Private Dr To Prescribe Methadone In Montana

stressed out Says:

I live in the Flathead Valley in Montana and have been going to the most horrible pain clinic for the past 3 years. Out of no were I have been accused of selling my meds and now have to come in once a month for office visits and take drug urine tests. I can not stand this callous treatment nor afford the cost of this anymore. Does anyone know of a private Dr. in the area that writes presciptions for methadone?

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Garmin Says:

Dr. Clyde Knecht in Libby, mt.

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stressed out Says:

Dr. Knecht is not accepting new patients.
Any ideas please??

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David Says:

I found a few Buprenorphine, Methadone, & Suboxone Doctors in Kalispell, Montana. I don't live there, so I can only assume that it's somewhat close to Flathead Valley, based on the geographical map I'm looking at.

Kalispell, MT 59901

Kalispell, MT 59901

Kalispell, MT 59901

Kalispell, MT 59901

Kalispell, MT

I can search more for you if this location doesn't seem to be within reasonable driving distance. You'd have to check and see if they are accepting new patients though. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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Linda Says:

Has anyone else had problems with the pain wellness center in kakispell? If so please call me {edited for privacy}.

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stressed out Says:

yes I had problems with the so called "wellness center" I would very much like to discuss with you.
You phone has been edited.

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Sweettart Says:

I am having problems at the wellness center as well.

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MOJO Says:

OMG YES! I was a patient of Dr Wise for 18 years. I was away for about a year and a half. When I came back to town and wanted to resume my care, he had started working with the Pain Clinic, or "wellness center" haha. Things were ok there until he retired a couple years ago. I live about 30 miles out of Kalispell so getting down the mountain wasn't always easy or possible. I missed a couple appointments and all hell broke loose. I wasn't accused of anything, but they sure acted like I'd done something wrong. I started getting called in for UA's, pill counts, sometime twice a month.The med's I was on were working for me and I had been on those particular med's for about 6 years. They started changing my med's to drugs the pharm. didn't even have! One prescription they stuck me with ran $1200 a month and medicaid had a fit. I didn't know why they were doing this to me. I had been a modal patient. Not once in 18 years had I ever called in and said I lost anything or or had my med's stolen. Not one time! I kept my med's in a lock box and never left it accessible to anyone. Never traded, sold, or gave anything away. So with all the script tampering they were doing to me, if I hadn't had a stash, (which was Dr. recommended over the years) they would have put me in detox at least 20 times.There were scrips that took 5 and 6 days to get covered and the latest one involved 4 trip to town and 60 miles a trip, because the Dr's knowing full well if they change a narcotic script that it has to be cleared with medicaid...or the med's were so new and obscure that the pharm's didn't carry them. When they found they couldn't really hurt me that way, they suddenly decided I needed "a holiday" After 20 years on narcotic pain pills, living alone up in the mountains with no running water or plumbing and no one to look after me they expected me to go home and just detox with Clonadine and Vistaril. I got down to no morphine and ten Ml's on Oxycodone and the pain, from my long term injury, plus pain and suicidal depression was so intense I had to stop it. All I had left was some 60 Ml time release morphine to stop the detox, so I did. I had to!!! They called me in and drug tested me and of course for the 1st time in 20 years I failed a UA.

There is a new Dr there named Dr Cohin. BEWARE! He is an addiction Dr!!! I believe the clinic got in trouble for something at some point and they may have been being investigated by the DEA. I know for a fact they helped to kill one of my dear friends with their BS "wellness care". My friend had bones literally sticking out through his skin because of radiation his skin wouldn't/couldn't heal over the wounds. After his last big accident that sent his collar bone through his skin and several other broken bones the ER gave him something like 20 Vicodine and sent him home. After being on Morphine and Oxy's for many years the Vicodine lasted him about 20 hours. He was too messed up to get himself anywhere and told the clinic about this. They cut him off because he had taken drugs not prescribed by the pain clinic!!! JEEESUS! We had to find him something fast. I found someone with methadone to get him out of detox. I went to his house to see him and he was curled up on his aunts sofa in the basement in tears. This was a tough guy before they started making ppl go to this f***ing pain clinic.Honestly I believe when someone has had the same Dr. for 20 years and that Dr. knows them inside and out, they should be allowed to stay and get the med's they need from that Dr. Pain clinics are just a bad idea..I suspect that they opened on the heels of our military guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan. Legal Gov. drug dealers! So I'm out in the cold now. Looking at probably having to go to a methadone clinic for pain relief and that scares the hell out of me! Yeah, just wait until I get snowed into these mountains with one dose of methadone and can't get out for 5 days. I have been through methadone withdrawal and am convinced one can die from it. Weeks of detox isn't what a 59 year old chronic pain patient needs or could endure.I have spoken to pharmacists around the valley and have heard horror stories about the Doc's at the pain clinic and some very cruel treatment of patients. Dr. Cohin was the 1st doc I had to see after my "holiday" and he put me on Opana. I told him it wasn't enough and gave me headaches. I asked him to please put me back on my old med's and to please give me back at least 2 breakthroughs a day. He told me the councilor he was making me see was my breakthrough and as long as I could still move I didn't need pain med's. He put me back on enough to boost my dependance again and then after 2 months, cut me off again. I asked why and was told it was because I hadn't done what they asked me to do. I was seeing the shrink, and awaiting a call from Phys. therapy. I called 3 times about it because I didn't want to get blamed for not going. They told me to wait until they called me. I waited and waited and my Dr's appointment came up before I ever received any calls. That's when they told me I was out because I hadn't followed their impossible rules. I am scared, hurting, and looking at another unbearable detox alone. I don't know if I'll survive this again. This is THE ONLY pain clinic for 125 miles. They are a sadistic bunch of a**holes there. I have been trying to reach my old Dr who is retired, for some advice.PPl are leaving this clinic like rats leaving a sinking ship. I do believe this clinic is responsible for a few, if not more, suicides at this point. I am open to any advice or help. HELP!!! I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE FAST!

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MOJO Says:

Sunnyview Lane is right off Hiway 93. It's the same side street that Kalispell Regional is on. I'm in the same boat as you and need a local doc after leaving the MT Center. Pharmacists in this area and I've spoken to several that say they have seen some very cruel things done to ppl through the prescribing practices of that pain clinic. Ppl being cut off cold turkey after having been on narcotics for 5, 10, and even 20 years. ME for one! Oh they allowed me to wean off some and sent me home with Visteril and Clonadine. I asked will this stop the WD symptoms and was told in no uncertain term. "Oh, you WILL go through WD"! Do these ppl know nothing of psychological dependency? What a thing to say to a 20 year pain patient who's already scared out of their mind and in terrible pain!!!
Please let me know if you find an independent doc in the area who is willing to take a chronic patient. Thanks..

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MOJO Says:

Dr Richard Wise is retired now. He was my doc for 18 years and I NEVER had any issues getting my pain med's from him, until he became part of the MT Center For Wellness and "Pain Management" HA! Many ppl didn't like Dr Wise. I loved him and got on well with him after the 1st year. Irrelevant...he's gone now.
I would like to find a way to contact others who've had issues with the MT Center. There are some things I'd like to chat about that I believe might be helpful to all.

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MOJO Says:

There is a methadone clinic now out in the Health Center building I believe. They sound very nice as I have spoken to them on the phone. It won't be like CA I guarantee nicer and more compassionate ppl to deal with. No long lines or backups like in the city. That's all know. Good luck.

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h Says:

Ever heard of Dr Mikesell? He was my pain doctor in Missoula back in 04 and I think he opened a clinic in flathead valley

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will Says:

I know they get rid of a lot of patients to make room for patients within be healthcare. this service is normally for in county residents only

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theblock75 Says:

I was heretofore getting my oxy + breakthru at my regular health clinic. I know that most Kalispell physicians "refer-out" their established patients to The Montana Center for pain management and still remain a patient of their generalist for the duration. I was recently informed this has been policy for the past few years now. The center has script writers such as nurse practitioners and phys assistants that are rotated in and out from other practices in the local medical community.
l was also advised services at the Montana Center are limited to residents of Flathead County.
There was a forerunner to the Montana Center that was MUCH looser in policy. There were several get overs which resulted in much diversion and a few overdoses. Law enforcement from jurisdictions a few hundred miles away were onto diverted pills from this particular clinic. Fast forward to policy taken up in the past 6-7 years that I know of where Kalispell medical providers still provide pain management to area residents while staying within the framework of CDC, FDA, DEA policy.

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rocketman0259 Says:

Bruce Mikesell was facing sanction some time back.

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Mad as hell Says:

I've been with my clinic for 10 yrs, signed contract and the hole nine yards, move back to flathead m.t, was told to go to a wellness center for chronic pain. I waited 2 months before they could see me, had np help my refill tell then, same med I've been on for five years. Get to my appt. go threw their hour spill of addiction and other ways they might be able to help me. Do a U/A, first one ever to fail, if they looked back at my records I made sure they had before being seen by him. they tell me I have methadone in my U/A, along with my oxycodone. setting another appt. in 30 days. ok I had enough meds for anther 2 weeks thank goodness. in the last week of December mind ya. Then telling my np they wrote me a script when no such thing happened, making my look like I was pulling a fast one. No going to E.R, they would doc me for a E.R visit. Go into my next appt. just to be told the doctor was on vacation and in his notes said no help ever. All those yrs no problem, and in a matter of 3 to 4 months destroyed my good name. Thanks wellness center. Hope people get them shut down.

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Tasha Says:

My name is tasha I just moved to kalispell I have been suffering with back pain and endometriosis and none of the drs I have seen will not perscribe me anything im in severe pain I cant way please I need help

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Sheila Says:

Seeking a Methadone Private dr in Missoula Mt or near by

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JtAlmond Says:

Re: Sheila (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Methadone has fallen from favor. Suboxone therapy is the thing nowdays. There are now clinics across the state with no caps on patient load.

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