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Pillproo Says:
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This a333 is generic for percocet and CVS is dispensing them, OXYCODONE 10/3.25 is what they are.

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David Says:

Thanks for taking the time to share this information. To anyone else needing a second opinion, I can also confirm that an oblong white pill marked with "A333" is in fact identified as Oxycodone (10mg) + Acetaminophen (325mg); which is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

For verification, this tablet is said to be manufactured by Actavis, and has a National Drug Code of 00228-2983-11.

Does anyone here have personal experience or feedback from trying these over other manufacturer's brands/generics? I heard one complaint about someone having stomach or GI problems from this particular form, but have yet to come across a list of inactive ingredients to see what exactly might be causing this.

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hotter Says:
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Does it have anything on the other side

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curious and concerned Says:

I have been prescribed percocet for some time. I have several issues, which include muscular dystrophy. Just recently, I picked up my rx from cvs and felt sick to my stomach, and also got extreme anxiety. I reviewed the information and found that the pill has a 333 instead of 325. I called the pharmacy and was told it should be no different. Honestly, I am not crazy, but I dont think this manufacturer works for me. I also called my doctor to let him know.

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Ryann Says:
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I have been prescribed Percocet 10/325 for almost 3 yrs straight now. Am in the fight against Cancer. I just picked up my script from Cvs and got this generic Percocet A333. I have noticed an increase in anxiety as well, plus it works maybe half as well as the other generics I have always taken. (Endocet ect). Very displeased and find it extremely unfair that I have to deal with the extra pain this month just because they have a medicine on the market that isn't very effective. It isn't a med that they will give you a new script of 180 pills because of complaints. Its just sad that they are allowing crap like this to go on. Just my opinion;). God Bless everyone that is having to go thru so much pain and having to jump thru hoops to get medicine to help take some of their pain away<3

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moondrops Says:

I have been taking oxycodone/apap ,10/325 generic percocet for two months.The pills that I've been getting had an imprint of M523 on them.Yesterday,I received a new batch A333. from "activis" formerly watson!!!! I suffer from degenerative disc disease on c3,c4,c5,c6,c7.....which gives me severe headaches,and horrific pain down my shoulders to my hands.I also have three bulging discs in my lower back and interstitial cystitis..bladder disease .Bottom line these pills have NO PAIN MEDICATION in them at all,they left out the OXYCODONE.I now have to wait 28 days until I can get a new script because of the controlled substance nature of percocet. CVS has switched to this company.CHECK YOUR MEDS!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT A333!!!!!! This has now become a TREND AT CVS...To make a few cents more they've gone with extremely INFERIOR GENERIC MEDS!!! And the hell with the patients!!!

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Shellmabelle Says:

This pill with the A333 is made by Actavis who acquired Watson. So there are no more white, round Watson pills. A333 replaces the white, round Watson 10/325. (10mg Percocet) I have been taking the Watson pill for over 2.5 years with no problems and the reason I am here on this board now is because I feel very nauseated and have really bad indigestion which I hardly ever have. I actually took a heart burn pill today which I have not had to take in years and then tonight I threw up and have this indigestion. It MIGHT be unrelated (maybe tummy bug?!). I can't tell how much might be the "placebo effect" being now I know that it is a different looking pill, different manufacturer name, etc. I have had a fibro flare the past few days and Jan 2nd had Level 2 cervical fusions but I was feeling better from the surgery and I have noticed pain that I did not have before because of healing after surgery and I just figured I over did it this past week. Then tonight looking into it, realizing I started this new pill about a week ago, I put two and two together and I am wondering if this pill is not working and that the Watson pill took care of these pains? I can tell you right now I can't deal with this tummy upset, the fibro pain and the shoulder neck pain. Calling my doctor if this continues tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

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Katy Says:
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This past month I went to pick up my monthly script of Percocet @ Walgreens and was given actavis instead of the usual Watson. I also had bad reaction to inactive ingredients and noticed it was not taking pain away. I called Walgreens filed a complaint and pharmacy said they would switch them out. Went back to doctor and he wrote a new script so I could trade them in. Make sure doctor writes at bottom of script (l return unused pills to pharmacy for trade in) and you shouldnt have any problems. Walgreens took new script worked things out with my insurance to trade them in and covered extra cost of $600 brand name for $0

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riley Says:

Shellmabelle: I received the A333 pill about 1 month ago as my pharmacy did not have any in stock, so they were kind enough to call CVS for me to see if they would fill my rx, CVS said sure, about 30 minutes after taking this new A333, I had violent vomiting, stomach pain so badly, well I thought maybe I should of taken on empty stomach. Next morning, took my scheduled pain pill this new A333 and again with the vomiting & terrible stomach pain like my insides were being ripped out. I went to ER and was DX with medication poisoning from this A333 brand pill! I will never take this brand again, I cld the Actavis hotline submitted a complaint, they cld and Watson cld as well, just to get more info from me, they told me FDA approved this med and they were sorry I had reaction. Pharmacy would not take back my pills, I had to go to pain dr with ER notes to get new script & now my scripts say Patient Not to Receive Actavis/Watson A333 pill! Walgreens, CVS & other local pharmacies here in FL carry this new A333 pill & will tell you they have the regular Watson when they do not, its the A333 pill. I do not have insurance, so I pay for my meds out of pocket, I am having financial difficulties now because of the expense of this A333 med that made me severely ill then getting another script. I could not be reimbursed for anything. BTW, the Stomach Upset lasted 3 weeks because of that awful med. I hope you find some relief soon. Take Care & please call your Dr about this and notify pharmacy. The A333 provided me NO Relief from Pain but then again, I vomited after taking 30 minutes later.

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riley Says:

Katie, You are lucky pharmacy switched out pills for you. CVS wouldn't do that for me at all, they said Sorry we cant take them back or reimburse you. I had to go back to my pain dr along with my ER notes as I had as I went to ER from this A333 med as I was severely ill, medication poisoning from this pill. Stomach issues as well & those lasted 3 weeks! My pain dr writes on my scripts now that patient is Not to Receive Actavis/Watson A333 pill. I never had any problems with any other Brand of the 10-325's, I have tried the real Watson, Mallinckrodt & Amneal Brands & Had NO Problems with any these brands except this awful A333 pill. I am glad it worked out for you and glad you are finding relief.

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riley Says:

Moondrop, I totally agree with you. CVS and Walgreens are both dispensing the A333 pill now. CVS told me its cheaper. I do not believe this A333 pill has any pain reliever in it, but it has something that made me deathly ill & had to be taken to ER & was DX with Medication Poisoning! I filed complaints with Pharm and Company, but they are still dispensing this awful med as its cheaper. I have to pay out of pocket for meds & this A333 pill cost me a lot & then turn around & have to pay for a different brand, we are having financial difficulties because of this. CVS would not take meds back period. I just pray that my pharmacy doesn't switch to this A333 pill. Seems as though no one cares about patients anymore. Its really sad. I hope you find some relief soon.. Take care

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smh Says:

I have received the same A333 pill, and could not agree more...no relief and an upset stomach. what is going on, I am over Walgreens Pharmacists and their bad attitudes. It is a real shame that we are having to suffer for all the addicts out there. I just want relief not a buzz! what to do? I am finally insured and can not wait until April to get to a Dr. and get some relief. I have been suffering for 22 years and it just gets progressively worse. Oxy 15mg seem to work the best for me but no one will fill the prescription here in Florida, they do not carry them. Percoset 10 mg. by Watson also work but again are hard to find.

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riley Says:

SMH, I live in Fl as well and Walgreens is the worst pharmacy around, their attitudes and their rules, its unreal. They told my friend who is suffering from Leukemia they didn't feel comfortable filling her meds anymore, one she takes for bone marrow transplant and has to take it Daily. They had been filling her meds for over a yr, then told her that out of the blue. They now have a sign up stating, we can refuse to fill any rx we see fit. They also told me that they would fill my med under their customer courtesy program, told me to pick up in an hr, went there to pick up and they stated, Sorry you don't follow under our requirements, I asked what those requirements were, they said Walgreens, I said I get that, but what are the requirements, they Refused to Tell me! They also did the same thing to our neighbor lady who is 85 yrs old!

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Ana Says:
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I too picked up A333 on 3-11.. Felt dizzy, got sick to my stomach.. Weird feeling, couldn't function.. If we all call the FDA.. & report what is going on.. We might all get a solution.. The MFG.. Don't care about us patients it's about the billion dollar Watson made when aquiring Actvis.. Let join together.. Frustrated & tired..

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riley Says:

Ana, I am with you, I think we all should join together too. Actavis/Watson did call me several times & wrote me letter stating sorry this happened to you, but we take precautions to ensure our meds are FDA approved before sending out to pharmacies etc: and there were submitting my complaint to the FDA & it will kept in their database. Will IDK if they did report it to the FDA or not, but I know something has to be done about this med. Have you talked to your pharmacy about your reaction to this, your dr and submit a complaint yet to Actavis? Please do, we all need to do everything possible to get this Nasty Cheap Horrible Generic off the market before it seriously causes major problems. Even after a month and 1/2, my stomach is still not right because of this med & I have noticed I am getting headaches off and on, nagging ones, I haven't had a headache for a long time, esp with pain med, I should never get a headache and never did until after this incident, I just put 2 & 2 together the other evening about the headaches. I am submitting a complaint to the FDA myself, when I hear from the FDA, then I will be satisfied in knowing the FDA truly knows about this. My DX was medication poisoning, that should seriously be looked into by the FDA, plus all the other complaints about this A333 pill, but yet, its still being supplied to CVS, Walgreens & others because its Cheaper for them! Sad the drug manufacturer sacrifices patients health for the Ole Mighty Dollar! I hope you have something different to help with your pain relief. Please take care

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riley Says:

Ana, I am with you, lets report to FDA and get this resolved to ensure no one else experiences what we and others have. I hope you have found some other relief to help with your pain. Please Take Care

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Really Says:
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I dnt know but I've been switched from the usual Watson to this new one from actavis filled from Walgreens. I am having no bad reactions from this new generic manufactor. I've been on this med 10/325 for 10 years and I don't see where it doesn't help me. If it wasn't helping me or didn't have the oxycodone in it like others have stated I'm sure my body would have let me known (withdrawl) by now.

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Linda Says:

There are so many complaints about this Actavis percocet and we must all contact the FDA about this. The company won't do anything about it and so we must contact the FDA. The pharmacists don't care so that will be a dead end if you complain to them and your doctor won't do anything about it either. They are selling placebo pills and it is just not right.

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sunni Says:

Really, I am very happy for you, you are one of the very few that haven't had reactions to this new A333 pill. I don't know if certain lot #'s have anything to do with it or what, but my FIL also had a reaction this A333 med as well and he doesn't take pain med on a regular basis, he had some back injections and was RX this and he picked up from Walgreens, he got terrible stomach pains, headaches and it did not relieve any pain for him at all. He did call his dr and also called Walgreens, but they said sorry we cant take them back. He did get another rx for the 5mg and it is a different brand, no problems at all. I am happy that you have not had any reactions, that's great.

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Really Says:
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Maybe I have a iron stomach or something. I wish all of u the best on finding either a pharmacy with a different manufactor or getting this changed from ur original pharmacy. No one should have to suffer from their pain especially when they have a script for a medication to help with their pain and it's either not helping or making them sick. Please keep me and others posted on how all of u are doing. All of u will be in my prayers hoping u get relief.

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sunni Says:

I had to be taken to ER & was DX with medication poisoning because of the A333 pill, severe vomiting, terrible stomach pains which after almost 1 1/2 months I still have sometimes(the stomach pain)I tried this med with food and without, nothing helped, something in the inactive ingred I guess is what is causing this, IDK for sure, but I do know I will Never take it again & its in pharmacy databases that I am not to receive this brand. Never had a problem with other brands or the Old Watson - I have tried Mallincrodt(sp) & Amneal and did not suffer any reactions at all, just this one for some reason & from sounds of it others have suffered some kind of reaction to it. Your very lucky as from what I understand a lot of pharmacies may be supplied with only this brand now as its cheaper, this according to a pharmacist, I hope this isn't the case as then my medication will have to be totally changed around & after this incident I am really leery of new brands, medication etc: I am very happy for you that this works for you!!! I believe your one of the first that haven't or maybe the 2nd, but I am happy it hasn't made you miserable or suffer as it has a lot of people. Like I stated before, maybe there was a bad lot going around IDK, but my FIL got his about 2- 3 weeks after I did and had problems, different pharmacy as well, could of been same lot, who knows. I didn't feel any pain relief either but couldn't keep it down for more than 30 minutes if that.
Thank-you for the well wishes on this, lets hope we can find relief or some answers as to why this was happening to a lot of us. Everyone is different though, you just happen to be one of the Lucky ones. Be grateful for that & your iron stomach lol for sure as you certainly wouldn't want to go thru what some of us did. Its nice to hear that it is working for someone. Take Care and Best wishes

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