Tramadol Withdrawals Question

samantha Says:

I have been taking tramadol for a year now for my back and I have been reading about withdrawls and I really dont want to be dependant on ne medication bc I also take 5.5mg vicodin as well for about 6 months now and I want to know what the tramadol withdrawls are like and if I would need something from my Dr to reduce the withdrawals... Anyone with info would be very helpful...thanks.

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james Says:

I have taken tramadol for over three years i stopped taking it because it was no longer helping me. I had no withdrawls what so ever. I would find it hard to beleive that anyone would have withdrawls with this drug.

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Verwon Says:

It is derived from a narcotic, they were trying to create a medication that would have an analgesic effect like narcotics, without the same side effects and addictive qualities. IT DIDN'T WORK!

This drug can cause dependence and addiction, if you have been taking it only as prescribed, then you will not have severe/dangerous withdrawals, but you can experience a few miserable days, along with rebound pain.

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bobbie Says:

i take lortab and tramadol on a daily bases, like clock work. i have tried to stop taking them for a fear of harming myself. but the want and need for them is like a drug itself. i itch and fell sick when i don't have them. i sleep alot and don't want to be bother. on the day i get them from the store, it such a rush just knowing today is the day.......yippie. so to who wrote, it's no biggie to get off the pill, sorry but your sadly mistaken!

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JMT Says:

As a severe pain reliever, Tramadol is pretty lame. The 'buzz' feels more like you'd experience by taking too much Naproxen (Aleve). Hence, and speaking personally, the withdrawl symptoms are relatively minimal. As a side note, I've had Tramadol intaveneous with Morphine in the ER for treatment of pain while passing a kidney stone. I've successfully taken Lortab for years to control chronic knee pain, but with state legislators scaring the hell out of doctors, I can't get my Orthopedic doctor to give me a ongoing prescription. Thanks a bunch guys.

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Michael1985 Says:

The reason you're not having withdrawal symptoms from the Tramadol is because you're taking Vicodin. The Vicodin is fullfilling your bodies addiction. Your body produces certin natural chemicals before you started taking any pain medication. When you have taken pain meds over a certain time your body has none of that natural chemicals in it and your body has to reproduce that natural chemica mean while your body goes through physical and mental withdrawal.

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wolrab Says:

I have taken Tramadol for degenerative disk pain for more than seven years after awhile it was not working so they increased the dosage 50MG 2- 3x a day. Was told that it was not a narcotic & that it was not addictive. I experienced withdrawal if I forget to take it. I get shakey inside, & it's kinda strange but I kick my feet & legs around cause I can't set still until I take it. So, I do believe it is addictive. The doctor told me it was the difference between quality of life or suffering. I guess I choose quality. I am sure it could be different with each person.

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Kumar Says:

I agree with this.Same is happening with my elder brother.

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airbornebaby229 Says:

Its been a long time since anyone wrote on this page, but I figured id add my experience. I have a peripheral neuropathy that its similar to RLS. Tramadol works great. But withdrawl? Hell yes. The pain is like multiplied by 10 when I miss for 24 hrs. Unbearable. And the kicking of legs, feet, YES! It sucks. Cant sleep! At all!. To go off this dug after prolonged use, TITRATE SLOWLY!

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Kumar Says:

Am sorry to hear about ur problem.My Doctor changed & reduced the dose of Tramadol to half from existing One Tab at bed time.And added Bupin Forte & Bupin + forte half tab or one forth tab twice a few days then reduce it to one time.But it Schedule H drug. Pls consult about this with ur DOCTOR.It may be helpful to u.After a few days u can keep on reducing Tramadol.

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Brim Says:

Are you kidding?? You clearly did NO research before answering this, which is totally irresponsible. Tramadol is very addictive when taken for that length of time and more often than not, quitting after taking it daily will absolutely result in withdrawal! Do a simple google search before you answer serious health questions. The fact is, thiusands of people are addicted to tramadol and are terrified to quit because the withdrawals are terrible- there have been many people who say heroin withdrawal was easier. Yeah, heroin. So your experience was NOT typical and you should realize that you're not being responsible by answering a health question based on your own experience only. Not only that, but you should've researched this drug before taking it!

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Kumar Says:

Yes I am kidding and and I did no research.But I said which I faced practically.I was addicted with some similar but not the said product,which I got rid off with Tramadol and Bupin+ & Bupin forte.When I left Bupin, I started facing opiad effects while trying to reduce Tramadol.When I told to My doctor he immediately started Bupin again and then I was really happy that I successfully got rid off tramadol withdrawl effects now.It is not an old story, rather this happened only last week when I got my arm fractured and with Little dose of Bupin and diclophenic sodium I stopped taking Tramadol.Now I take no medicine and all the withdrawl effects are gone.Yes really I am

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Brim Says:

@Kumar: Lol, sorry I was responding to another post from someone saying tramadol didn't have withdrawal effects. Your post was actually very helpful :)

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Jacob Says:

My name Jacob I was in car bad car accident in 1998 and had 360 fusion with facet screws at L5,S1 an 2 more back surgeries and still have some compound fracture at L1,T 9-12 on my spine and my disk are very degenerated and narrowed and bulged pressing the nerves and I also had a right total hip replacement with all the metal gadgets so I have been in continuous chronic pain for a while now and then in 2008 I just got really sick all the sudden like neurologically something major wrong was going on and I kept going to ER and they couldn't figure it and ordered every test known to man and finally CT scan my chest and abdomen and my chest cavity, my lungs, my abdomen, my spleen, kidneys, liver, about everything was fully of those granulomas an knodgiels, in my lymph-nodes and they I was just full of um to many to count and of course they did a biopsy and it confirmed I had the auto immune disease Sarcoidosis!!! Which really suckes cause it makes all your joints and whole body hurt and really the weak places of my body was already screwed up!!! Then the neurologist determined I have what called neuro-sarcoidosis which attacks my brain and all my nervous system and thats why I was acting like I was had Dementia and just weird freaky symptoms!!! Anyways Im on alot of meds now for all the sarc crap to keep it under control but I wrote cause for my pain I see a pain management Dr for my for all my pain stuff!!! And he prescribes me Vicoprofen 7.5/200 1 Qid 4. They work great for me I like um much better than the Tylenol ones!!! Their like Vicodin ES with the 7.5 Hydrocodone but the difference is no tyle, just 200mg of ibuprofen. I get Morphine ER !5mg 3 day also!!! And I stay on these cause I truley do have chronic pain and as long as I take like my Dr says and obey all the rules and laws their is no problems and my Dr has no problem has no problem prescribing my meds for me at all and he said he is a firm believer in never just stoping some 1 has been taking pain meds for a long period of time. If you want to get off of them you just ask him and he will start gradually very slowly he said u never rush cutting u down till u get down to 0 and you have no withdrawls if you taper down the meds the proper way by a professional Dr.!!! Thats what I would do.

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Kumar Says:

Thanks a lot sir, Atleast this bad guy's bad experience helped for goodness

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ivan Says:

Do you still take tramadol as of this moment?

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Miracle Case Says:

You guys are sadly mistaking to think tramadol is a light drug. I had bad knees then a severe leg break an knee destruction. I abused the hell out of them for 10 years after doctors continually told me it wa a great non addicting drug finally getting my head out off my ass and ending a 30 tab a day nightmare. Yes it's my own fault abusing it so stupidly but I can tell you being on day 7 cold turkey off a 30 pill a day habit has been a complete hell. I have withdrawn from every opiate except H and nothing even comes close to the withdrawl and anxiety from tramadol. 7 days in and I m still crawling out of my skin. I haven t slept for a week. Cold turkey was stupid but it was my only hope. Please people don't be misled by these posts that it's no big deal. It is a huge deal. Anyone needs to talk or hear the gory details of my withdrawl ease respond I ll help all I can. Go bless and good luck to anyone stopping this underestimated drug.

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Mace Says:

I am about to cold turkey from tramadol which I'm very scared about because I've been taking 500 to 1500 mg (in 50 mg tablets) every 24 hours roughly. I am going to my parents house to be away from any distractions. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Help Says:

I have been trying for the last few months to come off Tramadol. It’s been such a battler. I thought I had beat it one time, using Kratom to help but at the 2 week mark I felt HORRIBLE!! It’s like the real withdrawals started setting in. I was so nauseous all the time and for me the worst symptoms other than that was the back pain and electroshocks and the tiredness!! Even with ambien I can’t sleep and when I do sleep it’s like it’s never enough. So I gave in and started taking it again. I am still taking less than before but I see myself gradually taking more and more. When I first took it again, 2-3 a day made me feel normal again and now I’m back to taking 2-3 at a time. Has anyone else had these same symptoms and what do you do about them? Has anyone else successfully quit Tramadol? I need guidance.

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RNintheNO Says:

Tapering helps. I am cutting my 50mg tabs into 25mg, but doctors are doing a weaning where they drop by 10mg at a time, so I would have to pay for these and they're more expensive and insurance companies usually won't foot the bill for this tapering which is total BS. I am taking a 25mg benadryl, 12.5mg would probably work, to decrease nausea and stomach burning - it's an antihistamine so helps decrease stomach acid and that damn burning that is so awful! There must be something in Tramadol that inhibits secretion of either stomach acid or enhances or detracts from mucus cells production of the substance that gives our stomachs a protective layer? Becasue...this is painful! The nature store, get Desert Valley (I think is the name) Aloe drink for stomach. Its usually a pink and white bottle, good size, like $18 and well worth it's weight in gold. It has slippery elm, peppermint, etc and heals that stomach. The rib pain people are getting is probably referred pain from the stomach. Also, foodwise, potatoes create an alkaline ash in the body and will help it heal much faster. Saute some onions in a little butter, add a bunch of sliced potatoes (if red can leave skins on), and add water to boil til tender, add salt and pepper, garlic, etc to taste. It should help and I should take my own advice lol. Oh, ice pack to my stomach helps too.
Oh and if you have Vicodin, take half a tab here n there to help with the pain too

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