently and so far, it work. Directions are to take 3o inites before bed. They do work! The only side effects mt dictor found were erratic menstruation. That I have not experienced yet. ## I have just started Rozerem and would like to know how others like it and what side effects they have had. ## I have also started taking Rozerem. I saw no results after two nights but the dr. said it took time to work and not to quit taking it. I don't find this statement in the drug company information. Meanwhile I am really tired after waking up every few hours last night. Anyone else given this advice? ## I have been taking it successfully for about a month with no side effects. Best wishs. Susan ## Rozerem has been shown to ha...

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white teva 24 pill

I've been taking zolpidem tartrate aka ambien for 11 years. As soon as the generic came out by Teva I noticed it does not put me to sleep at all. None of my meds have changed. Have you heard any complaints about the strength of Teva's zolpidem? ## Hello, Gi! How are you? Has there been any change? Is the marking TEVA 74? That should be the marking on their 10mg Zolpidem tablet. However, there can be fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to another. Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, they are allowed to differ from the name brand by as much as plus or minus 20% and they don't have to measure against other generics, just the name brand. Thus, one could be slightly higher or lower in the amount of the active ingredient than another one. Though, s...

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